Chapter 427: The Collision

    Chapter 427: The Collision

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    That person and Zhang Tie glared at each other. Precisely, Zhang Tie was glaring at an iron-teeth hyena on that man's side who was taller and ferocious than common iron-teeth hyenas.

    Being different from common iron-teeth hyenas, that iron-teeth hyena on that man's side was black all over. Its fur was like black silks and satin. Since that iron-teeth hyena appeared on that man's side, all the other iron-teeth hyenas within dozens of meters had ran away . Some were even quivering all over.

    That black iron-teeth hyena then raised his head and roared. In a split second, all the other iron-teeth hyenas in the surroundings became restless.

    Crell's face turned gloomy at once.

    "Is that the king iron-teeth hyena?" Zhang Tie asked Crell in a low voice.

    "Yes!" Crell nodded as he warned Zhang Tie, "This man is very powerful, take care!"

    "I know!" Zhang Tie smiled as he gazed at that special iron-teeth hyena with his narrowing eyes.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie really appreciated Donder. When he worked as an apprentice in Donder's grocery store, he really learnt a lot from Donder. Those knowledge could always have a special effect at the critical moment, such as helping Zhang Tie to identify that b*stard of Zhen Clan in Dragon Cave.

    However, the reality was always out of one's imagination. Soon after Zhang Tie became excited about his plan, his dream had been killed ruthlessly.

    "You both have to die today!" Although being hundreds of meters away, that man's icy and sharp voice still drifted into the ears of Zhang Tie and Crell, "I'd like to see how powerful the wild patron's animal controlling skill is..."

    After saying this, that man had already broken the head of that king iron-teeth hyena by his hand like poking into a piece of bean curd.

    Almost at the same time, all the iron-teeth hyenas over the hill started to wail as they rushed towards that man like mad dogs...

    Even Zhang Tie almost started to wail. "F*ck!" Zhang Tie had never imagined that b*stard would kill that king iron-teeth hyena in front of him.

    "D**chebag! Do you know how much have you made me lose? This father made so many efforts for that seven-strength fruit of king iron-teeth hyena!"

    In a wink, that king iron-teeth hyena deflated like a balloon. Meanwhile, its satin-like fur turned dark and became a piece of rag.

    It seemed that the king iron-teeth hyena not only lost his life, but also his vitality.

    That man drew his hand out of its head. At this moment, a vital ball-sized fresh bloody item was rotating in his hand. That man instantly threw the bloody ball into the air. When Zhang Tie was still puzzled about that, he saw that bloody ball exploding in the air and flowing towards all directions in the form of blood drops. They fell on the heads of those iron-teeth hyenas. Before those blood drops fell down, those iron-teeth hyenas had already jumped in the air and caught them.

    Although Zhang Tie didn't know the effect of this skill, given the amazing scene, he knew it was great.

    Right then, thousands of iron-teeth hyenas started to roar in the wild. In a few breaths, the eyes of those iron-teeth hyenas being sprayed by the blood or having engulfed the blood drops turned red; meanwhile, they exposed their buckteeth. Flowing out mucilage from their mouth corners, they turned around and stared at Zhang Tie and Crell who were standing in the Maple Leaf Castle...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt that Crell and him were like 2 performers on the arena of a super large theater. Those iron-teeth hyenas who were staring at him and Crell were audience.

    There were really too many iron-teeth hyenas. Even Zhang Tie felt goosebumps all over this time. Although dozens of iron-teeth hyenas was a dish for him, hundreds of iron-teeth hyenas was a feast; thousands of iron-teeth hyenas became tricky...

    "Dark Blood Sacrifice!" seeing this, even Crell changed his face. He turned over his head and told Zhang Tie, "I will deal with that man, you pay attention to those iron-teeth hyenas. Attention! Those iron-teeth hyenas have improved their fighting strength greatly. They might be close to LV 2 now. It's very difficult to deal with them!"

    "Will they break your protective circle that you've released just now?"

    "They will, they are totally different from before!"

    After replying to Zhang Tie, Crell rapidly drew some patterns on his body with that short, wooden walking stick. Meanwhile, he read sutras. In a wink, Zhang Tie felt that the thing being similar to battle Qi over Crell brightening up. In the brilliance, a hazy figure of a sacred female was embracing Crell.

    When the brilliance disappeared, Crell seemed being different than before.

    "What's this?"

    "It's the land mother's guardianship. With its bliss, those iron-teeth hyenas will not attack me anymore!"

    "That's great. I want one too!" Zhang Tie became so excited as he finally let out a deep sigh inside.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Crell glanced at Zhang Tie with a calm look, "I'm sorry, I could only apply this skill on myself!"

    Zhang Tie...

    Hearing Crell's reply, Zhang Tie glanced over the thousands of iron-teeth hyenas with greatly increasing strength who wanted to tear him into pieces, Zhang Tie rapidly took out that pair of dark tore gloves from the leather bag at his waist and grabbed the two short javelins before heading for a relatively complete architectural complex in the Maple Leaf Castle.

    At this moment, those iron-teeth hyenas had been rushing towards him from all directions like wild ox's. In a wink, the front ones had already jumped over the wooden defense of the Maple Leaf Castle. Some iron-teeth hyenas showed a great potential in jumping ability. After jumping over the defense, they caught the exterior wall with their sharp claws. They then thrust against the wall and jumped over it, even faster than cats. Closely after that, they rushed into the base...

    When the iron-teeth hyenas rushed over, Crell also dashed towards that man like a leopard.

    That man remained still on the hillside in the far.

    When the iron-teeth hyenas were close to Crell, they crashed onto land mother's guardianship like how grey sea waves crashed on rocks. As a result, they all changed their directions when they were several meters away from Crell. They didn't attack Crell or prevent Crell from dashing towards that man. At the sight of this scene, that man in the far slightly changed his face like how Crell changed his look at the sight of the dark blood sacrifice. That man knew that he was facing a powerful enemy.

    The collisions broke out almost at the same time, one in Maple Leaf Castle, the other on the hillside. They were over 500 m away from each other.

    The moment Crell collided with that man, he had swiftly moved together with that man at a speed which was barely caught by human eyes. In a wink, consecutive loud explosions sounded on that hillside...

    If possible, Zhang Tie also wanted to rush towards that man; however, if he left Maple Leaf Castle, he had to face at least two times more iron-teeth hyenas at the same time. In that case, even a LV 10 would be killed under so many iron-teeth hyenas' endless attack, not to mention Zhang Tie.

    Of course, Zhang Tie didn't want to be killed by those iron-teeth hyenas. He knew it was not worthwhile to be that risky.

    Soon, the fastest iron-teeth hyenas had already came in front of Zhang Tie. Without any hesitation, they pounced at Zhang Tie at the same time.

    After fighting iron-teeth hyenas for a few days, Zhang Tie immediately realized that these hyenas were moving at least 30% faster than those he met before. Besides, these hyenas were ferocious and more fearless.

    "Damn it! That b*stard killed your boss, why do you come for me?" Zhang Tie swore loudly as he launched a counterattack.

    Zhang Tie poked his short javelins and penetrated through some iron-teeth hyenas' hearts at once, sending them flying back in the air. Zhang Tie felt that these iron-teeth hyenas' collision forces were at least 50% greater than that he met before.

    Thankfully, wearing the dark tore gloves, Zhang Tie felt that he could wave and stab short spears faster than before. Therefore, Zhang Tie slightly became reassured.

    The following iron-teeth hyenas charged at Zhang Tie from all directions. Even Zhang Tie was standing against a cabin, he was still attacked by the iron-teeth hyenas from the window behind or from the roof of the cabin.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie really felt being surrounded by thousands of dare-to-die corps members. He could only run back and forth between those cabins. Sometimes, he directly jumped onto the roofs of the cabins to counterattack those iron-teeth hyenas...
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