Chapter 381: Ewentra Archipelago

    Chapter 381: Ewentra Archipelago

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    Zhang Tie went to the sea area in the north of the Waii Sub-Continent with only one target - to gain seven-strength fruits that could greatly increase his fighting strength!

    Numerous marine animals and magical beasts were living in the sea area in the north of the Waii Sub-Continent, who were very aggressive and were all mammals. In Zhang Tie's eyes, it was the best hunting ground for him to gain seven-strength fruits.

    With some more seven-strength fruits, Zhang Tie was confident that he could improve his precise throwing skill to a terrifying level. Although he had already realized sonic boom, it was not the end; instead, it was just the beginning. A javelin which could fly at the speed of sound would have a completely different destructive strength than that at two times the speed of sound transmission or four times the speed of sound transmission.

    If he had eaten some more seven-strength fruits when he was chased by those b*stards from the Zhen Clan in Dragon Cave, he would not have gotten into such a situation; instead, he could've easily killed them all with his handbolts.

    Of course, seven-strength fruits could not only improve his precise throwing skill, but also make him more energetic and increase his overall physical strength. Meanwhile, the power of Iron-Blood Fist and Iron-Blood Battle Qi could also be greatly increased by eating seven-strength fruits. The 9 wild wolf seventh-strength fruits not only gave him greater strength, but also gave him wild wolf-like endurance and speed.

    Zhang Tie didn't travel by ship; instead, he directly dove into the sea and entered an ocean current that flew northwards. Under the propulsion of the ocean current, he crazily absorbed sea water into the Castle of Black Iron. With the effect of the counterforce, he gained an unparalleled speed that could not matched by any traffic tools in this age. He then flew under water for three days like this before finally coming to this wonderful and strange place...

    Over the past three days, Zhang Tie couldn't tell how many kilometers he had swum under water. He only knew that, without the bliss of rapid moving skill, he also reached a terrifying speed under water by only using his spiritual energy to adjust the diameter of the space tunnel for absorbing sea water into the Castle of Black Iron. He was definitely travelling at double the speed of a T9 on road.

    What restricted his speed under water was not his ability but the pressure and force on his head, shoulders, and the other parts of his body.

    Although he could easily dive into 100-m in the sea, facing the great pressure and impact force, he could still not stand for a long time. Therefore, he could only slightly decelerate for a while to recover. After recovering, he would continue to swim at full speed and test his maximal physical endurance ability.

    For Zhang Tie, the three days travelling under water was a tough cultivation and a good chance for him to increase basic energy storage for castle of black iron.

    The sea arear in the north of Waii Sub-Continent was pretty vast with numerous islands, large or small. In the northernmost part, there was even an unpopulated icy continent. Zhang Tie only headed northward. Without any map or reference, he didn't know where he was, either.

    The only thing that he could confirm was that he was definitely somewhere in the sea area in the north of Waii Sub-Continent. Temperatures in the sea and in the air at night both told Zhang Tie that he was already in the northern sea area.

    After staying in the sea for three days, he finally arrived at a strange place; Zhang Tie didn't believe that anyone could find him. At that moment, Zhang Tie changed his look using his set of cross-dressing medicament combination that he'd bought in the auction house in Kalur.

    After crossdressing, Zhang Tie's hair and eyebrows turned brown; his eyes turned blue while his skin became white. He was like another human race. Not to mention those who had not seen him before, even his mom could not confirm that he was her son.

    For those douchebags of Three-Eye Association, no matter how sharp the killers they assigned were, they definitely couldn't find him anymore.

    'This crossdressing medicament combination is really good. It's really a necessity for one to change his face and escape from assassination after killing people or robbery.' Zhang Tie felt very lucky to have bought such a set of items with less than 400 gold coins in the auction house in Kalur.

    Zhang Tie walked on the streets in the downtown as he kept looking around. At this moment, all residents across this city had fallen asleep, but there were still some lamplights from bars on the roadsides while tunes and sailors' banter drifted out of the bars. Occasionally he would meet some drunken guys.

    According to his acknowledge about pioneers, Zhang Tie walked down the streets that were neither too spacious or eye-attractive nor too dark or narrow as he kept an eye on the shops' signs.

    Eventually, Zhang Tie saw an inn's sign in less than twenty minutes after he left the pier. Under the lower right corner of the sign was a pattern of crossing sword and shovel. At the sight of that pattern, Zhang Tie knew that he finally arrived.

    This was a three-story inn called 'Wild Home'. Although it was already late at night, there were still lamps on inside.

    Zhang Tie then pushed in and immediately felt a warm sense.

    On the first floor of the inn was a pretty large bar. When Zhang Tie entered, he found it was pretty boisterous in the bar. Although it was late at night, he could still see dozens of people gathering inside under the slightly dim lamplights. The thirty or forty people were all pioneers. They stayed in groups of three to five people and were discussing something in low voices.

    When Zhang Tie entered, the crispy doorbell ring aroused the attention of all the pioneers inside the bar. Seeing that Zhang Tie was just a teenager, after glancing over him for a short while, they moved their attention away from him.

    Zhang Tie felt the atmosphere in the bar was a bit weird; without thinking too much, he directly walked up to the counter.

    "Are there any rooms available?"

    The woman behind the counter was over fifty years old. With a thick makeup, she was holding a cigarette in her mouth while cleaning a glass using a white towel. She looked tall and plump, indicating a threatening, tough temperament.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's question, she peered at him before continued to wipe her glass, "The last small one in the attic on the 3rd floor. 2 silver coins for one night. No bargaining!"

    "Fine! Give me a pioneering map. Oh, have you got anything to eat?"

    That woman then put down her glass before fumbled out a tin-covered metal cylinder and put it in front of Zhang Tie, "Here's a pioneering map on Ewentra; 15 silver coins. We only have cod soup and caviar bread now!"

    "Okay, sounds good!" Zhang Tie touched his stomach. During the three days' travel under water, besides drinking two vials of all-purpose medicament, he ate nothing else. At this moment, he really needed some real food.

    "According to our regulation, you need to pay first. A map, a cod soup and a caviar bread comes to 15 silver coins and 70 copper coins in total!"

    Zhang Tie then fumbled in his backpack before directly pulled out 16 silver coins and put them on the counter. After seeing the silver coins, the woman behind the counter shouted towards the kitchen, "Millie, one cod soup and one caviar bread!"

    She then gave 30 copper coins back to Zhang Tie. After putting away his change and map, Zhang Tie chose an available table beside the counter.

    'Ewentra?' After sitting down, Zhang Tie immediately recalled the map on the sea area in the north of Waii Sub-Continent and the local customs and practices, political and economic situations on Waii Sub-Continent that he had learned in Hidden Dragon Palace.

    In Zhang Tie's mind, there was truly a place called Ewentra. Accurately, it should be the Ewentra Archipelago. It was an island chain on the west of the sea area in the north of Waii Sub-Continent, which was composed of hundreds of islands.

    Ewentra Archipelago was one of the accesses to enter Ice and Snow Wilderness in the north from Waii Sub-Continent. If one wanted to enter Ice and Snow Wilderness in the north without going through the Ewentra Archipelago, one had to cross the ice-covered Cauca Mountain which spanned tens of thousands of miles, which would be a nightmare for everybody. Ice and Snow Wilderness was the populated area in the northernmost part of Waii Sub-Continent. If one kept walking towards the north from Ice and Snow Wilderness, one would enter the unpopulated zone of the Ice-Covered Continent.

    Ewentra Archipelago was very loose in its governance structure. It had not a powerful government. Like the Andaman Alliance which Blackhot City once belonged to, but it was much looser than Andaman Alliance. Besides some federations of city-states, some influential clans and great pirate organizations which occupied larger islands also had a say here.

    'I've arrived at Ewentra Archipelago!' Zhang Tie was a bit stunned inside. 'Ewentra Archipelago was over 11,000 km away from the sea area near Huaiyuan Prefecture in Jinyun Country. Under the thrust of ocean current, I've swum over 11,000 km under water in three days! Who would believe me if I told anyone this...'

    Zhang Tie was pretty proud and pleasant inside. Such a free swimming feeling in the sea made Zhang Tie spirited all over.

    'Now that I've arrived here, I will look around then.' Zhang Tie told himself inside. Ice and Snow Wilderness faced the sea in three directions. In the wilderness and in the neighboring sea areas, there were so many mutated mammal magical beasts and animals such as huge, snow-land wolves, ice and snow great bears, sea dogs, seals and walruses, not to mention those mutated and evolved LV 1 and LV 2 sea creatures.

    How many seven-strength fruits he could gain in Ice and Snow Wilderness completely depended on his fortune.

    The cod soup and caviar bread he ordered was soon served by a fat female waiter. They smelt pretty good and appetizing. The moment they were placed on table, Zhang Tie immediately started to dig in without caring about others' stares. 'Wuh, this taste really nice!'

    "It seems that the news that pre-catastrophe relics of a human city were found on Ice and Snow Wilderness has been spread out. Even such a hairless brat wants to have a try there..."

    When Zhang Tie was eating his food, one of some pioneers who was sitting on Zhang Tie's right hand murmured to his partners. Although his sound was very low, Zhang Tie could still hear every of his word clearly.

    "He only ordered cod soup and caviar bread, not even a drink. Besides, he didn't bring any weapons. And his clothes won't protect him in the climate of the Ice and Snow Wilderness. That's definitely a newbie. He must think pioneering is like traveling; one only needs a purse." Another guy sniggered slightly.

    "I bet this newbie will only last one week in Ice and Snow Wilderness before becoming the excrement of those wild beasts!" A third voice sounded.

    "What a pity! He looks handsome and has the potential to be a boy toy. Why would he choose to be a pioneer?"

    "Perhaps, he thinks we pioneers can make money easily. Young men are always naive!"

    "When will the guy assigned by Wild Home to gather news come back? Akurey Island Shipping Association's long-distance remote sensing system should able to contact Ice and Snow Wilderness. They must have business contacts!"


    'I'm on Akurey Island, an island on Ewentra Archipelago. This is a large island covering over 4000 square km.'

    Zhang Tie drank his cod soup as he listened to the others' discussions. Although those pioneers belittled him, Zhang Tie finally knew why so many pioneers gathered here.

    They were here for the relics of a human city which was discovered on the Ice and Snow Wilderness. They seemed to be waiting for some news. Although Zhang Tie was interested in the relics of human city before catastrophe, he'd rather earn seven-strength fruits. Although relics could bring pioneers wealth, gold coins were not too attractive to Zhang Tie at this time.

    The moment Zhang Tie finished his soup and bread, he heard another crisp ring; meanwhile, the door of the inn was pushed open by someone.

    A person then rushed inside and started to roar even still at the entrance, "The pioneers on Ice and Snow Wilderness have organized themselves. The news is true. They find some relics of a pre-catastrophe city in the Hella glacial crack in the south of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Additionally, there might be an even greater discovery underground in the crack - pieces of the Star of God..."

    After a short silence, the inn exploded into a clamor.
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