Chapter 408: Impulsion and Enlightenment

    Chapter 408: Impulsion and Enlightenment

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    After taking off her cloak, Evan's elder sister closed her eyes. Meanwhile, she started to pant faintly with undulant breasts in a nervous way. After doing this, she was waiting for Zhang Tie's next action.

    However, she had not imagined that Zhang Tie wouldn't embrace or further violate her; instead, he put that bear-fur cloak which contained her body fragrance back on her.

    When she felt what Zhang Tie was doing, she opened her eyes at once. With a dumbfounded look, she felt bashful all over as her face blushed.

    "Don't...you like me?"

    Being a bit bashful and somewhat nervous, the 18 year old girl asked with a faintly quivering voice.

    "Are you Evan's elder sister?" Zhang Tie stared at her with a smile, "You're very beautiful, but I'm not used to be treated in this way after saving people. Evan doesn't know that you are here, right?"

    Evan's elder sister bit her lips as she waved her head.

    "If Evan knew about this, he would be very sad! If a man could not even protect his elder sister from making such a sacrifice, he would have a sense of failure deep in his mind; this would not be good to his later development. Have you thought about this?"

    "But Evan expects to be a bear-killing fighter!" Evan's elder sister lowered her head while feeling bashful looking straight into Zhang Tie's clear eyes.

    "I know. On the way back to Kurgan village, I've already been told that each teenager here dreamed to be a bear-killing fighter!"

    "However, very few people in the village could guide him. Uncle Zieg was also a bear-killing fighter; however, as he's old and has suffered a heavy wound, he has lost the greatest power as a bear-killing fighter. On the other hand, there are so many teenagers in the village; therefore, he could not pay special attention to Evan. I know that you have such a power. Although you're not a bear-killing fighter, you're very powerful; you're even more powerful than uncle Zieg. You could give Evan enough guidance and help him realize his dream. I can do anything for my younger brother! I'm doing this to extend my gratitude and pray..." after saying this, Evan's elder sister raised her head and gazed at Zhang Tie with a brave look.

    Zhang Tie became silent for a second as he watched this woman seriously, "On the way of cultivation, the only shortcut is enlightenment; however, it requires very rigid conditions; fortune and talent. Even for me, it's very hard to gain enlightenment. Each step forward is at the price of countless sweat drops and fresh blood. As I have to leave next morning, even if I guide him in such a short period, it would be useless!"

    With a sound of "dong", Evan's elder sister knelt down in front of Zhang Tie at once with tears in her eyes. Raising her head, she gazed at Zhang Tie, "Can you take Evan away? Just let him accompany you. You can take him as a servant and guide him when you're free. I know that he would be very safe with you as no wild beasts across Ice and Snow Wildness could hurt you. Additionally, he likes to stay with you. You must have seen that his eyes were filled with worship when he looked at you. Evan's mother had died soon after she delivered Evan. At age 7, he lost his father. It was my first time to see him watching a man with that look. I know it would make you inconvenient, but you could guide him for 3 months. I'm deeply convinced that by following you for 3 months, he could learn more than he could gain in this village for 10 years. As I'm his elder sister, for his development, I'd like to do anything that I wish to satisfy you, if there is. Whatever it is, I'd like to do anything for you. I also like to be your mistress..."

    Zhang Tie was really moved by Evan's elder sister's love to Evan...

    Receiving no response, Evan's elder sister moved 2 steps forward with her knees. When she moved close to Zhang Tie, although with tears in her eyes, she still revealed a charming smile reluctantly, "I've not been touched by other men; but I know how to satisfy you. You can have a try..."

    Saying this, she had bravely started to undo Zhang Tie's waistband with quivering hands.

    "You don't need to do this!" Zhang Tie stopped her hands instantly as he waved his head. The girl exerted her utmost effort, only to not move even a bit. Feeling this, her tears flew out at once.

    Zhang Tie then glanced at the door as he said, "Evan, come in, don't stay outside!"

    Kneeling down in front of Zhang Tie, Evan's elder sister became stunned. She turned around and found the door had been pushed open as Evan was looking at her with tears covering his face outside the door.

    The moment she stared at Evan, the girl hurriedly sprung up from the ground. At the same time, Evan rushed in. Hugging his elder sister, he burst out into tears.

    "Evan, your elder sister is talking useless. I can not help you to be a bear-killing fighter..."

    "Elder sister, I don't want to be bear-killing fighter any more..." Evan cried.

    "Pah..." The girl pushed him away as she smacked him. At the same time, she scolded him with tears, "If you say this for the second time, I will go die right away. You better tell me, you're destined to be a bear-killing fighter!''

    "Yes...I...I'm destined to be a bear-killing fighter!" Evan cried.

    Hearing this, she embraced Evan once again as they cried again.

    Watching them on one side, even Zhang Tie felt like crying. It was hard to learn fighting skills and secret knowledge even in Blackhot City, not to mention a wild village in Ice and Snow Wildness.

    In Ice and Snow Wildness, teenagers in larger tribes would have more chances and better conditions. By contrast, teenagers in smaller villages like Kurgan would be too hard to be outstanding. Even though there were bear-killing fighters in this village, they would not stay in the village; instead, they preferred to challenge themselves in the outside world. That been said, nobody would like to guide teenagers like Evan in the village.

    Zhang Tie didn't persuade them until Evan and his elder sister finished crying, "You go back first; leave Evan here, I'd like to say something to him!"

    After glancing at Zhang Tie with a sophisticated look, Evan's elder sister gritted her teeth before she left, leaving Zhang Tie and Evan in the cabin.

    "You have a good elder sister!" Zhang Tie told Evan with a sophisticated look, "I won't belittle her; she's doing right! I could feel her selfless affection to you!"

    "Thanks!" Evan lowered his voice, "She's the best one in my eyes!"

    "Hope you could think this way! If you want to be a bear-killing fighter, I can give you a chance."

    Hearing this, Evan's eyes gleamed at once.

    "Watch me carefully. I only perform one time. Whether you can learn something from it, it depends on you!" After saying this, Zhang Tie calmed down as he posed a starting gesture of Iron-Blood Fist.

    Closing his eyes, Zhang Tie recalled all the fierce fighting moments that he had experienced in both real lives and trouble-reappearance situations since he started to cultivate Iron-Blood Fist.

    There were total 36 free hand movements of Iron-Blood Fist. However, Zhang Tie had spend countless blood, wounds and virtual lives on cultivating each free hand movement...

    He gradually immersed his physical and spiritual energy into that fierce and invincible sensation; nothing exists, me or substance, life or death, come or go...

    Being destructed in mind, everything became quiet...

    At the beginning, Evan felt a bit strange as he didn't know what Zhang Tie meant by that starting gesture. However, watching Zhang Tie entering that strange state both physically and mentally, Evan's face gradually turned pale.

    In a split second, Evan started having an illusion. He felt that he was not in that common cabin anymore; instead, he was in a hell full of bloody sea. Heavens collapsed, ground broke, fire columns burst out of the ground and shot directly into the sky, causing the sky to turn red all over. Meanwhile, the thunders and lightnings fell on the ground like rain, quaking the earth like a broken huge drum. It was like the end of the world as it was spread with fierce and terrifying demons and ghosts, who were fighting and swallowing each other...

    The moment he entered this illusion, Evan's heart was held by a powerful hand at once. As a result, he felt breathless. In such an end of the world, he felt that he was as trivial as a piece of duckweed in that endless bloody sea, a sparkle in one fire column or an ant under the foot of a huge mountain-like demon. He felt nothing but weak and despair in this world...

    When Evan felt that he was to be crushed into pieces by the scene, he saw a giant between the heavens and the land whose frame was as irresistible as a steel mountain, even in the end of the world.

    Standing in the bloody sea, that person stared up at the heavens while the whole bloody sea started to quiver, boil and boom under his feet...

    Suddenly, that figure moved.

    The moment he stepped out his feet, the whole world became quiet. Under the foot of that giant, the entire bloody sea was like puddle. Being sprayed in the air, the bloody sea turned into a thousands-m high bloody tsunami and rolled in all directions...

    Numerous demons and ghosts then rushed towards him...

    Numerous thunders and lightnings boomed him...

    Numerous fire columns tilted towards him...

    At this moment, a fist appeared between the heavens and the land which started to destroy everything...


    The moment Zhang Tie entered that state, Zieg, the village head who was living 100 m away had sprung up from his bed like being poured in a basin of charcoal fire although he had fallen asleep.

    After springing up from his bed, Zieg's eyes gleamed as his skin turned a bit red. Meanwhile, the veins underneath his skin crept irregularly like earthworms. Breathing quickly, Zieg looked over himself with an amazement, "What the hell? How come the source of madness like a spring which had withered for a long time suddenly became so active?"

    Zieg knew that it was not because that he had recovered, which enabled him to possess the previous ability of being mad; instead, it was because that his source of madness was stimulated and influenced by a power Qi field and special spiritual field. He sensed it like how a nail was magnified after being rubbed with a magnet. With the influence of those powerful Qi fields and special spiritual fields, the source of madness in bear-killing fighters bodies would also be driven mad.

    After closing his eyes and sensing it for a short while, Zieg put on his clothes. He then left his home rapidly towards that public room.


    After performing that whole set of 36 free hand movements, Zhang Tie opened his eyes.

    At this moment, Evan had been oozing sweat all over his forehead as his face turned pale.

    Zhang Tie didn't ask about Evan's enlightenment; instead, he turned around and took out the book "Iron Blood Fist" from Castle of Black Iron through his luggage and put it onto Evan's hands.

    "What you were watching just now is described in this book. I've already performed the whole set of fist to you, including my recognition. It depends on you how much you obtain from it. This fighting skill is very difficult; yet once you make it, you will be unrivaled!"

    Evan tightly held that secret knowledge as he stared at Zhang Tie with a sophisticated and appreciative look.

    "Can...can I call you master?"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie became faintly stunned as this special Chinese appellation had been spread among many humans; in many places, it was almost like "godfather". It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that people here could also use this word.

    "Yes, you can!" Zhang Tie nodded as he saw Evan becoming excited.

    "Can I allow other people in Kurgan village to learn this fighting skill?"

    "Of course you can. But, you'd better be careful as this fighting skill is the secret knowledge of the imperial household in Norman Empire!" Zhang Tie told Evan as what Captain Kerlin had told him. At this moment, Zhang Tie finally understood the mentality of Captain Kerlin, like what Captain Kerlin thought. Zhang Tie also hoped these small kids to survive themselves. Compared to their lives, a secret knowledge was nothing important at all.

    However, from Evan's question, Zhang Tie noticed that this boy was purely innocent. Like Zhang Tie, Evan also like to share his goods with his partners.

    "Perhaps, I'm destined to meet these teenagers in Ice and Snow Wildness!"

    Zhang Tie told himself.


    When Evan left Zhang Tie's cabin, he still felt like he was dreaming. Putting the book in his coat, he was recalling that illusion that he watched in Zhang Tie's cabin right now.

    Of course, Evan knew what he saw just now was not a real existence but an impact to his spirit when Zhang Tie performed that set of fist. It was really a sharp impact. Like what really happened, it directly involved Evan into the spiritual situation of Iron-Blood Fist.

    In the darkness, a tall figure had already stood in front of Evan. Being flurried, Evan almost hit the person.

    "Uncle Zieg!"

    "This fighting skill is the greatest one I've seen. I've heard about that before. Peter has already showed his spiritual realization on this set of fist to you. Do you know how precious it is to perform the essence of this fist in front of others?"

    "Is it very precious?" Evan asked out of curiosity.

    "Even though we sell all the valuable goods in Kurgan village, we will still not afford that performance!" Zieg heavily patted onto Evan's shoulder as he added enthusiastically, "Treasure it!"

    Evan instantly became dumbfounded...

    After deeply glancing at that cabin of Zhang Tie, Zieg then turned around and disappeared in the darkness; however, Evan's eyes became more determined at this moment...


    Zhang Tie knew that Zieg had come to the outside of the cabin just now and knew that he was imparting Iron-Blood Fist to Evan. Now that village head didn't come in, Zhang Tie didn't feel it necessary to invite him in. They both knew how to deal with that.

    The cabin recovered silence. Zhang Tie didn't enter Castle of Black Iron this time as he was really afraid that he would be seen by someone, if he came out of Castle of Black Iron. If that really happened, it would be a great trouble! Therefore, he decided to eat the latest fruit when he returned to his wild settlement.

    Lying on the bed, Zhang Tie recalled the enlightenment of the performance. Not only Evan, even Zhang Tie had a further enlightenment about Iron-Blood Fist.

    Fist was will!

    A sudden enlightenment flashed across Zhang Tie's mind...

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