Chapter 429: The Sacred Beasts Bone

    Chapter 429: The Sacred Beast's Bone

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    As for fight between powerhouses, a trivial mistake would always cause a severe outcome...

    Since Zhang Tie rushed out of the Maple Leaf Castle, he had caused that guy miss his attacks 4 times in an extremely short period.

    Firstly, Zhang Tie used his shield to attract the opponent's sonic boom; it was out of that guy's imagination that Zhang Tie could hide himself behind the shield and make his sonic boom ineffective. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie's javelin could threaten his life.

    Secondly, it was out of that guy's imagination that Zhang Tie would dare to catch his battle-Qi boom by hand and break in...

    Thirdly, he was shocked that Zhang Tie had already activated his rapid moving skill when rushing towards him. Although Zhang Tie looked exhausted, benefited from the rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie could increase his moving speed by 2 times.

    Fourthly, although Zhang Tie had no weapons but a pair of dark tore gloves, he had one more sharper weapon. The lethal radius of that weapon was completely out of his expectation. The moment the sharp sword blades were released from 5 m away, they had already reached him, sparing him no chance to escape.

    Therefore, he had to die!

    Before he died, he turned around and stared at Zhang Tie with a resentful look.

    Zhang Tie was also spitting blood. However, that guy was spurting blood 2 m away from his neck. After that, he fell down on the ground forever.

    Not until then did the army of iron-teeth hyenas break in 100 m away from the fight. The moment that guy fell down, the crazy iron-teeth hyenas stopped their attack.

    The glows in the eyes of those iron-teeth hyenas gradually disappeared. After that, those iron-teeth hyenas exchanged glances with each other. Then, an iron-teeth hyena wailed, hearing which, all the iron-teeth hyenas escaped away while lowering their tails.

    The whole hillside soon recovered its tranquility. If not the black smokes and bloody scene in the Maple Leaf Castle, people would not believe that a fierce fight had happened here.

    At first, iron-teeth hyenas attacked humans; then, humans counterattacked iron-teeth hyenas. Besides fresh blood and corpses, nothing was left.

    After coughing out blood 3 times, Zhang Tie felt a bit better. He finally believed that even wearing the pair of dark tore gloves, he could barely stand a LV 10 strong fighter's battle-Qi boom. If that guy had not missed his judgment several times in an extremely short period, Zhang Tie would not have killed him so easily.

    At least, Zhang Tie was not confident to kill this guy when facing him alone. If he encountered this guy alone today, Zhang Tie estimated that he would definitely have used his rapid moving skill to escape instead of taking this guy by storm.

    After wiping the blood stains off his mouth corners while kneeling down the ground with one knee, Zhang Tie slowly stood up. The moment he stood up, he caught Crell's amazed look.

    "Peter, you are amazing!" What you performed was really surprising. This was my first time to see a fighter below LV 9 to catch a 4-star strong fighter's battle-Qi boom!"

    "That guy was a 4-star strong fighter?" Zhang Tie nodded inside like he had already known that.

    "This pair of gloves is a rune equipment. It could protect me from being injured by the battle-Qi booms of powerhouses below great fighter master!" Saying this, Zhang Tie patted his hands with a smile. He tried to briefly introduce it, "I have to appreciate Demon Snake Island for this gift!"

    "Even though the glove is a rune equipment, how did you move so fast just now? If it was me, I couldn't even respond to it in such a short distance!" Crell continued with a curious look. Realizing that Zhang Tie was going to explain, Crell hurriedly waved his hand, "No need to explain to me. Each one has his secret. Actually, I feel that you're not a pioneer; instead, an elite of a big clan. You are here to cultivate yourself."

    Zhang Tie was slightly stunned, "How do you know that?"

    "Besides elites of big clans, I've not seen anybody else in any country of Blackson Human Corridor who could reach such a high level of iron-blood fist at such a young age . Don't tell me that you were not using iron-blood fist movements when you killed iron-teeth hyenas with your short javelins. Additionally, I know that you were using Heavens-Shocking Punch to break that guy's battle Qi. Wasn't that sword movement the extension of sword palm?" Saying that, Crell imitated Zhang Tie's movement sharply, causing a wuthering sound. It really looked like iron-blood fist, "Although the secret knowledge of iron-blood fist is the top secret knowledge that could be easily obtained, it's most difficult to practice it. When I was young, I also practiced iron-blood fist. However, as I could not form iron-blood battle Qi, I finally gave it up!"

    Hearing Crell's explanation, Zhang Tie rolled his eyes and laughed, "The country must be Norman Empire. Haha, Crell takes me as an elite of a big clan in Norman Empire who cultivates himself in the wild!"

    "It's reasonable for him to think this way. Blackhot City has just been annexed by Norman Empire. I know grandma Teresa in Blackhot City and has a special talent in iron-blood fist that could not be matched by commoners. After concluding these conditions, he could easily speculate my background. Certainly, only some elites of big clans on Waii Sub-Continent could meet such conditions. Otherwise, based on my high level of iron-blood fist, I can enjoy whatever I want in Norman Empire, food or respect, instead of being a pioneer who has to live poor in the wild. Am I sick?"

    Crell had a sharp judgment. Pitifully, he was not completely right unless he changed big clan into Huaiyuan Palace. However, it was not possible for him to hit that.

    Now that Crell thought so, Zhang Tie didn't make any explanation.

    They then came to the side of that dead guy and started to collect their booty.

    That guy was lying on the ground, face down. His blood had sprayed all over. The moment Zhang Tie wanted to turn over that guy's body, he was hurriedly stopped by Crell, "Hold on, each powerful animal controller has many evil tactics, especially those above LV 9. Even they are dead, their bodies could still not be easily touched!"

    Hearing Crell's words, Zhang Tie didn't move; instead, he watched how would Crell do.

    Zhang Tie and Crell then stood 10 steps away. At this moment, Crell waved his hand to release his green battle Qi towards that guy.

    As it was not in fight, Zhang Tie felt that Crell didn't use too much strength.

    When the battle Qi struck that body, it turned it over from the ground.

    Soon after that body was turned over, a black thing had bounced up from that corpse's chest and flashed towards Zhang Tie.

    Although having long prepared for that, Zhang Tie was still startled by it's high speed. At the same time, Zhang Tie shot out his silver carp sword and cut that thing into 3 sections in the air from about 2 m away.

    Not until that thing fell down on the ground did Zhang Tie realize that it was a weird black snake. It had a pair of terrifying blue eyes. On both sides of that weird snake were 2 thin wing-like flesh films by which it could fly. Although having been cut into 3 sections, it still didn't die right away; instead, it struggled and spat out its tongue while twisting its head on the ground towards Zhang Tie.

    "F*ck, what's this?" seeing its blood spraying over the grass on his side, withering the grass right away, Zhang Tie realized that it had a severe toxicity. This thing looked terrifying and disgusting. If Zhang Tie really turned over the dead body by hands, he probably had been bitten by this thing.

    "It's black wing snake!" answering Zhang Tie, Crell punched onto the ground, smashing the remains of the snake, "It's one of the most poisonous living beings. It has no antidote. Once being bitten by it, you would die in 5 seconds!"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie took a deep breath.

    With this experience, Zhang Tie started to move closer to the dead body carefully.

    "Is there something else on his body?" Zhang Tie asked Crell.

    "No, otherwise, it had jumped out of there!"


    Zhang Tie moved closer and glanced at that guy on the ground carefully. As he had lost a lot of blood, his skin had turned off-white. Plus the insidious and gloomy face, the rising hooknose and the dark robe, Zhang Tie almost mistook him as a dark magician in fairy tales. Although magicians didn't exist in this age, what this dead body applied just now could not even be matched by magics.

    This dead body was soon cleaned by Zhang Tie and Crell.

    After searching out those items from that guy, Zhang Tie and Crell gathered them into a small pile on the ground. After that, they started to share their booty. Previously, Zhang Tie thought that Crell would feel reluctant to do this; amazingly, Crell did this so adroitly that he looked like a guest performer of some special profession.

    "This is a special throwing weapon. It's made of a special plant's root. This plant's root was ordinarily similar to that of common wood; however, after being injected with battle Qi, this root would turn as firm as iron and have a great penetrability; additionally, it would have some features of that battle Qi. It's a very rare throwing weapon. Your throwing skill looks good, it seems that this item is suitable to you!" Crell explained as he threw the 3 snake-shaped items from that guy's waist to Zhang Tie.

    After glancing at them, Zhang Tie put them away at once. Just now, Zhang Tie was almost injured by that guy's two sonic booms. That guy's battle Qi easily exploded. After being filled with that guy's battle Qi, the moment this item hit something, it would explode. Although not being as fierce and powerful as bombs, its lethality could not be ignored in a small range. When it exploded, it was similar to the explosion of mini domestic steam boilers.

    After leaving them to Zhang Tie, Crell took 2 vials which had a weird odor. He said the drugs in the vials could help him control animals. Zhang Tie agreed with his choice.

    Besides, that guy had a purse, a small box and a finger ring.

    There were only a few gold notes and some gold coins, over 400 gold coins in total. At the sight of this, Crell waved his hand immediately, "One person, one half".

    "Do you wild patrons need money?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity after he put over 200 gold coins into his pocket. Although it was not a great amount of money, it was a part of the booty from a powerful enemy. Therefore, Crell felt pretty comfortable to have them.

    Crell trembled his eyebrows as he replied with a serious tone, "Do you think that I have my clothes out of air? Even in the wild, we always need to exchange others' items with money." There's a proverb in Eastern Continent, "With gold coins, even demons would like to pull the millstone for grounding grains. It is a truth!"

    Zhang Tie smirked as he knew that proverb.

    What were left were that finger ring and that small wooden box. After glancing at that finger ring for a short while, Crell threw it to Zhang Tie, "Take a look!"

    Zhang Tie knew that such a powerful guy always had precious ornaments. Zhang Tie took it as he injected some spiritual energy into the finger ring.

    "Finger Ring of Eagle's Eye--this item has the rune effect of eagle's eye. After injecting some spiritual energy into it, you can activate its rune effect one time per natural day; each time would last for 2 hours."

    Zhang Tie had not seen a rune equipment with fixed effect before. As this rune equipment was not marked with the rune manufacturer's name, its background could not be identified. However, after staying in Huaiyuan Palace for a period, Zhang Tie knew the world about rune manufacturers more or less. He knew that all the rune equipment with fixed special rune effects were top goods. Such equipment were even rarely seen in auction houses. They were basically customized.

    Zhang Tie then glanced at Crell.

    "You might know about its value. We have 2 items left, a finger ring of eagle's eye, a small box. Now that he takes this box with him, it indicates that the item inside is special. It might value more or less than that finger ring. As you killed him, for the sake of fairness, you can choose one, leaving the rest one to me!"

    Having not imagined that Crell was that serious, Zhang Tie burst out laughter's as he opened that box.

    It was an animal's bone in the box, yes, a bone. However, it was as transparent as crystal. No matter from which angle, it looked as profound as a cat's eye.

    At the sight of that bone, Crell's eyes had gleamed. Zhang Tie noticed that Crell's hand slightly shook. Before seeing that finger ring of eagle's eye, Crell looked very calm; however, at the sight of this crystal-like bone, Crell became disgraceful at once. He instantly understood the value of this crystal-like bone.

    Crell took a deep breath as he glanced at that bone once again. He then reached his hand out to take that ring. Seeing his movement, Zhang Tie burst out laughter's. He then took up the box along with the bone and put them onto Crell's hand. After that, he put on the finger ring himself.

    Crell shook all over as he stared at Zhang Tie, "You..."

    "I opened it to let you make the choice first. Now that you like the item in this box, I will take the ring!" Zhang Tie casually said.

    "Do you know what's this? You will regret!" Crell fixed his eyes on Zhang Tie as his hands had started to quiver due to excitement.

    "I don't care. I only know that this item is more useful to you than me. So what even if it is worth millions of gold coins? Aren't we comrades- in-arms?" Zhang Tie shrugged. Zhang Tie also knew that the item in the box might be very expensive; however, as long as he took one person as his real friend, he would never make his friend suffer a loss.

    "This is sacred beast's bone, the supreme treasure of animal controllers. When you have it, you will have no obstacle on the way of cultivating animal controlling skills. Additionally, it has other marvelous effects. It might be worth more than millions of gold coins. Actually, nobody would like to sell it in the auction house, unless he's insane. Have you made your decision?"

    "I would not auction my roasted potatoes, unless I'm insane; but I gave my roasted potatoes to you!"

    After gazing at Zhang Tie for a short while, Crell laughed suddenly, "Do you know that you made a mistake today?"

    "What mistake?" Zhang Tie became stunned.

    "You should not call me uncle. I'm not that old. Actually, I'm only 27!"

    Staring at Crell's whiskers, Zhang Tie asked with a dubious look, "27? Are you kidding me? Are you sure it's not 47? You...You look really old."

    "If you also stay in the wild for 10 years in which period you are not allowed to shave your beard before promoting to great fighting master, I'm sure that you will be as same as me in a decade!" Crell said with a blank face.

    "F*ck, being not allowed to shave beard. What a motherf*cking rule!"

    "This is the rule of school of patron. As a wild patron, if you don't see a lion asking to shave his hair, you're also not allowed to shave your beard, either!"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie almost showed the white of his eyes; however, Crell continued.

    "Additionally, I want to apologize to you; because I also lied to you just now!"

    "When did you lie to me?" Zhang Tie was dumbfounded once again.

    "When those iron-teeth hyenas were rushing over, actually, I could also apply the land mother's guardianship on you. If I did that to you, you would not have been attacked by those iron-teeth hyenas anymore! However, as you made me unhappy, I wanted to punish you for what you've done to me." Saying this, Crell's swarthy face faintly blushed.

    "I made you unhappy? But why?"

    "Because you called me Uncle. I'm not that old!" Crell looked serious once again as he erected 3 fingers with a solemn look, "You called me Uncle 3 times!"

    Recalling thousands of iron-teeth hyenas drooling towards him with red eyes, Zhang Tie twitched his mouth corners. After that, he sprung up from the ground and swore Crell loudly while pointing at Crell's nose.

    "F*ck! Do you know that If I was negligent or didn't have enough strength, I would have been torn into parts by those iron-teeth hyenas. Do you know how it feels when you face a regiment of dare-to-death corps? You b*stard! How can you set me up for that bullsh*t reason?"

    "Actually, you were looking well. Those iron-teeth hyenas couldn't even hurt you at all!"

    "B*stard. Give me my sacred beast's bone. This father prefers to feed dogs with it, instead of giving it to you!"

    At this moment, Crell looked very gloomy. Facing Zhang Tie's fury, he slowly put that odd-looking sacred beast's bone into his coat, "I'm sorry, this sacred beast's bone belongs to me now. If you want it back, you have to find a dog which could be able to gnaw it!"

    After glaring at each other for a few seconds, they burst out laughters at the same time...
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