Chapter 367: Zhang Ties Ambition

    Chapter 367: Zhang Tie's Ambition

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    Liu Xu and Yang Yuankang were admiring Zhang Tie so much as many elite students in Hidden Dragon Palace with high talents or fighting strength were selected by agencies or departments under the affiliation of the Zhang Clan when they were still in Hidden Dragon Palace.

    This was not rarely seen in Hidden Dragon Palace, yet not everybody could enjoy such a good treatment. Most of the guys selected by agencies or departments under the affiliation of the Zhang Clan were elite students above LV 8 who were going to leave Hidden Dragon Palace. Few students were selected at LV 7 like Zhang Tie.

    It was really out of his friends' imaginations that Zhang Tie would be selected by a senior military officer of Breaking-Sun Army on the battle in Bluestone Pass Fort.

    Compared to Hurricane Army, which was mainly composed of slaves, Breaking-Sun Army was the real powerful armed force composed of excellent students and Zhang descendants of Huaiyuan Palace. It was many students' dream to be a military officer of Breaking-Sun Army.

    Zhang Tie's heart pounded; however, he recovered composure at once, "Mr... may I know your position in Breaking-Sun Army?"

    That senior military officer was not angered by Zhang Tie's hesitation and question; instead, he glanced at Zhang Tie with admiration before introducing himself. "I'm Yang Shaoguang, the major general of Division 306, an air assault troop of Breaking-Sun Army!" After glancing at Zhang Tie, he added, "If you want, I can appoint you as a regimental commander!'

    Regimental commander? According to the military establishment of Jinyun Country, this position could lead at least 2000 soldiers. Its military rank was lieutenant colonel which was only two ranks lower than general.

    Many students from Hidden Dragon Palace might not be able to be a military officer in the army even if they reached LV 9. Even though they were appointed as military officers, most of them could only start from major. Due to the specialty of its establishment and fighting tasks, the position of division commander, that could be said to be equal to a colonel in other places, was equivalent to a major general in the Breaking-Sun Army. Many people dreamed about being a lieutenant colonel in the air assault army; most didn't have a chance at all.

    To be honest, if Zhang Tie was still like before, he might have accepted this position; however, Zhang Tie had just got out of the shackle of the system of Huaiyuan Palace, how could he go back to the past condition so easily and follow others' orders? He would not even accept being a division commander, let alone a regimental commander.

    'The holy war between the human race and demons is coming, lackeys of demons such as the Zhen Clan have exposed themselves, indicating the coming chaotic world. I must rely on myself instead of others.

    'But how can I improve my fighting strength? It comes from that small tree in Castle of Black Iron and my master whose nickname is Alchemist Lord and is known across Eastern Continent. If I have to follow others' orders at LV 9, I don't feel it is an interesting life! I don't dream of being a senior fighter! Regimental commander? As long as I have money, this father can buy thousands of slaves and also be a regimental commander!'

    The above thoughts flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. After some consideration, Zhang Tie told Yang Shaoguang sincerely, "I appreciate that you like me; but I don't plan to join any troop temporarily. When I am qualified to leave Hidden Dragon Island after reaching LV 9, I will have a lot of things to deal with. My dream is to be an alchemist; LV 9 is just the minimal threshold in the world of alchemists. I will not easily give up on my dream!"

    "You hope to become an alchemist?" Yang Shaoguang widened his eyes at once with a bit amazement and pity.

    "Yes! I set this target before I entered Hidden Dragon Palace!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's ambition, Zhang Tie's friends all stared at Zhang Tie with amazed looks. This was Zhang Tie's first time telling others about his lifelong goal. Of course, this target sounded like a poor brat in a mountain village dreaming to be a king. It was too distant and unrealistic.

    Alchemists were the top professionals in the Black Iron Age and also the most terrifying. Many people didn't even have a chance to meet an alchemist in their whole lives.

    If they had an alchemist backing them, this battle would have ended in a completely different way; as long as they dropped a destructive alchemical bomb from an airship, what left for them was only to clean the battle field!

    After gazing at Zhang Tie for several seconds, Yang Shaoguang realized that Zhang Tie's determination was as firm as steel and iron.

    "I also came from Hidden Dragon Palace. According to my knowledge, there are always some students who dream to be alchemist after leaving Hidden Dragon Palace each year. However, none of them have realized their dream in the past past. Young man, I hope you can realize your dream!"

    Knowing Zhang Tie's choice, although feeling a bit pitiful, Yang Shaoguang didn't push the matter; instead, he encouraged Zhang Tie before leaving to guide his soldiers who were cleaning the battlefield. After walking two steps, he turned around, "You are Zhang Tie, right? If you change your mind, you can come to me at any time. Breaking-Sun Army will welcome you forever!"

    Zhang Tie nodded.

    "You just gave it up?" Yang Yuankang stared at Zhang Tie out of amazement, "Do you know what does it means to enter Breaking-Sun Army?"

    Zhang Tie shrugged as he replied casually, "I have my own ambition. Compared to becoming a military officer or a general, don't you think that becoming an alchemist would be much cooler?"

    "Alchemist is a d*mn cool profession, however, the chances of becoming an alchemist are almost as likely winning the lottery. Many people do not realize this dream even in their whole lives. Some senior brothers in Hidden Dragon Palace also had such thoughts before; however, none of them succeed! I was told that it was very difficult to enter the threshold of this profession." Liu Xu also shook his head.

    Zhang Tie touched his nose, "I will try my best. If I don't have such a talent, at least I will not regret not trying!"

    "I believe you can. If you truly succeed one day, many people will rely on you!" Yang Yuankang burst out laughing.


    After the battle, the morning sun had just risen up from the horizon in the far and driven away the last wisp of darkness over the land.

    Now, people had already started to clean the battle field in Bluestone Pass Fort. Of course, Zhang Tie didn't need to worry about that. Looking at the smoking Heavens Cold City in the far, Zhang Tie became slightly worried about Lan Yunxi's safety, "How about Heavens Cold City now?"

    "They might have finished as well! It's said that super powerhouses of Zhang Clan are assigned there. Additionally, our people have the advantages of numbers and fighting strength!" Liu Xu answered.

    "But there are tens of thousands of people in Heavens Cold City. It's hard to suppress them with only a few powerhouses." Zhang Tie slightly frowned.

    Having experience in an army, Zhang Tie knew very clearly that as long as a troop's morale was plucked up, a couple of super powerhouses could hardly suppress them. Although Huaiyuan Palace assigned over 4,000 clan soldiers there, Zhang Tie was still worried about them.

    "Big figures should have considered such a big event. I wonder about their strategy in Heavens Cold City!" Yang Yuankang said.

    'I hope they've made arrangements.' Zhang Tie comforted himself inside. Not being a big figure of the Zhang Clan, Zhang Tie could hardly find out all the details of this operation; however, Zhang Tie was still a bit worried.

    This assault towards Bluestone Pass Fort was really successful, but was not challenging at all. However, when Zhang Tie thought about those killers and the LV 10 guys from the Zhen Clan whom he encountered in Dragon Cave, he knew that the Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City would not be easily destroyed. What was more, this clan colluded with demons. They should have trump cards and preparations to counterattack.


    At this moment, battle calls and black smokes spread throughout Heavens Cold City.

    Above the two great battalions of City Guard Army in Heavens Cold City, some huge war airships locked the exit of the battalions and built a barrier with a fire wall around the battalions; meanwhile, they shot down batches of soldiers rushing out of the battalions with steam bolts in a terrifying fast speed from the airships.

    Some of the air-defenses of the city had long been destroyed. A batch of elites of Huaiyuan Palace occupied the gates in the south and the west of Heavens Cold City. A great number of clan powerhouses and elites were charging towards the inner city of Heavens Cold City, where the Zhen Clan's nest was located.


    "The Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City colluded with demons. They are the remnants of the demons' Three-Eye Association. By the order of Count Changfeng of Jinyun Country, the Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace are here to exterminate the Zhen Clan!

    "Attention! All soldiers and citizens in Heavens Cold City that collude with Zhen Clan and fight us will be seen as enemies of the human race and will be killed. Except for members of the Zhen Clan, anyone who puts down their weapons and doesn't resist will be seen as innocent and your lives and property will be preserved...

    "All those stir up trouble at this time will be killed!"


    A loud sound rolled over the city from an airship above the highest place of Heavens Cold City. Following which, more than one million soldiers and citizens in the city were shocked so much that their faces even turned pale...
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