Chapter 389: Poison or Cheese

    Chapter 389: Poison or Cheese

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    Hearing that the Ballas clansmen arrived, Zhang Tie followed Gitta out to have a look at those freak b*stards. Before arriving at the gate of the castle, Zhang Tie had already heard a hoarse voice drifting from outside.

    "B*stard, do you know who I am? These are my guards. Why do you allow them to put down their weapons before entering Bluesea Castle. Who grant you this right. Where's Olina? Call her out! We need a reason. Why Ballas Clansmen have to face such a rude treatment in the territory of Ballas Business Group?"

    The moment he finished talking, the others outside the castle had started to kick up a row.

    "That's it. Why do you force us to put down the weapons and don't allow us in?"

    "Go back to Greyrock Castle! I've told you that they don't like us..."

    "I was told that that woman faced an assassination last night. She sent people to notify us. Therefore, we come here to see her. However, she stopped us from entering the castle! What does she mean?"

    Hearing this, Periv roared, "This is the rule of Bluesea Castle. This father doesn't care who are you! Have you the motherf*cker seen any castle allow hundreds of fully-armored soldiers in with weapons? If you want to enter the castle, you have to put down your weapons. Additionally, only 10 of you are allowed in at most! The others have to stay outside the castle!"

    Soon after Periv finished his words, he had heard swears outside the castle at once.

    Zhang Tie and Gitta didn't come to the outside of the castle to have a closer look, instead, they came to the tower of the castle and looked downward through the shooting mouth of a bolt mound.

    The suspension bridge had been put down; however, at this moment, a team of over 200 guards was crowding between the suspension bridge and the gate of the castle. 3 of them in brilliant clothes were riding on 3 exceptionally handsome horses and looked at the guards of Bluesea Castle outside the castle. They didn't even get off their horses before entering the castle, which showed their arrogant and donomineering looks.

    Standing in the tower of the castle, Zhang Tie could see clearly that the 3 men were all old. One among them had pale hair They had different frames. OIe fat, one thin and the rest was normal in weight yet was evidently baldheaded.


    "Are they the b*stards of the Ballas Clan?" Zhang Tie turned around and asked Gitta.

    Gitta nodded as he said furiously. "The fat one in the middle is Cilicis, the thin one on his left is Mesa while that baldheaded one is called Aetna. They were Shire's uncles and small figures on Charthe Island previously. However, after arriving at Saint Herner Island, they gradually forgot who they were."

    "Do they live in Greyrock Castle? Who else does the Ballas Clan have on the island?"

    "Madam was forced to build Greyrock Castle for them 4 years ago. Previously, they directly lived in Bluesea Castle. They had more than 10 people, including their kids and wives; however, some of these d**chebags wanted to take madam's ruling position, therefore madam let them move away. After that, these people pretended to be pitiful across the Saint Herner City. They even spoke ill of madam. Therefore, madam had to build Greyrock Castle for them and arranged them in!"

    "Did they also take so many people to Bluesea Castle before?"

    "Nope, at most 10!"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie understood at once, 'The 3 guys had a guilty conscience; otherwise, they didn't need to take so many people in the daytime. However, they must have thought up a good reason for this--Now that Olina encountered an assassination, it was reasonable for them to be cautious outside by taking more guards as the relatives of Olina.

    "It would be much more convenient if we could directly deal with them down there!" Zhang Tie sighed as he touched the steam-driven defensive ballista on his side.

    "I also think so, but if we do that, madam's reputation would be ruined." Gitta answered with a look of agreement.

    After a mess, those b*stards found that Periv had a determined attitude while nobody turned on the defense equipment on the wall and it was peaceful as usual inside the castle, they finally recovered composure. After a short negotiation, the 3 guys on the horses had agreed to take only 7 guards inside the castle.


    Olina received the 3 people in the Hall of Deliberation of the castle. As her "bodyguard", Zhang Tie just stood behind Olina lazily with Gitta and watched the 3 b*stards walking inside.

    "Olina, we were told that you were attacked last night. Are you all right?"

    The moment they entered the Hall of Deliberation, Cilicis had already shouted loudly in a cunning and exaggerating way like being afraid of not being heard.

    When in Huaiyuan Prefecture, Zhang Tie had seen too many people wearing expensive clothes made of eastern silk. However, he had not seen such tasteless dress collocations. The moment they came in, Zhang Tie almost thought they were 3 colorful showing stands of silk cloth.

    "I'm okay. After what happened last night, I became more clear-minded and thought through many things!" Olina said with a smile so kindly and calmly like she was not influenced by what happened last night at all.

    "Argh, what have you seen through?" Hearing her words, baldheaded Aetna asked nervously. Soon after he asked, Mesa the thinner guy hurriedly pulled his sleeve. Realizing it, Aetna hurriedly coughed several times to cover his previous tension and malpractice. "Oh, I mean what have you thought through? Are you stimulated by that or something else!"

    Seeing such an awkward performance, which almost revealed his true intentions, Zhang Tie couldn't help but show the white of his eyes. 'Such idiots wanted to rule the Ballas Business Group? Are you motherf*king kidding me? No wonder Olina could tolerate them for such a long time. They had been too foolish that they could even make people loosen their vigilance. Additionally, I thought Olina didn't expect that these b*stards could be that vicious.'

    Olina then sighed. "I'm thinking that if I was just killed last night, the whole Ballas Business Group would be dangerous. I have no relatives around me anymore, except you. I think that actually, you should help me manage some affairs of Ballas Business Group. These years I've been putting so much time on the affairs of Balllas Business Group. I think I should spare some more time to enjoy life. With so much money, if I don't consume them, it would be a great pity!"

    Hearing this, the 3 men were all stunned. From their expressions, Zhang Tie could see they were surprised that they didn't meet any dangers but good things.

    Aetna was so happy that he almost jumped up/ "It should have long been that. No matter what, Ballas Business Group should be shared more by Ballas Clansmen!"

    "Cough..cough..." Mesa coughed as he glanced at Cicilis before asking Olina, "Do you mean that?"

    "Yes, I plan to let you 3 enter the board of directors of the business group to see the concrete operations of the top management of the business group. With rich experiences, you can definitely provide necessary opinions for me on the board of directors. There are some positions in vacancy. Cilicis, I want to let your son take the position of the representative of Ballas Business Group's Continental Agency as you had recommended."

    The suspicious expression of Cilicis instantly disappeared after Cilicis heard Olina's words. At the same time, he pretened to be modest and hesitated, "This, this is not proper..."

    "I've already decided. I called you here to declare this. As I've throught it through, therefore, I just let it go." Olina's pun could only be figured out by Zhang Tie and Gitta. Although Gitta still didn't understand it too much, Zhang Tie completely understood it at once as he was shocked inside. At this time, he finally understood what Olina said last night. She was really killing people without spilling blood.

    "What else?"

    "Hmm, one more. I planned to visit the head of Bell Clan today and sent him a gift so as to negotiate with Bell Clan on how to establish new settlements in the central part of Saint Herner Island. However, after what happened last night, I want to have a rest in the castle today. When you go back to Greyrock Castle, please visit the head of Bell Clan on my behalf."

    "No problem!" At this moment, the 3 people had been extremely joyful that they even jumped high; Hearing that Olina assigned them such a "brilliant" task, they hurriedly nodded.

    "Alexander!" Olina shouted before Alexander walked into the Hall of Deliberation with a delicate squae box whose length of a side was 33.3 cm and stood beside her seriously.

    With a smile on her face, Olina looked kinder, however, Zhang Tie could sense a merciless intention flashing through her body. "I will let Alexander go with you with the gift. I prepared the gift for the head of Bell Clan, he will like it. There's also a letter in it. You can leave now if you have nothing else to deal with."

    After Alexander and the 3 people of the Ballas Clan left, Olina made a gesture to let Gitta leave too, leaving Zhang Tie and herself in the Hall of Deliberation. At the sight of this woman, Zhang Tie felt she was very fatigued and had a sense of relief.

    "Is the gift in the box that heads you had Gitta cut off last night?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Hmm, old Bell's 2 sons were killed by those people on Magical Snake Island. As for all the top managers of Magical Snake Island, he has done a lot of investigating. Additionally, he is offering rewards for their heads. Old Bell definitely know who he was!"

    Zhang Tie then kept silent for a while. Watching that woman in front of him with sophisticated expressions, he realized that this woman was so considerable. Her capabilities were out of his imagination. If those killers on Magical Snake Island were truly hired by the 3 people of Ballas Clan, she did this to make them jump into the fire pit themselves.

    She had Gitta rearrange the battle scene and kept secret what happened last night. After that, she abnormally awarded those guys of the Ballas Clan and let them send this killers' head to the Bell Clan. After combining the above 3 pieces of information, those people on Magical Snake Island must have reached a conclusion that their people were screwed over by the Ballas Clanmen. On one hand, Ballas Clanmen pretended to assassinate Olina by hiring killers from Magical Snake Island, on the other hand, they notified Olina in advance and saved her at the critical moment. They did this to make Olina set a trap to kill all the killers and to take an important figure's head as a chip to cooperate with the Bell Clan...

    When a killers organization met this situation, they would not hate Olina. Instead, they would hate the Ballas Clan who hired their men so much. As a result, those on Magical Snake Island would definitely kill them as a result.

    Not to mention those idiots of the Ballas Clan who didn't understand Olina's plan. Even if they figured it out, they could not refuse it either, because this woman's arrangement looked reasonable.

    Not until then did Zhang Tie realized how this woman who looked weak could establish such a great undertaking alone on this island.

    Olina turned around and looked at Zhang Tie. From Zhang Tie's expression, she realized that Zhang Tie had already understood what she thought. She then asked him, "Am I bad?"

    Zhang Tie waved his head. "Have you thought that what if Ballas Clansmen didn't really orchestrate the assassination?"

    "If so, everything I've promised them today would be their rewards. I will take it as my compensation for them. They would not lose anything then. Additionally, if they were not involved in it, those people on Magical Snake Island would not look to them for vengeance."

    Zhang Tie became dumb at once. For those of the Ballas Clansmen, if they did it, today's reward would be a poison covered with honey. If not, today's reward would be cheese covered with honey. It depended on whether they had even a bit good intention towards this woman.

    'Does such a woman need my protection?' Zhang Tie started to be suspicious. Thinking of this, he instantly felt relaxed. The alleged weakness might be the woman's best camouflage.

    "Previously, I thought I might stay for a while on Saint Herner Island. However, given from the current situation, I might leave here soon, because I find that you are more sensitive to your crises than me."

    "Am I that disgusting or men don't like women with such a train of thought." Olina sighed as she revealed a sorrowful look.

    "I have to go to the Ice and Snow Wildness. Additionally, I find that if I stayed here too long, I might be eaten by you, including my skin and bones."

    Hearing his reply, Olina burst out with charming giggles at once...
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