Chapter 403: The First Destination

    Chapter 403: The First Destination

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    The one standing together with the policemen was a director of the Adelais Business Group at this inn.

    "All the guests living here are warriors who were recruited recently by the Adelais Business Group to deal with the iron-teeth hyenas on Grey Hill, nobody would care about a LV 8 or LV 9 suspect at all." As the director accompanied the policemen to investigate the guests one by another, he kept explaining something to the policemen. When he passed by Zhang Tie, the director glanced at him, "Hoy, your room is No. 4 on the 2nd floor. Don't run around after supper. The business group will distribute your equipment to you after supper. If you don't get the proper weapon, don't complain about others!"

    "Who's he?" A policeman glanced over at Zhang Tie before he looked at the arrest order in his hand. Zhang Tie still looked a bit similar to the pioneer Peter Hamplester. Thankfully, Zhang Tie had changed his hairstyle and the color of his hair in a short period of time. Additionally, he was a free warrior instead of that pioneer. Therefore, the difference between his current look and that image on the arrest order was greater than the similarities.

    That policeman also looked a bit confused.

    "He's Hoy, a LV 4 warrior recruited by our business group." The director of the Adelais Business Group at the inn explained. Even he had noticed the order for arrest, he still didn't connect Zhang Tie who was going to Grey Hill to make money with the guy who was wanted with a reward of 1050 gold coins. "There are some more people upstairs, I will take you there."

    That police glanced over Zhang Tie's face once again before he followed the director upstairs.

    Although Zhang Tie pretended to be calm, he still glanced at that order for arrest in the policemen's hands out of curiosity. At the same time, his heart raced. It was really out of Zhang Tie's wildest imagination that he could get into such trouble the moment he arrived at this place.

    If what he did to that guy in the alley was seen by someone by chance, it wasn't strange for him to be a wanted man. Although the alley looked hidden, there were buildings on its two sides. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not sure whether someone had witnessed what happened from afar through the windows. If this truly happened, the witness might have reported this to the police.

    'However, the name Peter Hamplester is on the arrest order, which indicates that the one who reported this to the police was nobody else but a member of Demon Snake Island in Eschyle City. Only these people know my previous name and what I've done. Additionally, it must be two people that followed me instead of one. The second spy must have followed the first one out view.

    Since they couldn't find me themselves, the lackeys of Demon Snake Island finally chose to look for me with the power of the police after judging the current situation.

    Based on the image on the arrest order, it indicates that the lackeys of Demon Snake Island have not figured out my true look. At least for now. However, this situation is temporary. Even the lackeys of Demon Snake Island don't have my photo at the present, they still have many ways such as inviting a professional artist to fix my image precisely based on others descriptions.

    If they dispatch someone to kill me, they must know how I look. As I've already met one guy from Demon Snake Island in Bluesea Castle, it's very simple for that guy to describe my image. Being limited to communication means in this age, although Demon Snake Island could not pass my image here now, they could change the current situation in a couple of days.'

    Zhang Tie analyzed his current situation calmly and clearly before finally coming to the conclusion, 'I have to leave Eschyle City right now. If I stay here, I might encounter the killers from Demon Snake Island. Additionally, I have to escape from the police's investigation, which would disrupt my plan.'

    Zhang Tie didn't think that he was qualified to challenge the ruling orders of such a strange and powerful city despite being able to defeat most of common LV 9 fighters. Especially if he was taken advantage of by those b*stards from Magical Snake Island, it would be a needless sacrifice.

    'Thankfully, the Adelais Business Group would organize them to leave Eschyle City tomorrow. I only need to stay here for half a day at most. It should be okay. If I set out tomorrow with the others, it would be less suspicious than leaving right now.'

    As he considered it, Zhang Tie entered room No. 4 on the second floor without any concern.

    Of course, the Adelais Business Group only arranged those low-level warriors to live in tidy and clean rooms instead of any high-end rooms. In room No. 4, besides Zhang Tie, there were another five people, who were all low-level warriors recruited by the Adelais Business Group whose ages varied from 20 to 30 years or so.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the room, he had smelt the stimulative odor of sweat and feet. Thankfully, born at the bottom of society in Blackhot City, Zhang Tie had adapted to such a bad environment as he had experienced group living several times.

    More than 80 low-level warriors recruited by the Adelais Business Group these couple of days were living in the inn. As they would set out tomorrow, they all returned to the inn tonight, causing it to be very boisterous.

    Zhang Tie only introduced his name to his partners in the room. He looked very indifferent while the others also replied him with a solemn look or a sinister smile. Therefore, Zhang Tie was soon pushed out by the other five people.

    Zhang Tie only smiled inside as this was exactly what he needed. The moment he arrived at Grey Hill, he would leave the Adelais Business Group as he didn't want to bring his trouble and possible dangers to these commoners who had nothing to do with him. Zhang Tie knew that these people only wanted to make a few gold coins and it was not necessary for them to be involved in his own business.


    After supper, the Adelais Business Group finally distributed the equipment to these temporary "mercenaries".

    The alleged equipment was just a light leather armor and a great number of weapons.

    Zhang Tie found that the leather armor was only made of common material covered with iron sheets. It was worth 70-80 silver coins at most. Although there were so many weapons, each of their value was almost as same as that of this light leather armor. They could be used to deal with common wild beasts, however, their endurance and sharpness could not hurt fiercer animals. Huaiyuan Palace would not equip its troops with such weak weapons.

    "Each one could have one set of high-quality leather armor. Additionally, each of you could choose one quality weapon. These are from the Adelais Business Group. When you arrive at the Grey Hill, anyone among you could kill 50 iron-teeth hyenas would have this set of leather armor and the weapon that he has chosen as his best reward!"

    "Finally, those who perform excellently among you will have the chance to join the armored guards of the Adelais Business Group and become a member of the Adelais Business Group officially. Therefore, please don't just take this task as a job. Instead, you should treat it as an opportunity to change your destiny. As long as you have the chance to be a member of the armored guards of the Adelais Business Group, you will gain a better training and a higher compensation. Besides that, you will have a higher social position. You will not be a small figure anymore. You will be a member of the Adelais Business Group."

    When they distributed weapons, the director of the Adelais Business Group boosted their morale while standing on the freight car being loaded with weapons. Hearing that they could choose weapons freely, a great number of people surged forward at once.

    Everybody rushed towards the heaviest and most valuable weapons. As a result, Zhang Tie was pushed aside. Finally, Zhang Tie only chose a common long spear.

    Early the next morning, Zhang Tie left Eschyle City together with the other warriors who were recruited by the Adelais Business Group in leather armor with a long javelin in hand.

    Seeing the truck exiting the city gate, Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh inside.

    The truck kept moving towards the north. After 5-6 hours, it arrived in a small town at noon. The road in front was so poor that wheeled vehicles could not pass. Therefore, after a simple lunch, they started to head north on foot. When most of them could not hold their breath, a grey horizon finally appeared in front of them.

    'Here's the Grey Hill...'

    Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh. Watching the grey horizon, Zhang Tie was a bit excited about seeing so many seven-strength fruits from the iron-teeth hyenas. 'After traveling tens of thousands of miles since I left Huaiyuan Prefecture, I finally arrive at the first destination...

    That evening, everybody just camped in the wild.

    Early the next morning, when the director of the Adelais Business Group organized this new force to start hunting for iron-teeth hyenas, he couldn't find Hoy. However, his leather armor and weapon were lying tidily in his tent. Besides, there was a brief note under a gold coin.

    Thanks for the kind treatment of the Adelais Business Group, this gold coin is for my lodging and travel fee.

    Reading this note, the director of Adelais Business Group scratched his head out of confusion...

    On the same morning, Dawson, the fighter from Demon Snake Island disembarked. After taking a deep breath, he grinned, exposing the gold-capped teeth all over his mouth.
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