Chapter 400: Being Tracked

    Chapter 400: Being Tracked

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    At the sight of Eschyle City, Zhang Tie began to recalled Kalur City. As the only city in the Ice and Snow Wildness, Eschyle was qualified to be a magnificent city.

    Eschyle was also a huge city being built against a mountain. Standing at the wharf, Zhang Tie caught sight of the tall grey city wall in the drizzling rain while facing the special wild feeling from the Ice and Snow Wildness.

    Besides being shocked by the size of Eschyle City, Zhang Tie also sensed something tough and wild.

    Those pioneers disembarked and rapidly left the wharf, boosting the taxi industry and animal-driven vehicles industry present in the city. Some high-end black cars were parked by the gangway. The moment some influential figures disembarked, they had rushed into the black cars. With a slight shake, those cars disappeared in the drizzling rain.

    Watching the Star and Moon Sword Sage leaving by car, Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes. "Can pieces of the Star of God truly be found in the underground of Haidela Glacial Cracks in the south of the Ice and Snow Wildness? If not, how come even legendary figures like Samaranth came here from afar?'

    Samaranth's intention here had been spread all over Polar Light these days. Everybody believed that Samaranth was here for the pieces of the Star of God. Additionally, Samaranth didn't deny it, which made more or less confirmed the speculations.

    Zhang Tie felt the turbulence of the airflow through the fine hair over his neck as he also heard the familiar footsteps. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't dodge, instead, he stood still and waited for the hand being placed on his shoulder.

    "Peter, how about going together with us?"

    Sam and Gerri carried a high pioneering luggage and wearing a waterproof cloak respectively as they walked out from behind Zhang Tie.

    "Are you going to Haidela Glacial Crack?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Of course. Aren't all the pioneers coming here for the relics and the pieces of the Star of God?" Sam answered confidently.

    "I'm afraid that we cannot share any of the pieces of the Star of God, but if we can find the relics, we might able to earn a bit!" Gerri added.

    "I want to improve my fighting skills in some other places! As Haidela glacial crack is too boisterous now, I might not able to make any gains if I went there." Zhang Tie smiled. As he was already the target of Magical Snake Island, he didn't want to bring dangers to his new friends.

    Additionally, he was not here for any relics or pieces of the Star of God at all. Although they were very attractive, especially the pieces of the Star of God which had many marvelous effects, Zhang Tie knew that he could not share any part of the pieces of the Star of God with his limited abilities. The moment he watched Samaranth's great fighting strength, Zhang Tie had known that it was no different than seeking death by competing with Samaranth.

    'If Samaranth is here, the other powerful ones who are as powerful as Samaranth might also come. If so, it's not the business of a newbie like me. I'd better focus on forming seven-strength fruits. People can't always survive on luck.' Zhang Tie mumbled inside.

    "All right. Hope to see you later. We will go to Haidela Glacial Crack now. When we finish our task there, we will come back to Eschyle City and stay here for a long time. Sam and I both plan to breakthrough to LV 6 before leaving the Ice and Snow Wildness. Therefore we'll be heading to some entrances in Ice and Snow Wildness leading to the underground world where we can form our battle qi! If you want to look for us, just go to the Pioneers' Bar in Eschyle City!"

    "Wish you good luck. Oh, here are my gifts for you!" Saying this, Zhang Tie took out 2 vials of all-purpose medicament and gave 1 to each of them. Considering that the all-purpose medicament had been sold across the continent, Zhang Tie was not afraid of exposing his real status by gifting 2 vials of all-purpose medicament.

    "What's this?" Sam and Gerri looked at them with curious looks.

    "All-purpose medicament gifted by my friend!"

    "All-purpose medicament?"

    The two young pioneers' faces were filled with doubts. At the sight of their looks, Zhang Tie knew that they must not have heard about all-purpose medicament at all. For most of the pioneers, all-purpose medicament was still a bit far from their daily lives as a new medicament. If not Zhang Tie, they might have to wait several months before knowing this new medicament.

    "You can take it as a preliminary antidote. When you are wounded or need to increase your physical strength or when you catch a cold, you can use it!"

    "Hehe, sounds great. Its package is also not bad. Thanks, buddy!"

    Sam and Gerri then put away the medicament as they were still dubious about Zhang Tie's words. They felt that Zhang Tie was boasting to a certain degree. However, considering Zhang Tie's kindness, they extended their thanks to him.

    They then bid farewell at the wharf. Isle was still dealing with his goods and could not disembark at the moment. As Zhang Tie had said goodbye to him just now, he didn't wait for him anymore.

    Most of the pioneers directly called a car nearby the wharf and left.

    Haidela Glacial Crack was in the south of the Ice and Snow Wildness on the map. It was in the wild 2000 km away to the northwest of Eschyle City. There was a small town called Sciatta about 300 km away to the west of Eschyle City. It was the farthest place that wheeled vehicles could reach in Eschyle City.

    All the pioneers who dreamt of wealth in the Haidela Glacial Crack chose Sciatta as their first destination after they reached the Ice and Snow Wildness. From Sciatta, they would then set out for the Haidela Glacial Crack based on their own abilities. As for whether they could survive their or not, it depended them.

    As it was only 300 km away from the wharf to Sciatta, if everything went smoothly, they would arrive at Sciatta at night.

    Zhang Tie watched Sam and Gerri and 10 more pioneers bargaining with a truck driver and getting on his old truck before disappearing rainwater the rain.

    Soon after Sam and Gerri left, the rain became heavier. The drizzling rainwater flowed down along Zhang Tie's neck, causing him to shiver. After glancing at that high city wall of Eschyle, Zhang Tie tightened his waterproof cloak and left the wharf...


    5 minutes later, Zhang Tie queued up outside the south gate of assistance City. After being checked, he paid the entrance fee.

    Despite the heavy rain, all the people were still queuing up orderly outside the city gate because of the 2 lines of fully-armored robust soldiers standing outside the city gate who were all taller than 2.2 m.

    The soldiers were wearing eccentric iron bear-head helmets, making them very terrifying.

    A tall fighter was standing in front of Zhang Tie, who was also carrying a leather container which contained 6 metal javelins.

    The 2 lines of soldiers seemed to pay special attention to this person who was carrying a container of metal javelins. Zhang Tie noticed that many people among the soldiers had already focused on this fighter since the guy queued up.

    Feeling this, the fighter became a bit nervous as he glanced at himself several times to see whether something was not wrong.

    Compared to that fighter who was carrying a container of javelins, Zhang Tie was in a worse situation. The moment he left the Polar Light, Zhang Tie had found that he was watched by someone. The man kept spying on him all the way from the harbor to their present desination. Although hiding among the crowd, the spy still didn't move his eyes away from Zhang Tie.

    As he was queuing up, Zhang Tie touched the ring with common look on his fourth left finger. If not for this ring, Zhang Tie might not have realized that he was spied on by someone the moment he disembarked.

    The finger ring was gifted by Olina when he left Saint Herner Island. It was a rare rune equipment which was called the "Ring of Awareness".

    2 rune effects were added onto the Ring of Awareness--an 8% increase of Zhang Tie's sensing ability, gaze alert. As long as someone looked at Zhang Tie with bad intentions for over 20 seconds from behind, this ring would warn Zhang Tie.

    Few people would gaze at someone from behind for over 20 seconds, strange or not. Additionally, people's eyesight was a media possesed special spiritual energy which could carry one's emotions and mentality. With this ability, the ring could receive and sense this spiritual energy thrown from others before warning the one being gazed at.

    This was a very rare effect, which created an invisible security blanket over Zhang Tie. With this effect, Zhang Tie knew that this rune ring must be very precious. Rune equipment like this one which could grant the wearer with some special ability were always rare goods which could even be hardly seen in auction houses.

    When he left the dock, Zhang Tie's finger with the Ring of Awareness felt numb. He then realized that he was spied on. The person in question was very skilled and knew how to hide in different situations. If not for the ring, Zhang Tie wouldn't even notice he was being spied on at all.

    However, after being warned by his finger ring, Zhang Tie sped up. When he arrived at the city gate, he finally found out who was following him.

    With a wisp of cold smile over his mouth corners, Zhang Tie realized that the spy must be from Magical Snake Island. If not, how could such a trivial person like him be followed by someone the moment he landed in the Ice and Snow Wildness?

    'Based on the power of Magical Snake Island, it's normal for them to arrange some assistance and intelligence centers in Ice and Snow Wildness. When he was on the Polar Light, Magical Snake Island must have notified their people here through long-distance communication means. It's not difficult for them to find a person who looks like me from the passengers.'

    Those b*stards!

    When it was that fighter's turn to be checked, one head-like guy walked towards him from the 2 lines of soldiers and glanced at him carefully.

    "Is it your 1st time here?" The man's voice sounded oppressive yet kind, which was in sharp contrast to his personality. In Zhang Tie's opinion, this guy should roar as he might always do.

    "Yes!" That fighter replied.

    "What are you here for?"

    "I was told an animal tide occurred somewhere in the Ice and Snow Wildness, therefore, I came here to improve my fighting skills and make some money!"

    "Hmm, you can enter for free!' After glancing at the fighter for a short while, the head waved his hands.

    That fighter was stunned for a second. Holding a silver coin, he didn't know whether he should put it inside the box in front of him, "You mean...I don't need to pay the entrance fee?"

    "Right. All the warriors with javelins would enter Eschyle City for free from then on. This rule was made several days ago!"

    Receiving the confirmation, the fighter revealed a big smile as he said, "Thanks!". Anyone in any place when receiving such special treatment would be very happy.

    "If you are confident about your throwing skill, you can attend the eagles hunting meeting on Ural Lake a few days later. The winner would win a set of rune javelins made of aerolite!" Before that fighter left, the head added.

    Hearing this, the fighter turned around with his eyes widely opened as he forcefully swallowed his saliva, "What? You mean a set of rune javelins made of aerolite?


    "Anybody could attend it?"

    "Yes, anybody, regardless of age and race. If you think you are able to do that, you can attend it. Additionally, I was told that the winner might even gain the favor of the holy virgins of the tribes in the Ice and Snow Wildness!"

    Hearing this, even Zhang Tie had realized that the head was urging him to attend it. However, that fighter only took a deep breath twice before nodded and left with his container. He seemed to be contemplating participating.

    A set of rune javelins made of aerolite and being favored by holy virgins! The rewards were really attractive. Any man who liked money, women, privilege or sharp weapons would be restless as they heard this news.

    Even Zhang Tie's heart raced as he was thinking about having a look at the throwing skills of those powerhouses.

    'He said this special treatment was released a few days ago. But why? Ice and Snow Wildness is really boisterous these days!'

    However, Zhang Tie could never imagine that this might be related to him.

    When it was Zhang Tie's turn. The head glanced at Zhang Tie with a frown as Zhang Tie's boy-toy face and pioneering look made him disgusting.

    "You are a pioneer?"


    "4 silver coins!" The head replied in a cold voice.

    "What? why do you ask for 2 silver coins from others, someone free, yet 4 from me?" Zhang Tie rebutted loudly.

    "All the pioneers are here to make money. You only want to take away goods away from here without contributing nothing to us. How come that happens! Therefore, all the pioneers need to pay twice the entrance fee!" After saying this, that man waved his head impatiently while those surrounding soldiers were staring at Zhang Tie with malicious looks. It seemed that as long as Zhang Tie dared to jump up, they would beat him up.

    Zhang Tie then threw 4 silver coins into the box silently. After that, he sped into Eschyle City without even looking back.

    When Zhang Tie left the city gate, he heard someone muttering behind him, "Why such a young man prefer to be a pioneer? Are they dreaming of gold coins dropping off the sky, humph!"

    "These pioneers are no different than hyenas. When they find rotten meat, they would rush over there. However, when they meet troubles, they would escape as soon as possible. I should suggested to the lord that he should forbid these pioneers in from then on. These guys are nothing but crap!"

    "I don't agree with you. These guys contribute to the improvement of maps. As so many remote areas are waiting for them to explore, they are not useless!"

    "If not, I truly think that we should not allow any pioneer to step in Ice and Snow Wildness..."

    "Mind our own business!"

    Zhang Tie then started to run. He looked like seeking a shelter. Therefore, he was far away from those comments very rapidly. After leaving 50 m away from the city gate, he saw another figure hurriedly following in through his eye corners.

    Zhang Tie then narrowed his eyes. At the sight of an alley not far from him, Zhang Tie directly flashed inside...

    In half a minute, another figure arrived and flashed into the same alley without any hesitation...

    It was a very heavy rain while the day turned gloomy!

    Rainwater fell down from the roof and eaves of the buildings on both sides of the alley, forming 2 fine waterfalls. The ground of the alleyway had been covered with 1 cm high rainwater.

    Zhang Tie was standing against the wall under the eaves in the corner. Narrowing his eyes, he watched the waterfalls pouring off the eaves over his head.

    With a lightning bolt across the sky, it turned white in a split second in front of him. After a few seconds, a series of booms drifted from afar. At the same time, with a series of rapid footsteps, a guy flashed in this alley...

    The moment he flashed in, he saw Zhang Tie while the latter was also watching him with a smile. The man's face instantly changed as Zhang Tie launched his attack...

    Along with spraying raindrops, Zhang Tie moved as fast as lightning bolt...

    That person was also good at fighting. Zhang Tie estimated that he was about LV 6. However, compared to Zhang Tie, he was nothing but crap.

    Zhang Tie moved both in both a quick and fierce manner. Two seconds later, with a muffled harrumph, Zhang Tie had already grabbed his neck and fiercely threw his back onto a stone wall on one side of the alley.

    Feet in the air, that person sprouted a mouthful of blood when he was pounded onto the wall by Zhang Tie. After the blood fell into the rain water on the land, it was soon flushed away into the drainage system with swirls.

    Not until then did the thunder disappeared...

    "Don...don't kill me, I...I will give you all of my money!" Before Zhang Tie asked, the guy had already started to explain in a flurried look like when a commoner met a bandit.

    Zhang Tie then replied with a smile, 'What a smart guy! He has long thought about fabricating a lie!'

    "Who else is in Eschyle besides you are from Magical Snake Island?" Zhang Tie put it bluntly.

    "I...I don't know what are you talking about!" That man looked innocent until he heard "Magical Snake Island" when his pupils narrowed out of control.

    Although people could tell a lie through mouth, they could not cover it with their eyes. This was how Donder taught him before. If this guy had nothing to do with Magical Snake Island, when he heard Magical Snake Island, his pupils would remain unchanged or enlarge. Instead, his pupils narrowed, which meant that he was extremely nervous inside.

    "I'll ask you one last last time. I don't want to waste time on you. Who's sent from Magical Snake Island to kill me? Tell me all of their names. Then, I will save your life. After that, you can escape from Eschyle without worrying about MSI's revenge on you..." Zhang Tie said calmly.

    "I really don't understand what are you talking about, my money..." Before he finished, he looked extremely anguished. He looked down as he saw Zhang Tie poking a dagger into his body from below his left armpit. He wanted to groan yet he couldn't as his neck was being held by Zhang Tie. Before he closed his eyes, he glanced at Zhang Tie regretfully and amazingly. He didn't seem to believe that Zhang Tie had seen through his trick, made up his mind, and mind and was that merciless.

    "I've told you that I don't want to waste time on you!" Zhang Tie loosened his grip while that guy slid onto the ground like a pile of mud. At the same time, a lot of blood flew off his body and dyed the ground.

    Zhang Tie then quickly disappeared in the curtain of the heavy rain...

    Several minutes later, another person flashed into the alley. The moment he flashed in, he had caught sight of that guy being killed.

    "Damn it!" That person swore loudly...
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