Chapter 396: A Forgotten Option

    Chapter 396: A Forgotten Option

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    When Zhang Tie walked across the messy area intending to check the wounds of the guy whom he had saved, he caught sight of Sam and Gerri. At the same time, Sam and Gerri also saw Zhang Tie. With a scream, Sam then walked towards him with Gerri.

    "It's great to know that you're safe!" Sam revealed a big smile. However, he also felt a bit embarrassed as he scratched his head. "When we came out just now, we saw the monster's tentacle right in front of us, so...so..."

    Zhang Tie then smiled as he patted Sam's shoulder. "I know, it's okay, I was also out there to watch the fight instead of fighting the monster. Therefore, I didn't need your help as I could simply dodge the monster's attacks."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Sam and Gerri both let out a sigh. No matter what, although Zhang Tie ran out himself, it was not a righteous deed for them to turn around and escape.

    "Oh, where's the monster?" Gerri looked around out of curiosity...

    Zhang Tie then pointed at the fore. Standing beside the guardrail of a destroyed shipboard, Gerri then pulled a fixed item as he looked outside before he screamed.

    At this moment, more and more people poured out of their cabins and started to look out of the shipboard. At the sight of the dead body of that huge deep-sea monster, they all screamed one after the other. Someone picked up its broken tentacles and watched them carefully.

    Seeing Sam and Gerri being that curious, Zhang Tie didn't talk with them too much. "Enjoy yourself, I've got something to deal with. See you later."

    "Argh, okay!" Saying this, Gerri then ran towards the fore while pulling Sam's arm.

    Zhang Tie then came to the position where the man he had saved was. Although this area had been completely destroyed, the man could already stand up reluctantly while a sailor and a doctor were dealing with his wounds. At the sight of Zhang Tie, the man immediately struggled to hold Zhang Tie's arm in an excited manner as he shouted, "That's him, that's him, this young man saved my life. If he wasn't here in time, I would've been smashed to pieces..."

    Hearing his voice, all the people in the destroyed cabin glanced at Zhang Tie, including that sailor and that doctor who were tending to his wounds. Although saying nothing, they all looked at him with admiration. What Zhang Tie did at the critical moment was so noble and brave that everybody would praise him if they knew.

    Hearing this praise, Zhang Tie felt a bit shameful. Although it was critical at that moment, before action, Zhang Tie had calculated the movement speeds of himself and the monster's tentacle. After knowing that he would not encounter any danger, he directly rushed towards the man and saved him. Therefore, although it looked very risky in others' eyes, Zhang Tie felt being safe.

    However, it was unnecessary for Zhang Tie to clarify this to the public. Although he was not a righteous swordsman who especially did good things for the benefit of the average people, he wasn't an idiot either. Additionally, he had truly saved the man's life.

    "Argh, I'm just here to take a look. It's good to know you're safe."

    "Young man, do you know that you've just saved the life of Gelomof. May I know your name?" That man being saved by Zhang Tie asked solemnly.

    "You can call me Peter."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Gelomof instantly opened the collar of his coat. After that, he undid that heavy gold necklace and gave it to Zhang Tie.

    "If encounter any difficulty in the Ice and Snow Wilderness, remember to find me in Bearman's Inn of Eschyle City. If I've already died, go to my sons, if my sons have died, go to my grandsons. I will tell them that anyone who presents this gold necklace is the savior of my family. I'm sure that they will exert their utmost efforts to help you!"

    That man was so sincere that even Zhang Tie felt reluctant to refuse his good intentions. After glancing at that gold necklace with a bear head which was almost as heavy as 0.5 kg, Zhang Tie directly took it.

    "I'll remember it. Bearman's Inn of Eschyle City. If I meet any difficulty, I will come for your help!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, the man burst into waves of laughter.


    Because of the huge deep-sea monster's attack, the Polar Light anchored on the sea. At this moment, the sailors were all busy repairing the damaged parts of the ship and treating the wounded.

    As the huge deep-sea monster only attacked them for a few seconds, only the exterior structures and the upper structure which was close to the shipboard were damaged. Therefore, after several hours' maintenance, all the passengers were told that they only needed to wait for one night before moving ahead.

    Hearing this, all the passengers recovered their composures, especially when everybody was told that Samaranth, the Star and Moon Sword Sage was also on board, they finally felt reassured.

    Besides damaging a part of the hull, the huge deep-sea monster also caused high casualties--over 70 people were killed or injured. Additionally, 20 more people were missing. Everybody knew that the alleged 'disappeared' was just a euphemistic way of speaking. Being attacked by that monster, they must have entered its stomache or have dropped into the sea and would not come back.

    Those who lost their friends or relatives were extremely grieved at this moment. In contrast, all those surviving the attack changed the tragedy into a comedy--after being told that Samaranth, the Star and Moon Sword Sage was also on the ship, some passengers who thought they were influential then queued up in the VIP area. They wanted to appreciate this legendary figure and dreamed to befriend him.

    In contrast, more average passengers, especially those who lived in economical and average cabins were queuing up at the fore. They were taking photos together with that floating dead body of the huge deep-sea monster on the sea. As a result, the price of a photo soon rose to 30 silver coins from 15 silver coins. Even then there were many people still excited about taking photos.

    The photographer on the ship then benefited the most from this event.

    Sam and Gerri were also posing a charming gesture at the fore.

    Not until Zhang Tie, Sam and Gerri finished taking their photo did Zhang Tie see Isle, the one living next to him, coming back from the gambling house of the Polar Light. What made them speechless was that Isle didn't even know what happened till now.

    When being asked why the Polar Light anchored, Sam widened his eyes at once. "You don't know what happened?"

    "I truly heard warnings in the gambling house but nobody cared about that as we were so immersive. Additionally, those guys in the gambling house told us to not go out until the ship sank. What? Did it run on rocks or an iceberg?" The small furrier asked out of curiosity.

    Gerri told Isle what happened briefly. Hearing that, Isle widely opened his mouth before running out. After a short while, he ran back with a pitiful look. "What a pity! Such a huge body would contain tens of thousands tons of flesh. Being similar to that of octopus, its flesh is very good food. Additionally, as the price of food on the continent grows day by day, if we could process this flesh into canned fish or store them, we would make a lot. When food is insufficient, we could even save a lot of people using its flesh."

    Hearing this, Sam and Gerri both felt pitiful while an idea appeared in Zhang Tie's mind...


    Although it was already dark, the clamour caused by the dead monster still didn't fade away. After ensuring that he would not be disturbed by anyone else, Zhang Tie returned to his narrow average cabin. He then closed the steel hatch door before entering the Castle of Black Iron.

    As it was already dark outside, the Castle of Black Iron also became dark inside.

    Some torches were burning around the small tree and the houses. The torches were not too dazzling but could illuminate the surroundings.

    Heller had long waited for Zhang Tie's arrival respectfully. As per usual, the 3 coolies would go to bed the moment the night fell and got up to work the moment the sun rose.

    "Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron." Heller bowed elegantly.

    "Good work." Zhang Tie nodded.

    "I know Castle Lord has a lot of questions to ask. Let's talk about them in the house." Heller stretched out his hand to invite Zhang Tie in.


    Zhang Tie directly followed Heller in the only double-storey log cabin.

    The parlor had been furnished. However, compared to that of Jinwu Castle, this was only a clean place which was suitable for deliberation.

    A plate of strawberries and a plate of other berries were placed on the desk. At the sight of them, Zhang Tie realized that the Castle of Black Iron could provide him more and more materials now.

    "Tell me about the function of the flesh of that huge deep-sea monster." Throwing himself onto a chair beside the desk, Zhang Tie grabbed 2 scarlet strawberries and threw them into his mouth. Tasting the refreshing and sweet strawberries, Zhang Tie instantly felt pretty good all over.

    Hearing this question, Heller only replied with a smile as he put his hands in the air and separated them in a cool manner. Then, Zhang Tie saw a menu in the air.

    --Basic Attributes of Castle of Black Iron

    --Space and Terrain Transformation

    --Living Beings and Species Administration

    --Forming Special Seeds and Fruits of Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree

    This was the main menu of the Castle of Black Iron

    "Have you remembered that?" Heller smiled as he watched Zhang Tie. He then moved one hand up in the air, causing the top 3 lines gradually fade away, leaving the last option that Zhang Tie had not used before.

    --Forming Special Seeds and Fruits of Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree.
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