Chapter 417: Great Wildness Sutra

    Chapter 417: Great Wildness Sutra

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    Although demon rats flashed like lightning bolts, Zhang Tie's double-carp swords were faster.

    The silver carp blade encountered a purple-black demon rat in the air. Before the rat left any wound on Zhang Tie's neck, it had been cut open by the silver carp blade less than 2 m away; after spurting a blood mist, it fell down the ground.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that the first demon rat that he killed in the mountain cave was the "head". This demon rat indeed moved faster. The moment he saw Zhang Tie, it had already started to launch an attack. As a result, it was exploded by Zhang Tie's sword.

    Although demon rats were smart, the head rat still couldn't figure out how that guy who was chased into the water by them about 30 hours ago to kill became so sharp.

    Of course, Zhang Tie didn't need to explain anything to those demon rats; instead, he just waved his gold carp and silver carp swords rapidly.

    Under the force of iron-blood battle Qi, the blades of gold carp sword and silver carp sword had been fully extended. The sword Qi reached 6 m away. The sword Qi was as agile as water while a golden carp and a silver carp were swimming happily in it. Everywhere they reached would arouse a lot of bloody ripples.

    Seeing their head being killed, all the remaining demon rats became furious. They started to attack Zhang Tie completely out of mind. However, after 1.5 days, Zhang Tie had completely recovered from his heavy wounds while his swimming golden and silver carp swords became an insuperable barrier for those demon rats.

    As the sword Qi of double-carp swords reached 6 m away. Besides that head rat at the beginning, no other magical rats could reach Zhang Tie within two meters.

    If someone who didn't know about fighting skills watched this fight, he might be amazed with what he saw. Because Zhang Tie was absolutely like a magician who released his magics in the water. As long as he waved his hands, he would make numerous golden or silver carps out of his swords handles and send them into the demon rats, arousing blood mists.

    Since he obtained the 2 swords in Heavens Cold City, Zhang Tie had been able to use one sword to attack and another to defend when in fight.

    As Zhang Tie barely used such high-end weapons by 2 hands at the same time, he could only try his best to coordinate them. It was more powerful to use the 2 swords at the same time than only 1 sword. However, he could not use them perfectly at the present. In the eyes of real powerhouses, Zhang Tie might still have problems on the continuity and coordination of this set of double-carp swords. Whereas, it was enough for Zhang Tie to use double-carp swords to deal with those demon rats.

    In less than 10 minutes, when the last demon rat's head was cut open by the double-carp swords, the entire mountain cave recovered its calm once again.

    The ground was covered with dead demon rats while their blood was flowing everywhere. For those demon rats who wanted to engulf Zhang Tie, he didn't spare any sympathy to them. After doing that, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh inside.

    With another adjustment of his iron-blood battle Qi, Zhang Tie narrowed the length of his sword blades from 6 m to 1 m, causing a mellow buzz. They looked like common long swords as the thin and smooth blades slightly swayed in the air. After watching it for a while, Zhang Tie found no blood stains or defects over them at all.

    "What great swords!"

    Zhang Tie highly praised inside. "This pair of double-carp swords are better than the red-snake sword that I have used before."

    Because it was impossible for demon rats to live together with other animals and nobody was here, Zhang Tie hung the double-carp swords back onto his waistband.

    "Castle Lord, those demon rats tastes nice; their furs are also useful. Why not take them in Castle of Black Iron? After a short treatment, we might use them in the future!"

    Heller's voice sounded in Zhang Tie's mind at this moment. Glancing over the demon rats over the ground, Zhang Tie found each of them weighed about 10-20 kg. "As those in the pond are too disgusting, I will not take them; but it's really pitiful to leave these fleshes and furs here. Now that they are useful and nobody has seen that, I will put them away."

    Zhang Tie picked up all the dead demon rats and threw them directly into the underground ice cave in Castle of Black Iron. Plus their furs and bones, they might weigh around 5000-6000 kg in total. "I will have Agan deal with them."

    Previously, Zhang Tie planned to leave this mountain cave after he killed these demon rats and made the last demon rat grow mature; however, now that he knew that someone might have lived here before, out of curiosity, Zhang Tie continued to walk inside.

    Someone indeed lived in this mountain cave before. Only after a few steps, Zhang Tie had already seen some artificial stony rooms. Some undying fluorite lamps were hanging on the walls, radiating a greenish luster. In one room, Zhang Tie found some simple living products like bottles and jars, which had been covered with dirt or were completely rotted. Only after a glance at them, Zhang Tie had left.

    This mountain cave was not deep. After walking 70-80 m, Zhang Tie had already reached its bottom, where he saw some stony stages winding upwards like whelks. Zhang Tie then walked upwards along the stony stages.

    There was another huge space above the stony stages. The moment Zhang Tie arrived there, he had already seen an artificial room. Some water-drops were dripping off the stalactites on the roof. A natural, philosophical small pond formed outside the room. A bundle of sunlight cast from a crack on one side of the mountain cave, making it much brighter down there.

    "Sunlight, fresh air, clean water. If there's anything precious in this mountain cave, it must be in this room." Zhang Tie muttered.

    There were many stony room in the mountain cave; however, only the one in front of him had a stony gate. Zhang Tie then walked in front of that stony gate. After a slight push, Zhang Tie had already opened it, causing a cracking sound. At the same time, a lot of dust dropped off from the top of the gate. Zhang Tie hurriedly dodged away. After that, Zhang Tie walked in this stony room.

    The moment he entered the room, Zhang Tie saw a skeleton sitting on the stony bed. Besides a stony bed and a stony table, most of the other items in the room had been rotten.

    Out of curiosity, Zhang Tie came to the front of that skeleton on the stony bed. The skeleton's clothes had been covered with dust. Zhang Tie could not identify its texture. After a slight touch, it was broken into pieces. It seemed that it had been sitting here at least dozens of years. Besides, he could not find even a single item from that skeleton, not even a copper.

    It sat up straight with complete bones. None of its bones were broken or cracked. Additionally, the bones also looked normal. From this, Zhang Tie could easily conclude that this man died of natural causes. It seemed that this person didn't encounter any accident or poisoning.

    "I'm so sorry. Although you lived here before, you're dead now. By chance, I came here to see whether there are something I can use. No matter what, you don't need them anymore. Hopefully, you don't mind! Hehe..."

    Zhang Tie explained to that skeleton before coming to the front of the stony table. Some bottles and jars were on the stony table. Zhang Tie opened some of them and found the contents inside had long become sh*t.

    After checking all the bottles and jars, Zhang Tie was greatly disappointed. "The items here were nothing but junks. They were not even worth a silver coin in total. Isn't it written in knight novels that people would always have a great achievement in similar cases? How come it doesn't work on me!"

    After glancing over this room once again, Zhang Tie saw nothing special at all.

    "Do you want me to kowtow in front of this skeleton or to bury it somewhere like what Donder has told me?" Thinking of the contents of eastern knight novels that Donder has told Zhang Tie and watching the hard stony floor, Zhang Tie almost burst out laughter, which flushed away his disappointing mood at once.

    "I'm afraid that you are just an average hermit. Now that there's nothing special, I will not disturb you!" Of course, Zhang Tie would not kowtow to it. After all, it's just mentioned in knight novels. Receiving no achievement, Zhang Tie directly turned around and left.

    After another circle outside the stony room, Zhang Tie found nothing special either. The moment he wanted to walk downstairs, he suddenly felt empty inside like losing something.

    The lower he reached, the sharper the sense became. When he reached the middle of the stages, Zhang Tie stopped his feet immediately as a detailed scene flashed across his mind.

    Zhang Tie instantly turned around and rushed upwards like a wind. When he came to the front of that skeleton, Zhang Tie started to observe the hands of that skeleton seriously.

    Before death, that man put his hands below his lower abdomen levelly. It looked pretty calm and nothing special was found. However, Zhang Tie finally focused on its left hand. Its left hand was supporting his right hand. It was nothing weird for cultivators. However, besides the third finger of its left hand which was straight, all the other 4 fingers of this hand were curved.

    Zhang Tie was afraid that nobody else would notice this detail except him.

    In Blackhot City, when a person erected his middle finger, it meant that he was swearing someone. Seeing this, of course Zhang Tie who had always erected his middle finger in No. 7 Middle School in Blackhot City understood that he was not swearing, but pointing at somewhere in such a hidden gesture.

    Along the direction of the finger, Zhang Tie looked at a stony wall on the right side of the stony bed.

    Coming to the front of the wall, Zhang Tie forcefully blew off the dust on it; then, he started to fumble and knock it seriously with his fingers.

    After 2 minutes of hard work, Zhang Tie's face changed as he started to rub the stony wall with his sword forcefully. After a short while, he had scraped off the stone powers from the wall, exposing a fine crack in front of him. Zhang Tie became very excited as he started to work harder. After a few minutes, he inserted his long sword into the crack. After prying it for a couple of times, Zhang Tie pried out a stony brick covering 20 cubic centimeters.

    After putting it carefully down, Zhang Tie saw a hole on the stony wall. Something was inside it! He put his hand in and got it out of there.

    That was a black heavy wooden box which was unlocked.

    At the sight of it, Zhang Tie's heart started to palpitate. After a couple of deep breaths, he finally recovered his composure.

    After opening it, Zhang Tie saw a book with a black cover. The cover looked aged and mysterious; some pure, golden patterns like fishes, insects, birds and other fierce beasts as well as some Chinese seal characters "Great Wildness Sutra" were on it...

    "A Chinese secret knowledge? He's Chinese?" Zhang Tie focused his eyes on that skeleton.

    If he fumbled over the skeleton the moment he entered the room and profaned the dead, he would definitely destroy the direction of the middle finger; as a result, he would not have found that "Great Wildness Sutra".

    Similarly, when he didn't find anything in the room, if he lost his temper on this skeleton out of disappointment, he would get nothing either.

    The erecting middle finger reminded the visitors to be careful and respectful about the skeleton and mocked those who might ruin the skeleton.

    "It turns out that the contents in knight novels are all real." An absurd thought flashed across Zhang Tie's mind.

    It was hard to guess the contents of this book only from its name "Great Wildness Sutra". However, it was not suitable for him to study this secret knowledge at this place at this moment. Therefore, Zhang Tie directly threw it in Castle of Black Iron. After that, he turned around and left quickly.

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