Chapter 402: Being Wanted Once Again

    Chapter 402: Being Wanted Once Again

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    As the only city in the Ice and Snow Wildness, Eschyle's ruling system was as established as that of other cities. Additionally, its ruling system was very powerful as this city was also where the civilization collided with savagery in this age.

    Those powerful tribes in the Ice and Snow Wildness were formed by the righteous swordmen who came here for business from the Ewentra Archipelago and people from all walks of life with different ambitions. In order to rule this city, they had to establish a powerful ruling system. However, in the complete ruling system, the most powerful, threatening deterrent was obviously the deterrent of violence.

    As a deterrent to violence, the police station of Eschyle City was different from policemen in other places. Policemen of Eschyle City were also called bounty hunters. Few people who committed crimes in Eschyle City could escape from those bounty hunters. The complete Eschyle City and the port area were under the management of policemen of Eschyle City. After leaving this territory, even if one killed a person, one would have nothing to do with them.


    After the rain, the alley had been surrounded by yellow cordon while a team of policemen in black uniforms were investigating the spot of the murder. From the scene, they could conclude that the killer was definitely a powerhouse. After realizing that a LV 6 fighter was killed so easily, all the police felt they were facing a powerful enemy.

    "It's tricky..." After squatting beside the dead body for a short while, a police in black boots finally waved his head as he stood up. "Someone grabbed his neck before stabbing him. The lethal wound was between the 5th and the 6th ribs..." After picking himself up, the police imitated Zhang Tie's movement precisely. "The dagger was thrust through here, causing a 4 cm-long wound. However, it didn't touch the bones inside his body. He moved very fast and smooth and almost reached his heart. The killer is experienced who must have killed a lot of people. Given from his fighting strength, he should be at least LV 8, or even LV 9!"

    Hearing these words, the head police frowned. "It's truly chaotic in Eschyle City recently. As too many foreigners arrive here. Few of them are docile..." After saying this, the head police turned around and asked one person beside him. "You say you've seen his look and his name?"

    The guy being asked was that person who followed his partner in the alley.

    "He's a pioneer that's about 18 years old. After knowing that a ship would reach the harbor this morning, Perse and I then waited at the harbor. You know, sir, we jewelers like to cooperate with these pioneers who always sell us good things. Additionally, most of those pioneers coming to the Ice and Snow Wilderness these days would not enter Eschyle City. Therefore, Perse and I came here to try our fortune. We waited at the harbor for an entire morning..." As he explained, the person rolled his eyes.

    "Tell me the key part..." The police waved his hand impatiently.

    "Yes, sir; yes, sir..." The guy licked his lips. "That person disembarked the Polar Light. As he caught sight of Perse and me, he went directly towards us..."

    "Did you know each other at the beginning?"

    "Of course not. He had seen our gestures which indicated that we were here to purchase pieces of jewelry and valuables. That's why he walked towards us. You know those pioneers are very smart. They always communicate with each other through a set of special gestures. After doing business with them for a long time, we also learned a bit."

    "What's next?"

    "Then, he told Perse that he wanted to sell something. Being afraid of robbery, he requested for the trade to be performed downtown. When he walked towards us, I heard some pioneers call his name, Peter Hamplester."

    "A 17-year old pioneer call Peter?"

    "Right. At the beginning, given his young age, Perse and I didn't take precautions against him. Therefore, I told Perse to trade with him downtown while I wanted to stay in the harbor for other business. Finally, all the passengers had left in several minutes. By then, the rain grew heavier. Therefore, I hurriedly ran into downtown to seek for Perse and take a look at the new item that he purchased. When I was queuing up outside the city gate, I caught sight of Perse and that person walking into this alley. At the moment, I predicted that something bad would happen. When I came here, I have seen Perse lying here. However, the killer had disappeared together with Perse's 100-odd gold coins..."

    "You mean you've not seen the one killing your partner and you are the only witness?" As the police investigated, he slightly narrowed his eyes.

    "Erm...as you say!"

    "Do you remember what that person looked like?

    "Yes, I remember! If you can arrest him, I'd like to provide 1000 gold coins as a reward!"

    "According to your description, the pioneer called Peter could only be wanted as a criminal suspect. As to whether he had committed a crime, we need a further investigation. You go back to the police station together with police Posse. Remember to describe the suspect's look carefully so that we could send the order for an arrest..." The head police waved his head as he arranged another person to bring him back to the police station.

    The moment that guy left, the police had moved one step forward, "The guy was lying. I found many problems in his words!"

    "I know, but at least one point was right. This incident is definitely related to that young pioneer called Peter. However, as so many foreigners come to Eschyle, we need time to look for him. No matter what, we can have a reward!"

    "But that guy might be tricky!"

    "Tricky?" The head police revealed a proud smile. "This is the Ice and Snow Wildness, the territory of the Slav bear tribes. Only figures like Samaranth could enjoy the word "tricky". That guy is just a small pioneer. Do you think he's a knight? I don't care whether he's LV 9 or LV 10. As long as he dares to challenge the rules of the Ice and Snow Wildness, a great number of people would like to deal with him!"

    "I heard a news from Elzida Mountain..." After looking around and seeing nobody, that police lowered his voice.

    "I don't know! At the beginning, Elzida said the man who could reunite our bear tribes would come here first the moment he arrived at Ice and Snow Wildness. Therefore, the IronBear tribe chose to build Eschyle City here. No Slav wanted to present wilderness to him when he arrived here. This legend has been spread in the Ice and Snow Wildness for several hundred years. However, nobody had seen that man at all! Go prepare the order for arrest! Oh, what's the name of that pioneer being wanted?"

    "Peter Hamplester!"

    "Another one called Peter? What a sh*t name!" The head police tilted his mouth.



    The efficiency of the police station of Eschyle was very high. Only after 1 hour, an order for arrest with the image of "Peter Hamplester" had been distributed to all the other places of the city.

    It was a class 3 arrest order, which was mainly targeted at those criminal suspects whose crimes had not been confirmed. Therefore, the police requested to catch Zhang Tie alive, instead of "dead or alive" on a class 2 arrest order or "kill on sight" on a class 1 arrest order.

    The reward on the order for arrest was 1050 gold coins, 1000 of which were provided by the party of the victim while the remaining 50 were from the fixed subsidy of the security tax for such pernicious cases in Eschyle City. The person who provided a clue could gain 80% of the reward. If anyone who could catch the criminal suspect alive, he could gain 90% of the total reward. If he killed the criminal suspect before sending him to the police station, he could only gain 40% of the total amount.

    1050 gold coins was not the highest reward in the history of Eschyle, yet it was definitely not a small figure. The highest reward in the history of Eschyle was 1,250,000 gold coins on a class 1 arrest order. Rewards on arrest orders usually ranged from dozens of gold coins to hundreds of gold coins. Even seeing the least amount of reward, most of commoners and policemen across Eschyle would be excited with racing hearts and widening eyes.

    The one said he remembered Zhang Tie's look truly told a lie. When he was in the yard, he only glanced at Zhang Tie once from afar. Although he could remember Zhang Tie's back and clothes very clearly, he could not remember the details of Zhang Tie's look at all. As a result, the image on the arrest order drawn by professional in the police station was only 70-80% similar to Zhang Tie's previous image.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that he was wanted on the same day.

    In order to deal with the animal tide on the Grey Hill, Adelais Business Group employed many low-level warriors. The iron-teeth hyena was a low-level mutated wild beast which was only 1 level higher than a common wild wolf and hyena. Therefore, this wild beast's attack power was limited. With a weapon, even a LV 3 warrior could deal with several iron-teeth hyenas at the same time. Additionally, as the reward was very low, fighters with higher levels would never do this job at all. Therefore, only those pioneers and warriors who were under LV 6 would do this job for that bit of money.

    Now, almost all the pioneers across the Ice and Snow Wildness were heading for the Hadela Glacial Crack, including some low-level fighters. As a result, the Adelais Business Group could employ fewer people to hunt iron-teeth hyenas on Grey Hill.

    If a person with a high level attended such a task, it would be too attractive. Therefore, in front of the recruitment point, Zhang Tie fabricated a lie.

    "I'm LV 4!"

    "Young man. I have to warn you that, iron-teeth hyenas are not that easily dealt with. We are recruiting people above LV 3. Although we provide you benefits, if you are killed, we will not compensate. Even if you are injured, the Adelais Business Group could only compensate you for some medical expenses"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie stayed still for a second before revealed a smile, 'Do I look too young to be LV 4? Perhaps, for most commoners, a LV 4 person who looks 17 or 18 years old is truly too outstanding. If I keep staying in Blackhot City, I could at most reach LV 2. I'm afraid that only Glaze could reach LV 3.'

    "But I'm truly LV 4 now. Additionally, I've hunted dozens of wild wolves. I'm responsible for my decision!" Zhang Tie explained confidently.

    "Well, here's the employment agreement. Press your fingerprint here!" After glancing at Zhang Tie for a short while, the director pushed a form in front of Zhang Tie.

    "Do I need to show my ID certificate?"

    "Hah, nobody needs that in the Ice and Snow Wildness!" The director responded with a sinister smile.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie pressed a fingerprint on that form without any hesitation.

    "Oh, what's your name?"

    "Hoy!" Zhang Tie instantly fabricated another name, 'I'm here for seven-strength fruits. All the other things are not that important. As I don't need to pay tax for a new name, neither do I want to be found by others, I will change myself completely then...'

    Zhang Tie soon realized his intelligence.

    After application, Zhang Tie was arranged to be placed in a small inn in downtown by the Adelais Business Group. He would set off next morning. Soon after he came to the inn, Zhang Tie had seen some police investigating guests in the inn with orders for arresting "Peter Hamplester"...
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