Chapter 412: Dropping Teeth

    Chapter 412: Dropping Teeth

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    Each kind of fruit on that small tree had its special effect and would bring Zhang Tie different abilities and benefits; however, the only one that could grant Zhang Tie with the experience of the 'greatest life experience' was seven-strength fruit.

    After eating each seven-strength fruit, Zhang Tie could feel a baptism and a whole new and powerful improvement in his body.

    Seven-strength fruit constantly improved Zhang Tie's life experience.

    As LV 1 living beings, iron-teeth hyena was one level higher than wild wolf. They were greater than common wild wolves on strength and speed. However, after taking each iron-teeth hyena's seven-strength fruit, Zhang Tie would have one more iron-teeth hyena's full strength in his vitality.


    When Zhang Tie opened his eyes under the tree the next morning, he felt that something was in his mouth. After spitting it out, Zhang Tie saw 2 teeth falling onto the ground in front of him. "How come I drop off teeth at this age? What's happening? But I don't feel any pain at all!" Zhang Tie's curiosity arised.

    These were 2 bigger molars, Zhang Tie put his fingers inside his mouth and touched the 2 ends of the lower teeth. Surprisingly, 2 new teeth had already grown out over one night but were only half the size of the original ones. Although they were not fully grown, they had a good texture.

    "How come my teeth be replaced at this age? I don't even have my wisdom teeth fully grown." Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile. "Is it because of that seven-strength fruit that he eats yesterday?"

    At this moment, it was already dawn in Castle of Black Iron. As the time in Castle of Black Iron was synchronous with that of outside, Zhang Tie probably knew the time outside.

    Zhang Tie picked himself up from the ground, causing the cracking sound of his bones. Feeling that comfortable and powerful sense, Zhang Tie couldn't help but roar in Castle of Black Iron.

    He roared longer than 3 minutes. Zhang Tie found that his voice grew louder and louder; meanwhile, he found that his one breath could last longer. From the 2 aspects, Zhang Tie knew that his body had been much stronger than it was yesterday.

    He was instantly in a good mood.

    Hearing the roar, Heller and his 3 subordinates walked towards Zhang Tie. At the same time, Zhang Tie walked off the high platform from the small tree.

    "Castle Lord..." At the sight of Zhang Tie, Agan, Edward and Aziz had knelt down in front of him with full pleasure and started to kiss Zhang Tie's shoes in a humble way. These days, Zhang Tie always left Castle of Black Iron in the early morning and returned late in the night, which were different from their schedule; as a result, Agan, Edward and Aziz hadn't seen Zhang Tie these days.

    "Are you going to work now?"

    "Yes, Castle Lord, your earthworm number one could save a greater part of our time on farming work from today on!" Agan responded happily, "In this way, I will have time to build some more beautiful rooms for Castle Lord. I'm really sorry for the current rooms!"

    "I can also build some proper weapons for Castle Lord. If you like javelins, I will definitely make javelins that fit you the most! If you like crossbow, I will build the most powerful crossbow for you." Edward also revealed a smile.

    "If Castle Lord likes drinking, I can brew various good wines with the fruits here. I can make any drinks that you like!" Aziz added.

    Hearing their words, Zhang Tie suddenly remembered that they were not only qualified to be farmers. "But I've been taking them as laborers and coolies since they appear in Castle of Black Iron together with Heller. What a pity!" Zhang Tie sighed with emotions.

    Zhang Tie remembered that these 3 people were nothing different from true people, just like Heller. They should also eat food to sustain their physical energy consumption. Besides, they need to rest and sleep. "Given their piety, perhaps I should treat them better."

    "There are a lot of huge deep-sea monster's flesh in the ice cave of Castle of Black Iron. It tastes good and is beneficial to your health. From today on, you can have 1 kg of its flesh per week. This is my reward for your diligent work in Castle of Black Iron!" Zhang Tie said generously.

    Hearing this, Agan, Edward and Aziz were deeply moved that they even dropped off their tears.

    "Aziz, as you can brew wine, can you spare some time to share your drinks in Castle of Black Iron with the rest of people. Although being my servants, you should also have the flesh and wine so that I could have a face!"

    Receiving the task, Aziz was so thrilled that his face even turned red, "Trust me Castle Lord, I will not disappoint you. I wonder which wine do you like, my lord. If you can sip even a bit of wine that I brew, I would feel pretty honorable!"

    "What drinks can you brew then?" Zhang Tie asked seriously.

    "Any drink. I can brew any wine, red wine, beer, fruit wine, liquor, high wine, low wine. I can brew any wine with alcohol, total 5689 varieties. The processing methods are deeply imprinted in my soul and memory. As long as the raw materials and conditions are satisfied, I can brew any wine as you like!"

    It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that Aziz could brew 5689 drinks.

    "How many kinds?" Zhang Tie raised his voice at once.

    "5689!" Aziz became a bit restless, "Castle Lord, do you think that I cannot satisfy your demand?"

    Zhang Tie stared at Aziz, "No, you're very good. Just brew whatever you want with the raw materials and conditions here!"


    When the 3 servants left politely and started to do their works, Heller walked closer.

    "Castle Lord, how are you feeling about the new teeth?"

    "You know that?"

    "I've told you that I know everything that happens here!"

    "I was going to ask you why. How come it happened over one night? I'm not a kid!" Zhang Tie rubbed his cheeks and added with a faintly gloomy look, "Because of the seven-strength fruit?"

    "Yes, it's because of the seven-strength fruit. Iron-teeth hyenas have completed a round of evolution on the basis of common wild hyenas. They have a very sharp teeth and could almost bit through any animals' bones in Ice and Snow Wildness. The power of teeth indicates the power of the marrow of this animal. Teeth is the external symbol of the strength of marrow of living beings. Similarly, when human grow old, they would drop teeth. It's because of the exhausting strength of marrow inside human body. Conversely, if a human's strength of marrow starts to grow, he would have new teeth! The growth cycle of each human's teeth is closely related to his strength of marrow."

    Hearing this explanation, Zhang Tie understood it right away. After eating that seven-strength fruit of iron-teeth hyenas, Zhang Tie had combined that special great strength into his strength of marrow. This strength of iron-teeth hyena was 40% greater than that of 2 common wild wolves.

    "If so, why didn't this happen after I ate the seven-strength fruits of wild wolves?"

    "At this time, the strength of marrow in the 9 seven-strength fruits of wild wolves that you've eaten has not reached the limit of your body. After breaking this limit, some vital signs and natural changes would appear on your body like how some withered woods could sprout after being stroked by lightning bolts. Everything was concerning about energy. As long as the energy surpasses some critical point, qualitative changes would happen!"

    "You mean the strength of marrow in the 2nd seven-strength fruit of iron-teeth hyenas have just broken through that critical point in my body?"

    "You got it!"

    "I will not become a monster, right?" Zhang Tie changed his face, "I will not have teeth like that of iron-teeth hyenas, right? If so, I would have never eaten it. I don't want to be taken as a monster as long as I open my mouth!"

    "No, Castle Lord, you think too much!" Heller smiled, "However, because of the powerful strength of marrow in your body, the new teeth are truly different than before to a certain degree, although they will not make you a monster with terrifying teeth. You will know about it in the future. From now on, your old teeth might get replaced with new ones any time! In a couple of days, you will have all your teeth replaced."

    Hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie became reassured. However, before leaving Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie found a mirror and checked his new teeth carefully.

    The two new molars looked like the most expensive ceramic whitewares that were carried from East Continent. Besides being white, bright and clean, they were nothing different than common human teeth. Although Zhang Tie's previous teeth were also tidy and white, they were still dwarfed by the 2 new teeth.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could have a pair of more beautiful teeth besides improving his fighting strength. He wondered whether he could experience a change in his image and body when the other strengths of seven-strength fruits of iron-teeth hyenas break through his critical points. He was curious whether he would look completely different than before like which was always described in the legends. "Donder have mentioned this special situation about cultivators. I wonder whether I'm experiencing such situation or not." a thought flashed across Zhang Tie's mind.

    After a second, Zhang Tie had given up this question, as long as he didn't become a monster or a person who was totally different than before, it would be acceptable.

    Before leaving Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie sent an order in mind, letting 5000 earthworms climb out of the soil. When he wanted to find some package to hold them and take them out, he heard Heller's voice.

    "Castle Lord, are you going to take these earthworms outside?"


    "That's simple. When you come out, you only need to lock these earthworms with your spiritual energy through the teleportation door of Castle of Black Iron. After that, you can order them to climb out themselves; no need to take them out by yourself!"

    "What? But I remember you told me that all the animals should be carried by me to access the teleportation door."

    "This rule remains unchanged. However, for new species in Castle of Black Iron that were made by you, you are their owner both mentally and spiritually. From a perspective, you're their god. As long as you open the teleportation door for them, you will have them follow your will. The Castle of Black Iron will also follow your will and have them leave here by themselves. You don't have to take them away yourself."

    "I see!" Zhang Tie smiled, "Well, good luck to me!"

    "That guy who chased after you could find you on Grey Hill, it indicates that he had special methods or talents in this aspect. You'd better take care of yourself, my lord!"

    Zhang Tie nodded before leaving Castle of Black Iron. He reappeared in the hole of the red willow on the riverside which he entered last night. Over one night, with growing spiritual energy, Zhang Tie found that he could also sense the situation outside Castle of Black Iron through the marvelous teleportation door at the cost of spiritual energy although being in Castle of Black Iron.

    Now, Zhang Tie could sense the situation of 5 or 6 meters outside Castle of Black Iron. Within this range, Zhang Tie's spiritual feelings were very real. If any human or animal was in the neighborhood, he could definitely find it. But it didn't work out of the range. Although this was a small progress, it greatly increased Zhang Tie's safety when he left Castle of Black Iron.

    With his spiritual feeling, Zhang Tie could feel a hedgehog beside the huge red willow. However, the tree hole was still safe. After checking it, Zhang Tie reappeared in the tree hole at once. At sight of Zhang Tie appearing in the tree hole out of nowhere, the hedgehog got scared so much that it shrunk to be a thorny ball.

    Right in the tree hole, Zhang Tie called 5000 earthworms number one out of Castle of Black Iron. The moment those earthworms climbed out of Castle of Black Iron, they had started to drill into the soft soil forcefully.

    The soil on the riverside was both wet and soft, which was very suitable to the growth of earthworms.

    Zhang Tie brought this new species into this world for the first time. At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't know what did this mean. He sent a supreme order in mind to those earthworms--on the premise of ensuring your safety, try your best to reproduce! I grant this parcel of land to you for your reproduction! Go conceive it, my cute earthworm army!

    Although earthworms didn't speak, they still gave a feedback signal of pleasure and excitement to Zhang Tie.

    Watching the last earthworm drilling into the soft soil by creeping its body Zhang Tie left.

    The sun had just come out; the riverside was still covered with fog. Zhang Tie drilled out of the fog and started to run towards the hill in the far.


    2 days later, at noon...

    The moment Zhang Tie killed some iron-teeth hyenas who were wandering nearby the grassland, he had heard a grim sneer from the shrubs on his left rear.

    With that jarring sound, Dawson from Demon Snake Island appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was not holding that heavy metal crossbow anymore; instead, he was holding a long saber.

    At the sight of Dawson, Zhang Tie was not flurried at all; instead, he was very calm. After turning around, he watched Dawson's mouthful of golden-capped teeth with a cold look.

    "Brat, I will see where you can run this time." Dawson revealed a look that he was going to peer and engulf Zhang Tie alive, "I will pull off your teeth one after another; and let you swallow them. After that, I will cut off your tongue; in the next, I will play you 1 week. Trust me, as payment for being played, I will definitely make you die with great pain!"

    Zhang Tie smiled, revealing a mouthful of snow-white, tidy and close teeth, "You cannot pull off my teeth easily!"

    "Brat, don't play tricks any more, do you think that you can escape from me today?" Dawson revealed a sneer, "Even you are a powerful LV 7 fighter, you're still a loser in front of a LV 10 fighter. The difference between you and me is decisive. I'm already a 2-star strong fighter who's ignited 62 surging points. Do you think that you can escape this time without any assistant?"

    "I wonder how you find me so fast on Grey Hill!"

    "Do you think that I will tell you?" Dawson grinned with dissatisfaction.

    "If so, show me your power as a 2-star strong fighter who's ignited 62 surging points."

    Zhang Tie didn't escape this time; instead, he rushed towards Dawson...
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