Chapter 435: A Dangerous Night

    Chapter 435: A Dangerous Night

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    On the 3rd evening, a snow-white owl flew around a small town Sciatta over 300 km away in the west of Eschyle City for a circle before flying towards a hill in the northeast of the small town.

    The owl moved very fast. After a short while, it was already over 20 km away from the small town and disappeared in the woods. It finally fell on a person's arm.

    Although owls were intellectual but they can never match humans. Therefore, they could not communicate with humans like how people communicate with each other. Even now, it could only communicate with Zhang Tie by flapping its wings.

    Zhang Tie told it how to transfer information by flapping its wings. If someone was in front, the owl would raise its left wing; if it saw a building in front, it would raise its right wing. However, the well-behaved owl consecutively flapped its wings this time, which only carried one meaning.

    --There were so many people and buildings in front...

    Zhang Tie gained this message from the owl.

    "Go, take a rest and eat something. Come back at night!" Zhang Tie raised his hand to drive the owl away.

    After that, Zhang Tie took out a pioneering map and a compass. He started to study the map carefully.

    "No need to check it anymore. It's town Sciatta in front. We've already arrived in the south region of Ice and Snow Wildness. If you walk towards west from here, you will see the Haidela Glacier Crack!" after being captured 3 days, the woman in mask finally opened her mouth as icily as before.

    After putting away his map and compass, Zhang Tie watched this woman as he scratched his head, "I'm afraid that Setton has dropped you. How come there's no message in 3 days? I saw you leaving many marks on the way here. Will he find us?"

    Even Zhang Tie started to be perplexed. He was here for huge-wolf seven-strength fruits; instead of taking this weird woman to travel here. In the past days, the woman's look reminded Zhang Tie of being caught sight of running out of home without pulling on the zipper of the trousers by aunts in the neighborhoods. He didn't feel right, but he didn't know why.

    Perhaps, this woman was too docile these days, which made Zhang Tie feel wrong.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's questions, the woman behind the mask only responded with a cold harrumph.

    As it was still early, Zhang Tie walked another 40 km towards west with that woman. Before dusk, they finally found a proper place to rest on the hillside.

    He couldn't go to Sciatta together with this woman. This place was very close to Eschyle City. It was even already in the territory of Eschyle City. As this woman's mask and the restrictive rings were too eye-catching, Zhang Tie was afraid of having a big trouble if he was recognized to have captured a reward hunter.

    Additionally, the road was gradually becoming populated. In less than 10 miles, They almost encountered several batches of pioneers.

    Although they had awaited here for some time, Zhang Tie found that an increasing number of pioneers were pouring into Sciatta. Almost everybody was heading for the Haidela Glacier Crack. Zhang Tie wondered whether there were some new discoveries in the urban relics over there.

    Standing on the hillside, Zhang Tie watched the vast field for a while before turned around, "We'll rest here tonight!"


    They ate roasted potatoes in the evening. Last day, Zhang Tie found some wild potatoes; therefore, he took some as today's grains.

    In Ice and Snow Wildness, potatoes, which had an extremely strong adaptability, was a staple of the residents here. Additionally, cold-resistant wheat was also a grain here. The 2 crops were grown around many villages.

    It gradually turned dark. Being reflected by the flames, Zhang Tie's face constantly loomed.

    At the sight of a brook and a pond behind the mountain rocks, the woman insisted on taking a bath over there. Therefore, Zhang Tie let her go. Certainly, even if she was taking a bath, she still had to wear the restrictive rings. No matter what, the restrictive rings didn't influence her movement.

    It took at least half an hour to roast potatoes, which could only be warmed up under ashes. While roasting it, Zhang Tie was thinking about his plan.

    "If everything went well, after forming another 9 huge-wolf seven-strength fruits, I will return to Blackhot City to visit old friends such as Barley, Doug and those girls of Rose Association. If they like, I will pick them up and their family members and carry them to Jinwu Castle firstly. As for where they would go in the future, it's their choices. As the 3rd holy war between humans and demons was going to break out, Blackhot City was not a safe place.

    For those girls of Rose Association, besides the gift that Zhang Tie presented them before leaving, he left nothing else to them. Although it was a bit ludicrous while being driven by sexual desire at that moment, without having to consider about the result, Zhang Tie was a bit sorry and concerned about those girls. No matter what, he was their first boyfriend.

    When he recalled Blackhot City, Zhang Tie couldn't help remembering Miss Diana. Curiously, this time, he only missed her, instead of dreaming about the sophisticated, evil moments with her.

    Zhang Tie knew that he had grown up and finally walked out of the shadow of Miss Diana. The one who helped him grow up was another woman with cyan eyes. Zhang Tie fulfilled a ludicrous dream with her.

    That woman knew that he had known whom she was. Zhang Tie also knew who was that woman. However, they both pretended that they knew nothing about the opponent's real status. By keeping this as a secret, they made it very interesting.

    Ms. Olina's face was looming in Zhang Tie's mind like a waving fire.

    "No matter what, the most important thing at the present is huge-wolf seven-strength fruit. However, if Setton doesn't show up, should I have to take that woman to travel around the wild?" Zhang Tie finally realized that the woman was like a princess. He could not kill her, beat her or leave her alone. Additionally, Zhang Tie had to provide her with food and drinks all day long.

    As the old Chinese saying went, "Time reveals a man's heart". Perhaps he really could not treat the woman too viciously. His fake look as an evil person had been completely identified by that woman in less than 2 days. Therefore, the woman became increasingly bold. She even posed to take a bath herself. A man and a woman were in the wild while the woman was the man's captive. What did this mean? It was simply a defiance to the man.

    "D*mn it. How low is the efficiency of Eschyle City. It's just an exemption order. How come it is still not solved until now!" Zhang Tie muttered as he turned over the potatoes under the ashes.

    Right then, he heard a furious reproach, "Piss off...". It was the woman's voice. Zhang Tie immediately rushed over there with 2 short javelins.

    When he arrived at the riverside, Zhang Tie saw 3 male pioneers. They were smirking. The woman's clothes were piling on the stone. One of them even took up a black underwear of the woman obscenely and sniffed it, "How fragrant!" after saying this, the 3 men burst out laughing at the same time.

    The woman was squatting in the brook while the flow had just covered her neck. Zhang Tie didn't know whether the 3 guys had seen her look or not. Actually, when Zhang Tie arrived here, he had seen her mask back on her face.

    The woman was trembling in water. According to Zhang Tie's acknowledgement about that woman, he knew that was not due to fear, but fury.

    "You 3, slap your own faces twice before rolling out of here!" at the sight of the situation here, Zhang Tie had already known what happened. The 3 pioneers passed by the riverside by accident or perhaps they were here to drink some water after hearing the water flow sound. However, they saw O'Laura taking bath in the brook.

    The 3 pioneers were at their 30s or 40s. Given their looks, Zhang Tie knew that they were living poor. Although they were rude and obscene at the sight of a woman taking bath by accident, Zhang Tie didn't think that they should be killed because of this. Therefore, Zhang Tie planed to save their lives.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, although being in water, the woman still glared at Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie's intention was good; however, not everything in the world developed according to one's intention.

    Seeing Zhang Tie running towards them, the 3 pioneers became slightly astonished as they prepared to defend. However, when they saw Zhang Tie's look clearly, they exchanged glances with each other before bursting out into laughter at the same time. They became relaxed right away.

    Zhang Tie was like a 16-17 year old boy with some fine hair over his lips. In the wild, Zhang Tie's look was very tender! According to common sense, those who look tender always had poor fighting strength.

    "Brat, you're really a playboy! Take a woman to play in the wild. Hah! judging from your tender skin and flesh, you really are hardcore. You put restrictive rings on such a enchanting beauty?" a taller one walked one step closer to Zhang Tie as he pointed at Zhang Tie with one finger in a contemptuous tone.

    "Bolatti, I'm afraid that this brat is a young master of a rich family. He's here to play with his female servant! These rich babies must have been fed up with common women; they want different. I was told that these guys like to play rabbits, cats, dogs..." another pioneer added on one side as he narrowed his eyes and started to glance over Zhang Tie with weird, gleaming eyes.

    "What rabbits, Ali, that's Bunny Girl. Average ones only require 10 silver coins; better ones require 20 silver coins. I've seen them in the inn of Kordy City. Amazingly, we have such a good fortune today..." another guy smirked.

    The 3 guys exchanged their glances before revealing sinister smiles. A guy sent an order with his eyes. Receiving his order, the other 2 gradually left and started to surround Zhang Tie.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie was silent. However, the woman in water was so furious that she even trembled all over. Zhang Tie could even sense the fiery-eyes behind the mask.

    Considering their looks, Zhang Tie realized that this event could not be easily solved today. As there were various pioneers, some of them could be Zhang Tie's friends such as Sam and Gerri whom Zhang Tie encountered on the Polar Light. Of course, there were also some craps and b*stards, such as the 3 guys in front of him. The moment they saw this woman taking bath here, they had remarkably revealed their evil nature. The existence of such pioneers ruined the image of all the pioneers in someone's eyes to a certain degree. In someone's eyes, pioneers were all bandits, thieves and refugees. Pioneers were completely forbidden in some countries and cities on Waii Sub-Continent...

    Zhang Tie waved his head as he slowly walked towards that tallest pioneer with his short javelins, "Now that you offend me, don't blame me then."

    "Brat, if you're smart, you'd better..."

    The moment that man finished his words, he had seen Zhang Tie stabbed his short javelin into his mouth and made it come out from the back of his head.

    Zhang Tie moved as swiftly as lightning bolt. When he drew his short javelin out of that man's mouth, he saw the man standing still.

    Seeing the most powerful one among them could not even insist on 1 second, the remaining 2 pioneers's legs paralyzed right away as they even started to pee. Realizing that they encountered a powerhouse, one of them became weak and knelt down the ground at once...

    Before that last one moved 5 steps away, Zhang Tie instantly moved close to his back. Raising his short javelin, he immediately penetrated through that man's head with it.

    When the 2nd one fell down the ground, the 1st one also fell down.

    Zhang Tie then came to the front of the pioneer who was kneeling down the ground...

    "Forgive me, forgive me please. I swear to not do that later..." that man kept kowtowing like pounding garlic into pulp. He dared not to raise his head at all. He was so scared that he even started to drop tears and run nose.

    Standing in front of that man, Zhang Tie hesitated. Considering that this guy was as timid as a rabbit, Zhang Tie planned to let him go.

    However, at this moment, Zhang Tie heard the sound of water and a series of rapid rubbing sounds; however, he didn't turn around. A shadow with full killing intent had already arrived behind Zhang Tie. She picked up a pioneer's weapon before walking towards that guy kneeling down the ground. With a sharp slash, she chopped his head off. Zhang Tie hurriedly dodged one step aside in case of being sprayed by guy's fresh blood.

    "Bang", the woman in mask dropped off her saber as she glared at Zhang Tie with fierce eyes. Meanwhile, she squeezed out some words, "None of your men were good things!"

    "F*ck!" being involved out of no reason, Zhang Tie rubbed his face with a vacant look, "I didn't peek at you."

    Before leaving her, Zhang Tie looked back. He found that the woman had already thrown her black underwear into the brook. Besides, 3 corpses were lying here. Given their looks, Zhang Tie knew that they only had a couple of gold coins at the most; therefore, he didn't feel like searching the booty at all. Waving his head, he returned to his fireplace.

    Sitting beside the fireplace, the woman became silent. Seeing Zhang Tie walking towards her, she turned around and peered at Zhang Tie with a different look than that before.

    "Why didn't you kill them at the beginning?"

    "What if they saw you by accident? I think they didn't deserve death! I don't think that you will kill anybody who peek at you by accident!" Replying her, Zhang Tie walked back to his position. Meanwhile, he poked his short javelins into the mud, causing a sound of "Puff" and continued to roast his potatoes.

    "I will kill anyone who see my naked body!" the woman answered seriously.

    "What are you talking about, it's not big!" Zhang Tie muttered.

    "What?" the woman raised her voice greatly as she became furious like a hedgehog who erected its spikes at once.

    Zhang Tie also became irritated as he glared at her, "F*ck, this father means you have no good figure, plumpy butts or breasts. The 3 guys were idiots. As you also came to this world with naked butts, are you going to kill the doctor and the midwife?"

    Panting heavily, the woman glared at Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie glared at her too. When he thought that she was going to fight him, Zhang Tie found her gradually recovered her composure.

    "I start to believe that you didn't kill the 2 wild bounty hunters!"

    "Glad that you know it. If not being a scapegoat, nobody would like to stay with you all day long, except for idiots!"

    The woman wanted to lose her temper again. After taking deep breaths several times, Zhang Tie found that the woman started to move the roasted potatoes in the ashes.

    "What's going on? She's changed her mind?" Zhang Tie was a bit amazed as he became alert right away...


    In the time after midnight, mist started to drift over the mountain. At the beginning, Zhang Tie didn't care about that. However, when he found something was wrong, Zhang Tie could not be able to move anymore. Although he struggled, he realized that his spiritual energy had been frozen by the weird mist. However, the woman who slept in the mountain cave was standing on his side. Along with that woman was a man with long beard, who was not Setton!

    "Senior!" the woman lowered her head and greeted him.

    "Is that him?"

    "Yes! This man is a bit useful. He's an animal controller. Additionally, he was polite to me these days. I suggest to keep him alive!"

    Closely after the woman's words, Zhang Tie felt a headache as he lost his consciousness...
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