Chapter 433: Hostage

    Chapter 433: Hostage

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    "Let her go..." that man roared with a flushed as he wanted to charge at Zhang Tie. However, Zhang Tie slightly used his strength, causing that woman faintly groan. Hearing this, the man instantly stopped.

    One's neck is the most fragile part. For commoners, when their necks were pinched, they might feel breathless; however, for powerhouses who cultivated battle Qi's, as long as fragile parts such as main arteries and central nerve vertebrae on their necks were pinched by others, they would be killed or lose their abilities to move or resist.

    Neither did that man nor that woman imagine that result. In their opinions, the police station in Eschyle City made a fatal mistake on the intelligence that they provided to them. They made a major mistake on the level and real fighting strength of Peter. In their eyes, Zhang Tie was at least above LV 10 although he didn't reveal his battle Qi. To deal with such a sharp powerhouse, more powerful reward hunters were required.

    "Se...tton...don't care about me, kill...him!" Although her neck was firmly pinched by Zhang Tie's hand, restricting her central nerve, she still raised her head as she squeezed out words through her teeths.

    Not until then did Zhang Tie know that man's name. Zhang Tie then glanced at that woman. Although her face was hidden, her neck was elegant and slender with smooth skin. She must look beautiful. Being sharply compared to that pair of grim, dark tore gloves, Zhang Tie had an odd and cruel aesthetic feeling on her slender neck.

    However, Zhang Tie had no time to appreciate beauty. Just now, he was almost killed by that woman for many times. If not having eaten a lot of iron-body fruits, his head might have been chopped off.

    Zhang Tie felt that he was like a negative character in knight novels. Only those negative characters would abduct women. But, if Setton and this woman didn't overreact at the beginning, I might have already escaped away, instead of staying here to play such a negative character.

    Hearing the woman still urging to kill him at this moment, Zhang Tie directly punched her lower abdomen brutally, making her lower her body immediately.

    Treat enemies mercilessly, men or women. This was what Donder had taught Zhang Tie.

    "B*stard, stop, what're you doing? I'll kill you..." Setton roared on one side like a furious bull as his eyes turned red.

    At the sight of that man's excited look, Zhang Tie wandered about the relationship between the man and the woman, a couple or siblings. "Why are they so nervous?"

    "As a scapegoat, I don't feel very good. You'd better not stimulate me!" Zhang Tie sneered towards Setton and that woman, "What did you say? You want to kill me? Okay, come on!"

    Setton truly wanted to pounce at Zhang Tie; however, after glancing at that woman, he became timid. Therefore, he could only pant heavily several meters away while glaring at Zhang Tie.

    "If you let her go, we promise to not chase you anymore!"

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "Do you think that I'm that silly to trust a reward hunters' words? Don't be that naive!"

    "What do you want?" Setton became a bit calm.

    Hearing this question, Zhang Tie nodded inside, "This Setton is not silly; at least he knows I will not kill this woman right now; he knows I have demand." The moment Zhang Tie wanted to reply, he heard the voice of the female who had just recovered from that punch.

    "Setton, don't...believe in him, kill...him!" when the woman could breath smoothly, she started to whine once again. Additionally, she was glaring at Zhang Tie with a pair of hateful eyes, "I...I will kill you...you cannot escape...you b*stard!"

    "Shut up, your life is in my hand. As long as I'm unhappy, I can kill you right now. Do you really think that I dare not to kill you?" Zhang Tie watched that woman carefully as he pretended to be very ferocious and gloomy.

    "Ju...just...kill me. As you are in...ice and snow wildness, you cannot...escape" the woman urged.

    "This woman was really strong-minded. Perhaps only such kind of woman could be a reward hunter. Given her voice, she was not too old; however, as she is LV 10, she must be unusual. Perhaps she had a deep background. Similarly, those women above LV 10 in Huaiyuan Palace were all came from Huaiyuan Palace or were closely related to Huaiyuan Palace. Such a figure could barely come out of an average family. Besides talent and great efforts, a person also required resources before becoming a powerhouse. In Huaiyuan Prefecture, it's not easy for a woman to reach above LV 10 with the resources of Huaiyuan Palace, not to mention those in the wild place like Ice and Snow Wildness. Even a man could hardly reach LV 10, not to mention a woman."

    Considering for a short while, Zhang Tie got some ideas.

    Seeing Zhang Tie becoming silent, the woman screamed, which was very jarring.

    "Setton, kill...him!"

    Of course that man didn't dare to move. However, Zhang Tie became furious at once. He drew out his dagger from his waist. Under the frightening look of Setton and that woman's scream, Zhang Tie skimmed over that woman's hair, causing a part of it fall down the ground.

    "D*mn it. From now on, if you dare to speak without my consent, this father will draw a wound for each sentence on your face. If you don't believe me, let's watch it! Women is not allowed to interrupt men's talk!" Zhang Tie said ferociously as he directly drew his dagger on the metal mask twice.

    Hearing the jarring frictions between the sharp blade and the metal mask, the woman indeed shut up.

    That b*stard Donder is right. Although some women were not afraid of death, none of them could accept their face bing ruined. Even a very ugly woman would not like to be uglier.

    The whole world became quiet.

    Zhang Tie watched that man called Setton, "D*mn it, I almost forgot what I wanted to say after being interrupted by this woman!"

    "I ask you what do you want?" Setton remarkably tried to control his anger.

    "Oh, I get it!" Zhang Tie smirked weirdly, which even caused goosebumps all over him, "I want you to go back to Eschyle City to revoke my arrest order. After that, bring me the exemption document for this woman!"

    "That's impossible!" Setton refused it right now.

    Zhang Tie continued to skim his dagger on the woman's metal mask as he sneered, "There might be something impossible in this world, except for that revoking the arrest order of me! As long as it was done by people, it could be corrected!"

    "Exemption is not that easy. Since the founding of Eschyle City, there's no exemption of arrest order at all. All the fugitives were finally caught or killed; only few of them had escaped away." Setton waved his head.

    "The wanted circular was a mistake at the beginning. I truly have killed someone in Eschyle City. However, that man was a lackey of demon snake island. As I displeased demon snake island, I was chased by them. They wanted to kill me; I was doing that to defend myself. After killing that lackey, I was chased by Dawson, a round-table warrior from demon snake island. This pair of dark tore gloves belonged to him. After killing him several days ago, I took it. According to your description, the one who killed the previous 2 reward hunters with gloves must be Dawson. It's nothing to do with me!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, the man changed his look.

    "Do you have any evidence?"

    "It's not difficult to find the evidence. That person being killed by me in Eschyle City was not coming out of air. If you survey that man's background, you will know his real status. I believe that Eschyle City could figure it out. As for the news about Dawson, the round-table warrior of demon snake island and this pair of black tore gloves, I think more people should have heard about them. You will know that I am telling the true after a simple investigation. Additionally, I met a wild patron of school of patron when I killed Dawson. He's Crell. He could tell you that I killed Dawson and got his gloves! He's heading for north to survey the animal tide of demon rats!"

    Zhang Tie knew that the relationship between school of patron and bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wildness was harmonious. Because it was only an affidavit as a witness, it would not bring Crell any trouble. Therefore, Zhang Tie let them ask Crell. By contrast, Zhang Tie was in a big trouble; he needed help from Crell.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Setton truly became silent as Zhang Tie had imagined.

    "Now that you didn't do it, you can let go O'Laura first!"

    "I'm sorry, I'm talking about the condition with you. I don't fully trust you by releasing my hostage! Right a few minutes ago, you two even wanted to kill me. I don't know whether you are thinking about killing me now too. However, I would not test your credibility at the risk of my life. If you want me to set her free, you have to give me the exemption document..." Zhang Tie waved his head as he urged.

    "You can go to Eschyle City with us to clarify what happened!"

    "It's you who made the mistake. My time is very precious. I have no time to buy menu for your mistake at the cost of my time and my spiritual energy. Additionally, if I go back to Eschyle City at this moment, am I seeking for death? How come you 2 reward hunters protect me. My head values 5000 gold coins. You know that people could kill others even for 5 gold coins, not to mention 5000 gold coins!"

    "What if I don't agree?" Setton narrowed his eyes right away.

    "If not, I will kill this woman right now. After that, I will fight you. Perhaps, I can kill you. If so, you will see my name on the wanted circulars list in Eschyle City. Actually, I can leave Ice and Snow Wildness as I don't have any concerns here!" Zhang Tie's answer shattered Setton's last illusion. Setton was clear that all those who could reach such a high level in fighting skills were firm-minded. Those like Peter had been used to wander across the world. If he was Zhang Tie, he would also do the same as Zhang Tie. Nobody would like to be killed by others in such a case.

    "Well, I promise you. But how do you protect O'Laura's safety?" Setton glanced at O'Laura.

    "I can not protect her safety. But truly you have no other choices..." Zhang Tie glanced over that woman who wanted to kill him with a furious and hateful look before waving his head, "This woman has no plumpy butts or breasts. She doesn't look like a woman at all. I'm not interested in her either. As long as she doesn't threaten my life, I will not touch her!"

    "Okay, I will go to Eschyle City right away. Hopefully, you can remember your words; otherwise, you will be regretful!" after glancing at Zhang Tie, Setton turned around and intended to leave.

    "Hold on!" Zhang Tie stopped him as he pointed at that restrictive necklace over Setton's waist which was almost the symbol of reward hunters, "Give that thing to me, I cannot catch her all day long!"

    Setton directly threw off the restrictive necklace before darting away...
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