Chapter 409: Encounter

    Chapter 409: Encounter

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    Zhang Tie left Kurgan village before dawn without bidding farewell to anybody. Besides, he also left that heavy metal crossbow and more than 200 metal bolts in that cabin.

    He knew that Zieg was clear about his intention.

    This was his gift to those villagers. With this equipment, even though there was no powerful fighter in Kurgan village, they could improve their fighting strength a lot, on dealing with various dangerous wild beasts in Ice and Snow Wildness. Perhaps this weapon could save lives in the village sometimes.

    This metal crossbow was the most powerful single-handed heavy weapon of this era! Even if Kurgan village could afford this, they could hardly buy one in Ice and Snow Wildness.

    Zhang Tie was deeply impressed by everything here, including Evan, Evan's elder sister, those innocent and straightforward teenagers and that joyful bonfire party.

    Zhang Tie liked this place.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie had gained a lot here.

    The aspiration on mutated Buckthorns, the burning ambition, his further enlightenment on the essence and meaning of Iron-Blood Fist and the information about this animal tide and the wild patron from school of patrons, each of the above achievements was more than 1000 gold coins, which could never be matched by an icy weapon.

    "Now that I've gained so much here, I will leave something here as payment." Zhang Tie thought.

    Therefore, he left the book "Iron-Blood Fist" and that expensive heavy metal crossbow which could greatly increase the defensive capability of this small village...

    "It felt good to serve others!"

    When the first ray of sunlight cast on the ground at the dawn, Zhang Tie was standing at the top of a hill on the side of Kurgan village as he gazed the village. At this moment, he felt relaxed.

    He noticed that Evan had already gotten up in the early morning and was practicing the lying-tiger movement, one of the basic movements of Iron-Blood Fist in the courtyard. Seeing Evan becoming that diligent, Zhang Tie felt reassured.

    At this moment, Evan's elder sister was walking out of her cabin. Due to female's amazingly precise intuition, the moment she came to the courtyard, she looked towards the top of the hill where Zhang Tie was standing.

    Although it was about 500-600 m away, she could still see Zhang Tie standing over there.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie also saw her. However, Zhang Tie just revealed a smile; knowing that she couldn't see him, he turned around and trotted away...

    Seeing Zhang Tie left, Evan's elder sister instantly dropped off her tears. Although she didn't make love with this man, but her heart had been filled with the shadow of this man.

    "Peter" Evan's elder sister muttered.


    After leaving Kurgan village, Zhang Tie started to run over the hills. Only after half an hour when the sun completely rose above the horizon, Zhang Tie had already been more than 20 km away from Kurgan village and arrived at the wild vast depopulated area on Grey Hill.

    After finding a secret place, Zhang Tie took out another same heavy metal crossbow from Castle of Black Iron.

    This weapon was like a huge set square. With a wholly sealed metal structure, it was 1.4 m in length and 1.6 m in width. Besides, its charger was connected externally. A great amount of special alloy were used on its key parts which ensured its long service life and great power. However, this greatly increased its weight--312 kg. Zhang Tie saw this net weight with no charger on the operating manual.

    If this weapon was matched with those recycled metal bolts and charger which was made of the same super powerful metal alloy, its standard total weight in fight would be 375 kg; this number had surpassed that of "Man's Certificate"--358 kg.

    This weapon was covered with camouflage matte paint which was hidden in the wild. It was especially suitable for fighting on hills. By choosing this weapon, Zhang Tie could not only increase the efficiency of killing iron-teeth hyenas but also improve his fighting strength invisibly.

    When he came here on the first day, Zhang Tie ran over the Grey Hill the whole day and felt a bit tired. However, after taking the first seven-strength fruit that he reaped here, Zhang Tie felt much relaxed by running the whole day with this huge weapon. What a great effect!

    After taking one seven-strength fruit, it took him about 10 hours to completely digest and absorb it. At this moment, Zhang Tie looked at the sky, "If I take it now, I would have to waste today. I'd better kill some more iron-teeth hyenas in the daytime and take one seven-strength fruit at night."

    "Being patient is a virtue!"

    Zhang Tie warned him once again. After that, he forcefully swallowed his saliva and started to wander over Grey Hill with that huge weapon.

    Only after 1 hour, Zhang Tie had met a boar among the paper mulberries. After easily killing that boar, Zhang Tie broke its body and spread its fresh blood and innards everywhere. After that, Zhang Tie climbed onto a tall paper mulberry with this weapon and awaited there for his prey.

    Through these days of hunting, Zhang Tie had already found iron-teeth hyenas' habits. This animal was very sensitive to odors. Once they sniffed the bloody odor or smelly rotten meat, they would come for that from afar. This greatly increased Zhang Tie's hunting speed.

    The first batch of 8 iron-teeth hyenas arrived here after 20 minutes. What was waiting for them was needless to say.

    The second batch of iron-teeth hyenas made Zhang Tie wait over 3 hours. When the sun was at the highest point in the sky, this batch of 11 iron-teeth hyenas finally arrived.

    After hunting 19 iron-teeth hyenas with that dead boar, Zhang Tie was a bit satisfied.

    As too much fresh blood of iron-teeth hyenas was covering here, for cunning animals like iron-teeth hyenas who were very sensitive to the fresh blood of their kind, they would not come close easily.

    After killing the 2nd batch of iron-teeth hyenas, Zhang Tie carried that huge weapon as he dragged the disgusting dead boar being surrounded with flies and moved towards another place rapidly.

    That boar weighed about 100 kg. Although it was nothing for Zhang Tie, it was really disgusting. After killing it, Zhang Tie even broke its intestines and exposed it under the sun for a while. What a stink!

    After running less than 20 km with that dead boar, Zhang Tie almost vomited by its stink, not to mention those humming flies around it. Zhang Tie had never been surrounded by so many flies ever since he was born.

    However, Zhang Tie stood it for the latest seven-strength fruit.

    After running several kilometers, Zhang Tie finally loosed his grip. After staying away from the previous location, Zhang Tie threw the boar onto the Buckthorns. He then awaited quietly over 100 m away.

    Before the sun almost set off, Zhang Tie killed another batch of 16 iron-teeth hyenas in total with the help of this dead boar.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could kill 35 iron-teeth hyenas today. Therefore, he felt pretty satisfied. He estimated that after killing another 10-odd iron-teeth hyenas, the 3rd seven-strength fruit would grow ripe.

    This speed was really skyrocketing. However, this also indicated the terror of the animal tide over Grey Hill. A dead boar could attract 30-40 iron-teeth hyenas in one day. What a easy job! If it were another common LV 2 or LV 3 warrior, he would have long lost his life facing so many iron-teeth hyenas in one day.

    After chasing and killing the last iron-teeth hyena, Zhang Tie returned to his original place. Previously, he thought about taking one hind leg back to roast it at his foothold; however, at the sight of those eggs of flies which were surrounding the boar, Zhang Tie finally gave up his plan although he was a tough man.

    "Alright, no more trouble. I will eat some frozen meat of that huge deep-sea monster. Roasted huge deep-sea monster also tastes good." Zhang Tie muttered.

    After one day's work, Zhang Tie was covered with the smelly odor of the boar.

    With this stink, Zhang Tie returned to his foothold on the Grey Hill.

    When he came back, it was fully dark.

    The foothold was on one bank of a big river over Grey Hill. The river's width changed from 1 mile to 800 m. With limpid river water, it flew undulating across the greater part of the Grey Hill towards the ocean 50 km away.

    After coming to the riverside, Zhang Tie took off his clothes quickly and took a bath. After cleaning off that stink, Zhang Tie returned to his foothold.

    The foothold was in a mountain cave on the riverside.

    After picking up some dried firewood and weeds, Zhang Tie entered the cave and started to set a fire. After that, he took out a piece of flesh from that huge deep-sea monster and started to roast it...

    20 minutes later, the flesh started to suffuse a exquisite fragrance, making Zhang Tie drooling. The moment Zhang Tie wanted to eat it, he raised his ears as he took up that heavy crossbow and targeted it at that entrance.

    "Wow, someone is here..." A voice sounded outside the entrance. At the same time, a pioneer walked in. At the sight of Zhang Tie's weapon, he became stunned remarkably. After a short while, he responded with a kind smile as he shrugged his shoulders. Meanwhile, he revealed a mouthful of golden teeth, "After seeing the fire here, I came here. As it's dark now and I cannot find any suitable place in the neighborhood. Can I sleep one night here?"

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