Chapter 415: A Wretched Tactic

    Chapter 415: A Wretched Tactic

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    In Zhang Tie's eyes, demon rat ran faster than any other animals on the ground. They were definitely charging towards him like lightning bolts. Even many powerhouses above LV 6 could not match demon rats on speed and sensitiveness in a short distance.

    High moving speed was the terror of demon rats.

    Thankfully, Zhang Tie was in the middle of the pond. There was still a distance of about 30 meters between him and those demon rats, which the latter could not surpass easily. As a result, Zhang Tie took the water as his last reliance.

    Zhang Tie had been heavily wounded; therefore, he could only perform 10% of his total fighting strength. The 2 parties both had their own limits.

    More demon rats pounced into water from the bank and swam towards Zhang Tie with bloody brutal eyes. Zhang Tie was standing on the stone and waving his double-carp sword; he tried to kill them before they arrived at the stone.

    With his full effort, Zhang Tie could only push out 2-m long sword Qi out of the 6-m long slim sword blades, which could only protect himself and that stone.

    The sharp blades helped Zhang Tie a lot. Although the demon rats' furs were as smooth as oil yet they were cut open the moment they touched the blades without any exception.

    The injuries of the same kind drove the remaining demon rats more restless and crazier. Being simulated by this, they dashed towards Zhang Tie one after another, regardless of the injuries.

    After 2 hours of battle, the water around the stone had turned blood-red while many dead demon rats were floating above the water. Even Zhang Tie didn't know how many demon rats had he killed. He estimated that the figure was about 300-400.

    Zhang Tie also suffered injuries. Zhang Tie's feet were bitten several times; additionally, his arms and waist were left with blood stains of demon rats' claws. If not for his preliminary recovery body, Zhang Tie could not stick to the end of this 2-h battle at all. Even so, after killing 300-400 demon rats, Zhang Tie's sword blades were only a bit longer than 1 m, half of that before. They were nothing different than 2 common long swords. He could not make it longer at this moment.

    Gradually, the demon rats stopped their attack when the pond was covered with the corpses of those demon rats.

    Zhang Tie panted heavily as he was kneeling on the stone with one leg; meanwhile, he was glaring at those demon rats on the bank. If Zhang Tie was in a good condition, he could fight 2 days ceaselessly without even a wink. However, at this moment, Zhang Tie felt very tired. Each time he waved his double-carp sword, he felt a sharp pain all over his body, especially on his back where Dawson had struck him.

    After those demon rats stopped their attack for a while, Zhang Tie thought that this battle finally came to an end. Right then, a slightly smaller demon rat with purple-black fur walked out of the crowded demon rats. Coming to the bank, he watched Zhang Tie.

    When it appeared, all the other demon rats gave a way to him while they all put their eyes on it.

    Although it was a beast, Zhang Tie could still sense the killing intent in its eyes.

    "Is it the head?" Zhang Tie wanted to sneer. However, the moment he moved his mouth, he realized that he was very thirsty...

    "Zhi...zhi...zhi..." That special demon rat stood up with its hindquarter and raised its head. Closely after it all the other demon rats' squeaked along with it.

    Zhang Tie became alert at once. Observably, they were not singing for him. "I was told that they had a good memory about their enemies. As I've killed so many of their partners, I wonder what other tactics could they apply."

    Some more demon rats flashed out once again. When Zhang Tie thought that these demon rats could swim towards him like the previous ones, he was really scared by their actions this time. They were stepping onto the corpses of their partners and had come closer to Zhang Tie by jumping only 3 or 4 times.

    "Wow, f*ck! Leapfrog skill..." Zhang Tie swore loudly as he hurriedly cut some demon rats into pieces with his double-carp sword in the air.

    More and more demon rats started to adopt leapfrog skill. Without having to touch water, they had come closer to him. In this method, they could attack Zhang Tie several times faster.

    Zhang Tie knew that he had to utmost his full strength to fight them. "These demon rats are so smart." Perhaps they have already been ready for plan B when they swam towards him at the beginning.

    Only after 10 minutes, although Zhang Tie killed dozens more demon rats, he suffered more wounds this time than he did 10 minutes before.

    Thankfully, they were all slight wounds which didn't influence his movement. With rich fighting experiences, Zhang Tie dodged away from their attacks on all the fatal positions of his body.

    Feeling a sharp wind at ear, Zhang Tie turned around and found another bloody scratch on his neck which was close to his shoulder. "What a fast attack!" If Zhang Tie didn't suffer any wounds at this moment, he could easily deal with it; however, it almost cut open the main artery on his neck.

    It was that purple-black demon rat. It didn't leave; instead, it started to dash on the corpses of its soldiers around the stone like stepping on level land. At the same time, it glared at Zhang Tie with its bloody eyes, seemingly seeking for Zhang Tie's loopholes and preparing to give a final strike to Zhang Tie.

    "D*mn, is that a rat?" Zhang Tie was shocked inside. Seeing increasingly more rats charging towards him in a crazier way. Zhang Tie felt it more difficult to deal with them. "Is this father, a living person, going to be troubled or killed by a group of rats? No way!"

    "What to do? What to do? What to do?"

    All of a sudden, Zhang Tie's heart raced as he caught sight of that pond in front of him. He almost slapped himself ferociously. "What an idiot! Am I a fool after being struck by Dawson the d**chebag? Although I've just came out of water, I could also come back. I was recovering myself just now; but I can survive myself this time. Although those demon rats could attack me by leapfrog skill, I could become a frog. I don't believe that they could bit off my ass in water!"

    After glancing at that pond full of dead demon rats, Zhang Tie tried his best to be not get disgusted. At the same time, he ferociously slashed his sword. After killing another 2 demon rats, he instantly jumped into the water.

    Zhang Tie's response was out of all the demon rats' imagination. In a split second, all the demon rats started to utter shrill sounds.

    When that purple-black demon rat flashed towards him and prepared to give Zhang Tie another strike, Zhang Tie slightly moved in water and dived in the depth 67-m at once. After that, he faintly swayed his hands to suspend himself in water.

    Zhang Tie raised his head and found many demon rats had jumped into water, aiming to find him in the water. Some put their heads in the water. Although they glared at Zhang Tie with bloody eyes and wanted to dive in, they could only reach half a meter in depth no matter how they waved their claws and tails.

    Watching all this, Zhang Tie finally relieved with a big smile. As he had imagined, although many animals with claws could swim, only few of them could dive. According to Zhang Tie's knowledge, he knew that only some bears could dive into water for fish in cold areas. Although demon rats could swim, they could not dive. However, as the most intelligent animal, of course human could dive better than rats.

    Seeing so many dead demon rats above water, Zhang Tie really felt disgusted about this, especially about the bloody odour and the floating intestines and organs of demon rats.

    Zhang Tie felt that he was floating in a pot full of rat soup which savages only drunk.

    Whereas, no matter what, Zhang Tie had to survive.

    Seeing their bellies in water, Zhang Tie revealed an insidious smile. He silently swam upwards. When he was 1 m away from a demon rat, he triggered his blades and cut open a deep wound from its neck to its belly; soon after that, he swam away...

    In only a couple of minutes, Zhang Tie had killed 10 more demon rats; however, they could not even touch him at all.

    Zhang Tie became so delightful about this. "Thanks to the great diving skill that I've practiced in Hidden Dragon Island, I can finally save my own life and snatch a victory out of defeat."

    Launching a sneak attack towards a rat under water...oh, no, demon rats. Although being a bit disgusting and wretched, I think it is a very efficient tactic. Teenagers are always wretched.

    The demon rats swam back onto the bank. Zhang Tie then exposed his head out of water to take some fresh air, he found that those demon rats were still glaring at him.

    The demon rats then jumped into the water; Zhang Tie dove back and continued to cut open their bellies.

    After several rounds, more corpses floated above water. When Zhang Tie exposed his head above water once again, he did not find even a single demon rat around the banks. Probably those demon rats finally realized that they could not get any benefits by doing this with Zhang Tie, not to mention to gnaw Zhang Tie; therefore, they left...

    Zhang Tie climbed back and threw himself onto the stone. Feeling exhausted both physically and spiritually, Zhang Tie watched that pond full of dead demon rats and suddenly felt like vomiting; however, he didn't even have the strength to vomit...


    Gradually, the skyline over his head had turned pale. Lying on the stone, Zhang Tie felt a shock in his mind while his bumpy spiritual energy recovered like the water level after storm.

    Zhang Tie attempted to lock that marvelous arch door in his mind with his spiritual energy. He made it and entered Castle of Black Iron without any hesitation.

    "Castle Lord..." Zhang Tie saw that Heller have long been waiting there for him with a solemn look.

    "I know what you're going to talk about. I only want to have a rest. Talk about it later when I wake up!" Zhang Tie waved his hand in a tired way.

    Heller didn't say anything. After bowing towards Zhang Tie, he left.

    Zhang Tie instantly drunk a bottle of 200 ml all-purpose medicament. After that, he took off his wet clothes. After a short bath, he returned to his room. Covering himself with the quilt, he fell asleep immediately.

    The all-purpose medicament instantly took effect on Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie soon felt a warm and agile flow inside. In a few minutes, Zhang Tie had recovered his heart beats, fever and fallen asleep like dozing off in spring...


    Outside the room, Heller was standing below the high platform of that small tree. Watching the sky in Castle of Black Iron gradually turning bright in synchronous with that outside, Heller muttered, "What an obtrusive Castle Lord! Low-end fighting skills like Iron-Blood Fist develops from the human knowledge in Bronze Age which was discovered tens of thousands years ago indeed made people easily puzzled. In Bronze Age, there was no real powerful people or hero; instead, there were only some average people who desired for the glorious gods to control everything..." After saying this, Heller drew down in the air with his hands. As a result, like drawing down a curtain, Castle of Black Iron entered deep darkness once again...


    However, at the same time, Dawson was in a valley which was a hundred miles away from Zhang Tie's place. After wandering there over one night, he found that he was back at the original point. He finally collapsed mentally as he roared.

    "Who the motherf*cker will tell me where I am? Argh..."

    Receiving no one's response, his voice attracted a pack of iron-teeth hyenas who were staring at him, drooling off their saliva...

    Meanwhile, a huge eagle was hovering in the sky...

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