Chapter 387: Special Treatment

    Chapter 387: Special Treatment

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    "Take my visiting card and take some guys to register a case in the City Defense Administration of Saint Herner Island. After that, go to the Ballas Clan's Greyrock Castle and call Aetna, Cilicis, and Mesa to Bluesea Castle tomorrow morning; tell them that I've got something important to negotiate with them. If they want to know the details, tell them about the events that occurred tonight..."

    "Yes, madam!"

    "Crie, I will present a certificate to you after a while. You then take a small team of guards to leave Saint Herner Island now for the Headquarter of Ewentra Bounty Hunters Association and increase the amount of reward by 1 million gold coins for hunting personnel on Magical Snake Island!" Olina's tone was mixed with a killing intent.

    Crie slightly shivered all over as he lowered his head, "Yes, madam!"

    "Adeline, go contact the seniors of your tribe, tell them that I've agreed to their conditions. Ballas Business Group will spare 20% of the airline business of Sinaila Island to you, but the number of barbarians in the Armed Silver Wing Guards of Ballas Business Group should be increased to 30% of its total population; meanwhile, an alternate captain of Silver Wing Guards will be assigned by your men, who will only answer to me!"

    With the strange tattoos around her left eye and eyebrow, Adeline raised her eyebrows once again and forcefully nodded.

    "Periv, you should work hard these days. You will take over the responsibilty for the safety of Bluesea Castle!"

    "Trust me, madam, if any malicious guys slide into the castle, I will chop off my own head!" Periv patted his chest proudly.

    "Ji Gang, go to the training camp of Silver Wing Guards to select two hundred more guards and train them to be qualified guards of the castle. I want to see its effect within two weeks! You will do it yourself first; after a couple of days, I will let Alexander help you!"

    "Yes, madam!" Ji Gang bowed towards Olina elegantly.

    "Well, I'm a bit tired and want to take a rest!"

    In the whole process, Zhang Tie just watched aside silently. When Olina dispatched Crie to the headquarters of Ewentra Bounty Hunters Association to execute that task, Zhang Tie instantly felt that woman was very shrewd. In this way, she cleared the 'dangerous members' out of Bluesea Castle in a reasonable way and put Crie in a sticky position at once. Zhang Tie felt that Olina had included other deep meanings in this order but he couldn't figure them out right now.

    After getting their own tasks, the five chief guards left; Gitta then returned to the hall.

    "Madam, I've been told that Crie has let his subordinates to take over the extremely powerful defense equipment on the tower tonight; he even checked the running situation of those equipment in the power boiler room and engine room of the castle; at his request, the two main power boilers' nominal working pressure were both 30% higher than normal..."

    As the lord of Jinwu Castle, Zhang Tie knew clearly what did it meant. It was the standard ready-for-war condition. Albeit higher nominal working pressure of the main boilers meant extremely great power of the defense weapons which were driven by the steam-driven boilers, yet it also meant less life expectancy of the boilers. Therefore, normally, the main power boilers' nominal working pressure was only maintained at a normally stable value; only in emergencies, or when checking the working condition and running performance of the boilers, would they adjust the main boilers to a heavy-burden running state.

    "Gitta, do you want to revenge for those dead guards?"

    "Of course, I even want to take my brothers to chop off the heads of those old douchebags of the Ballas Clan right now!" Gitta replied in a very righteous and furious way.

    "You know that is impossible. If you want to revenge them, from now on, you have to hide your animosity. You should be happy!"

    "Happy?" Gitta looked unimaginable, "Madam, you want me to be happy at this moment?"

    "Yes, be happy!" Sitting on the main seat, the woman took a deep breath and revealed a brilliant smile as her breasts rose up. Sitting beside her, Zhang Tie couldn't help but peer at her plump boobs. As a result, his heart raced slightly.

    "We were not ambushed by those guys from Magical Snake Island tonight; instead, we ambushed them. We lost over twenty people, yet they lost fifty to sixty people. We gained a complete victory; we even chopped off the head of an important figure from Magical Snake Island. Shouldn't we be happy about that?" Olina explained to Gitta.

    "But, why?"

    "Because, as long as we look happy, our enemy, who doesn't want to see us happy, will not feel safe. They will be curious as to why we are so happy. Thus, they will try their best to figure out the reason. Then, someone will get revenge for you!"

    "Madam, you're making me confused!"

    "Don't worry, you will understand it in a few days. Now, you only need to keep my words in mind. If some of your friends invite you for a drink and ask you about this, you just tell them that we long got the message and we prepared our own ambush tonight instead of being ambushed. This is a task for you. Am I clear?"

    "Okay, I understand!" Gitta forcefully nodded.

    "Gitta, take your men to deal with those dead guards. All the personnel who were killed tonight will be rewarded with five times that of the common standard!"

    "Thanks, madam, their deaths are valuable!"

    "I've already let Alexander register our case in the City Defense Administration. Given the speed of the City Defense Administration, it would take them at least two hours to arrive there. You and your men will have to arrive there first. After dealing with our men's dead bodies, you should have enough time to adjust the scene to make it look like we ambushed those killers. Is that ok?"

    "It's not difficult. Although we were ambushed at the beginning, later, with the help of Peter, those killers looked like they were being ambushed. We only need to do some trivial adjustments to make everything look like we ambushed them!"

    "I hope that only you, me, and Peter know about what Peter has done. As for what happened at that time, just let others guess about it!"

    "Yes, madam!"

    "You can leave now!"

    Gitta then left, leaving only Zhang Tie and Olina in the whole main hall.

    Zhang Tie then looked at her with a curious look, "Why not let others know what I did?"

    "Because you've helped me so much; additionally, you will leave here sooner or later. As those guys from Magical Snake Island are all ruffians, I don't want to bring their hatred to you," Olina explained to Zhang Tie seriously.

    Zhang Tie just watched her and didn't know what to say. Previously, he wanted to protect her; it was really out of his imagination that she'd start to protect him. As for the revenge from Magical Snake Island, Zhang Tie didn't consider it at all; Magical Snake Island was at most a killers' organization in this sea area. He had even dared to offend the Three-Eye Association, which was supported by demons. Of course, he would not care about having one more Magical Snake Island as his enemy. Additionally, if a LV 9 guy could gain a high position on Magical Snake Island, it indicated that the organization was not powerful at all. Furthermore, no matter how fast those people were, nobody could catch him up in the sea, and this place was very close to the sea. Therefore, he was not afraid of them at all.

    Actually, even Zhang Tie had not realized that, with his growing fighting strength during the past year, he had met the greatest powers across the Waii Sub-Continent like the Norman Empire, Huaiyuan Palace, and Three-Eye Association which were far greater than common powers. Even the Zhen Clan in Heavens Cold City, which had a knight, was also a great power.

    Being gradually influenced by this, whenever he met any more powers or organizations, Zhang Tie would compare them with each other; as a result, he thought that some of the local powers were not threatening at all.

    However, what Olina said brought a strange feeling to Zhang Tie.

    "If you say so, I think that I should thank you. It feels a bit strange!" Zhang Tie rubbed his face.

    Olina then revealed a smile as her beautiful cyan eyes started to gleam. "Now that you are going to stay with me and help me so much, I should be a bit considerate for you, right?"

    "It feels like what friends should do!"

    "Don't you feel that we are not friends now? Or would you prefer to be my savior and want me to treat you with a more respectful attitude? Am I not even qualified to look out for you?"

    "No, I didn't mean that!" Zhang Tie felt a bit embarrassed then. This woman's words were too sharp, which really felt like being in Miss Daina's class.

    "Alas, I know..." The woman showed a sorrowful face and then started to touch her enchanting face. "Do you feel that I'm too much older than you? Although I don't like to admit it, time flies, I'm 36 years old now. Not like those young girls at all, I'm old and look ugly and could even be your aunt. However, you are at most 18 years old. Do you feel that I'm not suitable to be your friend?"

    "No, you're very beautiful and are one of the most beautiful and charming women I've ever seen. I don't feel that age is a problem at all!" Saying this, Zhang Tie peered at her plump boobs with an embarrassed look once again.

    "Really?" The woman's eyes brightened up at once as her face look brilliant.

    "Really, I wouldn't lie to a woman!"

    "Thanks!" With a smile, Olina stood up from her chair. After that, she turned around and slightly lowered her body before kissing Zhang Tie's face. "In Ewentra, this is the highest reward from a woman to a man who praises her!"

    At this moment, Zhan Tie watched that familiar yet strange beautiful face which was so close to him before glanced over that snow-white scenery and that black lace around her boobs below the collar of her skirt; meanwhile, he sniffed the nice fragrance from her body. This made Zhang Tie feel entering that same wet dream that he had experienced numerous times where he encountered Miss Daina...

    In the wet dream, Miss Daina was so sexy just like this woman in front of him.

    Not knowing whether it was an illusion or not, Zhang Tie felt that she had started to draw him in on the journey back; however, he finally couldn't stand such allure as he responded with the direct response that a man should have at this moment.

    That woman then sensitively lowered her head and looked at the raised tent between Zhang Tie's legs; after that, she straightened up before covered his mouth with her hand and started to giggle...

    Zhang Tie's face blushed instantly.

    No matter where and what local custom it was, if a man showed such a strong physiological impulsion in front of a woman, it would be a breach of etiquette.

    "Pah... pah... pah..." Olina clapped her hands three times. When the sound was still resonating in the hall, a side door was pushed open and a 50-odd female steward whose hair was tied up entered. In an old-fashioned and conservatory black skirt, although quite old, she still looked like a marble statue with no defects at all; instead, she looked delicate and even a bit merciless.

    "Madam Kate, please take Mr. Peter to the room No. 2 to take a good rest. Prepare a set of proper clothes for him; he's now my bodyguard and will live in Bluesea Castle for a while!"

    "Yes, madam! Mr. Peter, please come with me!"

    At this moment, Zhang Tie also felt a bit embarrassed in front of Olina. Like a young school student who had been caught doing something bad by teacher, he hurriedly left.

    However, Zhang Tie had not imagined that room No. 2 was not in the outer castle but in the inner castle. From the main hall to the inner castle, Zhang Tie didn't even find a male servant in the inner castle, even the guards were female. All the women were watching Zhang Tie out of curiosity like

    "Ms. Kate, are there any males here?" Zhang Tie couldn't help but ask that woman who was leading him with a candlestick in the front.

    "Actually, since Ms. Olina settled into Bluesea Castle, you are the first male to live in the inner castle!" The woman answered icily.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie's heart started to palpitate at once...
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