Chapter 413: Heavy Wounds

    Chapter 413: Heavy Wounds

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    Zhang Tie's action really shocked Dawson, who was irritated in a split second.

    If a mouse rushed towards a cat instead of escaping away when it caught sight of a cat, it was actually posing a defiance to cat.

    Dawson was driven extremely furious as he forced a sneer, "You're looking for death!"

    If Zhang Tie did this when he was only LV 7, he was truly looking for death; however, Zhang Tie had fully lit the 16th surging point on his spine and was lighting the 17th surging point. This indicated that he had lit 4 more surging points than that he had done when he was LV 7. Additionally, he ate 3 seven-strength fruits of iron-teeth hyenas on Grey Hill and had fought the huge deep-sea monster in the trouble-reappearance fruit several times. As a result, he understood how to use Iron-Blood Fist in a better way.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie wanted to know the difference between him and a 2-star fighter who had lit 62 surging points.

    If a person could not face his fear or a really powerful enemy, he would not make progress.

    Zhang Tie intended to use Iron-Blood Fist by sword this time.

    Dawson also had a weapon. He was wearing a pale blue metal glove on each hand. They looked pretty grim. The moment the fought began, Dawson had already grabbed Zhang Tie's long sword and his face with his weird claws. What a insidious movement!

    Zhang Tie slashed his sword towards Dawson's neck with the powerful Qi of Iron-Blood Fist. After cutting through the air, it caused a loud booming sound as it was colliding with Dawson's pale blue glove.

    Zhang Tie's attack was very powerful and out of Dawson's expectation. The moment Dawson touched Zhang Tie's sword, his smile froze. With a shocking look, he was forced 3 steps back. Besides, his hand became slightly numb. Meanwhile, Dawson's claw missed too.

    Zhang Tie became a bit disappointed. He was intending to chop off Dawson's hand; however, he had not imagined that Dawson's pale blue glove was so powerful that it prevented him from any harms. Additionally, Zhang Tie felt that his sword didn't touch Dawson's hand at all; instead, it crashed with a battle Qi over Dawson's glove, which was still several centimeters away from Dawson's hand.

    When Zhang Tie was chased after in the Dragon Cave, he had realized that a LV 10 strong fighter had completely opened his Qi sea and was able to release battle Qi without having to touch the opponent. However, it was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that besides off-body strike, a LV 10 strong fighter could cover human body and weapon to resist enemy's strike. A LV 10 strong fighter had been much more powerful than a LV 9 fighter only on the usage of battle Qi. LV 10 strong fighters had so many skills on using their battle Qi. No wonder those people said that it was the real beginning of cultivation only when you entered LV 10.

    Zhang Tie was also sent flying back in the air by Dawson's huge strength. Dawson only moved 3 steps back; however, Zhang Tie moved about 10 m away in the air. Seeing the dense luster of battle Qi over Dawson's pale blue glove, Zhang Tie didn't escape; instead, he launched the second round of strike. The unrivaled battle Qi of Iron-Blood Fist boiled in Zhang Tie's blood vessels. The moment Zhang Tie's feet touched the ground, he thrust against the ground forcefully at once causing a small pit, with the help of that great counter-force, Zhang Tie rushed towards Dawson like a flying bolt once again.

    In a split second, Dawson's killing intent boiled. What a terrifying opponent! A 2-star LV 10 strong fighter was forced 3 steps back by a guy below LV 10; this was impossible and definitely a shame! Additionally, Dawson felt chilly when he saw Zhang Tie rushing towards him with that extremely powerful battle will and his icy yet unswerving belief in his eyes. "If this teenager is already so powerful at this age, what would he be when he grow up?"

    Dawson knew it well that before becoming a powerful fighter, the key point was that this person had to have an unswerving powerful belief and will when facing any powerful enemies instead of having any powerful fighting skills or secret knowledge. This was the ladder towards the peak. Besides Zhang Tie's unbelievable fighting strength, Dawson was frightened by Zhang Tie's high spirit and will to be a powerful fighter.

    Therefore, Dawson didn't plan to keep Zhang Tie alive this time regardless of Zhang Tie's current level. If he left Zhang Tie alive this time, he was afraid that this teenager would match him on fighting strength, even surpass him in the near future. If so, he would be killed then. As for cunning enemies with a great growth potential, Demon Snake Island would always kill them as soon as possible, leaving not a single chance to him.

    At this moment, Dawson became especially serious about the fight.

    "Go to hell!" With a muffled voice, Dawson released his pale blue battle Qi; it formed a huge yet grim claw and stroke towards Zhang Tie's chest.

    "Kill!" Zhang Tie had already exerted his full effort in throwing his long sword towards Dawson before that pale blue battle Qi reached in front of him.

    The long sword turned into a white light after it left Zhang Tie's hand and flew towards Dawson's chest after crossing that bright huge claw.

    Zhang Tie did this because he realized that there was no difference on speed and power between throwing long sword and throwing javelin in this short distance. For powerhouses at Zhang Tie's level, it was almost like fighting with bayonets by using this fighting method.

    The moment Zhang Tie threw out his long sword, Dawson's claw of battle Qi had already reached Zhang Tie's chest. Zhang Tie could not dodge it; instead, he punched that claw.

    After breaking the air, the long sword caused a shrill wind, together with the muffling sound between Zhang Tie's punch and Dawson's battle Qi and a sound of tearing clothes.

    After this resonance, the two people stopped as they watched the opponent with a distance of over 10 m.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's mouth corners was bleeding. Although he had destroyed that battle Qi, he was wounded at the same time. Besides his innards being hurt, his right sleeve had been boomed into ashes, leaving many bleeding wounds over his arm like being cut by broken glass.

    Dawson was still standing at the original place. It seemed that he had not even moved at all. However, a breach longer than 30 cm was made on the position under his armpit while Zhang Tie's long sword completely sunk into the ground 30 m away, exposing its handle.

    Zhang Tie wiped off the blood at his mouth corners by his left hand while glaring at Dawson with the same ferocious battle intention. Dawson lowered his head to check his broken clothes as he looked pretty calm.

    "You bring me surprise each time. It's really out of my imagination. It's my first time to see such an opponent!" Dawson raised his head as he told Zhang Tie with an extremely calm voice.

    "Really?" Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "But I don't think it's surprising enough; if not, my long sword should have penetrated through your heart and nailed you on the ground!"

    "I agree that you almost made it!" Dawson watched Zhang Tie with the same calm tongue. At the same time, his eyes became as narrow as needles, "You can release a fierce sonic boom with your long sword in such a short distance, if I were a strong fighter who had just lit 55 surging points, I might have been killed by you. What a pity! I've consolidated my rank completely. Your attack is useless to me!"

    "Just wait!"

    "You are very confident. But do you know what real strong fighters mean? The alleged strong fighter refers to those who could completely surpass LV 9 fighters from all aspects. Although LV 9 fighters could launch sonic boom with some weapons, causing a huge destructive force and power, we strong fighters could break through sonic barrier ourselves in an extremely short period and distance. It's a essential difference between LV 9 fighters and LV 10 strong fighters. Besides, strong fighters have a great perception on weapons which draw close to them. All the sonic booms are useless to strong fighters!"

    "You've not seen the fastest throwing speed!" Zhang Tie's battle intention was not disrupted by Dawson's words; instead, he was still full of confidence. Zhang Tie had seen hope from this strike. Compared to that his flying javelin was easily dodged by that strong fighter of Zhen family in the Dragon Cave, Zhang Tie knew that he was closer to the target. He almost killed Dawson just now. His throwing speed had been much faster than before.

    "Actually, do you think the destructive force between one-time the speed of sound transmission and two-times the speed of sound transmission is the same? Although my sonic boom strike is only one time that of sound transmission, do you think that you can still dodge away when my throwing speed reach twice or thrice the speed of sound transmission? Do you think that your alleged great dodging speed is still be useful by then?

    "Hahaha..." Dawson smiled, "You're right. If you can release a flying sword twice the speed of sound transmission, I truly would not easily dodge. Actually, if you raise the speed of your flying sword by 20%, I would not doge away. However, fighters have physical limits. Nobody could break through this limit. You might have reached your physical limit. I've not heard that any fighter could release a sonic boom strike above twice the speed of sound transmission. You are not bad! If not provoking us, you might have a chance to be a strong fighter in the future. Pitifully, too many young men like you are too self-righteous. Finally, you will lose your life because of this."

    "I feel I am living quite well and I will live long!" Zhang Tie responded with a smile.

    "Really?" Dawson narrowed his pupils once again, "Let's call it an end today!"

    The moment Dawson finished his words, he had already reached in front of Zhang Tie. Although Zhang Tie had been preparing for that by activating a rune effect of his rapid moving skill, Dawson's speed was still out of Zhang Tie's imagination. If Zhang Tie rushed towards him like a bolt just now, Dawson was a bolt himself. He had already moved almost 10 m and appeared in front of Zhang Tie in less than 0.1 second. He directly pointed towards Zhang Tie's heart with his illuminating glove. It was a fierce strike of strength and speed. As long as he touched Zhang Tie, he would undoubtedly scoop out Zhang Tie's heart.

    When in fight, the effect of rapid moving skill would drop by 80%, thanks to the remaining approximate 20% effect of rapid moving skill. Zhang Tie could move 24% faster than before and dodged away. Otherwise, Zhang Tie might have been heavily wounded.

    The moment Zhang Tie dodged away, he saw Dawson punching him with another fist. This time, Zhang Tie could not dodge at all; therefore, he directly boomed Dawson's glove which was covered with 1 m-thick battle Qi.

    After a shock on innards, Zhang Tie felt like spitting out blood; however, he forcefully swallowed it back. Dawson's battle Qi was very sharp and aggressive. Zhang Tie felt that Dawson's battle Qi intended to drill into his body; thankfully, his iron-blood battle Qi was unrivaled. When the battle Qi intended to invade along his arm, it had been torn apart by Zhang Tie's iron-blood battle Qi. Even though, Zhang Tie's arm was still covered with many wounds.

    "Which battle Qi are you practicing?" Seeing Zhang Tie dissolving his battle Qi by hand, Dawson was shocked inside. Actually Dawson was also practicing a senior battle Qi. For inferior fighters, if they were boomed by Dawson's battle Qi, they would be invaded by his battle Qi. As a result, all their blood vessels would break. If a inferior fighter who was not invaded by his battle Qi while booming against it by hand, the only possibility was that he was practicing a more powerful battle Qi than Dawson. Only top battle Qi could prevent the invasion of Dawson's battle Qi at a lower level.

    After knowing that Zhang Tie was practicing the top battle Qi, Dawson became more decisive in killing Zhang Tie. "This man is too dangerous. I will kill him. If not, he would definitely be a great trouble for Demon Snake Island in the future."

    Zhang Tie didn't prepare to answer Dawson's question at all. The moment Zhang Tie started to fight this really strong fighter in such a short distance, he felt the great fighting strength of the latter. Zhang Tie realized that he could never deal with such a powerful fighter at all in such a short distance. Besides rich fighting experiences, Dawson's attacking speed was also advantageous. What was more difficult for Zhang Tie was that Dawson could release his battle Qi in the air. Therefore, before Zhang Tie's punch reached him, Dawson's battle Qi had already struck on Zhang Tie's body.

    Thankfully, Zhang Tie had enlightened "one step, one scene" and super high spiritual energy which could help him capture Dawson's moving traces; besides he had activated his rapid moving skill which increased his moving speed by 24%; otherwise, Zhang Tie had long been killed by Dawson in a wink.

    However, Zhang Tie was still reluctantly defensive against the attack of Dawson. After 10 more rounds, Zhang Tie's shoulder was boomed by Dawson's battle Qi. Zhang Tie knew that it was impossible for him to defeat Dawson in such a short distance based on his fighting strength. The only efficient way to deal with Dawson was using his flying javelins, which was Zhang Tie's most powerful weapon.

    Zhang Tie started to move back rapidly along with Dawson's strike...

    The moment he moved back, Zhang Tie had increased his moving speed by 120% due to the full effect of the rapid moving skill. In a split second, Zhang Tie had been dozens meters away and was leaving increasingly faster.

    Noticing that Zhang Tie was going to escape, Dawson grinned as he instantly followed up.

    In Dawson's opinion, he could definitely catch up with Zhang Tie sooner or later. However, gradually, he found that he was totally wrong. Zhang Tie was moving as fast as a super sportscar. In a blink of eye, Zhang Tie's moving speed had surpassed 100 km/h. Dawson had not seen any LV 9 fighter running so fast. Even most of the new strong fighters could not run so fast.

    As a strong fighter, Dawson could truly move faster than sonic transmission speed in an extremely short period and distance such as booming Zhang Tie or dodging away from Zhang Tie's booms; however, if he could keep chasing after Zhang Tie at such a high speed, he would almost be a knight; instead of a strong fighter.

    Dawson used all his efforts to chase after Zhang Tie; however, his best mark was 30 m; after that, the distance between him and Zhang Tie grew longer and longer.

    When they were about 50 m away from each other, Dawson gritted his teeth as he took out an egg-sized iron bead and threw towards Zhang Tie without saying anything...

    Like how Dawson had not imagined that Zhang Tie could bring him so many surprises, Zhang Tie didn't imagine that this round-table warrior could also throw a secret weapon at sonic transmission speed either.

    Before Zhang Tie heard the sound, he felt a sharp wind arriving from behind. Before dodging away, Zhang Tie's back had already been struck by that item.

    After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Zhang Tie tried to keep calm before passing out. Gritting his teeth, Zhang Tie changed the direction; after accelerating 70-80 m forward in a faster speed, Zhang Tie jumped off a cliff in front of him...

    Dawson rushed over there closely after him. Seeing Zhang Tie rolling down the cliff, he thought for awhile; but finally he didn't jump off after him.

    It was a bottomless valley under the cliff. Even during the daytime, the sunshine could still not reach the bottom. Dawson saw mist rolling 1000 m below, making it a bit gloomy. Unless carrying a parachute, if he had jumped off from here, he would have fallen into pieces even as a strong fighter.

    Zhang Tie soon disappeared in the mist...

    "F*ck!" Dawson's face turned gloomy. If it were anybody else, Dawson was sure that guy would die by doing this; however, when he thought about Peter, his heart started to pound. Without seeing his corpse, he would never be reassured.

    After looking downwards at the direction of the valley and surrounding terrain, Dawson turned and left here soon...

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