Chapter 375: Military Camp

    Chapter 375: Military Camp

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    The moment Zerom posed the plan, everybody else agreed. If they stayed together, it truly would be too eye-catching for those demonized people; additionally, their efficiency would also decline.

    "How about Shrek and I go out and catch two demonized city guards?" Zhang Tie nodded as he said, "Zerom and Jordan are responsible for protecting Professor Simon. If any accidents occur and evacuation becomes necessary, each group can leave Heavens Cold City seperately. We can then gather near the south gate of Heavens Cold City!"

    "I agree!"

    "I agree!"

    "Me too!"

    Everybody nodded. Professor Simon needed to be protected. Therefore, it was safe for him to stay with a powerhouse and a clear guy; Zhang Tie was familiar with Heavens Cold City, Shrek was a senior scout who was good at spying and urban warfare. Therefore, it was proper for the two people to catch demonized people to bring back.

    "Professor Simon, which parts of the demonized people do you need, only their heads?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Although their heads are the most important part, you'd better bring back their complete bodies. As puppet worms can influence one's internal organs, we can get more precise information through a complete study of their organs.

    "I understand!"


    After the discussion, they took a short rest in the warehouse before leaving.

    A couple of demonized people were still wandering in the alley outside. The moment Zhang Tie walked out of the door of the rice store, he killed them with his javelins before they made any sound.

    As they had all been fighting the demonized people in close combat until now, it was Zhang Tie's first time showing his javelin throwing talent to them. Zerom and the other three guys heard the sonic booms when Zhang Tie threw out his javelins!

    None of them had imagined that Zhang Tie's javelin throwing skill had reached the level of causing a sonic boom. Therefore, they were amazed, especially Zerom. Although he knew Zhang Tie well, it was still of out his imagination that Zhang Tie could realize this in only one year after leaving Blackhot City.

    Most people who excelled at throwing javelins would at least reach LV 8 before they could create a sonic boom because sonic booms required great, explosive physical strength. Take Captain Kerlin as an example, he was able to create a sonic boom in the middle and late period of LV 8.

    "Zhang Tie, what's your level now?" Zerom asked Zhang Tie as he ran.

    "Just reached LV 7!"

    Considering the sonic booms they heard, Zerom and the other three guys was not surprised about that answer. They were all thinking that Zhang Tie might have learned some secret knowledge after he returned to his Zhang Clan. In some big clans with long histories, it was not difficult for a person at Zhang Tie's age to reach LV 7.

    Zhang Tie didn't give any explanation either; instead, he rapidly collected his javelins from the dead bodies and led them towards a camp of former city guards in the distance.

    As there were too many demonized people on the main streets, Zhang Tie especially chose side alleys. Sometimes, he directly entered the buildings on his side and ran on the roofs of the buildings in cases when there were too many demonized people. Even though they were very carefully, it was unavoidable that they still met four teams of demonized people hundreds of meters away.

    After learning from the former experiences, they all moved very fast in these battles, leaving no time for those demonized people to utter any scream.

    Zhang Tie noticed that after Shrek killed those demonized people, he immediately took their purses. Zhang Tie didn't say any word about that as mercenaries were good at doing that kind of thing.

    The places with great wealth in Heavens Cold City were within the inner city and in the Heavens Cold City Bank opened by the Zhen Clan. Both places had been under the watchful gaze of powerhouses from Huaiyuan Palace. However, people could still find much wealth from the other places in the city.


    With a jarring scream uttered by a demonized person from afar, all the surrounding demonized people rushed over there. As a result, the streets became instantly empty.

    In a room, Zhang Tie and Zerom's men heard the disorder footsteps from outside.

    "This is a good chance. Someone else must have attracted those demonized people. We can directly rush over there. Ready..."

    Zhang Tie also became more vigilant; when the footsteps had gone far away, Zhang Tie sped up followed by Jordan, who directly hefted Professor Simon on his shoulder. Zerom and Shrek were at the back of the team.

    Zhang Tie targeted at a hotel with more than ten floors two hundred meters away.

    This was the longest distance for them to run in a breath since they entered Heavens Cold City. It only took them a bit more than 10 seconds to get there.

    Ahead of the team, Zhang Tie rushed before the gate of the hotel and caught sight of 4 demonized waiters of the hotel wandering out of the lobby. Of course, the four demonized people also saw Zhang Tie. Before they uttered any voice, Zhang Tie had already exploded their heads with 4 javelins.

    Closely after that, all of them rushed into the lobby. As being not chased after on the way here, Jordan heavily panted, "F*ck, I couldn't have imagined that we could run so freely in Heavens Cold City!"

    "Douchebag, hurry up, put me down!" Professor Simon swore.

    Jordan hurriedly put him down.


    Two minutes later, after killing seven or eight more demonized people in the hotel, they arrived at a conference room at the top of the hotel.

    Standing in the conference room, they were able to see the military camp hundreds of meters away and some demonized people in the uniforms of former city guards wandering outside the camp.

    "Nice spot, we will choose here then!" Zerom looked around before nodded.

    "Fine, if we don't come back in two hours, we must have encountered some accident or special situation. You should then evacuate without us!" Zhang Tie told Zerom.

    "Okay! Take care of yourselves!" Zerom nodded.

    After reaching an agreement on the details, Zhang Tie and Shrek walked downstairs and left from the rear door. Before separation, they even exchanged glances with each other. After that, they chose a direction respectively and ran towards the military camp.

    Shrek chose an alley while Zhang Tie directly dashed through the streets. Shrek thought that Zhang Tie would choose the roofs of those low buildings; however, it was really out of his imagination that Zhang Tie would choose that way. Therefore, he was stunned. 'What a crazy guy! Isn't he afraid of being surrounded by demonized people?'

    Of course, Zhang Tie was not afraid of that. Because he didn't think any of the demonized people inside Heavens Cold City could catch up with him and block him. With his physical strength, he could keep running for a whole day in Heavens Cold City like this, regardless of the quantity of those demonized people.

    Now that most of demonized people above LV 10 in Heavens Cold City had been cleared by the powerhouses of the 6 clans, the remaining demonized people above LV 10 were staying near the inner city of Heavens Cold City. Few of them wandered outside. Even though Zhang Tie had met one of them, he was still confident that he could escape with the bliss of his rapid moving skill.

    When he left the hotel, Zhang Tie triggered his rapid moving skill; therefore, he moved even faster on the streets.

    As he expected, after a few footsteps, Zhang Tie was noticed by some wandering demonized people on the streets. They then chased after Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie just ignored them. As a result, more and more demonized people noticed Zhang Tie and started to follow him. In less than 200 m, Zhang Tie had been followed up by hundreds of demonized people.

    As common demonized people ran almost as fast as commoners, they were gradually lagged behind by Zhang Tie.

    For Zhang Tie, with high speed movement, he could keep out of range of all the attacks and harassment of demonized people in Heavens Cold City. Unless he stopped, he would never be surrounded by demonized people.

    Even though more and more demonized people were chasing after him, the distance between them and Zhang Tie was also expanding. As long as Zhang Tie changed a route or made a turn, many of the demonized people following him would lose their target and start to wander in the streets again.

    Zhang Tie chose to stay close to that military camp's perimeter. After only several minutes, he had already gotten rid of the demonized people chasing after him. After circling around the military camp, Zhang Tie jumped off the three meter high wall in the east.

    The whole camp was ruined by the battle airships of Huaiyuan Palace as a quarter of the ground and a fifth of the buildings in the camp had been attacked by white-phospherous gel combustion bombs while metal bolts shot by the small-caliber, rapid-fire ballista from the battle airships of Huaiyuan Palace spread everywhere; many of them even burrowed deep into the soil.

    Along with those traces left by the war were those incomplete corpses. As those corpses were left a week earlier, nobody cleaned them up; therefore, it was pretty disgusting. Nobody would like to see them at all.

    At this time, the whole camp, which once housed over 10,000 city guards, had become a completely empty zone. Besides some demonized people wandering around like ghosts on the large training field, nobody else was alive, except for Zhang Tie.

    At sight of Zhang Tie, the couple of demonized people rushed towards Zhang Tie at once...
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