Chapter 371: An Old Friend

    Chapter 371: An Old Friend

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    Zerom's struggles irritated one of the students from Hidden Dragon Palace who was escorting him.

    Therefore, he knocked onto Zerom's head with the handle of his long sword.

    At sight of this, Zhang Tie sped up and stopped him, "Wait, senior brothers..."

    "Argh, junior brother Zhang Tie!" The two students immediately revealed smiles at the sight of Zhang Tie coming towards them.

    As the two students had assaulted Bluestone Pass together with Zhang Tie several days ago, they had a deep impression of Zhang Tie. Additionally, as Zhang Tie was growing famous as the demon-killing javelin lord, not to mention that Zhang Tie was already well-known when he was in Hidden Dragon Palace and because of his all-purpose medicament, he was ranked first on the Hidden Dragon Wealth List.

    Hidden Dragon Palace was the place where the clan elites of Huaiyuan Palace cultivated themselves. Nobody in Hidden Dragon Palace was an idiot. They all knew the importance of human relationships. Therefore, they were very polite to Zhang Tie and didn't look like senior brothers at all.

    At sight of Zhang Tie, Zerom looked a bit excited. After recovering his composure, he threw his glances towards his partners to appease them.

    "Senior brothers, may I inquire as to what these people have done?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Due to the event in Heavens Cold City, many peripheral forces and those who dream of money want to sneak into the refugee camp. When they get a chance, they would further slip into Heavens Cold City. We've caught a lot of people like these guys!"

    Hearing his words, Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh. They truly had caught a lot of people like that these days. Most of them were looking for money in Heavens Cold City. Whereas, as they were not bad guys, after being caught, they would only be punished by doing hard labor or a few days.

    Zhang Tie smiled. Without making any explanation, he directly took off the piece of cloth from Zerom's mouth in front of 2 senior brothers.

    "Zhang Tie..." Zerom called Zhang Tie's name at once. After that, he peered at his partners who were also bound.

    The 2 senior brothers then exchanged glances with each other and became a bit surprised, "You know them, junior brother?"

    "They are my friends. Can you let me deal with them?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Haha, now that they are your friends, they are yours now. It's not a big deal, just deal with them at your will, junior brother!"

    "Thanks, senior brothers!"

    "You're welcome, junior brother!"

    The 2 students from Hidden Dragon Palace then directly undid their ropes. After chatting with Zhang Tie for awhile, they finally left.

    There were 3 more people that were caught together with Zerom. After being set free, they all hurriedly moved their arms to relax themselves. At the same time, the other 3 guys started to glance over Zhang Tie out of curiosity.

    "Why are you here?" Zhang Tie and Zerom exchanged glances with each other and asked the same question in Hebrew in unison. They then burst out laughing at the same time.

    "It's not convenient to talk here, come with me!" Zhang Tie looked at them and brought them into his own tent.

    Zerom and the other 3 guys didn't speak; instead, they just followed Zhang Tie and his arrangement.

    Zhang Tie's tent was not large and would be a bit crowded with 5 people living in. However, it's okay for 5 of them to sit inside and talk.

    After entering the tent, they evidently looked relaxed. After looking at the heavy chain-type armor plate and the symbol on it, one partner of Zerom's eyes brightened up at once as he said in Chinese, "(Huaiyuan Palace)!"

    Zhang Tie smiled as he let them sit down.

    Zerom's partners included a thin old man, a tall and muscled tough man and a 40-odd-year-old guy with short brown hair who looked shrewd, who could speak Chinese.

    Because Zhang Tie didn't know Zerom could speak Chinese, he directly chatted with them in Hebrew in case of trouble.

    "Mr. Zerom, why are you here?"

    Zerom revealed a smile, "I'm not a teacher now. Soon after you left Blackhot City together with Iron-Blood Camp, I had resigned and left Blackhot City. After that, I traveled to Armes, a mercenary empire in the Blackson Human Race Corridor. A few days later, I joined Thor Mercenary Group. This time, we are here in Jinyun Country for 2 tasks. Oh, how about you? Why are you here?"

    'Since Zerom left Blackhot City shortly after me, it indicates that he didn't know what happened to me since then.' Therefore, Zhang Tie briefly talked about what happened to him after Blackhot City. Hearing Zhang Tie's experiences, not only Zerom, even the other 3 partners of him kept sighing with feeling.

    Zhang Tie's experience was really legendary; Rendering meritorious service on the battlefield for Iron-Blood Camp; Fought the secret police in Norman Empire; Having a warrant issued by the Norman Empire; being picked up to Jinyun Country by Huaiyuan Palace; being involved in the event in Heavens Cold City. Given his current look, Zhang Tie seemed living a well-off life. Zerom then recalled that teenager in the survival training in Wild Wolf Valley one year ago and became thrilled inside as he felt that fate was really marvelous.

    "You are in Huaiyuan Palace now?" Zerom asked.

    "Yes, I was here to attend the action of assaulting Heavens Cold City arranged by Huaiyuan Palace!"

    After exchanging glances with the other 3 guys, Zerom looked hesitated.

    At sight of Zerom's look, Zhang Tie had known that they needed his help.

    "What can I do for you?" Zhang Tie asked straightforwardly.

    "Can you take us to Heavens Cold City. As Heavens Cold City has been surrounded by some big clan's forces in Jinyun Country, we can not even enter by airship. Commoners like us could hardly enter! Zerom took a deep breath as he looked at Zhang Tie seriously.

    "How long will you stay in Heavens Cold City?"

    "Only a few hours if it's smooth. We know a batch of city guards of Zhen Clan has been controlled by puppet worms, we need to a couple of demonized guards!"

    "Do you need to take them away?"

    "No need!" Zerom waved his head as he pointed at a thin old man and introduced him to Zhang Tie. "This is professor Simon. He's a demon biologist and the chief legal examiner and coroner in Thor Mercenary Group. We only need to hand the demonized guards to him and let him finish the anatomy. After gaining the information that we need, we will leave."

    Hearing Zerom's explanation, Zhang Tie understood at once. During this period, many demonized guards had been taken away by the 6 clans of Jinyun Country and various foreign powers. Zhang Tie had also participated in a task of capturing demonized guards. Commoners could not figure out the function of those demonized guards at all. However, those powers could gather quite a bit of useful information from a demonized guard.

    The most important information was when the eggs of the parent puppet worm started to live in the host's brain.

    Because the city guards of the Zhen Clan in Heavens Cold City were the most powerful force of the Zhen Clan. Additionally, they always stayed in Heavens Cold City which meant that they would not cause eggs to die due to being a long distance away from the parent puppet worm. Instead, eggs could grow well in their brains. Therefore, by studying these specimens, they could confirm when the Zhen Clan had started to place the eggs of the parent puppet worm in the water supply system of Heavens Cold City.

    As long as they confirmed this time, they would be able to deduce lots of information. For those big powers, this time was of great significance and was the basis for big figures to make major decisions about the Holy War in the future.

    Huaiyuan Palace had also taken away more than 40 demonized guards from Heavens Cold City, many of which were even senior military officers in the city guards of Heavens Cold City. After getting these specimens, Huaiyuan Palace handed them to professionals from Huaiyuan Palace for anatomy. After that, they would be burned directly.

    "How many of you want to go there, only 4 of you or are there more?" The moment he confirmed their target, Zhang Tie didn't waste time as he asked straightforwardly.

    "We have some more partners, but they are in the airship. Therefore only 4 will be going!"

    "Well, wait for me for a moment, I will prepare something for you." After saying this, Zhang Tie stood up, "What weapons do you need? It's very dangerous in Heavens Cold City now!"

    "I need a longsword!" Zerom replied.

    "I need a war ax of 50-100 kg!" The tall tough man said.

    "Give me a long spear. I want them to stay away from me!" The one with short brown hair answered.

    "For me?" Professor Simon shrugged his shoulder and gave a bitter smile. "I have no fighting strength. Just give me a lighter one!"

    Hearing their requests and glancing at them, Zhang Tie turned around. After opening the tent, he walked out...
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