Chapter 384: Saving a Beauty

    Chapter 384: Saving a Beauty

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    That woman looked pretty similar to Miss Daina. At the sight of her, Zhang Tie even thought Miss Daina was standing in front of him.

    However, this woman had something different than Miss Daina. Miss Daina had brown hair and blue eyes, however, this woman had chestnut-red hair and cyan eyes. Additionally, her lips looked plumper. Miss Daina was an intellectual, tender beauty yet this woman looked enchanting and a bit sluggish.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't see too much panic from that woman's delicate face. Instead, he only saw a bit of grief and an indifference facing trouble. At the sight of Zhang Tie, that woman's eyes gleamed.

    Zhang Tie was very calm. Albeit he had killed a person, facing dozens of killers with fierce eyes, Zhang Tie didn't look flustered at all. Instead, he looked like an audience who was watching a performance.

    That woman knew that a person who could still be that calm in such a situation definitely had his talent and had experienced greater troubles, except for Zhang Tie's look as a pioneer and young age under the hazy lamplights of the cars were out of her imagination.

    With bola in hand, the long-faced man just fixed his eyes on Zhang Tie. He didn't say anything at all. His eyes were filled with a killing intent. He then waved his hand and 4 killers rushed towards Zhang Tie.

    Seeing this, Zhang Tie, who didn't want to expose the secret that he had mastered iron-blood fist, pulled out of that slim pioneering sword that he had just bought.

    This sword had not seen any blood yet. but now, it would be used to kill people.

    Nobody could describe how Zhang Tie launched his attack. In front of Zhang Tie, the 4 killers just looked like kids who were leisurely running and jumping in the wild of rural areas. He looked like he was holding a little wooden stick and slapping it over the roadside verdant grass, seemingly wanting to scare the butterfly off from the grass.

    Zhang Tie only moved 4 footsteps in the whole process, 2 footsteps forward and 2 footsteps backward. During this process, he also rapidly stabbed 4 times along with his moving footsteps. When Zhang Tie returned to his original position, he looked as if he had done nothing at all. However, the 4 murderous killers all fell down on the ground and died without even a convulsion.

    They were all attacked at their hearts and died instantly. For Zhang Tie, the 5 people were not even qualified as to be his targets.

    The whole process lasted less than 2 seconds.

    All the killers forcefully swallowed their saliva. Those killers who were closer to Zhang Tie felt a fierce killing qi from Zhang Tie's tranquil eyes when Zhang Tie raised his eyes and looked at them. As a result, they all moved one step back out of fear.

    The long-faced man also felt that killing qi from Zhang Tie which was formed after killing numerous people. His face also slightly changed.

    In contrast, that woman's eyes gleamed at this time.

    "It seems that you mind me killing one of your people very much!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    "Who are you?" The long-face man barely opened his mouth.

    "Of course, I'm a pioneer!" Zhang Tie shrugged with a smile as he showed his equipment and clothes to him. "Can't you see that?"

    "Now that you are a pioneer, it's nothing to do with you. I've not seen what you've done. Mind your own business. How about that?" The long-faced man then moved his eyes between Zhang Tie and the woman before finally said while gritting his teeth.

    What Zhang Tie performed just now made the long-faced man very cautious. What was more, the long-faced man couldn't make his decision as he didn't know Zhang Tie's real fighting strength and background. Therefore, he had to choose to give a compromise to Zhang Tie. Based on Zhang Tie's performance, the long-faced guy realized that it would definitely be more difficult for him to kill Zhang Tie than killing the woman's 20-odd bodyguards.

    Additionally, if Zhang Tie wanted to escape, the long-faced man estimated that they could not block him at all as Zhang Tie's mystical movements just now were really shocking. It was definitely a master level.

    "I was just a passerby and want to go back downtown. I don't care about your thing at all. But you blocked me and even wanted to kill me!" Zhang Tie said in an innocent voice, "If you give way, I will leave right now!"

    The long-face man carefully gazed at Zhang Tie for quite a while before finally forcefully waved his head, "Let him go!"

    Receiving the order, dozens of killers hurriedly gave way to Zhang Tie. Seeing Zhang Tie putting away his long sword and walking towards them leisurely, many people let out a sigh.

    When everybody thought that Zhang Tie would just pass by in this way, he flashed like a lightning bolt, cutting 3 killers' heads off at once while their blood sprouted out of their necks as high as 1 m. Before the 3 heads fell to the ground, he had stabbed 2 more killers' hearts, causing them to fly back in the air...

    "B*stard, what are you doing?" With eyes turned red, the long-faced man instantly threw his bola towards Zhang Tie's head.

    Zhang moved slightly aside as the bola missed him and passed by his shoulder with a strong wind. At the same time, all the other killers charged at him. Zhang Tie launched an attack once again and sent another killer fly in the air.

    "I don't like suffering losses. Five men of yours wanted to kill me just now. Although I killed them, I have to hack back 5 times like what they did to me. You can also choose to kill me if you can. Attention, please, I am safeguarding myself by killing everyone. I'm not attacking you on purpose!" Zhang Tie kept killing them as he explained. He looked like a tiger among sheep, with each move, he would kill a killer in black clothes by the sword.

    After saying this, he bumped into a man 2 m tall causing him sprout blood. Like a football, that tough guy was sent flying more than 20 m away and even knocked another 2 guys down. With a backhand, Zhang Tie then split open another killer's stomach...

    At that time, Zhang Tie had been only less than 5 m away from that woman. Additionally, nobody else was near him. The long-faced man also figured out Zhang Tie's intention at this moment--Zhang Tie didn't mean to leave at the beginning, instead, he wanted to save this woman. He was cheated by Zhang Tie...

    "Kill them!" The long-faced man then roared as he waved his bola towards that woman instead of Zhang Tie.

    At the critical moment, the long-faced man was also very fierce. Now that he could not kill Zhang Tie, he would kill that woman first to finish his task today.

    Of course, Zhang Tie was not faster than a LV 9 powerhouse's bola, neither would an average woman escape from a LV 9 powerhouse's trump card.

    At the sight of that long-faced man's grim face and his terrifying bola, the woman thought, 'Am I going to die here today? Being stricken by such a terrifying weapon, I must look very disgusting...those Ballas idiots...

    With this thought, she closed her eyes.

    However, she was not stricken by the bola, because Zhang Tie threw out his sword and hit that bola in a split second. Although it could not stop the bola, it changed its flying trace at once, causing it flying aside...

    With a strong wind, the flying bola blew her chestnut-red hair backwards. With a loud sound "boom", it hacked into a car beside the woman, causing a horrible big hole on a door.

    The woman was not able to see clearly what had happened at all. She only felt a chilling wind over her ear. Closely after that, she was hugged by a pair of powerful arms and started to roll rapidly over the ground...

    The long-faced man kept booming his bola onto the ground where the woman and Zhang Tie had just rolled by like their shadows. Being hugged by Zhang Tie, that woman also felt the terrifying power of the bola as she could feel earthquake each time the bola tamped onto the ground...

    At the critical moment, the woman didn't feel panic any more. Instead, she just gazed at Zhang Tie's young and handsome face and sensed Zhang Tie's breath. Zhang Tie hugged her meticulously like hugging a fragile porcelain--one hand over her waist, the other hand over her neck, resting her head against his shoulder; in this way, no matter how they rolled on the ground, she would not be bruised by stones and bulges.

    Although still being in danger, that woman had already recovered composure as she could feel the unprecedented sense of safety and warmth.

    At this moment, Gitta, her chief guard roared. After a short rest, the tough guy struck by the bola had jumped up again from the ground. Without caring about his wounds at all, he directly picked up his weapon and rushed towards Zhang Tie and that woman.

    "Protect her, I need 1 minute..." After saying this, Zhang Tie threw that woman towards Gitta before catching the iron chain of the bola beside him and flew towards that long-faced man with the help of the strength when the guy pulled his bola back. In a split second, he had been less than 4 m away from that long-face man, making the bola ineffective...

    Taking over the woman, Gitta instantly stood in front of her and split a killer into halves...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie found the advantage of a LV 9 powerhouse. Seeing Zhang Tie being close to him with the help of his iron chain, the long-faced man revealed a sinister smile as he instantly loosened his grip on the bola. Meanwhile, the iron chain of the bola in another hand lashed towards Zhang Tie like a whip...

    With a bola in hand, he could strike the enemy sharply and ferociously, far or not, without any shortcomings...

    At the same time, some killers had picked up their axes from the ground and the cars.

    "Boom him first..." The long-faced man shouted loudly.

    Hearing this, they threw their axes towards Zhang Tie at once...

    After drawing an icy arc in the air, the 4 axes directly chopped towards Zhang Tie as they blocked Zhang Tie's paths of retreat.

    Seeing so many weapons attacking Zhang Tie, the woman was so scared that she instantly covered her mouth.

    In others' eyes, Zhang Tie had no way to retreat at this moment. Additionally, he had no weapon, how could he deal with them at the same time?

    Zhang Tie also narrowed his eyes. 'They are so tacit with each other, it seems that I have to use my double-carps sword...'

    Zhang Tie had already reached his hand towards his waist...

    However, at this moment, Zhang Tie felt blank like a hidden drawer in his brain was opened by others.

    Time seemed to slow down at this moment as a weird feeling appeared. Meanwhile, those axes flying towards him instantly became "slow" in Zhang Tie's eyes--

    That was true, they were becoming "slow"--Zhang Tie could identify their flight traces, their centers of gravity, strengths, and angles. He was sure that he would not be striken by them. He also sensed an instinct that he was able to allow his hands to follow a marvelous round trace and control those flying axes by changing their flying directions and strengths...

    This sense was pretty similar to that when he awakened his precise throwing skill. The difference was that this time he could force back items flying towards him and take others' strengths and weapons as his.

    Zhang Tie knew that he had awakened another ancestrial bloodline. This one was more powerful than the precise throwing skill and was more irresistible.

    For Zhang Tie, time seemed to be slowing down too much. Before the long-faced man's iron chain struck him, the 4 axes had already reached his sides...

    Although in others' eyes, the 4 axes were thrown out at the same time, in Zhang Tie's eyes, they were not reaching his sides head by head as the distance between each 2 of them was greater than 1 m.

    Seeing the first axe flying towards him, following that strange feeling, Zhang Tie put his hand over the edge of the axe and forced it to draw a arc in front of him before flying towards the long-faced man's iron chain...

    When the second one arrived, Zhang Tie also forced it to draw an arc in front of him and sent it flying towards the long-faced man's head with an arc in the air...

    When controlling the second axe, Zhang Tie had one more enlightenment--he didn't have to keep the article flying in a straight line. He could force it to fly towards the target in terms of curve, arc or twisting patterns.

    He then imposed a force on the 3rd axe and forced it to fly back to the guys who had thrown out their axes in a curve, cutting through the 4 guys' necks in a line.

    The 4th axe was forced to fly towards that woman and the guard which was crowded with most killers in black clothes.

    For the 4th axe, Zhang Tie had been hard pressed to control it as he almost could not catch its flying speed. Thankfully, there were only 4 axes, with one more, he had to evade.

    Actually, he had finished this process in less than 1 second.

    Being imposed by Zhang Tie, the 4 axes flew towards 4 directions with a great strength.

    Nobody could imagine that the result could be reversed in such a split second. Even the long-faced man didn't know what had happened until his death. If Zhang Tie directly threw an ax towards him when fighting him face to face, the long-faced man might not even be killed, after all, a LV 9 powerhouse who had prepared to fight might even escape from a sonic boom, except in this case...

    The first ax broke the long-faced man's iron chain...

    The second ax sent the long-faced man's head flying in the air...

    The third ax slayed the 4 killers who had thrown their axs towards Zhang Tie, causing them to sprout blood from their necks and fall down instantly...

    The fourth axe cleared a greater part of those killers surrounding Gitta and the woman...

    After hitting the 4 targets, Zhang Tie heard 4-in-1 sonic boom as was expected.

    As a result, almost 1/3 of the killers were killed...

    The sudden loud sonic boom startled everybody who was fighting. Many killers in black clothes even stopped. When all of them realized what happened, they found a great number of people had fallen down including the long-faced man. Zhang Tie, however, who should have fallen down, was still standing where he was, almost without even single a movement. Some of them who had seen what Zhang Tie did just stared at him as if watching a ghost--

    In those guys' eyes, Zhang Tie was like a huge spring as all the axs flying towards him were bounced back by a strong force the moment they drew close to him.

    Zhang Tie most so fast that most of people didn't see that Zhang Tie had changed the directions of the axs with his own hands. Instead, they only felt the axs automatically bounced back the moment they touched Zhang Tie.

    That woman also widened her eyes. 'That was amazing! How could that happen! Those are axes that could even break the steel plates of cars, they are not a kid's rubber balls. How could they just bounce away?'

    Among all of them, only Gitta could sense Zhang Tie's movements. If those axes all flew towards him, Gitta felt that he could block 2-3 of them with a shield or a proper weapon and could hardly block the 4th one. However, he could never force axes to bounce back. That was amazing! He had not even heard about that before...

    Whereas, before those shocking killers understood what happened, Zhang Tie, who picked up a long sword with his foot, had rushed into them and chopped off their heads...

    After a few minutes, when Zhang Tie killed the last killer escaping dozens of meters away in the birch forest, he dropped off that long sword which he picked up casually and came to that woman and her chief guard.

    After such a bloody fight, the guard sufferred a few more wounds. Thankfully, they were not fatal. Zhang Tie found that the chief guard was experienced in real battle.

    "Are you all right?"

    He asked both that man and the woman, although, with his eyes fixed on that woman, he sensed a sincere feeling from her.

    "Just some bruises, it's okay..." Saying this, Gitta coughed out blood. He then took out of vial of medicament and drunk it. Zhang Tie peered at that vial of medicament and found it was a medium-level recovery medicament, therefore, he just nodded and didn't speak.

    After narrowly escaping from the assassination, the woman's face looked pretty pale. Besides some blood stains on her skirt when Zhang Tie hugged her to roll over the ground, she was okay.

    The scene was so terrifying, which could almost match a real battlefield. However, seeing 80-90 dead bodies lying on the ground within 100 m, that woman didn't feel uncomfortable at all. This made Zhang Tie respect her more.

    "Thanks for saving me and my chief guard, but our crisis has not been solved! Additionally, we are not able to defend against any future crisis." That woman then looked at Zhang Tie with a tender and attractive voice with her beautiful eyes deeply fixed on Zhang Tie full of expectations, "I'm Olina, the chairman of the Ballas Business Group on Saint Herner Island. I know it's a bit much, but can you give me another hand, or, if you wish to be employed by me, I'd like to pay you whatever you want!"
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