Chapter 426: Prodding the Culprit

    Chapter 426: Prodding the Culprit

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    Although Zhang Tie had not sensed the existence of the animal controller like Crell but he sensed the weirdness in the Maple Leaf Castle.

    Iron-teeth hyenas were only LV 1 living beings. They could never break in a wild base which was guarded by powerhouses above LV 6 no matter how many there were. According to Marney, someone was behind this attack.

    Zhang Tie looked around and found the whole Maple Leaf Castle was like a slaughterhouse. It was smokey and covered with dead bodies. With a casual glance, Zhang Tie had found more than 200 victims. Those human bodies were heavily gnawed by iron-teeth hyenas whose faces could not even be identified. If someone came to make the investigation, they could never reach any conclusion from the scene.

    All the dead bodies were incomplete which destroyed the evidence of artificial factors. Even a LV 6 fighter could barely survive the attack of thousands of iron-teeth hyenas.

    After a couple of days, this event would be a puzzle in this animal tide before gradually fading away from others' memories.

    Zhang Tie and Crell circled around the Maple Leaf Castle meticulously and didn't find any evidence.

    They finally came to the open center of the base where airships could take off and touch down. This was the last safe place for those people in the base. Finally, nobody survived here after a bloody battle with those iron-teeth hyenas, making this place the most ferocious one.

    Humans' fresh blood mixed with that of iron-teeth hyenas on that place, forming numerous dark-red blood ponds which looked like puddles on the ground after heavy rains. Zhang Tie had to dodge away from the fresh blood in each step.

    Arriving at this place, Crell closed his eyes once again. After a short while, he opened his eyes and glanced at Zhang Tie, "That person must be in the neighborhood. He must be close to many iron-teeth hyenas. However, I cannot lock his precise position!"

    Zhang Tie looked around and found that a lot of iron-teeth hyenas were still wandering among the grasses and woods within 1 square kilometers. Crell just drove those iron-teeth hyenas out of Maple Leaf Castle. He didn't force them far away. If that person was hiding in this area, he could be barely identified even if he was very close to Zhang Tie and Crell.

    "How can we force him out?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "It's very difficult. That person is a powerhouse. Unless he wants to show himself up, we could hardly force him out. I know that he's observing us!" Crell frowned his forehead.

    "Can he hear our words?" Zhang Tie rolled his eyes before asking.

    "He could if we talk louder!"

    "Now that he's seen us, why don't he escape?"

    "What do you mean?" Crell stared at Zhang Tie.

    "I mean only when he's very confident that he could not escape at the sight of us. However, confident ones are always proud and have strong self-esteem, especially those who always hide in the darkness. As they could not do anything in the public, they care more about their self-respect! If we want to force such a person out, we might not have to use great secret skills!"

    When Zhang Tie explained, he was thinking about those rules which were taught by Donder. Usually, the darker the working environment was, the more they care about their faces and honors. Take those intelligence agents of countries as an example, in their circle, they cared about their faces and honors more than armies. "Eye for eye" was almost their motto. Sometimes, they might spend dozens of years in doing a very boring thing in commoners' eyes. Conversely, those politicians who always showed themselves up under spotlights on high platforms didn't have their moral bottom-lines at all. Although they were always at the most honorable and remarkable positions, they had the least sense of honor. Donder said this was a funny psychological phenomenon.

    "If not use great secret skills, how can we force him out?" Crell asked out of curiosity.

    "Someone told me that the greatest secret skill in the world was language. We can reach people's heart directly by language. We can turn language into sharp blades and lightning bolts. Nothing else could have such a great strength!" Zhang Tie revealed a confident smile. Seeing a high wooden platform with a pulley crane on the empty land, Zhang Tie walked onto it.

    Crell faintly narrowed his eyes as he didn't understand what Zhang Tie was going to do.

    After arriving at the high platform, Zhang Tie took a deep breath. He then recalled the obscene smile of Donder and thought what harsh and vicious words would Donder say if he was here; after that, he recalled how those vixens swore 3 hours for a copper coin or a green leaf in the vegetable market of Blackhot City. After warming up, he entered the right state right now.

    "You b*stard in the darkness, you slow-witted idiot..." the moment Zhang Tie shouted, Crell was startled at once. Crell thought that Zhang Tie would have some special performance; however, it was really out of his imagination that Zhang Tie started by swearing.

    "...Get out, you b*stard. This father is swearing you; this father knows that you could hear me. Do you feel that you're senior by hiding in the darkness to manipulate a pack of iron-teeth hyenas to attack others. Do you have a sense of achievement by doing that? F*ck you. Even iron-teeth hyenas dare to take a walk outside, you the motherf*cker cannot even match an iron-teeth hyena. You cannot even match iron-teeth hyena's sh*t. Even their sh*t dare to expose themselves under the sunshine, you young worm in the sh*t of iron-teeth hyena!"

    "I know b*stards like you who lack love in the youth and calcium in growth are always self-abased. I really wonder whether you chose to be an animal controller because you found that you lack confidence. Whether do you have a bit superiority feeling only by staying with beasts? In order to satisfy your humble vanity. If so, I'm really shameful about you for your mom. If I was your father, I would have shot you on the wall; instead of shooting you in the close-stool..."

    Zhang Tie became more and more excited. He directly inserted the 2 short javelins onto the wooden poles on his side and supported his waist with his hands. Even Crell became dumbfounded about that.

    "I know you can see me. I'm swearing you. So what? Dare you come out and bit off my ass..." Zhang Tie raised his butt and forcefully patted it by hands like how the rogues at the bottom of the society provoked, "Dare you show your head, this father will fart you away. Have you seen the uncle on my side? He could foist your head into your asshole. Do you know whom this uncle is? You coward worm. Listen, this uncle is Crell, the famous wild patron of school of patron. He's called wild shield in the school of patron and the killer of all the animal controllers. How about that? Are you scared? Crell can drown you b*stard with only one mouth of saliva. Crell can casually teach an idiot a couple of days, then you will be scared away like a rat. You must have been scared to be idiot by Crell's talent, ha...ha..."

    Watching Zhang Tie's exaggeratedly laughing look and the nicknames such as "wild shield" and "the killer of all the animal controllers" that Zhang Tie fabricated, standing on one side, Crell faintly swept off his cold sweat as he felt shameful about that.

    "If you are afraid of that and insist on hiding there, it's okay. However, in order to avoid this father from being disgusted about your obscene look, you'd better dodge far away and kowtow towards this father loudly for 3 times. As this father has a sharp 6th sense, as long as I sense your piety, I will not find you trouble anymore. Piss away after kowtowing. No need to show up yourself. As Crell ate some of my roasted wild potatoes these days, he owes me; therefore, for the potatoes' sake, I will let Crell save your life. As long as you roll out of the Ice and Snow Wildness, he will not chase after you anymore. For the sake of your poor childhood, I will keep you alive. From then on, you need to praise me. I count 3,2 and 1, you kowtow 3 times and piss off, 3...2...1, well, Crell, I've sensed his sincerity. Let's go. I've already wasted my time several days on Grey Hill for such a trivial figure. I have to go to Haidela Glacier Crack to see the star of god. I don't want to waste time here anymore. If this d**chebag is not docile, you can pat him to death like how you treat a fly. Then we're squared away!"

    After saying this, Zhang Tie's heart raced while Crell changed his look at the same time...

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had charged down from that platform like a demon rat being burned by hot water. When Zhang Tie was still in the air, he had heard the cracking sound of the high wooden platform. The broken wood dregs flew everywhere, breaking Zhang Tie's coat.

    After that, Zhang Tie heard a air-breaking sound.

    Sonic boom!

    After landing on the ground, Zhang Tie looked at a hillside in the north at the same time with Crell. A figure with full killing intent was slowly standing up from a low bush over 600 m away while glaring at Zhang Tie with his bloody eyes...

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