Chapter 391: Shoulder the Responsibility

    Chapter 391: Shoulder the Responsibility

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    The alleged Magical Snake Island was not the most powerful one among the numerous powers across Ewentra Archipelago yet it was definitely the most infamous organization. When they boarded a ship, they would be pirates. When they disembarked, they would be bandits. As long as others could afford them, they would always do some part-time jobs as an organization of killers. They might be more adapted to fight other dark powers.

    If in Jinyun Country or Norman Empire, such an organization would have long been swept by the other forces and organizations in 1 day. However, they lived pretty well in the Ewentra Archipelago.

    Before meeting the guys from Magical Snake Island, Zhang Tie had not imagined that an organization of killers and pirates could be that unscrupulous. After killing the opponent's man, they even dared to send the head back.

    If not being that unscrupulous or ignoring the men in Bluesea Castle to a certain degree, he would never dare to do that.

    Everybody in Bluesea Castle were impulsive to launch an attack, the first one was Adeline.

    With a flash of a red shadow, Adeline had already rushed up, causing a air-breaking sound from her short spears.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time seeing a female barbarian fighter launch an attack in the castle. The moment she moved Zhang Tie instantly judged that Adeline had already reached LV 8 like Gitta.

    Barbarians' fighting skills were fierce, direct and swift. Adeline was very good at using her short spears with great power. The moment she moved, the area within 5 meters was filled with her flashing shadows.

    That guy who sent the head here also didn't look weak. He was not flurried at all. Given his performance, he was even much powerful than Adeline. After 5 or 6 movements, that man punched towards Adeline's breasts. Adeline put her short spears horizontally to block it. He then directly boomed onto Adeline's short spears, sending Adeline flying back in the air at once.

    Adeline kept flying back over 10 meters before she touched the wall with her foot tip and rebounded back.

    The moment Adeline was boomed away by that man, the other men all roared and intended to rush forward.

    "Stop!" Olina's voice sounded timely.

    Hearing this order, even Gitta, Peri widely opened their eyes and gasped like old oxes, they also stopped at once. Adeline, who wanted to charge back also stopped her footsteps. Instead, she pointed at that person with the short spears. Behind Adeline, a great number of female barbarian fighters had already taken out of their short spears and aimed at that man, intending to throw their spears towards him.

    However, with arms crossed, that man just watched the surrounding people with a contemptuous sneer. "Do you want to defeat me using numbers? Go ahead then. But don't blame me for not giving you a heads up--I'm not here for killing, but I don't mind killing some of you!"

    "Even if you are LV 9, do you think that you could survive here?" Adeline also put it bluntly.

    "If I was killed here, all the people in Bluesea Castle have to accompany me in death. Although we Magical Snake Island were not good at other things, we are always good at killing people." That guy added with his nascal holes facing the sky. "You also know about our power. We can easily sweep such a tiny Bluesea Castle!"

    "I think you are not here to show your fighting skills. Just tell us, what do you want? By the way, I'm very satisfied with this gift. Thanks for killing a traitor of Bluesea Castle!" Olina smiled as she glanced at that head on the ground.

    "Traitor?" Hearing this, the guy from Magical Snake Island became stunned for a short while.

    "Don't you know that? This guy was bribed by someone several days ago and wanted to kill me on my way to Bluesea Castle. Therefore, I sent him away. Alas, I almost forgot this..." Olina fondled her forehead. "Those who employed you might not fully believe in your real strength, therefore, they bribed another person in Bluesea Castle as an alternate. I'm afraid they didn't tell you about it."

    After gazing at Olina for a while, that guy found she was not telling a lie. The guy being killed by Magical Snake Island seemed to be fully within her expectations. Therefore, he was stunned slightly and became slightly kind.

    "What a charming fox. You are right. I'm here not for showing off my fighting strength, but for negotiating with Bluesea Castle on behalf of Magical Snake Island."

    "Negotiation?" Olina frowned her forehead.

    "Right, negotiation. According to the intentions of our boss Bellus, the debt between Magical Snake Island and Bluesea Castle is cleared off now. At the beginning, those b*stards who hired us to kill you had been swept by us. The employment between us had been canceled off, I will not find you trouble from then on. We will not find trouble with you from now on. You'd better not have your men go to the Headquarter of Rewarded Hunters Association anymore. We believe that even though Ballas Business Group could spend 1 million gold coins, it was still not a small expenditure for you. If you really drive us mad, we would carry out revenge at any price. By then, money won't work, either."

    After thinking for a short while, Olina nodded. "I agree, please notify your boss. I agree with this condition."

    "But we have one more attached condition."

    "What's that? Do you want us to compensate you for your loss?"

    "Hehe, Magical Snake Island is not money-centered!" The man casted a contemptuous smile. "Our boss' condition is to let you tell us who killed Phoenix that night. After you tell us about that, our debt would be cleared up. Don't tell me that Phoenix was killed by you. Given the strength of Bluesea Castle, even the Bell Clan's guards could not kill Phoenix easily. Even though Phoenix had fallen in your trap, he could also escape safely. Additionally, according to our investigation, those guards of the Bell Clan didn't leave at all that night, therefore it must be somebody else who had killed Phoenix. Therefore, our condition is to know that guy who had killed Phoenix."

    Hearing this condition, Gitta even slightly glanced at Zhang Tie while Olina sitting on the main seat didn't even look at Zhang Tie. She was afraid that her casual movement would arise that guy's attention; instead, she said mercilessly, "Is this your condition? You want to revenge that guy who had failed to assassinate me and let me to screw over my savior?"

    "Right, this is the condition for we Magical Snake Island to cancel off the debts between you and us. Phoenix is a member of the roundtable warriors on Magical Snake Island. Based on the rules of we Magical Snake Island, we have to get revenge for the death of any member of roundtable warriors. If we are not even that cohesive, our Magical Snake Island would not be Magical Snake Island any more!"

    "If so, you can go back to tell your boss and the other roundtable warriors on Magical Snake Island, I'm in Bluesea Castle and waiting for you to kill me!" Olina refused this condition at once.

    Hearing this reply, that guy on Magical Snake Island instantly looked grim before revealing a wisp of a sneer. "Don't you need to consider it more? You have to know that if you stir up our Magical Snake Island, you will not like the outcome at all. As our target and our enemy, you would see a completely different outcome!"

    "Have you made a decision? You should also know that you could survive the outcome if you piss off a woman. Although gold coins are not all-purposeful, as long as it reaches a certain scale, it would help a lot of things come true." Olina watched that guest from Magical Snake Island like a proud queen. "I almost forgot to tell you that I've already entrusted Golden Roc Bank to audit and keep the properties of the Ballas Business Group. As long as I suffer from an accident, all the properties of Ballas Business Group would be converted into my insurance and fund for revenge. Anyone who could avenge me would gain all the properties of the Ballas Business Group. How much do you think the heads of roundtable warriors on Magical Snake Island are worth? If I was truly killed, I wonder if there are any sharper powerhouses that would like to visit Magical Snake Island?"

    It was that guest's turn to change face. He had not imagined that such a charming fox could be that vicious--if you Magical Snake Island want to fight me regardless of your lives, I will accompany you, let's see who the final winner is?

    Zhang Tie, who didn't speak at all, just watched Olina. Not until then did he realize that this woman was so sharp. Although she looked weak, she was more responsible than many other men.

    Not until then did Olina glance at Zhang Tie casually and calmly, however, her eyes seemed to hide many things.

    According to Zhang Tie's temperament, of course he would not let a woman to take the burden for him. Even though he killed Phoenix in order to save her that night, he did it voluntarily. In his eyes, Magical Snake Island and the roundtable warriors were nothing but fart. How could they scare him to hide behind a woman?

    Zhang Tie then revealed a smile towards Olina, which included a bit of relief, moving and more pride.

    Olina understood what Zhang Tie meant. She then slightly changed her face.

    "Periv, see off the guest!" The female owner of Bluesea Castle delivered the order at once.

    "All right, don't be regretful!" That man glanced at Olina fiercely before turned around and left.

    "Wait a moment!"

    "Kill him!"

    The first voice was made by Zhang Tie while the second was from the female owner of Bluesea Castle. The 2 voices almost sounded at the same time. The latter one sounded pretty resounding and high-pitched.

    Hearing this, the man from Magical Snake Island stopped at once. In comparison, hearing "Kill him", all the female fighters threw their long-prepared short spears towards that man.

    Periv, Gitta and the other fighters on Olina's side had also charged at that guy at the same time.

    At the same time, Zhang Tie also moved. Although standing on Olina's side, the moment Zhang Tie moved, he had already stridden in the center of the hall. He then blocked Gitta's way forward as he punched against Periv's fist, forcing Periv back. After that, he surged forward again and kicked Adeline's short spears. In a split second, he had stopped the 3 powerhouses' attack.

    At the same time, the man from Magical Snake Island rolled over on the ground and instantly escaped from those short spears thrown by those female fighters like a centipede twisting on the ground.

    "Puh, puh, puh, puh..." 10 more short spears flew by that man, some of which hit the wall in the distance causing sparks on the hard wall while others directly inserted into the wooden floor of the Hall of Deliberation and made holes on the floor. All this indicated the great fighting strength of those female fighters.

    All this happened in a split second. The moment the others moved a bit, they had to stop involuntarily in the next. Nobody could imagine that Zhang Tie joined in so abruptly to block away the first round of attack for that guy from Magical Snake Island.

    Gitta seemed to understand something. Pevri just watched Olina full of doubt while Adeline pointed at Zhang Tie with her short spears with a hostile expression. At this moment, that guy from Magical Snake Island was staring at Zhang Tie full of doubt. 'What's wrong? I've not heard boss talk about this mole at the woman's side. Why would this guy help me? It shouldn't be that!'

    Having been very calm, although this female owner was still sitting on the main seat, her sharply undulant breasts indicated that her inside was not that calm at all.

    "If we kill this guy at this moment, it would be hard to explain what happened then!" Zhang Tie watched Olina and he shrugged.

    "It's nothing to do with you!" The female owner of Bluesea Castle gritted her teeth and urged.

    "I chopped off Phoenix's head. How come it was nothing to do with me." Zhang Tie smiled as he turned around towards that guest from Magical Snake Island who was watching Zhang Tie with a dubious look. At the same time, Zhang Tie instantly looked very righteous and sacred like an unrivaled swordsman in Chinese legend, "I'm Peter Hamplester. I'm just a pioneer and have just been in Saint Herner Island for about 1 week. My current status is the guest of Bluesea Island and will leave Saint Herner Island tomorrow. I was born to hate evil things. No dark thing is allowed to exist in my eyes. You can go back to tell your sh*t boss and those sh*t like roundtable warriors that I'm the one who chopped off Phoenix's head. If you b*stards of Magical Snake Island would like to revenge, just come for me. If you don't dare to, you tell everybody else on Magical Snake Island to clean their necks and wait for me to come for you over there..."

    "You, you did that? The visitor from Magical Snake Island stared at Zhang Tie in an unimaginable look before glanced over the other guys in the Hall of Deliberation. He was confused whether this was a plot or trap or not. Given his look, he didn't believe in Zhang Tie's words at all. He found everything about Zhang Tie was not logical including Zhang Tie's age, real strength or motive to arise Magical Snake Island's hatred at this moment.

    "What? You don't believe in me?" Zhang Tie asked him.

    "Brat, who do you think you are? Phoenix is a LV 9 powerhouse. I persuade to not seek for death yourself." An icy light flashed across that man's eyes.

    Zhang Tie didn't speak. Instead, he directly rushed over there. The moment he pulled out his long sword from its sheath, he had already launched his storm-like attack towards that guy, including that guy into sharp sword qi at once.

    As the old saying goes, the moment an expert moved, he would show his proficiency. Similarly, the moment Zhang Tie moved, that guy with a contemptuous look had already jumped up like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's attack, everybody in Bluesea Castle widened their mouths out of amazement. Watching Zhang Tie's performance, they realized that Zhang Tie's swordsmanship had long surpassed each of them. At the beginning, they could not see the difference between Zhang Tie and that guy. But as Zhang Tie kept attacking him, he took the preemptive move gradually. As a result, the man from Magical Snake Island gradually moved to the defense-focused side as his face turned red gradually.

    At this moment, even those people who didn't understand why Olina brought Zhang Tie in the castle had figured it out that Peter was a swordsmanship powerhouse who was even sharper than a LV 9 powerhouse.

    Zhang Tie's swordsmanship was so fast and fierce which was seen by them for the first time.

    After 5-6 minutes' fight, with a miserable scream, blood was seen spraying in the air while an arm and an ear flew off the guy coming from Magical Snake Island. At the same time, he was sent flying back in the air before fell to the ground heavily.

    With a clash, Zhang Tie waved a beautiful curve in the air before put his sword back into the sheath. He then watched the man lying on the floor with a proud look.

    "Do you believe in me now? I only leave a mark on you this time. When I see you next time, I will chop off your head!"

    "Argh...brat, you are dead, you are dead...our boss will definitely kill you if you dare to kill anyone from Magical Snake Island!"

    "I will wait! You have one minute to disappear in front of me. Otherwise, I will chop off another hand. Do you want to have a try?"

    After taking out of a vial of medicament from his coat by his shaking hand and eating it, the guy glared at Zhang Tie deeply before turned around and tumbled away.

    "Periv, please see off this guy, keep him alive on the way back. If he dies I'll have to find the other b*stards from Magical Snake Island to pass along my words!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    Everybody in the Bluesea Castle then watched Zhang Tie with awestruck looks.
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