Chapter 418: To be an Animal Controller

    Chapter 418: To be an Animal Controller

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    It was indeed not the right place and time to study the secret knowledge. Undoubtedly, it was the silliest choice to stay here with a treasure. Additionally, Dawson might come in this cave at any time.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie left the cave rapidly. Outside the entrance of the mountain cave, he found this serene valley ranged east to west. It seemed that each direction was available. However, Zhang Tie asked himself which direction he would choose if Dawson came down for him.

    After thinking about it for 2 seconds, Zhang Tie remembered the general terrain of this valley before he rolled down. The ranges on both sides of this valley was "west high, east low". If Dawson came down, he would definitely choose east. In case of another battle with Dawson, Zhang Tie would choose west.

    After figuring it out, Zhang Tie rushed towards west at once.

    Zhang Tie was not familiar with the path; he just moved by his intuition. He kept running westward in the narrow valley. After a short while, he had been 6-7 km away from that mountain cave. This place was full of verdant grasses and woods; by contrast, there was nothing but some ponds in the surroundings of the mountain cave which was occupied by demon rats.

    After 1 hour of travelling in the valley, Zhang Tie came about 40-50 km away from that mountain cave. At this moment, it had almost been dark. Zhang Tie saw a lot of vines with purple tiny flowers on the cliff. Among those flowers, Zhang Tie saw many pits and cracks. Therefore, he ran towards there.

    He climbed up deftly along those vines and found a pit on the cliff which was over 10 m above the ground. That pit was about 1.7 m in height which extended 7-8 m inside. A great number of plants with purple flowers covered the entrance. It was clean inside. Soon after climbing in, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron.


    Zhang Tie was right. It was really not wise to stay in the mountain cave. Less than 40 minutes after he left the mountain cave, Dawson had appeared there. He raised his head and looked at the crisscrossed vines on the cliffs and the huge ponds down there; soon after that, his face became gloomy.

    Especially when he saw so many dead demon rats in the huge pond, his face turned gloomier.

    He picked a demon rat from the pond and checked its wounds carefully. After that, he threw it back into the pond ferociously. Like Zhang Tie, he also noticed that mountain cave and rushed in immediately.

    After 10 more minutes, when Dawson came out of the cave, although with a gloomy face, his eyes gleamed.

    Dawson then chased after Zhang Tie towards west...


    The moment Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron, he saw Heller. Heller responded with a smile, "Congratulations, Castle Lord. I've not imagined that you could have such a great achievement in the mountain cave."

    Zhang Tie knew that Heller referred to "Great Wildness Sutra". In Chinese, any book with the Character "[1]" was special. At this moment, as Zhang Tie was in an absolutely safe place, he got curious about that book.

    As seven-strength fruits would not escape away from the small tree themselves, Zhang Tie didn't worry about them. After greeting Heller, he came to his study room in the 2-storey cabin. A black wooden case was lying on the table.

    Noticing that his hands were a bit dirty, he cleaned his hands seriously before opening the wooden case.

    The moment he opened its cover, he saw a piece of paper dropping down the ground from the title page. Zhang Tie was stunned as he picked up the piece of paper.

    "4 decades ago, our Great Wildness Sect was unrivaled on both Eastern and Western Continents with animal controlling skills. Although there are so many animal controlling skills among hundreds of millions of population, only the secret animal controlling knowledge in Great Wildness Sect is mysterious and unrivaled. So many heroes are desiring for it. However, when Great Wildness Sect reaches its extreme prosperity, it starts to decline. I'm the only alive member of Great Wildness Sect; I'm going to die together with my cultivation base; however, I still could not find our enemy and rejuvenate our Sect. How regretful!"

    Regretful, regretful, regretful, regretful, regretful, regretful, regretful!

    My bones lie in an uncivil land. The one who can obtain the 'Great Wildness Sutra' is lucky. However, the animal controlling skills in the book 'Great Wildness Sutra' are the top secrets. Actually, they are the great laws and top secrets on controlling our incarnations. With these skills, we can control all the animals in the sky and on the land. We don't reveal these skills to the outsiders. Therefore, we establish the 'Great Wildness Sect'. Because of this, we are swept by other forces. When the Great Wildness Sect became prosperous, it ruled the hundreds of millions of square meters for hundreds of years on the south region of Eastern Continent like an undying kingdom; when the Great Wildness Sect declined, it encountered great damages over night while tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of years of foundation ruined so fast. These were all caused by "Great Wildness Sutra"

    As you're lucky enough to obtain this top secret knowledge of the Great Wildness Sect, if you want to be rich, you can learn some secret skills from this book and work as a common animal controller in human countries or great families where you could be treated as the top guest. Namely, you can get money and social status so easily. However, you should never reveal to the public that you've mastered the top secrets in the Great Wildness Sutra; otherwise, you are doomed to be killed. Keep it in your mind! Keep it in your mind! At the beginning, the forces that ruined the Great Wildness Sect were very powerful. They were so ferocious that they could destroy a city very easily. In order to get the Great Wildness Sutra, those people had been driven mad; if they know that you have the Great Wildness Sutra, they would not keep you alive.

    Although the Great Wildness Sect has been ruined, its reputation is still high in the world, especially in the South Region of Eastern Continent. Over the past hundreds of years, the sect has so many followers among the hundreds of millions of mountains in the South Region. If you want to be a king in the future, you can seek for an opportunity in the South Region of the Eastern Continent. However, although it might bring you countless wealth, it will also bring you high risks. Therefore, hopefully, you can considerate it.

    I found dozens of demon rats in the valley, which had been tamed. There's not a head rat yet; I feed them with a secret medicine; a head rat is doomed to form in the future. If you can master the soul-based animal controlling skill from this "Great Wildness Sutra", you can incarnate yourself as that head rat so that you could order the other demon rats.

    Those demon rats are mutated ones; they are born to be ferocious and cunning. Additionally, they are very aggressive. If their population could reach millions, they would be irresistible. Whereas, demon rats could not match common rats on the basis of reproduction. I planned to increase their reproductivity with improved species so as to rejuvenate our sect by establishing the Great Wildness Sect once again in the uncivil land; however, after more than 2 decades of cultivation, I still could make no progress. As I have no time to do that which might be the god's intention, I'm afraid that I cannot finish this task.

    By using soul-based animal controlling skill, you have to consume a lot of Qi, blood and the essence of spiritual energy and soul. Although it's a marvelous secret knowledge, its incarnated situation always makes you unforgettable. However, you'd better not indulge in it or use soul-based animal controlling skill freely, as which might consume a lot of your essence. If you do that, you are seeking for death. In its heyday, the Great Wildness Sect had more than one million of books, which included various classical secret knowledge like methods that were used to strengthen one's essence. Besides, there were the mountains of eccentric secret medicines in the sect. Therefore, followers of the Great Wildness Sect could recover their essence that were lost by using soul-based animal controlling skill. Now, the foundation of the Great Wildness Sect has been ruined. Everything precious has been robbed away. You have to be considerate before using the soul-based animal controlling skill.

    That's what I want to say. If you can get this "Great Wildness Sutra", you must have a good personality and mentality. As the great law of ancient human could continue to carry forward, I can close my eyes.

    "The will of Cloud Crane from the Great Wildness Sect!"

    After reading this paper repetitively, Zhang Tie finally let out a long sigh. Zhang Tie really didn't imagine that he could meet a follower of the Great Wildness Sect of Eastern Continent in the cave. Additionally, he obtained this "Great Wildness Sutra", which could be explained with nothing else but god's will.

    "However, Cloud Crane might have not imagined that his demon rats which had developed so many generations were killed by me. I'm so sorry about that. I'm afraid that it is impossible to tame them anymore."

    However, the thought of using demon rats really made Zhang Tie excited. In a split second, Zhang Tie had realized that he could have those demon rats mutated and evolved in Castle of Black Iron, but he had to solve two questions.

    The evolutionary direction of living beings in Castle of Black Iron was optional and uncontrollable. Even if a demon rat was evolved, its reproductivity might not be strengthened; instead, it might be weakened. According to the universal law and the basis of the existence of various species, the greater the animals were, the weaker they were in reproductivity. This law could hardly be broken.

    Furthermore, given the growth cycle of demon rats and the possible astronomical cost on evolution and mutation, Zhang Tie could not afford it at all. Perhaps he could get no return in dozens of years. If he made such a great investment only for obtaining some demon rats with greater reproductivity, it would be so stupid. By contrast, earthworms and Buckthorns had shorter growth cycles and stronger reproductivity.

    After thinking it through, Zhang Tie dropped the thought about demon rats as he moved back onto the "Great Wildness Sutra".

    The two words soul-based animal controlling skill and incarnation made Zhang Tie highly spirited.

    Zhang Tie opened the "Great Wildness Sutra" and was shocked by the first line.

    --Humans, heart of the universe; living beings, the body of the universe!

    As he opened new pages one after another, Zhang Tie entered a wonderful world that he had never imagined.

    Amazingly, Zhang Tie, who always dreamed to be an alchemist, became an animal controller, who inherited the "Great Wildness Sutra" of the Great Wildness Sect on the South Region of Eastern Continent...

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