Chapter 432: Subduing the Opponents

    Chapter 432: Subduing the Opponents

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    People always had to face many things that they disliked, such as this time.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was like a dog, who wanted to bite a hedgehog but didn't know where to start.

    "Close fights doesn't work, especially when the opponents want to kill me. It's not good to be surrounded by two LV 10 strong fighters; otherwise, I might lose my life."

    "I should not kill them, either. Unless I don't want to stay in Ice and Snow Wildness anymore; otherwise, after killing these 2 wild reward hunters, I have to escape far away. But I don't want to die here. It's not worthwhile."

    In a wink, the silver battle Qi had almost reached in front of Zhang Tie's chest. Zhang Tie made the decision right away.

    "End it as fast as possible!"

    What made Zhang Tie a bit reassured was that the man behind him didn't rush towards him together with that female in mask; instead, he just moved closer on one side.

    "Perhaps, in that man's eyes, the female is enough to deal with me."

    "This is a chance. I have to grasp it."

    Zhang Tie roared as he activated a rapid moving rune at once; meanwhile, he poked his short javelins towards that silver palm-sized battle Qi ferociously. Zhang Tie only used 30% of his full strength. The moment he touched the battle Qi, Zhang Tie had been forced back like how a common LV 8 or LV 9 powerhouse was struck back by a battle Qi in the distance. Being shocked by that powerful battle Qi, Zhang Tie's javelins flew backwards in the air; meanwhile, Zhang Tie was boomed and sent flying back in the air by that silver battle Qi...

    With the inertia, Zhang Tie seemed wanting to escape as he was accelerating backwards.

    Realizing that Zhang Tie was going to escape, the man behind Zhang Tie adjusted his location while that female responded with a cold harrumph, "Do you think that you can escape away?"

    Zhang Tie's performance was completely within the 2 peoples imagination. Therefore, they didn't feel strange about this. According to the judgment of the police station in Eschyle City from all aspects, Zhang Tie might be LV 9. If the two hunters fought Zhang Tie at the same time, they could definitely kill him.

    Therefore, the two people were very confident that they didn't believe that Zhang Tie could play any tricks in front of them successfully.

    However, Zhang Tie was not like any murderer that they had ever faced before.

    When the female sped up towards Zhang Tie, the latter changed his movements at once. Zhang Tie instantly accelerated forward instead of backward. In a split second, the effect of the "One Step, One Scenery" situation was reflected by Zhang Tie.

    Move backward or forward, each movement was a different scenery!

    Feel free to move forward or backward!

    Zhang Tie forcefully thrust against the ground as a stone was broken instantly. After that, he started to dart towards that female ferociously like a powerful bolt. He moved even faster and fiercer than that female in a mask.

    Neither of the 2 hunters had found that Zhang Tie was doing a fake movement just now. Zhang Tie did that to draw that female closer.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's completely different performance, that man who was watching and blocking Zhang Tie's way behind him turned his face, "O'Laura, watch out!"

    Almost at the same time, that man darted towards Zhang Tie.

    However, as that man was 50 m away from Zhang Tie and that woman, the moment he started to move his foot, he had seen Zhang Tie colliding with that woman.

    Zhang Tie was indeed too close to that woman. Additionally, they were speeding up towards each other. Therefore, the distance of 10-20 m was too short.

    The moment Zhang Tie moved, he had already arrived in front of that woman in mask.

    The woman didn't move backwards; instead, she boomed towards Zhang Tie's chest with icy eyes. Zhang Tie didn't move backwards either. He roared as he put forward one hand and broke her battle-Qi boom with his dark tore gloves. Meanwhile, he was 1 m away from that woman and started a real bloody close battle.

    In such a short distance, Zhang Tie's javelin was useless, so was that woman's air-born battle Qi attack. Therefore, they could only attack each other by hands and feet. In such a case, the air-bore battle-Qi attack that couldn't be mastered until LV 10, became useless at once.

    In this situation, they were matching nothing else but their physical quality, fighting skills and fighting wills.

    Common LV 9 fighters could never match LV 10 strong fighters in such a case as they were widely different in all aspects, such as physical strength and responsive speed, except for Zhang Tie.

    After eating so many seven-strength fruits and activating the rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie had obtained a blessing on swiftness and flexibility; his physical strength had completely surpassed that of a LV 10 strong fighter, so was his responsive speed. Plus the super powerful effect of iron-blood battle Qi and that pair of dark tore gloves, the gap between Zhang Tie and that woman on power of battle Qi due to different levels was narrowed.

    After the gap on aspects were offset, the two parties broke even. In less than 1 second, they had boomed more than 10 times by fists, palms and knees, causing consecutive muffles.

    The woman in mask was vicious. Even then, that woman was still not flurried at all. Each of her movement was ferocious. She kept attacking Zhang Tie's eyes, throat, heart and crotch.

    Zhang Tie sneered. Because he had cultivated himself in trouble-reappearance situations at the cost of too many lives and had obtained many bloody experiences, he had tempered each movement of iron-blood fist pretty well and could use each movement very briefly. As for close battle, although Zhang Tie was not sure whether he could defeat a fighting master or a great fighting master, he didn't fear about any strong fighters at all.

    As for the strong fighters that he had met, Zhang Tie really didn't think that they could match his close fighting skills. Compared to common fighters below LV 9, strong fighters' physical qualities were improved in all aspects. Besides, strong fighters could release air-borne battle-Qi attack. However, air-borne battle-Qi attack could be ignored in a long distance or a very short distance.

    The woman's movements were very vicious and sharp. Of course, Zhang Tie would not pity her at such a critical moment. Otherwise, he was seeking for death.

    That man also arrived beside them in a wink. He wanted to join the battle. As a man, he should do that. However, at that moment, the man found that he couldn't make it.

    The reason was simple. No matter how that woman moved, Zhang Tie still kept her between him and that man. If he dared to launch the attack, he would hurt his partner at first.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was like a shadow while that woman was a pole in the darkness and that man was the fire. He didn't want to burn the pole as there was always a shadow between the fire and the pole.

    The 3 people were all moving fast. The man was point A, the woman was point B. No matter how they moved, Zhang Tie would always stay on the extension line of straight line AB, preventing that man from joining the battle.

    Each step forward or backward was a scenery.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie only blocked that man by staying at the relatively safe location; gradually, he enlightened the effect of "one step, one scenery" in this battle. He had a subtle feeling as he isolated that man as easy as moving his limbs.

    The moment Zhang Tie moved, he would keep his opponents still.

    His shadow moved with his body while his body moved with his heart. He might have seen through all the rules in the universe...

    Zhang Tie seemed enlightening something in such a case. The 2 reward hunters completely changed their faces as they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could change a 2-1 battle into a 1-1 battle. How come such a powerful murderer only values 5000 gold coins?

    "Damn it! Why did they tell us that this guy was LV 9 at the most?"

    The man had tried 2 times to join the battle; however, considering that woman's safety, he failed as his forehead was oozing sweat all over. He realized that Zhang Tie's fighting skills in close battle were even better than O'Laura. Additionally, Zhang Tie had a very terrifying strength; plus that pair of weird gloves. O'Laura was not in the advantageous position after several times of close booms.

    Finally, the battle came to an end with O'Laura's muffle as Zhang Tie pinched her neck fast by one hand...
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