Chapter 393: Firm Decisions

    Chapter 393: Firm Decisions

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    About 1400 km away to the southeast of Saint Herner Island, there was an island which covered about 200 square kilometers. On this island, there was a volcano that kept releasing black smoke into the sky all year round. Besides, a great amount of magma also sprouted out of the seabed near the island. As a result, the vapor made this sea area hot while always being covered by dense fog. This area was full of mystery.

    In the legends shared by sailors of the Ewentra Archipelago, the sea area nearby this island was where demons lived. The magma which poured out of the seabed not only extended this island several square kilometers each year, but also filled the neighboring water with various hidden reefs that were formed by congealed magma. Like this island, those hidden reefs also changed each year. Even the most experienced captains and sailors would not be close to this sea area. Additionally, according to the legend, there was even a terrifying magical snake in this sea area which usually took passing vehicles and numerous living beings as food.

    The legend about the magical snake in this sea area could be dated back to several hundreds years ago. That was why this island was named as Magical Snake Island. Although many people spoke about the magical snake, few of them had ever seen it. However, those living on Magical Snake Island were much more terrifying than that magical snake.

    This was Magical Snake Island, one of the most infamous and frightening places across the Ewentra Archipelago.

    On the evening of August 5th, in a mountain cave that was brightly lit, all the top figures on Magical Snake Island gathered there. Surrounding a stony roundtable They were discussing a person with solemn looks, a person who appeared on Saint Herner Island as a pioneer--Peter Hamplester.

    "Where does this b*stard come from?"--A furious sound resonated in the cave. "Did he really dare to speak on the pier of Saint Herner Harbor?"

    "Really, besides our scouts on Saint Herner Island, many people on the pier heard it!"

    Hearing this reply, another round of swears could be heard in the mountain cave.

    At this moment, an icy and hoarse voice sounded when all the other voices disappeared.

    "Bunny, how about that man's fighting strength according to your battle in Bluesea Castle?"

    The man who asked was over 50 years old with only one eye while his the other eye was wearing a black eyepatch. Sitting on the east of the roundtable, he looked gray and thin. Besides this, he was filled with a brutal sense.

    Bonny was that guy whose hand and ear were chopped off by Zhang Tie in Bluesea Castle. At this moment, he was also sitting beside the stone roundtable with hatred on his face.

    "Boss, he's only a bit more powerful than me. His swordsmanship is very sharp. I'm not sure about his level. He might be LV 8 or LV 9. If we don't kill him, how will we on Magical Snake Island live in this sea area?"

    "Only a bit more powerful than you?"

    "Yes, I'm sure!" Bonny replied loudly.

    "If so, brothers, who'd like to bring that man's head back from the Ice and Snow Wildness? LV 10 is suggested. We need to let him know the outcome of being hostile towards Magical Snake Island! We have to solve this quickly." With one blinded eye, Bellus Ken said while he glanced over all the others sitting around the stone roundtable.

    Over 10 people were sitting around the roundtable. Hearing Bellus Ken's words, more than half of them kept silent. Instead, they glanced over the other 6-7 people who were also exchanging glances with each other.

    "I will be there. I've not tasted such a fresh boy for a long time..." A 40-odd-year-old guy revealed an obscene smile. He looked very righteous like a priest before he smiled. However, the moment he smiled, he instantly showed the gold teeth that covered his mouth, none of them were true teeth. At the sight of this, all the others felt chilly inside, including Bonny who was screaming loudly just now and instantly moved their eyes away from him.

    "Dawson, you just need to bring back that brat's head, you'd better not do anything excessive. The Ice and Snow Wildness is not like Ewentra Archipelago as it belongs to Slavas. If you do anything excessive, you might not be able to come back alive." Bellus Ken glanced at Dawson seriously before warning him.

    "I know, I can control myself. Besides that brat, I will not stir up any trouble. Oh, on my way back, can I take a trip to Bluesea Castle?" Showing his gold teeth, Dawson ground his gold teeth when he mentioned Bluesea Castle, causing a jarring frictional sound.

    "Let's call it an end about Saint Herner Island. That woman is a sharp figure. As she has bound Ballas Business Group with her life, if she was in trouble, Golden Roc Bank might directly attack us considering the wealth of the Ballas Business Group. Additionally, 2 barbarian powerhouses above LV 10 were assigned there to protect her, plus a barbarian shaman, we might suffer a great loss if we want to kill her."

    "Then, we just forget about the shame?" Someone asked.

    Bellus Ken glanced over everybody on the stone table while a shrew light flashed by his only one eye. "There're always chances. It's not peaceful on the continent recently. Demons have been impatient. Therefore, we only need to wait for a short period. I believe that we will soon leave Magical Snake Island."

    "Boss, I heard that the relics about pre-catastrophe human civilization was found on Ice and Snow Wildness, there might be the fragments of the Star of God; won't we...?"

    "Do you think that you can touch the fragments of the Star of God?" Bellus Ken shouted loudly out of fury, causing that guy quiver all over, "With out a level above knight or a powerful reliance, you are only going there for death! There's only one guy across Ewentra Archipelago, who's reluctantly qualified to compete for that thing--the old d**chebag on the Stars and Moon Island!" Saying this, the one-eyed head gritted his teeth while the only left eye turned wholly red, "That old d**chebag made one of my eyes blind, making me hide in this motherf*cking place many years. After hearing the news, the old d**chebag would definitely go there. I hope he was killed over there; that way, I will definitely kill all the clan members of that old d**chebag on Stars and Moon Island."

    "Boss, as long as you can reach one level higher, you will be a knight; by then, you will not be afraid of that old d**chebag any more!" A LV 9 guy who had just reached LV 9 flattered.

    Flattery existed everywhere. Even in Magical Snake Island, such kind of people also existed among the central figures of Magical Snake Island. The alleged round table warriors all had distinctive fighting strengths which caused different positions. Among them, the most powerful and privileged one was definitely Bellus Ken, the boss of Magical Snake Island. Have reached LV 15, he was a standard fighting spirit. As for others, the one with the lowest fighting strength had also reached LV 9.

    (According to the opinions of fans of this book, I slightly adjusted the ranks that mentioned previously; after the adjustment, the ranks would be strong fighter, fighting master, great fighting master, fighting master, fighting demon and fighting spirit--Drunk Tiger, the author)

    That flatterer didn't know that he had flattered the wrong man this time.

    "You mean I'm afraid of that old d**chebag?" Bellus Ken glared at that guy on the opposite of him with only one eye as he narrowed his eyes and uttered an icy voice.

    "Boss...I...I don't mean that!" That guy's face turned pale at once as he hurriedly explained with a poor look.

    Nobody wanted to hear his own explanation. In an organization composed of pirates and killers, of course, the boss had his own way to preserve his authority.

    From several meters away, Bellus Ken directly punched out a fist with blue battle qi which was as large as one's head. In a split second, it had striken onto that guy and exploded him into flying blood and broken fleshes, which even splattered onto the others' bodies and faces; some of them were so scared that they dared not to make any sound at all while someone else looked nothing had happened. Dawson just gritted his gold teeths while stretching out his long tongue to clean off the blood that splattered onto his lower lip. He looked enjoying it very much.

    "A wise person who knows how to stay away from a powerful enemy to preserve his own fighting strength is not equal to be afraid of his enemy!" After easily killing that LV 9 guy, Bellus Ken explained icily. After that he glanced at Dawson who was licking the fresh blood over his face and said, "Dawson, you go to Ice and Snow Wildness tonight..."

    "Yes, sir!"


    Zhang Tie didn't know that after he left Saint Herner Island by Polar Light Huge Ship for less than 1 day, he had been chased after by a powerhouse assigned from Magical Snake Island. Whereas, this was in Zhang Tie's expectation. Besides not knowing what kind of person would be assigned to assassinate him by Magical Snake Island, he was not amazed about anything else as he had already taken this crisis brought by Magical Snake Island as a challenge.

    As early as that guy from Magical Snake Island raved in Bluesea Castle to force Olina revealed the one who had killed their man, Zhang Tie had already prepared for this day.

    With his current fighting strength, if he used sword, he was confident to kill that LV 9 guy from Magical Snake Island in 2 minutes. If he used any throwing weapons, he could narrow time into several seconds. However, Zhang Tie kept hiding his real fighting strength.

    The reason was Zhang Tie knew that after he left Bluesea Castle, Magical Snake Island would definitely assign someone to assassinate him. As long as he didn't perform extremely powerful in Bluesea Castle, the people assigned by Magical Snake Island would not be the most powerful one; instead, they would just assign someone that they estimated to kill Zhang Tie definitely. After all, powerhouses above LV 9 were not easily found anywhere. In Huaiyuan Palace, such people were precious resources, let alone in Ewentra Archipelago! As the old Chinese saying goes, high-quality steel should be used to build high-quality blade.

    Undoubtedly, a LV 10 powerful fighter was actually enough to deal with one person who could reluctantly defeat a common LV 9 fighter.

    After experiencing being chased after by a strong fighter, Zhang Tie knew it clearly that even if the most average strong fighter had already lit over 55 surging points. Compared to a LV 9 fighter, a strong fighter would have lit at least 20 more surging points. On fighting strength, a strong fighter would at least be one time more powerful than a common LV 9 fighter. A strong fighter would cause Zhang Tie very embarrassed; facing fighting master, Zhang Tie could only directly jump into the sea to escape.

    Of course, the killer being assigned by Magical Snake Island to assassinate Zhang Tie depended on Zhang Tie's performance in Bluesea Castle. Therefore, when Zhang Tie chose to shoulder the threat from Magical Snake Island bravely, he was actually driving himself forward greatly; meanwhile, he was gradually influencing the possible strategies which were taken by Magical Snake Island on dealing with him; additionally, it also spare a chance for him to jump into the sea to escape in the future.

    Zhang Tie would like to see whether he could stand the attack from a possible strong fighter assigned by Magical Snake Island. He wanted to see whether the speed and fighting strength brought by seven-strength fruits could help him defeat that powerful enemy which was always his concern.

    'If Lan Yunxi could make it, I could make it too. Albeit I could not match her on the most powerful blood line that she has awakened, my castle of black iron and that small tree could not be matched by anyone else either.

    The most ideal result is that--in order to kill me, Magical Snake would assign all of its round table warriors one by another to assassinate me; finally I killed them all one by one, causing the rest b*stards on Magical Snake Island not bring any trouble to the other people any more.

    Zhang Tie had already made the decision when he embarked--now that I've left my home, I will change from an ant to a Chinese dragon. The first step was to step this poisonous snake Magical Snake Island under my feet...
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