Chapter 422: The Wild Protector

    Chapter 422: The Wild Protector

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    Zhang Tie didn't know about the fighting strength of this wild protector; however, from the opponent's eyes, he didn't see any animosity; instead, Zhang Tie found the opponent was only observing him. Therefore, Zhang Tie became a bit relaxed.

    "This man is Dawson, a round-table warrior from Demon Snake Island. He's a d**chebag. As I destroyed their plan in Saint Herner Island, I was chased after by. Thankfully, I killed him and was collecting booty," Watching that man, Zhang Tie added calmly, "Therefore, I'm not robbing. You'd better say I'm a cleaning riot and evil person for the safety of commoners!"

    "Why do I believe you?" that man asked.

    Zhang Tie shrugged, "I don't care whether you believe me or not. Based on this guy's gold-capped teeth, if you are not afraid of being revenged by Demon Snake Island, you can chop off his head and send it to Ewentra Archipelago. You might get several thousands of gold coins as a reward! Pitifully, I remember that you wild protectors from the Gaia School don't always care about the wars between human race."

    After being revealed his real status, the man's eyes gleamed, "You know me?"

    "When I was in Kurgan village, I heard about you from the village head Zieg..." Saying that, Zhang Tie glanced at that huge black eagle on the man's shoulder and explained calmly, "Your pet left a deep impression to the village head Zieg. When I saw you, I was not sure that was you; however, when I saw your black huge eagle, I knew that was you!"

    Hearing Kurgan village and the village head Zieg, that wild protector revealed a smile as he became relaxed instantly. He then walked towards Zhang Tie, "What an interesting young man! Are you dodging away from the Demon Snake Island or picking herbal medicines on Grey Hill?"

    Hearing this question, Zhang Tie thought too much. However, in less than 0.1 second, he had got the best answer.

    "Actually, I'm a protector, a devoted follower of Gaia School!" Zhang Tie repeated the reason that he told Kurgan villagers. However, this time, he considered many utilitarian goals, "Previously, I was here for the relics of Haidela Glacier Crack. If I was lucky, I could have a look at the piece of star of god; however, when I came to Eschyle City, I was told about the animal tide. Therefore, I decided to come to Grey Hill. It is the responsibility of each devoted follower of Gaia School to maintain the balance between the nature law and various species.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, that man's calm look finally changed. He looked very amazed. He wanted to see through Zhang Tie, "Good, I've not imagined that I could meet a devoted follower of Gaia School here. Young man, do you mind me eating some of your roasted potatoes? I've smelt the aroma of your roasted potatoes in the ash!"

    "Please!" Zhang Tie smiled.


    The two people then sat beside the bonfire. When eating potatoes, that man kept testing Zhang Tie. He talked about religious doctrines and rules of the Gaia School with Zhang Tie. As Zhang Tie had heard so many times about these contents from grandma Teresa in Blackhot City, he had been so familiar with them; therefore, Zhang Tie had a lot of common topics with that man.

    That man asked where did he accept these knowledge, Zhang Tie replied instantly, "In Blackhot City. This city was once a member of Andaman Alliance. Last year, after being annexed by Norman Empire, it officially became a LV 4 city of Brunswik Province under the affiliation of the governor of the North Region of Norman Empire!"

    "I know that place! It's a border area in Blackson Human Corridor. It's close to the New Crescent Prairie..." That man ate Zhang Tie's potatoes as he said casually, "Gaia School has a church in Blackhot City. People can indeed accept the doctrine of Gaia, the mother of land! I remember that a flamen was dispatched there to take charge of the church..."

    "You might be wrong. The school of protector has no church in Blackhot City. There's only a narrow orphanage. The one who was in charge of it was not a flamen, but grandma Teresa. She's a nun!" Zhang Tie smiled as he tore a piece of roasted meat and threw it to that huge eagle. Seeing it, the huge eagle clutched it instantly and started to tear and engulf it, "Grandma Teresa taught me about the greatness and tolerance of Gaia!"

    That man stopped what he was doing as he watched Zhang Tie throwing the piece of roasted meat at that huge eagle. He then became silent with a very strange look for a short while. Then, he turned around and glanced over Zhang Tie seriously. With brilliance in his eyes, he revealed a smile. This time, the man finally showed his sincerity, "Young man, I think we need to introduce ourselves. I'm Crell, the wild protector in Ice and Snow Wilderness dispatched by the Gaia School. Who are you?"

    "I'm Peter, Peter Hamplester!" Zhang Tie replied.

    Crell slightly narrowed his eyes, which reminded Zhang Tie of Dawson whom he had killed just now. Not knowing why, Zhang Tie always felt this man had hidden thoughts.



    "Are you sure that you've not met any other followers of our school besides grandma Teresa?"

    "Truly not, you're the 2nd protector I've ever met! How do you know?" Zhang Tie became a bit alert as he watched Crell.

    "It's simple. If you've met other followers, you've definitely have been told one thing!"


    "You're born with the heart of mother nature!" Crell explained as he pointed at his black huge eagle, "Besides mine, the eagle would not eat the food from anybody else. You are the first one who could feed it. All the people who are born with the heart of mother nature have received the bliss of Gaia. Only they are reliable to the black eagle!"

    "Heart of mother nature? What's that?" Zhang Tie looked perplexed. ''I only felt that the black eagle was hungry; therefore, I threw a piece of roasted meat to it. Is there anything related to the heart of mother nature?"

    "Wait, how did I feel that black eagle was hungry?" when Zhang Tie thought about the all-spirits pagoda in his mind, he seemingly understood that the heart of mother nature mentioned by this wild protector was the ability to be intimate to these animals that granted by the all-spirits pagoda like how he could feel the moods of bees in Castle of Black Iron...

    "Erm, can you explain about the heart of mother nature to me? It sounds cool!" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "Of course I can!" Crell smiled, "the heart of mother nature is an ability to exchange with other living beings in the mother nature. Actually, the most remarkable symbol for a member of school of protector is to have a heart of mother nature. Individuals have two ways to obtain the heart of mother nature: first, after experiencing a strict cultivation, individuals could sense the existence of Gaia and keep the link with Gaia's will; second, individuals are blessed by Gaia. The latter one are born with heart of mother nature. They can be intimate to everything in the mother nature."

    "Erm, how many people are born with heart of mother nature?"

    "Neither too many nor too few. Some people are born with heart of mother nature; however, they gradually lose it after being isolated from the mother nature since they are grown up. It's indeed rarely to see people at your age still have a heart of mother nature!"

    Hearing this reply, Zhang Tie let out a sigh at once. He was thinking about how to be intimate with Crell; he had not imagined that the all-spirits pagoda had such a great function. It was a great surprise to be considered to have the heart of mother nature.

    "Zieg told me that you were investigating the animal tide over Grey Hill. This animal tide is truly weird. Have you found something?"

    "Yes, I've got the reason. Someone must be manipulating this animal tide in Ice and Snow Wilderness. These iron-teeth hyenas on Grey Hill are very irritable. This is not a normal animal tide!" Crell frowned his forehead, "At least one powerful animal controller is pushing behind it!"

    "Why are they that boring? Is this beneficial to them?"

    "For some people, their target is to make human race chaotic by consuming the reiki and fighting strength of humans!"



    "How do we find the culprit?"

    "If he wants to manipulate so many iron-teeth hyenas, he must always stay in a huge pack of iron-teeth hyenas. If not staying with those beasts for a long time, even the greatest animal controller could not control those wild beasts. As a result, those wild beasts would recover their consciousness and instincts and escape away. I've discovered several large packs of iron-teeth hyenas on Grey Hill; however, I didn't find that person. According to my speculation, that person might have sensed me; therefore, he changed his location and played the cat-and-mouse game with me."

    "A huge pack of iron-teeth hyenas", hearing these words, Zhang Tie's heart raced. After thinking about it with a faint frown, he revealed a virtuous expression, "If you want to find out the guy playing hide-and-seek, the power of two people is bigger than that of a man!"

    "It's very dangerous. You might lose your life at any time. Have you made a decision?" Crell asked Zhang Tie with a solemn look.

    "He's profaning the mother nature and harming the living beings in Ice and Snow Wilderness. I believe that each follower of Gaia School would not stand it!"

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