Chapter 385: A Conspiracy

    Chapter 385: A Conspiracy

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    There was always a moment when a person did something for some unknown reason in their life.

    Take this moment as an example. Not knowing why, seeing this woman being very similar to Miss Daina and her expecting eyes, Zhang Tie had an impulsion to prevent her from suffering any harm; because of this impulsion, even though Zhang Tie knew that he might cause a lot of trouble if he helped her, he still did that.

    As the woman had told him, although she survived, she was not sure whether more danger were still waiting for her.

    "Well, I accept your proposal; but I have to claim one point that I will only be responsible for your personal safety and I will not kill people on purpose for you. I'm a pioneer, not a killer; additionally, I won't stay with you for a long time!"

    "I promise you won't regret your decision today!" That woman stared at Zhang Tie deeply as her seductive red lips opened once again. "Then, what should I call you, young pioneer?"

    "I'm Peter Hamplester, you can call me Peter!" Zhang Tie told her the fake name that he had long prepared well.

    While they talked, Gitta, the chief guard, had already checked all the killers' corpses.

    "Ma'am, may you have a look here?" Gitta was standing before that long-faced man's body whose head had been chopped off with a gloomy look. Hearing his words, the woman took out a hand towel and covered his mouth and nose with it; after that, she strode over those corpses and blood stains and arrived at Gitta's side, followed by Zhang Tie.

    The body's clothes had been split open by Gitta using his saber; additionally, it had been turned over with its back facing the sky. Zhang Tie saw a strange tattoo on its back. It was a huge and grim snake with a unicorn on its head.

    "Gitta, tell me what does this mean?" the woman asked her chief guard.

    "Ma'am, this person comes from Magical Snake Island; additionally, he should have a high position on the island; otherwise, he wouldn't have been qualified to have such a tattoo on his back!" Gitta explained solemnly.

    "Those mother-f*cking douchebags, they are truly working with these demons!" As Zhang Tie had expected, the woman looked for just less than two seconds before recovering her composure. "Put his head away, it's useful! I remember that the heads of those guys from Magical Snake Island are very valuable. They are wanted by many people. The head of Bell Clan on Saint Herner Island likes to see these guys' heads very much!"

    "Yes, Ma'am!" The chief guard didn't ask why. He directly peeled off a nearby killer's coat and wrapped that head with opening eyes using it.

    Zhang Tie just watched from the side. As he didn't know their situation, he just kept silent.

    "Ma'am, will we go for those motherf*cking douchebags now?" With that head in the coat, Gitta stood up in front of her once again and asked, emanating a strong killing qi while holding his sword.

    "Now? Do we have any evidence to charge them? Or can we directly go kill them?"

    "Of course, we go kill them!" Gitta answered loudly full of fury, "We've lost so many people, they even wanted to kill you. Shouldn't they pay for that? As long as you deliver the order, ma'am, I will go chop off their heads right now!"

    "What then? If you kill them, you would be a murderer and I would be the most infamous vicious woman across Ewentra Archipelagoes!" The woman waved her head as an icy light flashed by her beautiful cyan eyes, "No, this is not the outcome I want. What I want is to let those motherf*cking douchebags drink their poisonous alcohol themselves!"

    "What should we do now?"

    "We will go back to Bluesea Castle first!"


    In the following couple of minutes, Gitta cleaned up a car which could still run and moved away some birches from the road together with Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie could move those trees away himself; however, at the sight of Gitta coming to help him, Zhang Tie didn't want to make him look like a tough man or further expose his real fighting strength, therefore, he moved away the trees together with Gitta.

    "Peter, I owe you my life!" After moving away those trees, Gitta patted his hands and told Zhang Tie with a serious look.

    "If you say so, you might be my most valuable mortgagor now. I hope you will have no chance to pay it off!" Zhang Tie smiled. Zhang Tie liked such a tough man as he saw something from him which he sensed from his comrades back in Iron-Blood Camp - sincerity, passion, frankness, honesty.

    Gitta also showed a big smile. Stretching out his hands, he tightly held Zhang Tie's hand. They then got on the car. Gitta drove the car; Zhang Tie then sat together with Olina in the back.

    Sitting together with Olina, Zhang Tie smelt that special fragrance which was carried by mature women. Zhang Tie then found she looked really similar to Miss Daina; even their fragrances smelt almost the same which were both alluring and sweet. 'Are they using the same brand of perfume? What a coincidence...' Zhang Tie sighed inside.

    The car's glasses had been completely broken while terrifying traces of the axes were left on the plates; thankfully, its engine and lights still worked.

    It was long distance from here to the downtown. Without the windoes, wind poured into the car.

    The night wind on Saint Herner Island felt very cold when it blew by their faces...

    Gitta didn't feel cold at all. He was driving his car with eyes widely opened as he watched the roadsides vigilantly. Olina only wore a skirt on the back seat. Only two minutes after Gitta started the car, she started to quiver all over slightly with her hands crossed in front of her breasts. Seeing this, Zhang Tie put off his fox hair cloak and covered it onto the woman.

    "Argh, thanks!" Olin revealed a smile as she turned around and told Zhang Tie with a tender voice.

    "My pleasure!"

    After wearing a cloak, Olina adjusted her sitting position. When she sat down again, she moved closer to Zhang Tie to be warmer; as a result, their thighs almost touched each other. With that layer of silky high-end skirt between them, Zhang Tie could feel the nice touch onto her plump and smooth thigh.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie felt okay; however, as the car kept bumping up and down, their thighs started to rub constantly. Gradually, Zhang Tie felt especially stimulative.

    Zhang Tie glanced at Olina when she was also glancing at him. Seemingly because her body gradually warmed up, Olina's face looked a bit red. The moment they saw each other, they moved their eyes away at once; then, they felt ambiguous and stimulated immediately.

    Gitta was still driving the car like nothing had happened.

    Zhang Tie then slightly twisted his body due to embarrassment. Although he knew she was not Miss Daina, he still displayed his deep feeling about Miss Daina which went through his puberty and his numerous wet dreams to this woman. He felt like he was sat beside Miss Daina. With a bit of tension, he wanted to move closer to her and push her.

    Especially that fragrance, which was too similar to that of Miss Daina. If Zhang Tie didn't look at her carefully, he would feel that Miss Daina really was sitting beside him.

    "I'm a bit sleepy. Can I lean against your shoulder?" Olina asked. Before Zhang Tie agreed, she had already tilted her head onto Zhang Tie's shoulder. This intimate movement caused Zhang Tie's body a bit stiff. Not only this, she even tightly held Zhang Tie's right hand with her hands from below.

    Being held by her, Zhang Tie felt the icy sweat in her hands. Zhang Tie then realized that this woman was not as calm as she looked when being attacked; instead, she was very scared inside although she didn't display her inner feelings on her face.

    Gitta only peered at them from the rearview mirror before continuing to drive as usual.

    The woman's warm and soft nose then touched Zhang Tie's neck, causing his neck to become a bit itchy. As long as Zhang Tie turned over his head, his face would touch her forehead; therefore, Zhang Tie became a bit stiff all over.

    After several minutes, when Zhang Tie felt this woman's hands warming up, he glanced at her through his eye corners and found that she had fallen asleep.

    The car soon arrived at the downtown and crossed that road where Zhang Tie's hotel was on. It drove in another direction. In order to avoid from another ambush, Gitta seemed choosing a remote route with few passers-by. Although some passers-by noticed this car with a miserable look, they didn't react abnormally besides surprises.

    In this way, the car arrived at a castle in the east of the downtown after twenty more minutes.

    Bluesea Castle was at least double the size of Zhang Tie's Jinwu Castle. Besides, its walls were much higher than that of most western castles. When they arrived at the castle, it was already deep night as Zhang Tie could see that the walls were brightly lit and heavily-guarded.

    Gitta seemingly wanted to park the car directly in front of the gate; however, at the sight of the brightly lit walls and the defensive weapons on the walls, Zhang Tie's heart raced as he had a blood sense...

    "Stop the car!" Zhang Tie shouted towards Gitta. Gitta instantly parked it 500 m away from the castle.

    "What's wrong?" Gitta turned around and asked.

    "Put out the lamplights. 500 m is not a long distance for the defensive weapons on the walls!"

    After the previous battle, Gitta had formed an instinctive trust towards Zhang Tie. He then instantly turned off the lamplights to put them out.

    Olina woke up at this moment as she moved her head away from Zhang Tie's shoulder. She instantly sat straight and looked outside. "What? Have we arrived at Bluesea Castle?"

    "We almost be there. But Peter told me to park it here and put out the lamplights!" Gitta explained to Olina.

    Olina then immediately looked at Zhang Tie.

    "Where are we?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Ms. Olina used to live here; this is Bluesea Castle!" Gitta explained.

    "Who are those guards? How many people do they have? Who are their leaders?"

    "They are armed guards of Ballas Business Group, totally over 200 people. Their leaders are five chief guards appointed by Ms. Olina. Is there something wrong?"

    "If we directly park this car in front of the gate of the castle, have you calculated the chance of us surviving the ballistas on the wall?" Zhang Tie asked seriously.

    Hearing this, Gitta and Olina turned their faces at the same time. Based on the terrifying power of those defensive weapons on the walls, with a close-range dense shooting, the car would instantly become a hornet's nest with numerous holes, let alone the people inside.

    "You mean the guards of the business group have been bribed? How come?" Gitta almost screamed. As they were his colleagues, hearing Zhang Tie's speculation, he instantly doubted.

    "Not all of them are bribed, those people could not bribe everybody; if possible, they would not have ambushed you tonight. But, if one of the chief guards and some guards who were responsible for manipulating the ballistae were bribed, what would happen then?"

    Gitta didn't speak while Olina tightly bit her lower lip.

    "What should we do now?"

    "Gitta, do you know all the guards over there?"

    "All of them. Many of them are my friends!"

    "Then, are you afraid of death?"

    "I should have died before. Ms. Olina saved my life. I should have died tonight too; thankfully, I meet you. I'm not afraid at all!" Gitta answered honestly.
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