Chapter 390: A Person From Magical Snake Island

    Chapter 390: A Person From Magical Snake Island

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    Obviously, the trip ticket from the Pier No.7 of Saint Herner Harbor to Ice and Snow Wildness was wasted. In order to comply with his promise to Olina, Zhang Tie stayed on Saint Herner Island a few more days.

    These days, after encountering the assassination attempt, Olina spent most of her time in Bluesea Castle, so did Zhang Tie. During this period, Zhang Tie only went out one time to buy a shipping ticket leaving Saint Herner Island on August 5th.

    The reason that Zhang Tie chose to leave on August 5th was because some powerhouses of the barbarians would arrive at Bluesea Castle on August 4th from Sinaira Island. Sinaira Island was the biggest island in the Ewentra Archipelago. It covered over 180,000 square kilometers. With dense forests, it gathered barbarians and pirates in the sea area in the north of Waii Sub-continent.

    Now, Adeline, who was beside Olina and those female fighters in the castle all came from the powerful barbarian tribe on Sinairi Island. The barbarian tribe and Olina always had reliable cooperation. After this event, Olina had Adeline pass a message about an agreement that she had reached with the barbarians tribe previously. According to that agreement, Adra Island to protect Olina.

    Adeline's tribe would at least assign 2 "truly powerful" fighters and a barbarian shaman to protect Olina.

    According to Adeline, the "truly powerful" fighters assigned by barbarians tribe were at least LV 10 fighters. They might even be a master fighter or a great master fighter. Additionally, barbarian shaman's powerful sensing ability towards dangers were also well-known across the Ewentra Archipelago.

    With the assistance of such powerhouses, Zhang Tie knew that his status as her "bodyguard" would retire gloriously. What made Zhang Tie more reassured was that the powerhouses and shamen assigned by Adeline's tribe were all women. Adeline's tribe was centered on matrilineal society and goddess worship which accounted for a great part of the barbarian tribe. In this tribe, women were the most privileged and powerful ones instead of men.

    Most women were not ambitious. Additionally, they were more loyal to undertakings and work than men. Zhang Tie thought that this might be why Olina trusted them. Of course, Olina, the able woman might have a deep relationship with that barbarians tribe ruled by females like Adeline.

    Olina didn't leave her castle for a few days. However, there were always people going to Bluesea Castle to visit her. As a result, many affairs regarding the Ballas Business Group were dealt with in Bluesea Castle directly. Zhang Tie also felt free. Besides eating and drinking, he also practiced his fighting skills. Therefore, in only a few days, Zhang Tie, as the bodyguard of Olina, was already getting along well with the chief guards and most of the guards.

    Zhang Tie was very easygoing. When he was free, he used to train together with the guards on the training field and played jokes with them. Therefore, in a short time, everybody in the castle had fallen in love with this handsome teenager.

    Of course, those who liked Zhang Tie most were those female servants who always served him these days. They used to serve Olina, however, after Zhang Tie lived in room No. 2, Olina had assigned them to serve Zhang Tie.

    At the beginning, whether it was changing clothes or taking bath in the evening, those female servants all performed very seriously. Gradually, after a couple of days, they had grown increasingly audacious and started to tease Zhang Tie, always causing Zhang Tie to become very excited.

    Last night, when Zhang Tie was taking a bath, the servants walked into the bathroom naked and expressed that they would help Zhang Tie take the bath. In less than 2 minutes after they started touching Zhang Tie's body, their naughty little golden fish had already started to swim across Zhang Tie's body. Everything then happened naturally.


    Early on the morning of August 4th, Zhang Tie woke up from those women's crossed limbs. After what happened last night, Zhang Tie now felt pretty refreshed. After slightly moving away the snow-white limbs and thighs from his body, Zhang Tie rubbed the 2 pairs of plumpy flesh balls that he loved so much last night beside his head, Zhang Tie then got off the bed. After putting on a night-robe, Zhang Tie sat on the chair calmly beside his bed and started to appreciate the beautiful scenary on the bed.

    Since that week when he messed with the girls of the Rose Association and Beverly, Pandora, Alice, Zhang Tie had been fascinated by sitting beside the bed calmly and watching a number of women lying on the bed lazily and sluggishly. This feeling intensified Zhang Tie's sense of achievement. Whenever he watched similar scenary, he would look like a general who had won a battle and was making an inspection tour towards the battlefield to see his captives.

    The inside of the room smelt weird. Under the dim light, this smell felt more extravagant. The delicate curves of those female servants were looming under the thin bed sheet. Because of the fierce battle on bed last night, they were too fatigued and were still in a deep sleep.

    Watching that wall facing the big bed, a thought came to Zhang Tie's mind. 'Last night, those servants and I were so crazy that their screams and groans might have been heard outside the corridor. Olina who was sleeping in the neighboring room should have heard that! She should have heard it.'

    With this thought, Zhang Tie felt so excited and evil inside. After thinking about for a while on the chair, Zhang Tie watched the 4 women lying on the bed again. He then smiled until he realized that he hadn't asked their names although having been familiar with them for a few days. Whether it was a bit too dissolute to sleep with some girls whose names were even unknown? Zhang Tie thought that he might have been as lascivious as described by Hista.

    'Is this the payment given by that woman? Hehe, although it was not a great treasure, it truly feels nice although it was a bit too lascivious...

    I will be leaving tomorrow, it doesn't seem to bad to create such a memory before departing.'


    After putting on some clothes and cleaning up, Zhang Tie arrived at the training field as usual. Before the first sun light arrived, he had already started to cultivate his fundamental swordsmanship.

    The rapid sound of horse hoofs broke the tranquility of Bluesea Castle at dawn...

    Before he practiced for a while on the training field, Zhang Tie had already heard the sound of horse hoofs outside the castle. Although it was not loud, it was very resonant. Thus, someone started to shout loudly outside the castle with a flurried voice. "Hurry up, put down the suspension bridge, I will to see Mrs. Olina, something happened in Greyrock Castle!"


    In a few minutes, all the influential figures in Bluesea Castle gathered in the Hall of Deliberation, even Olina had been woken up.

    When Zhang Tie saw Olina, he felt Olina's eyes turned a bit red. At the sight of Zhang Tie, she stared at him deeply.

    Something truly happened in Greyrock Castle. Last night, 19 members of the Ballas Clan living in Greyrock Castle had their heads chopped off. This assassination happened silently. It wasn't until this morning that the servants in the castle found something was wrong. The guards in the castle also became as flurried as a fly without head[1]. Finally, someone thought about notifying Bluesea Castle.

    Nominally, the whole Greyrock Castle still belonged to the Ballas Business Group. After the Ballas Clan members were killed, the Greyrock Castle could not even be sustained for 1 day longer without the support of Bluesea Castle.

    Hearing this news, all the people in Bluesea Castle were in a short silence.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was watching the woman with a sophisticated look. He knew that the Ballas Clan was finally buried by this woman due to their own greed and foolish behaviors. After feeling like they had been screwed by the Ballas Clan, Magical Snake Island as a whole was driven mad and finally carried out their revenge in the shortest period.

    Hearing this news, Olina closed her eyes as she looked a bit sorrowful while appearing to carry a sense of relief. After a long while, Olina finally opened her eyes.

    "Do you know how killers infiltrated Greyrock Castle?" Sitting on the main seat, the woman asked the messenger in a calm voice.

    "No...we don't. All the defense facilities in Greyrock Castle were normal last night!"

    "Was there any guard or someone else missing in Greyrock Castle this morning?"

    Hearing this question, the messenger looked at Olina with a surprised look. "One guard disappeared!"

    Zhang Tie immediately understood what happened. That disappearing guard must be the very killer or the betrayer who let the killers in before escaping. His status as a guard must be fake.

    Right then, a guard entered the Hall of Deliberation and murmured beside Periv's ears. The moment Periv heard that guard's words, he instantly raised his eyebrows.

    "Periv, what's up?" Olina asked.

    "Someone is outside the castle. He said he had a gift for you, my madam. The guard in the castle let him to show the gift so as to check it, yet that man insisted on handing this gift to you himself. Additionally, he has something to tell you."

    "Let him in then. Bring him in the Hall of Deliberation! I want to see what gift he has brought to me." Olina said calmly.

    "Madam!" Gitta stood up at once and wanted to stop that, "It's too dangerous! I need to take a look outside first!"

    "This is Bluesea Castle. Although that person dares to come here alone, why would I not dare to see him with you on my side?"

    Hearing this, everybody in the Hall of Deliberation raised their chests, including Zhang Tie. At the same time, Zhang Tie sighed inside, 'This woman is really sharp!'

    "What if he's a killer..." Gitta still wanted to argue.

    "If all the killers on Magical Snake Island were that brave, it would not be called Magical Snake Island[2]!"

    Gitta then didn't speak any more. Olina then made a gesture to let Periv bring in that person.

    That person following Periv in looked tough with a fat face. Raising his head, he looked pretty aggressive. With a case in hand, the moment he entered the Hall of Deliberation, he had glanced over everybody else. As Zhang Tie looked young, that man soon moved his eyes away from Zhang Tie like how he treated a toyboy. In a contrast, he observed Gitta and Adeline for a longer time. When he focused on Olina, a wild wolf-like greedy light and a obscene smile appeared on his face. He then licked his lips.

    This guy had a special personality of fighters. He must have a higher fighting level. Besides Zhang Tie and Olina across the Hall of Deliberation, all the others looked depressive, furious and wanted to charge at him.

    As he dared to glance over Olina so rudely in the public, it fully indicated that he despised the others.

    "You are Olina, the chairman of Ballas Business Group, the charming fox of Saint Herner Island?" Before the others asked him, he had already asked abruptly.

    Right, I'm Olina!" The female owner of the castle answered calmly.

    "Heh...heh...truly nice. You look good, no wonder Phonex could be screwed by you!"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie instantly knew his status.

    "You are from Magical Snake Island?" Olina asked.

    "Right!" He raised his head and answered.

    The moment he replied, the sound of blades being pulled out of the sheaths drifted across the Hall of Deliberation. Olina raised her hand to stop those people whose eyes had already turned red.

    "I heard you had something for gift me?"

    That man instantly threw that case onto the ground while a head with a pair of widening flurried eyes and a brass cylinder with a document inside rolled out of the case and stopped beside Zhang Tie's feet.

    The head belonged to Crie, that chief guard who left Bluesea Castle a few days ago while that brass cylinder with a document inside must be the letter of authorization that Olina had Crie to give it to the head of Bell Clan.

    Lowering his head, Zhang Tie watched that head with still a painful look before sighing inside, 'This man might be an able man, yet he's just an idiot.' Olina was obviously sending him to the hell, yet he truly went there. Did he still want to be awarded an influential position in Bluesea Castle when he came back?

    "I heard you sent Phonex's head to that old guy in Bell Clan a few days ago. After hearing that, our boss also decided to send you a gift. How about it? Do you like it?"


    [1] A fly without head truly could still fly for a short while,yet in a flurried way.

    [2]Magical Snake Island indicated that killers there were always as cunning and timid as snakes.
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