Chapter 436: The Grey Eagle Tribe

    Chapter 436: The Grey Eagle Tribe

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    When Zhang Tie recovered his consciousness, he felt his head being cracked while his body was under a huge rock which weighed as heavy as 5000 kg.

    He also recovered his memory. Zhang Tie knew that he was in others' hand. As for the weird mist, Zhang Tie was still confused about it even now.

    He had recovered his spiritual energy. After sensing it, Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh. As long as his spiritual energy was normal, he could protect himself at the critical moment.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard a creaky sound. Meanwhile, his body was quivering. Therefore, Zhang Tie opened his eyes at once.

    Zhang Tie saw a low, grayish black car roof which was covered with animal's hide and that woman in mask. The woman was sitting in the carriage with her back against him. She was crunching her legs and hugging her knees. Along with the carriage, she also quivered.

    The moment Zhang Tie saw her, Zhang Tie felt that she was weak.

    It seemed that the woman felt Zhang Tie's gaze. She turned around and stared at Zhang Tie.

    Before Zhang Tie said anything, the woman had hurriedly adjusted herself to cross her legs once again.

    "You woke up several hours earlier than what I expected!" The woman's voice was as icy as before.

    "Well, actually, I think it's still too late. I don't even know when you started your plan!" Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile. The moment he wanted to pick himself up, he found one more thing over his neck and his writs--the restrictive rings. Additionally, all of his items had been plundered, including his dark tore gloves, purse, 2 rune rings and a double-carp swords.

    "What a quick retribution! I've just confiscated her items several days ago, now it's my turn."

    Zhang Tie struggled to sit up in the carriage; leaning against the wall, he panted heavily.

    The moment he sat up, Zhang Tie's mind became clear. Although he still felt like getting up on the second day after being drunk, he knew that his basic moving ability was not weakened.

    Zhang Tie saw the woman playing his "finger ring of eagle's eye" while his "finger ring of awareness" had been put on her left hand's middle finger.

    The woman was staring at Zhang Tie with her gleaming eyes in a slightly joking and cool way.

    The woman's eyes made Zhang Tie very uncomfortable. Therefore, Zhang Tie also prepared to make her uncomfortable, "If you put on my ring on your middle finger, it means that you're falling in love with me. I don't remember having agreed to accept you as my wife. My wife has to have a hot figure!"

    Close after Zhang Tie's joke, he had known the outcome of teasing the woman. The woman stretched out her hand and punched onto Zhang Tie's lower abdomen at once. With a creaky sound, Zhang Tie had a churning stomach, causing him cough loudly.

    Hearing this, Setton pulled open the curtain. As the carriage was heavily quaking just now, Setton thought something happened in the carriage; therefore, he checked it. At the sight of Zhang Tie's poor look, he understood it right away.

    "O'Laura, we're 10 km away from the tribe!" after reminding O'Laura, Setton put down the curtain.

    Because of the great strike-resistance ability brought by iron-body fruits, Zhang Tie recovered only after a few seconds. He then gradually straightened up. "This woman was too vicious. That punch almost turned over my intestines. F*ck!"

    "We're on even this time!" the woman said icily.

    "On even?" this reminded Zhang Tie of the punch that he gave to that woman several days ago. "She still kept it in mind?"

    Zhang Tie had a new recognition on women's narrow-mindedness.

    "Alright, we're on even!" after taking deep breaths, he straightened up, "Can you tell me what happened? I want to know how I lost it!"

    "What do you want to know?"

    "All of it!"

    "Setton didn't go back to Eschyle City; instead, he returned to the tribe. It's senior Merkel who helped us. He's also the priest of our tribe!"

    "Tribe?" Zhang Tie widened his eyes.

    "Of course, most of the bounty hunters above LV 10 in Eschyle City were powerhouses from surrounding tribes. After accepting the requests of the police station in Eschyle City, we will assist Eschyle City to chase those criminals in Ice and Snow Wildness for rewards. This is our benefit from Eschyle City."

    Zhang Tie finally knew his mistake. He was overconfident that he ignored an important message which looked trivial--the background of the senior bounty hunters in Eschyle City.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, now that these bounty hunters were dispatched by Eschyle City, of course they were under the jurisdiction of Eschyle City. However, actually, the backgrounds of these bounty hunters were more sophisticated. Although there were some bounty hunters in Eschyle City, the surrounding tribes around Eschyle City also had bounty hunters. Precisely, these bounty hunters from surrounding tribes were not completely affiliated to Eschyle City; instead, their relationship was more like a collaboration.

    If he had long known about the background of this woman and Setton, Zhang Tie would never have been that silly to send Setton to Eschyle City for the exemption of his wanted circular. The reason was only a matter of fact. In these people's eyes, it was just a matter of dignity, the dignity of their tribe.

    A tribe which collaborated with Eschyle City dispatched bounty hunters to chase the escaped criminal; however, they were controlled by that criminal. Of course that bounty hunter was shameless to ask for exempting the criminal's wanted circular back in Eschyle City. If so, he would have been drowned by tribesman's saliva.

    "Therefore, Setton did not go to Eschyle City at all. After realizing that he and this woman could not deal with me, Setton returned to his tribe to seek for relief force. However, I was still waiting for his news about the exemption of the wanted circular like a fool." Zhang Tie regretted.

    "Where is your tribe?"

    "It's in your target, the grey tribe in the south of Ice and Snow Wildness!" Zhang Tie could feel the sinister smile of the woman behind her mask.

    "It turns out that I was entering her nest together with this woman."

    Zhang Tie patted his forehead with a speechless and painful look, "If Donder knew that I could do such a silly thing, I'm sure he would jump and swear me 3 hours without repeating a sentence."

    "This indicated the importance of the details. Because of the negligence of a detailed message, I deteriorate to others' prisoner. What an influential lesson and a high price!"

    Zhang Tie sighed. He knew that it was his fault. "I'm really stupid!"

    "What do you want to do with me now? If you want money, just let me go. I will give you 5000 gold coins as a payment..." Zhang Tie knew that human's greed was bottomless. Even though he could give them 50,000 gold coins at once, he would still be asked for more.

    "I know that you're rich. You had 3 rune equipments and a non-rune elite equipment. Although I've been a bounty hunter for so many years, it's my first time to encounter such a rich man!" The woman sneered, "Do you think that you can buy everything with money? Or do you think I'm an idiot? Although our tribe is poor, I've seen 5000 gold coins. But you're much more valuable than 5000 gold coins!"

    "Speaking of my items that you've collected..."

    "Mine!" O'Laura in mask interrupted Zhang Tie before he finished his words. After that, he directly put the finger ring of eagle's eye on the other hand before delcaring it righteously, "From now on, all of your belongings, including you are my personal properties. Do you know what is personal property? It means that from now on you are my slave according to the regulations of ice and snow wildness!"

    "Slave? F*ck!"

    Zhang Tie was so infuriated that he was almost driven mad, "I can give your my belongings, but you should know that I'm wronged. I've not killed those 2 bounty hunters at all!"

    "I know that you're wronged. But so what? Am I obliged to clarify it for you? Who're you?" O'Laura raised her face and stared at Zhang Tie proudly, "Don't forget that, you're still wanted now. You should appreciate me as I've not chopped off your head and go for the reward in Eschyle City. If you met another bounty hunter, you've already been a corpse. Do you think that you can still talk with me like this?"

    "What do you want?" Zhang Tie asked in a low voice.

    "It's very simple. From now on, you should listen to my words and serve me. If you satisfy me one day, you might have your freedom back!"

    Zhang Tie slightly narrowed his eyes...

    "Never think about escaping, as senior Merkel has already planted a bone-exploding needles in your body. If you escape, you will explode. Don't blame me for not having warned you by then!" this woman seemed knowing what Zhang Tie was thinking about.

    "Bone-exploding needles?" Zhang Tie was startled. He then checked his body carefully and found nothing was improper.

    "You can try to run your battle Qi and check its effect."

    Zhang Tie then tried to run his battle Qi; in a split second, he felt a sharp pain on all the joints and bones; meanwhile, he started to ooze big sweat drops over his forehead...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie found that something weird was in his body. They felt like needles while lurking near his joints and bones. If not running his battle Qi, he would not find them at all. However, the moment he ran his battle Qi, he had driven them to swim all over his body. As a result, they stabbed into his bones, causing a sharp pain...

    Because of the sharp pain, Zhang Tie panted heavily while widely opening his mouth. Although it was a transient period, Zhang Tie felt unbearable as being stabbed with over 10 nails.

    "This is the unique skill of the priests in Ice and Snow Wildness. Only the performer could relieve it. As long as you don't run your battle Qi or escape, it would be okay. However, if you want to escape, the bone-exploding needles would lose its control and explode in your body. You are doomed to die then!" O'Laura said calmly.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie completely gave up his mind."Restrictive rings plus bone-exploding needles. D*mn it! Am I that dangerous?"

    Zhang Tie didn't know that in O'Laura's eyes, he definitely was the most dangerous person among all those O'Laura had met. Even facing a LV 10 strong fighter, O'Laura had not been that careful. Even the senior of her tribe could still not implement bone-exploding needles easily. However, O'Laura thought it was very necessary to implement it on Zhang Tie.


    They arrived at their tribe in less than 1 hour after a 10-odd km travel.

    When the vehicle parked, O'Laura pulled open the curtain of the carriage and jumped off firstly, followed by Zhang Tie.

    The moment Zhang Tie got off the car, he had been pressed by Setton on his shoulders.

    "Brat, if you want to survive a few days more, you'd better forget what happened that night. No matter who ask you about that, you only need to tell them you are caught by O'Laura. Besides me, you've seen nobody else. Am I clear? If I heard any rumors in the tribe, I will chop off your head..." Setton whispered to Zhang Tie. After the warning, he forcefully pinched Zhang Tie's shoulders.

    "It seemed that Setton and O'Laura didn't want others to know that I was caught by the senior of their tribe." Zhang Tie understood it right away. However, he still had some doubts and was confused about the reason.

    Although he was under their control, Zhang Tie was clear that he didn't need to suffer any loss for the alleged dignity.

    "I'm clear!" Zhang Tie also replied in a low voice.

    "O'Laura is not as bad as you've imagined. As you're smart, as long as you are not excessive, perhaps you will gain your freedom after some time!" Setton left a hope to Zhang Tie.

    "May I know about my status..."

    "Hasn't O'Laura told you about that?" You're her personal property. Precisely, you're her slave. This is the only status for those criminals being caught and kept alive!"

    "D*mn it. I'm really a slave!" Zhang Tie swore inside with a bad look.

    "Don't worry. Besides O'Laura, you don't have to follow the orders of anyone else!" Setton patted Zhang Tie's shoulders as he comforted him, "Follow me, we're entering the Grey Eagle Tribe. We have to walk on foot!"


    Since he walked out of the back of the carriage, Zhang Tie finally saw the overall look of the vehicle which he was in. It was a simple animal drawn vehicle. The animal was like a yak, but bigger than yak. Besides, its horns were like that of deer's as they were fork-shaped.

    "This is moose, which only lives in Ice and Snow Wildness. It's docile and features a strong resistance. However, it cannot move fast. After eating one meal, it could walk 2 days without rest and sleep. It's the best animal-drawn vehicle in Ice and Snow Wildness!" Noticing that Zhang Tie glanced at that animal several times, Setton explained to him.

    Zhang Tie's vehicle was followed by a fleet of over 30 moose-drawn cars, which carried various items. After a glance, Zhang Tie found that the most of them were daily necessities. On a crate in the front, Zhang Tie saw the symbol of table salt. Besides, Zhang Tie saw clothes on other vehicles. Even a lot of items were piled on the top of the vehicle which Zhang Tie was in.

    It was a wild-like prairie in the surroundings. The path in front was a small gentle slope, which was covered with vigorous weeds. There was a trace left by vehicles in the middle of the muddy path. All the people of the fleet got off their vehicles from here. They started to push their vehicles. However, given their looks, they were very happy and energetic.

    At this moment, O'Laura was ahead of the fleet. She was communicating with a senior.

    Seeing them working so hard, Zhang Tie felt a bit embarrassed to walk with his arms crossed. Therefore, he also put his hands on the back of the animal-drawn vehicle which he was in just now and started to push it.

    As the carriage of this vehicle was empty, the moose could easily draw the vehicle onto the top of the hill; therefore, Zhang Tie didn't use too much strength at all.

    When he was on the top of the hill, he caught sight of a tribe in Ice and Snow Wildness which occupied about 1 square km and was covered with cooking smokes.

    At the sight of the fleet, a long clarion sounded in the troop. Meanwhile, a squad of cavalries rushed towards them as they yelled.

    Zhang Tie only put his eyes on that tribe and the cavalries for a short while before moving his eyes onto those huge canyons in the plain not far from here. Each of those cracks would be as wide as miles. They were like wrinkles on the face of the mother of land as they extended to the distance...

    "Haidela Glacier Crack?" Zhang Tie finally knew where he was. He became spirited at once.

    Those cavalries arrived in front of the fleet in a wink. When they were about 50 m away from the fleet, one of them screamed, "O'Laura, my dear cousin. I was told that you went out for business. I wonder whether you could help your Grey Eagle Tribe tide over this winter with the reward. Why do you work so hard? As long as you open your mouth, you can dispatch your men to carry away whatever is in the warehouse of my tribe..."
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