Chapter 437: Weal and Woe

    Chapter 437: Weal and Woe

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    The voice was full of arrogance. It reminded Zhang Tie of those noble playboys in Blackhot City.

    Soon after he finished his words, his cavalry had already rushed in front of the fleet and stopped over 10 m away. Zhang Tie saw no awe and hatred but mixed moods from the faces of those fleet members. Given this point, Zhang Tie knew that the relationship between the Grey Eagle Tribe and those cavalries was not tense.

    The senior who was with O'Laura slightly lowered his body to greet him.

    Most of the cavalries were riding a beast which was similar to the iron-horn beast of Norman Empire and rhinoceros, except for the one in the middle of the cavalries which looked pretty fierce and tall. It was about 2 m in height while a 1 m-long sharp sword-shaped tusk stretched out of its mouth. Its silver-grey silver had a eccentric texture of metal. Its gold eyes made people very repressive. The other beasts stayed away from it on purpose.

    Sitting on the fierce beast was a tall man who was about 28 years old. The man looked complacent. Given his look, he should have a great fighting strength.

    What caught Zhang Tie's attraction was that the most of the beasts were carrying a container. Each container contained a row of javelins. When in Kurgan Village, Zhang Tie knew that most fighters in Ice and Snow Wildness used javelins as a throwing weapon. However, at the sight of so many people carrying so many javelins for the first time, Zhang Tie became curious.

    As a poor slave, Zhang Tie didn't speak; instead, he just stayed behind the crowd and observed what these guys wanted to do.

    "Nurdo, what are you doing in the Grey Eagle Tribe?" O'Laura stared at those cavalries icily and asked straightforwardly.

    "I have something to talk with you!" Nurdo replied casually.

    "Talk about what?"


    "I was told that the pioneers discovered an urban relic before catastrophe in the Haidela Glacier Crack. Pieces of star of god might also be discovered over there. Now, pioneers and powerhouses are heading for Haidela Glacier Crack from all directions for wealth. My darling cousin, facing such attractive wealth in front of our door, don't you have any plan?"

    "I know very well about the real fighting strength of the Grey Eagle Tribe. We only do what we are able to do. If you want to find someone as your cannon fodder, you are finding the wrong person!" O'Laura sneered.

    "Hold on, O'Laura..." Riding on the fierce beast, the man slightly straightened up and leaned forward while fixing his eyes on O'Laura, "Of course, it's impossible for us to strive for the pieces of star of god. When sword-sage-leveled powerhouses participate in it, it's nothing to do with us. However, do you know that something in the urban relics might be out of your imagination. Now that the relics were discovered in Ice and Snow Wildness, they should not be taken away by those pioneers from outside. Except for your Grey Eagle Tribe, all the other tribes in the south have already been prepared to organize people to take a look downside there. As your cousin, I'm especially here to notice you in case that you miss the opportunity!"

    Hearing these words, O'Laura became silent...

    Hearing that, Zhang Tie was also curious inside. He had not imagined that the discovery of the urban relics in Haidela Glacier Crack had gradually become such a hot topic. Even tribes here intended to take measures about it. However, relics were nothing but some antiques being buried under earth; especially the relics before catastrophe which was only less than 1000 years ago. People could find nothing valuable but some scrap metals in the relics.

    "O'Laura, if you want to participate in it, don't forget to take your bear-killing fighters to the estuary of Fitjar River 2 days later. As grey eagle tribe is a eagle-level tribe in the south of ice and snow wildness, you'd better not degrade your grey eagle tribe. If it turns into a grey mice tribe, it would be a laughing stock, hahahaha..." With arrogant laughter's, Nurdo flashed away with his cavalry.

    After standing there quietly for a few seconds, O'Laura waved her hand, "Go back to tribe..."


    It was only less than 2 km away from here to the grey eagle tribe. After a short while, the fleet had already arrived at the outside of the tribe.

    This tribe was much larger than that of Kurgan village. However, there was no difference between the 2 villages on buildings, almost all of which were low cabins, except for a few tall and stony buildings. Based on the number and density of buildings, Zhang Tie estimated that this tribe contained about 30,000 to 50,000 villagers.

    Seeing the fleet coming back, many kids ran out of the tribe to chase the fleet out of excitement.

    "There's salt, I see it!"

    "There's sugar, they're in the boxes!"

    The kids screamed excitedly, especially after some guys of the fleet sprayed two hands of sugars towards them, they became more jubilant.

    At this moment, O'Laura was like a super star. Walking in front of the fleet, she was greeted by others as she waved her hands towards those villagers.

    Zhang Tie followed the fleet as he observed the surrounding environment. Many villagers were breeding husbandries, most of which were moose, sheep, etc..

    There were some simple processing workshops in the tribe, the most remarkable ones were processing Buckthorn wine. Zhang Tie had smelt the fragrance from afar. The ironware processing workshops were smoking heavily, causing tinkles. Some semi-finished sabers, swords, javelins and some daily products were hanging over the walls outside the ironware workshops.

    Zhang Tie saw many women tanning hides, binding the well-tanned hides and piling them in the courtyard at the height of 2 m. After a glance, Zhang Tie almost sprung up, as he found that those hides were rightly of huge wolves. With off-white furs, they were bigger than common wolves.

    If not so many people near him, Zhang Tie almost burst out laughing. The hides of huge wolves indicated that they could hunt huge wolves not far from here. "This means my huge-wolf seven-strength fruits are not far from me!"

    "I was told that an animal tide broke out here, are there any huge wolves here?" Zhang Tie asked Setton casually.

    "Hmm, there're so many huge wolves. However, we've been used to it. The tribe is safe. The priest of our tribe had implemented a bloody seal around the tribe. Therefore, huge wolves will not break in the tribe. Our grey eagle tribe has been living here for hundreds of years, we've long known how to deal with these beasts. Animal tide of huge wolves breaks out in every few years which would provide us extra gains. In the daytime, fighters in the tribe will take young men to hunt huge wolves; in this way, we can make money and practice them!", Setton didn't know why Zhang Tie asked him that; therefore, he didn't take any precautions about Zhang Tie and told him about the details.

    "I heard the dialogue between that man and O'Laura, it seems that O'Laura is very influential in grey eagle tribe!"

    "O'Laura's mom is the priest of grey eagle tribe; her father is the head of the tribe. O'Laura is doomed to be the head of our tribe. This tribe belongs to her. You tell me whether she's influential or not?" Setton muffled.

    "Ah?" hearing this answer, Zhang Tie was really startled. He had not imagined that the woman in mask had such an influential position, "If so, why does she become a bounty hunter? This profession is very dangerous. Do her parents allow her to risk that?"

    "Her parents have passed away..." Setton lowered his voice at once. He glanced at Zhang Tie with experienced and sympathetic eyes, "Human will always have to do something that they dislike, especially someone on the special position. Previously, when O'Laura's parents were alive, she was a naive, beautiful little girl. She didn't even kill an insect. I gifted her a rabbit when she was young, and when the rabbit died, she cried for 2 days..."

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie had realized what a woman, the successor of the tribe would face after losing her greatest dependence. It was like a kid who suddenly inherited a great sum of properties would always be robbed by some relatives. They might have already met one just now.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie started to sympathize O'Laura.

    "What about you? What's your position in the tribe?"

    "I'm her head guard!" Setton replied. Hearing this answer, Zhang Tie finally understood why Setton became that nervous when he controlled O'Laura at that moment.

    "Do you really want O'Laura to be the head of the tribe?"

    "That's the meaning of my life. If not, I should have been dead 2 decades ago!" Setton explained.

    Zhang Tie rolled his eyes, "If so, we need to discuss about it!"

    "Don't play any tricks!" Setton looked around and warned Zhang Tie in a low voice.

    "Actually, I know that you and O'Laura are not bad guys!" Zhang Tie also lowered his voice, "If not because of the misunderstanding, I might not pose any threat to you. From the beginning, I didn't mean to offend you. Conversely, I really like to help my friends. Of course, not in the current status and condition..." Zhang Tie said as he raised his hands, showing the restrictive rings over his wrists to Setton.

    "I will tell O'Laura about that!" Setton muffled. After that, he didn't speak to Zhang Tie anymore.

    Zhang Tie nodded. He would like to try every possible way to change his current situation unless despair. Zhang Tie was not telling a lie just now. If it was advantageous to the cooperation between the two parties, the misunderstanding between him and O'Laura could really be dissolved.

    After walking hundreds of meters in the tribe, Zhang Tie saw the tallest and most magnificent stony building in the center square of the tribe. It was built on a soil platform. Certainly, compared to those buildings in Yiyang City or Stars Viewing City, this building was shorter.

    When the fleet was close to that place, 3 seniors walked out of the building at the same time. The one on the left was holding an odd-looking crutch with snow-white hair and beard. Although it was still a distance away from him, the moment Zhang Tie caught sight of that senior, he had a great sense of familiarity. Needless to say, Zhang Tie knew whom he was--senior Merkel, the priest of grey eagle tribe.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, senior Merkel triggered those bone-exploding needles right away. Zhang Tie immediately felt painful all over. Thankfully, the pains relieved right now, making Zhang Tie's heart pounded at once.

    Senior Merkel was accompanied by two more people. Although Zhang Tie didn't know about the other 2 people, he was sure they were also seniors of the tribe.

    The fleet just parked in front of the soil platform.

    O'Laura walked towards those 3 seniors directly. When she arrived there, she talked something to them. After that, the 3 seniors walked into that building. However, Zhang Tie felt that Merkel glanced at him before turning around.

    Seeing people coming here to count and remove items off the vehicles, Setton took Zhang Tie away from here. After walking for a short distance, they arrived in front of a small cabin.


    "You live here temporarily. Don't expect to escape. You can not bear the effect of bone-exploding needles. Do not take that as a joke at the risk of your life! At night, someone will send you food!" After saying that, Setton had one people keep an eye on Zhang Tie outside the cabin before leaving.

    Watching this simple cabin and that young man who was standing outside the door, Zhang Tie became quiet. He then sat down on the wooden plate with crossing legs as he injected some spiritual energy into Castle of Black Iron.

    "Heller, can you hear me?"

    "Castle lord, Heller is waiting for your order at any time!"

    "Do you know what I'm thinking about?"

    "As long as castle lord enters Castle of Black Iron, I can help you take off the restrictive rings at once. However, there's a bit problem with the bone-exploding needles..."

    Zhang Tie's heart pounded hearing Heller's reply.

    "What's the matter with the bone-exploding needles?"

    "You have to clean it off by yourself!"

    "By myself? How can I clean it off?"

    "Haven't you tried it just now?"

    Zhang Tie thought about it for a short while, "Do you mean that I can clean off the bone-exploding needles after running my battle Qi?"

    "You got it. Bone-exploding needles is a secret method used by priests in Ice and Snow Wildness. Those being planted into your body are not real needle-sized metal objects but an energy formed by priests' special battle Qi at the cost of their spiritual energy and cultivation. Essentially, the bone-exploding needles are a dynamic energy that could be controlled by human. When they bring you sharp pains and harms, they would decrease at the same time!"

    "You mean each time I run my battle Qi I would be able to decrease the energy of the bone-exploding needles while being attacked by them?"

    "Yes, when they hurt you, they weaken their own energy at the same time!"

    "If bone-exploding needles could be cleaned off so easily, how could the priests in Ice and Snow Wildness control people by them? Won't each one clean it off by bearing the pains?" Zhang Tie hit the point. Now that this weapon could be dissolved so easily, it would be useless.

    "Theoretically, it's true. However, people can not easily clean it off. Each time bone-exploding needles attacked a person, it would bring a sharp pain to him; although its energy declines, it won't weaken the pain. Am I clear? If each person could feel the same sharp pain when cleaning off the bone-exploding needles, how many times can he bear it? 1 times, 10 times or 100 times? As human, one prefers to stay far away from the same sharp pain!"

    "You mean, the mechanism of action of the bone-exploding needles is like a erecting cone-shaped container, which is full of water. And I connect water faucet to its bottom; each time I turn on the water faucet, I would have water flow out constantly. However, its flow remains unchanged. Although the water inside the container gradually decreases, I don't know when all the water flow out until the last moment!"

    "Correct. Before all the water run out of the cone-shaped container, as long as you adjust the water faucet to a certain position, you will get constantly same pain. Additionally, I believe that those people being controlled by the bone-exploding needles might not know that they were consuming the energy of bone-exploding needles when they ran their battle Qi's. Being controlled by this secret skill, one would not see any hope of freedom! Even the priest who implements this secret skill might not know that the energy of bone-exploding needles could be consumed in this way."

    "Will it harm my body?"

    "This is the second point I want to say. After eating so many iron-body fruits, you can bear the great harm of bone-exploding needles. Additionally, with preliminary recovery body, you can recover quickly. Therefore, you might be able to dissolve the bone-exploding needles!"

    "What about commoners?"

    "Based on commoners' endurance capacity and recovery ability, 99% of them could not clean off the energy of bone-exploding needles as the accumulative effects of the bone-exploding needles could easily kill him by consuming all of one's essential Qi. O'Laura is right. Besides the priest himself, nobody else could clean off bone-exploding needles!"

    Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh as he felt being free once again, "How long can I clean off these bone-exploding needles?"

    "Based on your current maximal endurance ability, it will take you 5 days to clean them off, 5 times a day, 20 minutes per time. But I need to warn you that the priest could sense it the moment you completely clean off the bone-exploding needles!"

    "If I escape now, will the bone-exploding needles take effect and kill me right away?"

    "Yes, they will!"

    "What if I could run far away?"

    "It's the same outcome. This weapon is like a remote-sensing crystal and electro-magnetic wave. Like many twins could sense each other's poor condition no matter how far they are from each other, as long as it is in the same space with you, its sensing distance will remain unchanged.

    "Whether I could be easily killed by that old man if he wants?" Zhang Tie asked out of his concern. If it was true, it was nothing different than being waiting for death.

    "Not as worse as you imagine. It takes some time to trigger their energy. Actually, it's not as sharp as real explosions. It takes 40-60 seconds to release its energy sharply. By then, you can enter Castle of Black Iron. After that, the space barrier could cut off that one's sense and manipulation to the bone-exploding needles!''

    Hearing this explanation, Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh. "If it truly comes to that worse situation, I have to clean off the bone-exploding needles in Castle of Black Iron before coming out. Hopefully, it doesn't come to that step. If not, since coming out of Castle of Black Iron, I have to change my look and leave Ice and Snow Wildness at once in case of potential dangers. I've not imagined to encounter so many troubles for seven-strength fruits."

    Knowing what Zhang Tie was thinking, after talking with him for a while, Heller finally gave Zhang Tie a surprise.

    "Don't worry, Castle Lord, actually, you will have some benefits from these bone-exploding needles."

    "Benefits? What benefits?"

    "When you will consume the energy of bone-exploding needles, you will be bearing the attacks of bone-exploding needles. In this course, the growth of iron-body fruits will be accelerated. I've calculated that if Castle Lord could completely clean off those bone-exploding needles, you could obtain at least 3 iron-body fruits as a payment!"

    "3 iron-body fruits?" after being stunned for a short while, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...

    "There's another good news."

    "What good news?"

    "We've got the 1st mutated and evolved Buckthorn seed!"
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