Chapter 392: Leaving Saint Herner Island

    Chapter 392: Leaving Saint Herner Island

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    Zhang Tie already had the same wet dream about Miss Daina numerous times--luxurious dining table...snow-white tablecloth...burning candles...dim yet ambiguous candlelight...in a sexy skirt, Miss Daina revealed half of her plumpy breasts. Sitting on the opposite of the dining table, she was watching Zhang Tie. Each time she put the food on her knife and fork into her opening cherry lips, she would tease him...

    The dream always started with a dinner yet never ended over the table.

    Zhang Tie once just treated it as a dream which could never be realized. But at this moment, when this familiar dreamland appeared in front of him, he was shocked inside.

    Sitting on the opposite of the dining table was not Miss Daina, instead Olina who looked very similar to Miss Daina.

    At this moment, Olina was absolutely a noblewoman who used to attend to the cocktail party of top-class society. With a brilliant diamond hairpin on her coiled hair, she was wearing a set of beautiful blue bobtails with purple grains. The bobtail was skintight which well revealed her good frame as a mature woman.

    Especially when she stood up, the extremely large yet firm U-shaped collar of her bobtail was like a bottomless canyon which was mysterious and alluring. It could arise people's endless desire for exploration as it included an unknown danger.

    Olina had well dressed. It was a beautiful and delicate make-up especially for an evening reception, which made her pretty elegant yet sexy and absolutely a noblewoman.

    Zhang Tie had not been that impulsive for a long time. However, when he was brought to the dining room by a beautiful female servant, at the sight of Olina, Zhang Tie felt his heart burning and felt his throat becoming dry.

    At this moment, Olina was completely Miss Daina in his dreamland.

    Being shocked, under the warm yet ambiguous candlelights, Zhang Tie could not identify whether he was in reality or in the dreamland.

    When the fiery candle burned, it smelt pretty good. Smelling this fragrance, Zhang Tie started to have a maggot in his head!

    Zhang Tie felt being a bit dizzy and a strong desire for sprouting something from inside.

    When those beautiful female servants served the dishes on the table, he loosened his shirt's buttons.

    "Are you feeling hot?"

    Olina was sitting on the opposite of the dining table which was longer than 4 meters which seemed to be an unreachable distance.

    Through the candlelight of the silver candlesticks, Zhang Tie threw a glance at Olina and saw that pretty delicate diamond necklace hanging from her neck to the place between her breasts, which was shining brightly in the candlelight. At this moment, the woman's half-exposed plumpy breasts seemed to expand greatly.

    Zhang Tie felt his throat almost smoking. He then hurriedly took a cup from aside. Before looking at the liquid, he had already finished his drink.

    It was white wine in the cup. As he drank it too quickly, he almost choked. As a result, he started to cough heavily.

    Seeing this, the woman on the opposite burst of laughter, causing Zhang Tie feel like he lost a bit of face.

    "Cough...cough...I thought it was water." Zhang Tie explained. "But, but I truly feel a bit hot!"

    "Is that hot? I don't feel that. You are the first one who feels hot at night on Saint Herner Island!"

    "Perhaps...there are too many candles here!"

    "Oh, maybe. Then, we will have a candle moved away..." At this moment, that woman smiled like an aunt who caught small kids in the kindergarten. He looked pretty comprehensive. The woman then waved her hand to let a female servant move away one candle. Soon after that, the room looked a bit dimmer.

    The female servant who moved away the candle was the one of those lying on Zhang Tie's bed this morning. She glanced at Zhang Tie in a teasing manner, causing Zhang Tie tp become restless.

    "No need to be that solemn, I will leave tomorrow."

    "Do you think this is solemn for a person who saved my life twice?" The woman's voice sounded a bit sad. "I've told you that as long as you could help me that time, I'd like to pay you at any price. I mean it."

    'Any price?' thinking of her promise 2 days ago and watching that alluring woman in front of him, Zhang Tie had a maggot in his head at once. However, the moment the whim appeared, Zhang Tie had chased it away in his mind. 'A love affair between a man and a woman is very nice. If you treat it as a condition for something, it would be not right then.'

    "No, of course, I don't think you are kidding but I really don't need your reward at all. I'm very happy in Bluesea Castle these days, especially last night. You've already made it, no need to feel guilty or that you owe me anything at all."

    Of course, Olina knew what Zhang Tie meant by "especially last night". Zhang Tie's frankness and generosity was out of Olina's imagination.

    "Do you know how many things would you lose by saying this? Although the Ballas Business Group doesn't rank first in Ewentra, it's still a big business group which owned tens of millions gold coins and could also rank top 20. Don't you want to reconsider it? All those who are familiar with me know that I rarely promise anything to people."

    "Gold coins and wealth might be very precious but in my eyes, what is truly precious is living creatures. Sometimes a small earthworm or a small grass is far more precious than them. This morning, as you wanted to stop that guy from leaving, you've already ceased to owe me anything at all." Zhang Tie sincerely said. "Additionally, I don't feel that anything could be more precious than the thing that you wished to shoulder for me this morning."

    Hearing this, Olina gazed at Zhang Tie for a while as her eyes sparkled in the candlelight. Not until several seconds later did she recover her composure and let out a deep sigh.

    "You are right. Something between people is truly more precious than gold coins. I have no relatives now, even sons or daughters. As a woman, it is very sad to be alone at this age. If only I could have a relative like you on my side."

    Zhang Tie scratched his head and thought for a short while. Then, he also felt this woman was very miserable. He then asked, "Do you feel I should call you aunt Olina or sister Olina?"

    "You tell me." The woman glanced at Zhang Tie in a charming manner.

    Watching her mature, beautiful face and that pair of boobs which almost jumped out of her bobtail, Zhang Tie then replied, "I will call you sister then!"

    The woman in the opposite then burst out laughing, causing her body quiver and showing her charming look. Watching this, Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva once again.

    "Well, you just call me sister from then on. Actually, based on my age, that's reasonable. Before you leave Saint Herner Island, let your sister Olina invite you to enjoy some great food."

    The female owner of the castle then clapped as those female servants served the dishes one plate after another.

    The supper was truly the most sumptuous one that Zhang Tie had ever eaten. Olina didn't mention the compensation for Zhang Tie, neither did Zhang Tie ask about it. They just talked about other topics very tacitly like family members. Gradually, several hours passed.

    Zhang Tie admitted that if he had no maggot in his head, he would feel very comfortable while eating supper together with her both visually and acoustically, even gustatorily. It felt pretty pleasant only watching her putting food in her mouth gracefully.

    After supper, Zhang Tie bad a farewell to her politely before returning to his own room.

    Less than 10 minutes after Zhang Tie returned to his room, the 4 beautiful female servants who had fought over him last night had knocked at his door. The moment they walked in, they had already stripped off their clothes. After that, they climbed onto Zhang Tie's bed and started to take off clothes for Zhang Tie...

    For Zhang Tie, of course, he started to enjoy the following process. He then totally released his desire that had been oppressed since the beginning of the supper.

    1 hour later, Zhang Tie's door was pushed open once again as another 4 beautiful female servants walked in.

    "How about playing a game? You are forbidden to look. Just identify while covering your eyes. When you get it right you will get the reward..." A female servant murmured to Zhang Tie as she took out a black blindfold from out of nowhere to cover Zhang Tie's eyes.

    Of course, Zhang Tie didn't mind playing this game at this moment, instead, he felt more stimulated...

    However, after a short while, when he entered a hot and tight v*g*n*, he smelt a familiar fragrance. At the same time, he faintly heard an obviously oppressive, strange yet very familiar groan.

    Zhang Tie became slightly stunned, however, he didn't move away his blindfold. Instead, he was in a pretty violent and excited state...

    Later on, in a period as long as that of the supper, Zhang Tie tightly seized the woman under his body in the darkness to prevent her from escaping. Zhang Tie was so crazy and rude that he injected his bodily fluids into different holes on her body and sprayed it all over her body, including her face, breasts, butts, thighs and lower abdomen...

    After spraying out his bodily fluids one time after another, Zhang Tie felt that he finally returned to an elegant harbor which looked like a mirror that reflected the sun in the autumn after being restless 17 years like a small boat in a terrifying storm.


    Early the next morning, August 5th, many people from Bluesea Castle gathered at the pier of Saint Herner Harbor to see Zhang Tie off, including Olina, Gitta, Periv and Adeline. Three women with strange tattoos on their faces were at Olina's side.

    Two of the three women were bald. They were twins. In the same armor with flame grains, they both felt very oppressive, causing Gitta and Periv stand away from them. As for the other woman, she covered herself in a black robe with a circle of colorful bird feathers over her waist and a necklace composed of various animals skulls and odd stones.

    The 3 women arrived at Bluesea Castle last night, who were powerhouses assigned from Adeline's tribe. Since Zhang Tie caught sight of them yesterday, he had not heard them speak. Instead, they were just like mutes in a cool manner.

    The siren of the passenger liner weighing tens of thousands of tons had sounded twice. The steamer was going to set off while Olina, Gitta, and Periv were all bidding farewell to Zhang Tie.

    As it was a bit cold in the morning in the harbor, Olina wore a white marten, showing a very indolent and charming look. Overnight, everybody found that the female owner looked bright like a bud opened when being watered.

    Periv was touching his beard while thinking about something. Gitta kept his eyes swimming between Zhang Tie and Olina. As for Adeline, she looked hostile about Zhang Tie once again like a warehouse keeper catching a guy who was preparing to dig a hole at the corner of the wall.

    Zhang Tie and Olina then exchanged glances with each other. Olina's face slightly blushed. Zhang Tie wanted to say something, however, finally, he found that he didn't know what to say to this woman. It felt very sophisticated.

    "Bon voyage!" After saying this, Zhang Tie directly embraced Olina tightly.

    "Take care of yourself!" Olina kissed Zhang Tie's cheeks before taking out a delicate box and gave it to Zhang Tie. "This is an item that the Ballas Business Group gained several years ago. I might be helpful to you."

    Zhang Tie didn't even see inside; instead, he directly put it in his coat.

    "Two LV 5 men 100 m away were gazing at us since our fleet of cars left the castle. I feel they are hostile towards us!" One barbarian shaman who was always silent pointed at Zhang Tie.

    Her special ability gained Zhang Tie's attention.

    "Gitta..." Olina shouted as Gitta turned around and intended to walk towards them.

    "No need." Zhang Tie stopped Gitta. "They are just some scouts, it doesn't work even if we kill them. Actually, more people are watching me on board. I bought my ticket a couple of days ago those guys from Magical Snake Island could never know that I would leave today. Just let them find me in the Ice and Snow Wildness."

    After saying this, Zhang Tie shouted towards the two scouts 100 m away. "B*stards from Magical Snake Island, your grandpa Peter is waiting for you in the Ice and Snow Wildness, let's see how many heads of your motherf*cking roundtable warriors would be chopped off by me, hahaha..."

    Zhang Tie's voice was so loud that so many people in the surrounding had heard it. As a result, they all exchanged glances at each other and were amazed. Few people dare to provoke people from Magical Snake Island in the public.

    The huge steamer's siren sounded once again and was preparing to leave the harbor while the bridge stair being placed against the huge steamer started to be moved away.

    With loud laughter, Zhang Tie turned around and ran towards the huge steamer on his side. He ran onto the bridge stair the moment it left the huge steamer and jumped onto the board several meters away. He then waved his hands towards them.

    The 2 scouts who were watching Zhang Tie from afar were stunned at once. Even if there were still powerhouses on Saint Herner Island from Magical Snake Island, they would have no time to embark anymore. Instead, they could only watch Zhang Tie leave...
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