Chapter 430: The Hiding Effect

    Chapter 430: The Hiding Effect

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    The Maple Leaf Castle was still smoking. Zhang Tie and Crell then carried that animal controller's body back to a suspending platform of the heliport in the middle of that base. After that, they tied that body onto a wood pile.

    "Is this useful?" Seeing Crell writing a line of blood words on one side of the dead body, Zhang Tie asked in a casual way.

    "As Eschyle City is not too far away from here. If something happened in this base, Both the chambers of commerce and urban administrators of Eschyle City would dispatch people here for an investigation. We'd better give them some warning by this chance!" While explaining to Zhang Tie, Crell left the symbol of school of patron below the line of words. For school of patron, violating nature laws by driving animal tide artificially is very hateful; the school of patron doubted that this animal tide was related to demons.

    Since the airlines above Waii Sub-Continent suffered from many raptors' attacks last year, the school of patron had already dispatched people to investigate this event. The result was targeting at a mysterious animal controlling group. In the past year, after many parties' concerted efforts, some animal controllers of that mysterious group were killed, some escaped and disappeared, some arouse troubles in other places. However, not a single alive one was caught. Therefore, nobody knew about the reason. Whereas, given what bad behaviors these people had done, it was undoubted that they were demons' lackeys and b*stards.

    When Zhang Tie heard the words "Three-Eye Association" from Crell, Zhang Tie sighed with full moods. These demons' lackeys really have a deep root in the continent. They almost existed everywhere, including Huaiyuan Prefecture, Heavens Cold City and Ice and Snow Wildness. When the 3rd holy war between human race and demons was going to break out, these people started to move more frequently.

    Actually, Zhang Tie didn't care about their backgrounds. If they were demons' lackeys, they deserved to be killed. What Zhang Tie concerned most was his personal fighting strength, especially after this fight. As the world was becoming more chaotic, one's fighting strength would always determine whether he could survive or not.

    Take this fight as an example. If that guy was not LV 10, but LV 11, a powerful great fighting master who was excel at sonic booms, Zhang Tie would have been killed by the first sonic boom. Similarly, if Zhang Tie was a bit more powerful, he would not have to fight that guy in such a close distance. As long as he threw out his javelin, he would have ended up the fight. Sometimes, life or death was just a matter of one's fighting strength.

    Considering it, Zhang Tie felt that he was a bit lucky today.

    "Where are you going then?" Zhang Tie asked Crell.

    "There are demon-rat tides in some northern regions of Ice and Snow Wildness. I'm heading for north, what about you?"

    Having eaten 9 seven-strength fruits of demon rats, Zhang Tie would not obtain any more seven-strength fruits of demon rats no matter how many he killed. Hearing Crell's reply, Zhang Tie considered it for a short while before replying, "I'm going to the south of Ice and Snow Wildness. I want to try my fortune!"

    "Going for relics and star of god?" Crell smiled.

    Zhang Tie also responded with a smile. He didn't explain it. "Now that Crell thought I was an elite of a big clan in Norman Empire, I don't have to explain. Haidela Glacier Crack is indeed in the south of Ice and Snow Wildness. It must be very boisterous over there. However, according to my knowledge, besides relics of human civilizations and the pieces of star of god, there's another attractive thing in the wildness where the Haidela Glacier Crack is located--Wild Huge Wolf."

    "I was told that tide of Wild Huge Wolves was breaking out in some southern places of Ice and Snow Wildness. Why not take a look over there?"

    "I've been there before. The tide of Wild Huge Wolves was not driven by humans. For such an animal tide, we wild patrons would not intervene them as the mother nature has its own way to deal with it!"

    Zhang Tie shrugged. It seemed that they had to separate from here, "Take care of yourself. In front of powerhouses, don't feel shameful to escape!"

    "Haha, it's not that dangerous. No matter what, Ice and Snow Wildness is the territory of bear tribes, which had the heaviest awareness of territory. Those powerful figures and priests in those bear tribes would not stand outsiders making troubles in their territory. If someone was behind the demon-rat tide, that guy might have been killed by powerhouses on the way towards north!" Crell answered.

    "But why nobody care about the animal tide on Grey Hill?" Zhang Tie became dubious. Honestly, he didn't know too much about Iron and Snow Wildness. Previously, he only learned its knowledge from some books. When he arrived at this place, he put all of his efforts on seven-strength fruits, sparing not time and spiritual energy to learn about other things here.

    Crell responded with a smile, "This place is close to Eschyle City, the territory of iron bear tribe. I was told that many powerful figures and priests of iron bear tribe pilgrimaged to Erqida Mountain several days ago. They've not returned yet. Additionally, in the eyes of the rulers of iron bear tribe, the iron-teeth hyenas over the Grey Hill only caused a bit loss to some chambers of commerce and some wild villages, which was not enough to arouse their attention. At this moment, they might pay more attention to the relic and piece of star of god in Haidela Glacier Crack. Even something happened here, in those guys' eyes, it was nothing but some animal controllers aroused some small troubles in Ice and Snow Wildness! Even those chambers of commerce themselves could solve this problem."

    Zhang Tie knew that Crell was telling the truth. This was the difference between big figures and small figures. Even the biggest problem in the eyes of big figures was a piece of cake. Similarly, a couple of gold coins in the eyes of poor guys was definitely not as valuable as that in the eyes of nouveau-rich.

    Zhang Tie and Crell were both straightforward. After making their own decisions, they directly separated like getting off the same carriage of a train.

    Zhang Tie saw Crell off. When Crell walked 10 steps away, he turned around, "I forgot to tell you. If you really find a dog which could gnaw the saint beast's bone one day and want to get that bone back, you can come for me. You can visit any church of school of patron which has a priest and tell him that you want to see me; that priest would ask you about my emblem in the school of patron. You tell him that my emblem is locust."

    Zhang Tie nodded as he recalled something, "Oh, what's the saint beast's bone? You've not mentioned that before!"

    "Ha...ha...you will know it when you are an official animal controller!" Crell made a joke.

    "Perhaps when I see you next time, my animal controlling skill has surpassed you. I feel that I'm talented in learning this skill. Only after practicing those secret prayers over one night, I feel that I've been able to control a low-level pet!" Zhang Tie said like it was true.

    "It's impossible. When I saw you for the first time, I already knew that you've not used animal controlling skill or had any pet before. It's already late to learn animal controlling skill at your age. Therefore, you can hardly reach the supreme level of animal controlling skill!"

    "Maybe I'm the exception!"

    "Unless you're the baby nephew of Gaia, the mother of land or the the incarnation of legendary beast god!" Crell burst out laughing; meanwhile, he waved towards Zhang Tie and left, leaving Zhang Tie alone.

    Standing on the hillside, Zhang Tie saw Crell and that huge black eagle in the sky disappearing in the far. Then, he revealed a smile as he slightly waved his head and muttered, "You missed a possibility!"

    Zhang Tie turned around. After identifying the direction, he ran towards southwest.


    Zhang Tie knew that after he and Crell left, someone from Eschyle would definitely come here for an investigation. However, Zhang Tie had not imagined that they could respond so fast. Only 2 hours after he left, they had arrived here from Eschyle City.

    They were not common bear-killing fighters or powerhouses dispatched by those chambers of commerce and business firms from Eschyle City; instead, they were 2 terrifying wild reward hunters with strong killing intents.

    After circling around Maple Leaf Castle for one time, they returned to the place below the suspending platform where Zhang Tie and Crell tied that animal controller on. Reading the line of words left by Crell, the 2 reward hunters frowned.

    "Is school of patron involved with that guy?" The massive guy said firstly, "I've not imagined that someone is behind this animal tide. We have to report this to Eschyle City right now!"

    "Don't worry, the airship of the Chamber of Commerce of Eschyle City will arrive here soon. They will bring this message back. They are just some clowns, humph..." the other reward hunter uttered an icy voice from behind a grim mask. Given the voice, it's a female. Raising her face, she stood still while facing the sunshine calmly, seemingly identifying something.

    "I feel that the 2 people were separated from here. The man of school of patron moved north while the b*stard called Peter moved southwest. Our task is to bring that Peter's head back and get the 5000 gold coins. With 5000 gold coins, our tribe could afford many items. We will not tide over this winter easily. We've not met such a good trade for a long time!"

    "O' Laura, don't you feel it strange? Given the message from Kurgan or the description of those people who escaped from Maple Leaf Castle, that Peter seems not being that bad. Perhaps, something is wrong with the arrest order issued by the police station in Eschyle City?"

    "There're two kinds of men in total. one that deserves to die, the other that is going to die. How do you know that Peter was not disguising himself in front of them. Haven't you met such crafty people before...", a sneer drifted from behind the metal mask, "Perhaps there's some problem with the arrest order issued by the police station in Eschyle City, but there's no problem on the bodies of the previous 2 wild reward hunters which were torn apart. They were here for Peter after receiving the arrest order. Weren't they dead because of that b*stard? If not because of this, why does the police station dispatch us here? The majesty of Eschyle City and bear tribes could not be weakened because of him. Even if Peter was not a murderer, the 2 wild reward hunters were killed because of him. Based on this point, he deserves to die!"

    "However, we could not maintain the majesty of bear tribes by killing innocent people!" That strapping man warned.

    "Setton, if you want to apply for altering the arrest order in Eschyle City and investigate the death cause of the 2 previous wild reward hunters, go back freely. I can deal with it myself! Unless you put a new arrest order in front of me, I swear to bring that man's head back!" after saying this icily, the female directly rushed towards southwest without even glancing at Setton. Her moving speed could almost match that of Zhang Tie.

    After glancing at that disappearing background with a concerned look, Setton let out a sigh before finally following up.


    Zhang Tie ran so fast. At dusk, Zhang Tie had already arrived 400 km away from the Maple Leaf Castle and found a mountain cave in the wild, even though the the path was always tortuous. After that, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron that he had not entered for a few days.


    At the sight of the 7 seven-strength fruits of iron-teeth hyenas hanging over the small tree, Zhang Tie realized that it might be his wisest decision to leave Huaiyuan Palace this time.

    Besides the 7 seven-strength fruits of iron-teeth hyenas, there were 2 more fruits on the small tree, which made Zhang Tie smirk, one was fruit of brilliance, the other was fruit of judgment that he had been long expecting for...

    --Fruit of Judgment. Fruit of Judgment has become ripe. It contains a god's rune effect--"Hiding". Usage: After picking it, paste it on your forehead; activate it with your spiritual energy. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    --Warrior, the one who waves his blades towards the darkness, the sun will not always hang over the sky. Because it knows that it's necessary to give the stage of the sky to stars so as to hide itself on the other side of the world. After that, it will be able to expect for the arrival of the next dawn after darkness.
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