Chapter 428: Being Shocked Three Times

    Chapter 428: Being Shocked Three Times

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    Zhang Tie didn't know how many iron-teeth hyenas had he killed.

    All the iron-teeth hyenas were very crazy. Additionally, their fighting strength had been greatly increased. Although a few LV 2 living beings could not pose any threat to Zhang Tie, but this time too many iron-teeth hyenas were surrounding him. Zhang Tie felt that he could not kill them all.

    Each second, at least 3 iron-teeth hyenas were attacking him. Not until those dead iron-teeth hyenas piled up in front of him did Zhang Tie change his place. If not, those iron-teeth hyenas would step on their partners' dead bodies and charge at Zhang Tie; in that case, it would be more tricky.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how the battle was going between Crell and that culprit. Being hundreds of meters away, Zhang Tie could only hear the consecutive loud explosions and collisions of their battle Qi's.

    Sparing a half second, Zhang Tie peered at where they were fighting, which really shocked him.

    On that hillside, Zhang Tie saw two high battle-Qi totems colliding with each other. One battle Qi was green, the other was black. Each of them were over 20 m in height. The two totems were rolling and biting in the shape of two huge crocodiles. Compared to the totem of a fighter below LV 9, a LV 10 strong fighter's battle-Qi totem was not only a simple light and shadow effect formed by the battle Qi; instead, it was more like a spiritual creature which reflected the releaser's will and thought.

    This was Zhang Tie's first time to see the real battle fire made by LV 10 powerhouses, which really shocked him.

    The battle-Qi totem of LV 10 powerhouses was demon crocodile, a powerful living being in the deep earth. Zhang Tie heard about it before; however, he had not seen demon crocodiles. This time, he finally knew how demon crocodiles looked. The largest difference between demon crocodile and common crocodile was that demon crocodile had a row of erecting sharp-sword like dorsal fins from spine to tail.

    With a glance, Zhang Tie had already known the real fighting strength of Crell and that person.

    Their fighting strength surpassed that of both Dawson and that b*stard of Zhen Clan who chased after Zhang Tie in Dragon Cave.

    Zhang Tie knew that Dawson and that Zhen b*stard was respectively 1 star and 2 stars of LV 10 fighter. However, Zhang Tie estimated that Crell almost reached 4 stars or 5 stars.

    Starting from LV 10, each level higher would require lighting more surging points. Therefore, from LV 10, each level higher was further divided into more ranks. According to the Fibonacci Sequence, one needed to light another 34 surging points before rising from LV 10 to LV 11 which required to light 89 surging points in total. This was as difficult as rising from LV 1 to LV 9. 34 was a number of Fibonacci Sequence--1,5,8,13,21,34; therefore, LV 10 was further divided into 5 ranks. Even fighting master, great fighting master, fighting general, fighting demon and fighting spirit were also divided into 5 stars respectively.'

    Zhang Tie learned this from Crell. Commoners didn't know about it at all. Similarly, in Blackhot City, even teachers didn't know what was going on above LV 10; in Hidden Dragon Palace, only those above LV 8 were qualified to inquire about this.

    Previously, when in Hidden Dragon Palace, Zhang Tie didn't know why this knowledge about LV 10 was forbidden to know as it was not a secret knowledge. Now, he understood it.

    Zhang Tie estimated that the main reason was that Hidden Dragon Palace was afraid of those young men getting disappointed when they knew this knowledge. For many people, if they knew that what they did before LV 9 in the past 10-20 years was as difficult as improving one level higher in the future, they would be heavily struck. Not each young people could bear such a great stress on the way of cultivation.


    In a ceaselessly fierce fight with iron-teeth hyenas, even a bit negligence or a slow movement or a smaller strength would leave a chance for an iron-teeth hyena to move closer. As a result, the person would be in a miserable situation as those iron-teeth hyenas would charge at him like a surging tide at once, leaving him no time to regret.

    Thankfully, Zhang Tie had great physique and spiritual energy. After more than 10 minutes of fight, Zhang Tie still responded precisely and fiercely like machines. One blow, one iron-teeth hyena; sparing no chance for those iron-teeth hyenas to counterattack at all.

    After losing the desire for the seven-strength fruit of king iron-teeth hyena, Zhang Tie launched a counterattack immediately.

    Zhang Tie kept running with those buildings and the special terrain as his cover. He estimated that he had killed at least 300 iron-teeth hyenas. When he moved behind a cabin's wall and caught sight of a bloody, steel shield in the shape of diamond, Zhang Tie's eyes gleamed.

    After stabbing 2 more iron-teeth hyenas and sending them flying back in the air with his short javelins, Zhang Tie rushed in front of that shield. After waving his short javelins to kill another 2 iron-teeth hyenas in a wink, Zhang Tie threw out his left short javelin which penetrated through 4 iron-teeth hyenas in front of him; meanwhile, he raised that shield of 70-80 kgs with his foot and grabbed it in his left hand at once.

    Given its look, that shield was suitable to tall fighters. Holding it, Zhang Tie looked short. However, he was very happy. After holding the shield, he burst out laughter's as he dragged it and drew a curve in the air, blocking away a group of iron-teeth hyenas and sending them flying back in the air at the same time.

    Zhang Tie had a talent of using shield. When in Hidden Dragon Palace, he passed his shield defense class firstly. Plus his terrifying strength, holding that shield, Zhang Tie felt having one powerful helper on his side immediately.

    Waving the shield several times, Zhang Tie broke the heads and bones of those iron-teeth hyenas and sent them flying back in the air. A shield in hand, Zhang Tie was like a steel tortoise. Although those iron-teeth hyenas were fierce, they could not break in Zhang Tie's defense line.

    Hearing the boom-sound of the battle Qi's in the far, Zhang Tie shouted loudly. Thrusting his feet against the ground, he started to rush towards a great, dense pack of iron-teeth hyenas with his shield. Like an armored vehicle entering on the sidewalk at the highest speed, Zhang Tie knocked down all the iron-teeth hyenas in front of him like how a fairy strewed flowers.

    The iron-teeth hyenas were as thick as 100 m. However, with the shield, Zhang Tie still opened a bloody path from those iron-teeth hyenas like a chisel.

    Thousands of iron-teeth hyenas chased after Zhang Tie in a flurried way.

    Zhang Tie rushed towards that place where Crell was fighting that guy.

    Although it was 500-600 m away, it only took Zhang Tie a few seconds to break in the fight circle of 200 m.

    Now, Zhang Tie could see that guy clearly. Both that guy and Crell had not imagined that Zhang Tie could break out the siege of so many iron-teeth hyenas.

    When two well-matched powerhouses fought each other, the result always lay in a few key seconds.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, that guy was slightly shocked. That guy realized that if the opponent had one helper, he would be in danger.

    Therefore, when that guy was about 200 away from Zhang Tie, he did the same thing as Zhang Tie--Sonic boom!

    Zhang Tie threw out his right short javelin. After dodging away from Crell's battle-Qi boom, that guy threw out an iron-snake shaped secret weapon from his waist.

    Facing a LV 10 powerhouse who was much greater than Dawson in this distance, Zhang Tie was not sure whether his short javelin could work or not. However, he was sure that Crell would take advantage of this chance to attack that guy.

    The 2 sonic booms arrived in front of the opponent at the same time...

    That guy barely dodged away from Zhang Tie's javelin...

    At the same time, Zhang Tie's shield was broken into pieces...

    Thankfully, Crell moved closer to that guy by this chance...

    Zhang Tie just used that shield to attract the opponent's attention. When the shield was broken into pieces, Zhang Tie rushed out from the shield safe and sound...

    Realizing that he didn't strike Zhang Tie, that guy became shocked once again. In a flurried way, he was boomed by Crell and was sent flying back in the direction where Zhang Tie rushed towards him, sprouting a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Although it was still 200 m away, Zhang Tie had arrived there as short as a few winks.

    Although that guy was not injured, he still launched a battle-Qi boom towards Zhang Tie in the air, intending to kill Zhang Tie first.

    Facing the black battle-Qi boom, Zhang Tie shouted loudly as he caught it with Heavens-shocking Punch, a fierce gesture in iron-blood fist. After that, he sped up towards that man in a split second once again...

    That guy was shocked for the 3rd time. Pitifully, he cannot dodge away this time as he was in the air. When Zhang Tie passed him in the air, he released a sword Qi from his waist 5 m away, which flashed by that guy's neck...
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