Chapter 438: Oh, I See

    Chapter 438: Oh, I See

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    A wholly-new Buckthorn seed came into being in Castle of Black Iron!

    This was the best news that Zhang Tie had ever heard in this period.

    "What's the difference between the new Buckthorn seed and that of before?" Zhang Tie asked Heller in mind.

    "New Buckthorn seed's adaptability to environment is 27% greater than that of the old ones. They have a greater viability. They could live in colder and dryer regions. Actually, the new seed could survive all the regions in Ice and Snow Wilderness whereas old Buckthorn seed could not."

    "Besides, new Buckthorn seed could increase the fertility of soil by 12%. Soil with the new Buckthorn seed has higher activity. As a wholly-new species, new Buckthorn seed is different from the old one in many aspects. The size of new Buckthorn seed is 15%-20% bigger than that of the old one. Additionally, it tastes better; additionally, a new Buckthorn tree's output is 8%-14% higher than that of the old Buckthorn tree. What's more is that new Buckthorn seeds and tree leaves contain some aura values!"

    "New Buckthorn seeds and tree leaves contain some aura values?" Zhang Tie became slightly stunned.

    "Right, original Buckthorn seeds and tree leaves contain few aura values; however, the aura values in new Buckthorn seeds and tree leaves has increased by over 300%!"

    "How long do I need to wait until Castle of Black Iron provides these new Buckthorn seeds to me?"

    "At least 1 month. By then, Castle of Black Iron could provide Castle Lord with about 15 kg of new Buckthorn seeds. From then on, the provision will remain unchanged in each month!"

    "As most of the land in Castle of Black Iron has been used, there's few vacant land available. If we want more new Buckthorn seeds from Castle of Black Iron, we have to expand the arable land in it. Therefore, we need a great quantity of energy storage!"

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he finally came back to this problem, which was really annoying--no matter how many things he moved inside, he still could not cater to its demand.

    "Do you have any good suggestions to solve this problem?"

    "Unless Castle Lord returns back to the sea!"

    "You mean this is the only method to increase the basic energy storage of Castle of Black Iron?"

    "It depends on your personal ability. If you are able to lift a mountain, just drop it into the Pool of Chaos!"

    "Alright, I will deal with this problem later. I'm already very happy to have obtained new Buckthorn seeds. I've got a lot of problems to deal with." thinking about this, Zhang Tie gradually recovered his composure.

    "What's the name of the new Buckthorn seed?"

    "It's waiting for you to name it!"

    "Now that it appears in this age, just call it black-iron Buckthorn as a souvenir."


    After communicating with Heller, Zhang Tie started to consider about the current problem in the small cabin.

    He could not consider other problems; but he had to clean off the bone-exploding needles as fast as possible as its threat to him was like worms gnawing his bones. It seemed that he had 2 methods to eliminate the threat of bone-exploding needles.

    "The 1st method is that I have to seek a chance to escape right away. If I leave the grey eagle tribe, I have to find a remote place and enter Castle of Black Iron. After that, it will take me a few days to remove the threat. Although this method was feasible but the moment the senior of the grey eagle tribe sensed that the bone-exploding needles disappeared in my body, he would find the secret of Castle of Black Iron. If this secret is exposed, whether there will be consecutive bigger troubles, whether could I still stay in Ice and Snow Wilderness to continue the plan to improve my fighting strength."

    "The 2nd method is that I will continue to stay here. I will keep consuming the energy of bone-exploding needles in my body until there was only few left. By then, even though the bone-exploding needles are activated by the senior, they will not threaten my safety anymore. After that, I could take the remaining ineffective bone-exploding needles as a cover so that I could collect 9 huge-wolf seven-strength fruits. Soon after I reach my target, I will return to Blackhot City."

    "The benefit of the second method is remarkable. However, as a slave in grey eagle tribe, I might not be able to move freely here. Therefore, I need to make a good plan for that."

    When Zhang Tie was racking his mind, he saw a young man standing still just outside the door. After that, he revealed a smile. "As I'm new here, I'd better figure out the situation."

    Zhang Tie got off the bed. The moment he opened the door, he saw the young man's head who was staring at Zhang Tie full of alert while putting his hand on the handle of the saber.

    "You can not escape from here. Go back!" the young man told Zhang Tie with a cold face.

    "Easy, buddy, I'm just taking a fresh breath; it's a bit stuffy inside!" Zhang Tie told a lie as he returned into the room.

    Seeing Zhang Tie moving back, the young man moved his hand off the handle of the saber.

    Zhang Tie then sat on the stool against the door. After that, he put his hand inside his pocket and took out 2 gold coins from Castle of Black Iron at once.

    He started to flip the 2 gold coins. Soon after the 2 colliding gold coins caused several crispy sounds did that young man turn around once again. At the sight of the 2 brilliant golden coins in Zhang Tie's hands, he forcefully swallowed his saliva as his eyes gleamed.

    What did Crell say? Gold coins could turn demons into donkeys who only knew about pulling the milestone for grounding grains. Even demons could not stand the allure of gold coins, not to mention mortals. Perhaps someone truly didn't like money, but there was few such people. At least from the look of this young man, he was a member of the mortals. He had not been as noble as treating money as feces.

    "It's really boring to stay here alone. If you talk with me, you will have 1 of the 2 gold coins, how about that?" Zhang Tie started to allure him.

    "Do not dream that I can let you go!" the young man became very alert. Although with eyes fixed on the 2 gold coins, he was still sensible.

    "Look, how dare I escape. I'm just chatting with you. I swear to not walk out of this door!"

    "Don't expect to get the secret of grey eagle tribe from me either!" the young man waved his head once again.

    "You're wrong. I'm not a mole or detective. You don't need to tell me any secret. You just talk to me about the information that each villager knows. Look, I'm neither a subversive nor saboteur; otherwise, Setton would not allow me to keep my gold coins. Am I right?" Zhang Tie revealed an innocent smile.

    "Is that...true? Only by chatting with you can I obtain 1 gold coin..." the young man became excited right away.

    "Of course, O'Laura is too poor. She lost her parents 2 decades ago. If not Setton and senior Merkel, I don't even know how can she survive so many schemes!" Zhang Tie sighed like he knew well about the situation of grey eagle tribe, "Look, I just want to chat with someone!"

    Zhang Tie's words dispelled the young man's final concern. In the next half an hour, Zhang Tie almost knew everything that he wanted to know from the young man. As a result, the details of the whole grey eagle tribe started to become clear in Zhang Tie's mind.

    Before eight, O'Laura was living like a princess in the grey eagle tribe. She was very beautiful. What was more important is that she had showed an extremely high talent in cultivation since she started to learn how to walk. She was identified as a cultivation talent who would not appear in the grey eagle tribe for 100 years by the priest in the tribe. Her father was the head of the tribe while her mother was the most beautiful woman in the tribe. At that time, someone said that her mother was not only the most beautiful woman in the grey eagle tribe, but also the most beautiful one across Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Born in such a family, O'Laura should have lived a dreamlike life; however, the reality was cruel. When her mother's beautiful look became increasingly well-known in the south of Ice and Snow Wilderness, troubles arrived. A group of bandits which was influential across the south prairie of Ice and Snow Wilderness fixed their eyes on her mother. When O'Laura's parents made a cruise with a few fighters, they were raided by those bandits. As a result, O'Laura's mother was robbed away.

    What was worse, O'Laura's father died in the raid. O'Laura's mother chose to commit suicide in order to resist those bandits's offense. From then on, O'Laura's life completely changed. Although those bandits were finally swept by the allied tribes in the south of Ice and Snow Wilderness, O'Laura couldn't return to her previous life anymore.

    After the death of O'Laura's father, the other 2 seniors of the tribe who were docile previously started to have evil thoughts. After taking the power of the tribe, they didn't want to give it back to a girl. Additionally, many people were casting grey eyes on the fertile land of grey eagle tribe. They wanted take down the grey eagle tribe by controlling O'Laura.

    Therefore, as was imagined, O'Laura was facing a pretty great stress in daily life.

    Not to mention those outside the tribe, even Juventus and Ollier in the grey eagle tribe were definitely the biggest obstacle in O'Laura's way to take the power of the tribe. Now, Juventus was the financial minister of the tribe while Ollier controlled over 2/3 of the total armed forces of the tribe with the help of his sons and his trusted followers.

    With the support of Setton and senior Merkel, although O'Laura was the official successor of grey eagle tribe, her force was limited.

    Although there was a conflict between Juventus and Ollier, they had reached a tacit agreement on dealing with O'Laura and preventing O'Laura from taking the power of grey eagle tribe. Not only providing even 1 copper coin to O'Laura, Juventus even always asked a lot of money from her at the excuse of many improper reasons. Therefore, it became harder for O'Laura to establish her force and majesty in grey eagle tribe. Therefore, O'Laura chose to be a bounty hunter. On one hand, it indicated that she had a great fighting strength; on the other hand, she had no other choices. She had to make money.

    Although Juventus was treating O'Laura by not providing her with money but still saved her face to a certain degree; however, Ollier was almost shameless.

    Ollier always declared to the outside that the only condition for O'Laura to take the power of the tribe was that she had to marry one of his son. Only by this could the grey eagle tribe not be annexed by other tribes.

    After knowing the details, Zhang Tie finally understood why Setton told him to not reveal the message that senior Merkel helped him and O'Laura to deal with him. If not, it would be a great strike to O'Laura's dignity in the grey eagle tribe.

    How come a woman being captured was qualified to be the head of a tribe? Zhang Tie understood the situation of O'Laura now. "I'm really a freak, maybe I'm the first one to defeat O'Laura since she became a bounty hunter!"

    "Actually, for O'Laura, the safest way was to directly kill me on that night after I was controlled by that senior Merkel. After that, she could even take my head for bounty. However, she didn't do that. She kept me alive." Zhang Tie felt mixed moods immediately.

    After learning that, Zhang Tie couldn't forget the scene when the slender woman hugged her knees alone in the carriage.


    2 hours later, someone brought Zhang Tie with his supper. It was just a brown bread, fresh water and a cup of Buckthorn wine. When Zhang Tie was having them, he heard a noisy sound outside the cabin.

    "What are you here for?" the young man asked.

    "At the order of senior Ollier, we're here to execute the criminal that was brought back by O'Laura!" another arrogant voice sounded.

    "None of you is allowed in!" the young man replied furiously at once.

    What a pity! Zhang Tie heard a sneer, "Break in..."

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