Chapter 421: A Butcher

    Chapter 421: A Butcher

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    Dawson had a deep feeling about Zhang Tie's crafty and great fighting strength. Seeing Zhang Tie's calm look, he became worried about Zhang Tie's tricks. After ensuring that nobody else was in the surroundings, Dawson even checked the ground in front of him carefully.

    "You look bolder now!" Dawson moved his eyes from the ground to Zhang Tie without even a wink. He seemed wanting to see through Zhang Tie; meanwhile, he also noticed the short javelins in Zhang Tie's hand and on his side. Dawson remembered that Zhang Tie had no such weapons when he fell down the cliff. However, he didn't pay much attention to these common weapons.

    "I'm always bold!" Zhang Tie grinned while exposing his tidy teeth. Under the effect of the great strength of marrow, Zhang Tie had changed all of his teeth over these couple of days. Now, his teeth were as white as porcelain; besides, they were delicate, compact and as hard and sharp as diamonds. Furthermore, he found that he had some more teeth this time. Although he was not that boring to count his teeth before; as he was free these days, he carefully counted them and found that he had more teeth than common people.

    Zhang Tie's grin was really shiny to Dawson's eyes.

    "Bold people always have their dependence. I've checked the place where you stayed in the valley. I've understood what you've survived on. However, as it was only over 10 days, whatever you got from that mountain cave, you will not survive this time!" Dawson's eyes became greedy at once as he licked his lips and watched Zhang Tie like watching a fat sheep, "Give me what you've got from the mountain cave. I might keep you alive if you satisfy me!"

    'He's been to the mountain cave?' Zhang Tie raved his mind. "If he's been to the mountain cave, he must have seen the stony room. Even if he has noticed the hole on the wall in the stony room, he wouldn't know what's inside at all." Zhang Tie understood that he should never tell him about the "Great Wildness Sutra". Otherwise, he was doomed to face endless troubles. "If I spread this news to public, those b*stards from Demon Snake Island would not be the only ones who want to kill me."

    Even Zhang Tie had already taken Dawson as a dead man, he still didn't prepare to talk to him about the truth. There were so many odd secret skills in this world; Zhang Tie was not sure whether his words would be revealed or not if he told him the truth even if he killed Dawson right away.

    Zhang Tie sneered as he watched Dawson like watching an idiot, "I've been to that mountain cave you mentioned. When I dropped into the pond, I was almost killed by a swarm of demon rats. There was a stony room in the mountain cave. A skeleton was sitting there. However, everything inside has been rotten, except for those cheap bottles and jars. That skeleton had been there for so many years. Are you dreaming that I got something from there? Is your head kicked by a donkey?"

    "You get nothing from there?" Dawson watched Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    "No crap!"

    "Hehe, it doesn't matter. I will kill you and search it out!" Dawson replied with a cruel smile as he reached his tongue out to lick his lips. He then slowly walked several steps closer to Zhang Tie. Besides keeping up the stress on Zhang Tie, he was trying to find out Zhang Tie's tricks.

    "Even if Zhang Tie really got some secret knowledge from the mountain cave, he could not surpass me after only 10 days." Dawson was clear about it. "However, Zhang Tie looked too calm. As a person whom I've almost killed twice, his performance is not reasonable." As a LV 10 strong fighter, Dawson had a sharp sense about the potential danger. However, because of the strong greedy desire, he could not stand to let Zhang Tie go. "If this brat truly has got some secret knowledge from the mountain cave, I'd better kill him right away!"

    Additionally, Dawson faintly felt that Zhang Tie was becoming that calm because of that special thing he got from the mountain cave.

    After thinking for a while, Dawson looked both greedy and cautious in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie knew well about what Dawson was thinking about at this moment. If it was before, he could understand Dawson's deed; he might even feel facing a great enemy; however, at this moment, Zhang Tie felt like laughing, "Isn't it hilarious for a person to be that tricky, greedy and meticulous when he's going to die?"

    Zhang Tie continued to eat his roasted potato leisurely. He seemed to have not seen Dawson at all. The more Zhang Tie acted like this, the more cautious Dawson became. After moving forward another few steps, he stopped as he looked a bit suspicious.

    "Do you really want to know why I'm so calm?" Zhang Tie suddenly raised his head and asked Dawson.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's question, Dawson became faintly stunned as he rolled his eyes for two circles. He then suddenly understood something as he burst out laughter's, "Brat, you're really a good performer. However, it's impossible for you to scare me off with small tricks. As I've told you, if you give me what you've got from the mountain cave, I might save your life!"

    "I'm wondering how did you find me in Ice and Snow Wildness. If you tell me the reason, I will tell you my reliance. How about that?'' Zhang Tie smiled, "As it's too late, one of us must die before the next sunrise. Out of one human fighter's respect to another human fighter, I suggest us to satisfy the other's demand before death. How do you feel?"

    "It's okay. I'm good at tracking. Additionally, as I'm practicing a special battle Qi. After LV 9, each level I reach, one more sensory organ of mine would be strengthened. When I reached LV 10, I had my sense of smell improved. I can smell the aroma of human flesh from several miles away, especially on the open land of Ice and Snow Wildness. As long as someone pass by some place, the aroma of their flesh would stay in the air. When I pass by, I will be able to smell it. As there were few people on Grey Hill, it's not difficult to find you! The smell of a LV 7 teenager was different from that of others..." Dawson said confidently.

    "The aroma of human flesh?" Hearing Dawson's words, Zhang Tie frowned.

    "Heh...heh...you've not tasted the yummy human flesh. If you eat it sometime, you will find that human flesh tastes best among all kinds of fleshes. Especially the taste of fresh flesh of kids or virgins which are full of energy. By eating them, you will be fully energetic. Demons like to eat human flesh and drink human blood, because they could gain a lot of life energy and special DNAs from human fleshes and blood so that they could become stronger. The fresh blood of humans who were filled with terrors have a special energy, which could not even be matched by the best drinks..." Saying this, Dawson reached his tongue out and licked his lips again.

    "It's my fault. No matter what, b*stards like you are not qualified to gain any respect at all..." Zhang Tie waved his head as he stood up, "Don't you want to know what I'm relying on? I will fulfill my promise. Look...get it..."

    Soon after Zhang Tie finished his words, he had raised his hand while a black shadow flew towards Dawson. Having been prepared for Zhang Tie's trick, Dawson was really startled at the sight of that black thing. Almost at the same time, he flew backwards at his greatest speed; in the course, he even constantly changed his movements. In a wink, Dawson had already stood still 50 m away in another direction.

    With a sound of "Pah..." the black thing threw out by Zhang Tie finally dropped down the ground after flying over 40 m in the air. After recovering his composure, Dawson glanced at it and was driven extremely furious. Because that black shadow which forced him back was only a roasted potato skin. Dawson realized that he was scared off by a roasted potato skin. Such a humiliation could not even be stood by commoners, not to mention a LV 10 strong fighter.

    "Go die..." Dawson's face and eyes instantly turned amaranth. Glaring at Zhang Tie, Dawson's killing intent boiled immediately.

    However, Zhang Tie was watching him with disdainful and sneering look like watching a lump of sh*t of iron-teeth hyena on Grey Hill, "I thought a person who dares to eat human flesh had something special. I find you are just a coward and d**chebag. At the first time, you were scared away by my words; this time, you were scared so much by merely a piece of potato skin. I really wonder how you dared to eat human flesh. Even an iron-teeth hyena is bolder than you. I think you cannot even eat a hot lump of sh*t![1] Peh..."

    Zhang Tie spat his saliva onto ground.

    "F*ck..." Dawson roared as he rushed towards Zhang Tie right away...

    "Get it!" Zhang Tie raised his hand again while another black shadow flew out...

    It moved as fast as a lightning bolt. It had absolutely surpassed Dawson's limits of perception and physical responsivity. When Dawson intended to move, he saw that thing penetrating through his chest. With a huge inertia and great sharpness, it opened a big hole on Dawson's body and sent Dawson, who was rushing forward, flying backwards like a kite with a broken line...

    Before the sharp air-breaking sound disappeared, Zhang Tie had already sat down. Without looking at Dawson, he just found a small wooden stick from aside and dug out a potato from the middle of the ash. After that, he patted it by hands and blew off the ash. As he blew, he started to eat the steaming potato. After eating it, Zhang Tie turned over one kebab. After doing this, Zhang Tie picked himself up once again and walked towards Dawson in the distance.

    After penetrating through Dawson's body, the javelin which was dripping blood was inserting into the soil over 20 m away in a declining way, 10 cm of it had entered the soil. After pulling the javelin out of the ground, Zhang Tie wiped the soil off it from a trunk aside. He then walked towards Dawson who was lying on one side of the Buckthorns.

    With a bloody hole on his chest, Dawson was lying on the ground, eyes staring at the sky, mouth wide opened; meanwhile, his abdomen was moving undulantly as he was heavily breathing. His blood that flowed out of his chest had painted the ground around. Because of his great vitality as a LV 10 strong fighter, Dawson was still alive.

    Zhang Tie came by. Although Dawson was lying on the ground, he could still move his dead-fish like eyes. Slightly opening his mouth, he uttered some words in a very low voice, "Wh...why?"

    Zhang Tie knew what Dawson wanted to know. Last time, his long sword was dodged away by Dawson; however the difference between that long sword and this javelin on destructive force was too sharp. Dawson didn't understand how Zhang Tie could make such a great improvement in only about 10 days. It was unnecessary for Zhang Tie to hide his real fighting strength at that critical moment.

    Dawson had too many questions. However, Zhang Tie didn't want to explain to him at all. As he had fulfilled his promise. He didn't cheat Dawson. When he threw out the potato skin, he had already told the latter his trump card was throwing weapons. However, this b*stard was completely an idiot. Now that he didn't understand it, he had to die.

    Seeing Dawson opening mouth and gold-capped teeth, Zhang Tie didn't say anything; instead, he stepped on Dawson's necks. Like killing a dog, under the terrifying eyes and imploration of Dawson, he ferociously poked the javelin into Dawson's mouth and nailed him onto the ground after penetrating through his after-brain.

    After kicking his feet twice, Dawson finally died.

    "This gift is from those whom you've eaten, you d**chebag!"

    After killing Dawson, Zhang Tie started to search over his body. Although this d**chebag could not even match a lump of sh*t, it must have many good items as a LV 10 strong fighter. Zhang Tie didn't have the habit to waste. Actually, precious items and money could not be identified by good or bad. It depended on who had them. "Of course, Dawson could not do good things with them...but if they were in my hands...hmm...well, even though I would not do good things, at least I would not do bad things."

    Zhang Tie didn't have any mental burden at all.

    He undid that container over Dawson's waist which was made of sharp's skin. After opening it, Zhang Tie's eyes gleamed as it was that pair of terrifying metal gloves which radiated pale blue luster.

    Zhang Tie's heart raced as he injected some spiritual energy into the gloves. Instantly, the information about this pair of glove appeared in his mind.

    --Rune Equipment. Dark Ripper Glove. This equipment could be used as double-hand weapon or an auxiliary equipment. Wearing it, the wearer could increase his flexibility by 3% and block all the alloy blades below LV 10 and battle Qi's below great master. If the wearer torn the opponent's body with this double-hand weapon, he could have the special rune effect of this pair of glove, activate the Qi and blood that had lost and increase his recovery speed by 18%. The length of time would depend on the abundance of the enemy's Qi and blood.

    --This item was made by Kui Andi, a rune manufacturer.

    Watching the pair of dark ripper glove, Zhang Tie almost burst out laughter's. "It's really suitable for me." Zhang Tie instantly put it back into the leather container before hanging it over his own waist.

    After that, Zhang Tie searched a purse and a small black metal ball.

    The surface of the small black metal ball was covered with sophisticated floral patterns. At the sight of the ball, Zhang Tie's back had started to ache faintly. Zhang Tie felt having seen it before. After injecting some spiritual energy into the small ball, Zhang Tie got its attributes instantly.

    --Spirit-Sealing Bead. After injecting your spiritual energy into the item, you can cause a follow-up impact on the enemy's spiritual energy when you struck him, enabling him to not use his spiritual energy in a short time.

    This item made Zhang Tie slightly amazed. Compared to Zhang Tie's powerful javelin, this item didn't work too much. It might be helpful sometimes. Therefore, Zhang Tie put it away directly.

    The name of the rune manufacturer was not included in the information of this item. According to the traditions of rune manufacturers, as to these weapons which are used to attack people secretly, rune manufacturers would not record their names on them in case of troubles, except for some sharp weapons with exceptionally great power.

    Zhang Tie opened Dawson's purse. Besides 20-30 gold coins, Zhang Tie found some gold checks which were worth 2000 gold coins. Amazingly, the gold check was issued by Golden Roc Bank. Zhang Tie became further shocked by the power of Golden Roc Bank.

    When Zhang Tie searched over his booty and was going to stand up, he heard a voice from his back.

    "I've not imagined to see robbery here. It seems that no place is safe with people!" the voice was full of helplessness.

    Zhang Tie turned around and saw a tall figure standing 30 m away who was watching him with a calm look.

    This man was over 40 years old. Besides whiskers, he was wearing a very old, pale gray robe like an ascetic.

    This man's eyes were green. At the sight of him, Zhang Tie felt looking at a green sea as his heart palpitated at once.

    A huge eagle was hovering above that man's head. When Zhang Tie turned around, he saw the huge eagle was falling on the man's shoulder...

    Zhang Tie knew who was he in front of him...

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