Chapter 440: The Heroic Feeling

    Chapter 440: The Heroic Feeling

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    Honestly, Zhang Tie didn't care about how many secrets did Juventus have outside the tribe at all.

    Neither did he care about who would take the power of grey eagle tribe in the future. At that moment, he clouded the water to only live a bit more comfortable; perhaps, there was another reason for that, which Zhang Tie would not admit--actually he sympathized O'Laura to a certain degree.

    Zhang Tie was not actually very justified; however, he really could not stand the 2 old d**chebags bullying a woman.

    Zhang Tie didn't care about how O'Laura and the other people in grey eagle tribe defined his current status, O'Laura's personal property, captive or slave. For Zhang Tie, these things were nothing different than a temporary nickname or appellation. They were meaningless.

    In Zhang Tie's mind, the grey eagle tribe was just a small courier station. He knew that he would soon leave here.

    Until this moment, the tour to Ice and Snow Wildness was like a fantastic adventure and travel for Zhang Tie. At that moment, Zhang Tie's ambition started to grow in this land although he always maintained a relaxed mentality.

    After what happened last day, the relationship between Zhang Tie and O'Laura further developed. They were neither like friends nor enemies. "Out of blows friendship grows".

    Although they had already known each other a little but they still wanted to learn more about each other.

    Although O'Laura took off Zhang Tie's restrictive rings, she still didn't mention about the restrictive rings, neither did Zhang Tie mention it. Both of them knew that their relationship was far from being established.

    Zhang Tie asked O'Laura to return his equipment so that he could at least protect himself. After thinking for a while, O'Laura returned the pair of dark tore gloves to him. As for his other weapons, O'Laura said it depended on Zhang Tie's sincerity.

    Of course, Zhang Tie was not an idiot. He would not take out those gold coins out of air. Even though he could, he wouldn't give them to O'Laura. Before cleaning off the threat of bone-exploding needles and gaining the equal right of say, if Zhang Tie took out such a great amount of money, he was definitely seeking for death.

    Thankfully, O'Laura seemed being not in hurry to gain something from Zhang Tie. She was putting all her efforts on that urban relics in Haidela Glacier Crack. O'Laura had already decided to take some people of the grey eagle tribe to attend the gathering of southern tribes at the estuary of Fitjar in a couple of days. She planned to share some benefits in the secret relics. No matter what, the other 3 seniors of grey eagle tribe agreed with this decision.

    The moment Setton returned to the grey eagle tribe, he left right away. He was there to inquire the news about this gathering and the relics. When Setton returned to the grey eagle tribe to see O'Laura, it was already past midnight. When he was told about what happened after he left the tribe, he became extremely infuriated, dumbfounded and finally burst out laughing.

    "O'Laura, Peter is fiercer than lions in fight and is smarter than foxes. If he's on our side, he can help you to take the power of grey eagle tribe!"

    O'Laura then briefly told Setton about what Zhang Tie had told her and their current relationship.

    "I feel that this brat has a deep background. Few people would have such great fighting strength and carry so many rune and elite equipment at such a young age even in those bigger tribes in Ice and Snow Wildness. If he doesn't have any special background, it would be a marvel. He probably be an elite disciple of a big clan on the continent who comes out to cultivate himself. Therefore, he was not afraid of offending those in demon snake island. I heard that many elite disciples of those big clans on continent complied with this rule before growing up. Their achievements and performances in the survival training would determine their positions in their clans in the future!" That brat might be here for a survival training!"

    "I also think so!" O'Laura nodded, "He's not too bad, he's too smart. But I don't even know which of his words were true!"

    "Isn't it good? He's been in the grey eagle tribe for 1 day, yet he's already made the 2 old d**chebags too embarrassed. If he could stay here for some time, O'Laura, perhaps you might be not that tired!"

    "What do you want to express, Setton?" O'Laura slightly frowned as she noticed that Setton was implying something.

    "Look, as a toyboy, that brat has a great fighting strength and high intelligence. He also has a good family background. What's more, he's not gotten married yet. I've not met such a proper person at all. If you marry him, all the problems would be solved. Additionally, his clan would not move in Ice and Snow Wildness. Even though you marry him, you can still keep the power of grey eagle tribe. That guy can live here..." Setton ticked off the benefits that could be brought by Zhang Tie.

    "Setton..." O'Laura screamed after being stunned for a while...

    After realizing that O'Laura would lose her temper, Setton had long slipped outside the room, exposing a head outside the door-frame, "O'Laura, I mean it. You'd better consider it well. Based on my experience, such a guy is definitely a shopping-rush good in Ice and Snow Wildness. If you want that, you have to do that as soon as possible. Then what has done cannot be undone..."

    In response to him, O'Laura smashed a bottle...


    Zhang Tie had a good sleep last night.

    Since he left Kurgan Village, it was Zhang Tie's 2nd time to sleep on bed. Although it was only a plank bed being paved with a straw mattress and a hide, it was still much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

    Knowing that nobody would dare to cause him trouble after the fierce battle in the daytime, Zhang Tie slept pretty well over night.

    On the 2nd day, when Zhang Tie was woken up by his biological clock, it was still dark outside.

    After getting up, Zhang Tie firstly stretched his limbs in the narrow room. Then, he sat back on the bed with crossing legs and activated the trouble-reappearance situation where he met the huge deep-sea monster on the sea...

    Only after 10 minutes, Zhang Tie's forehead had started to ooze sweat. After a few minutes, Zhang Tie's body quivered for a short while. He then opened his eyes as he started to look around this small room with a frightening look. Closely after that, he panted heavily. Although it only took him a few minutes, Zhang Tie was killed by that huge deep-sea monster once again.

    This time, Zhang Tie was "killed" in a very miserable way. As he could not use his battle Qi, he could only cause some fetal wounds on the huge and terrifying monster. Finally, he was rolled by that monster's tentacle. After getting crushed most of his bones were broken, Zhang Tie was then put into the monster's mouth...

    In the previous fights with that huge deep-sea monster, Zhang Tie didn't try to escape. Because he found that the huge deep-sea monster could only move 30% faster than the Polar Light which meant that It could not match him on moving speed at all. If he just escaped, it was nothing different than wasting his spiritual energy in the trouble-reappearance situation.

    After being killed by the huge deep-sea monster, Zhang Tie changed a trouble-reappearance situation. This time, he chose the valley where he killed those demon rats. What appeared in the valley were not only demon rats, but also numerous wild wolves and iron-teeth hyenas. Zhang Tie was surrounded by thousands of wild beasts who were glaring at him with hateful eyes at the same time. The moment Zhang Tie appeared in the valley, he had seen those wild beasts charging at him like surging waves...

    Those wild beasts knew how to coordinate with each other this time. Agile demon rats were hiding behind wild wolves and iron-teeth hyenas. They especially attacked the parts below Zhang Tie's knees...while wild wolves who were responsible for attracting Zhang Tie's attention always jumped high to bite Zhang Tie's neck and head...iron-teeth hyenas would not loose their grips the moment they bit Zhang Tie, even if it was his clothes and trousers...

    He was pursuing for the maximal lethality and the greatest dodging speed and efficiency in the biggest space in the fight with the huge deep-sea monster just now, but this time he had to pay attention to the delicate secrets on fighting skills and movements in narrow space.

    Since Zhang Tie killed the real huge deep-sea monster, he would practice hard at least twice in the above 2 different trouble-reappearance situations everyday so as to reach the 2 ultimate effects...

    30 minutes later, oozing all over his forehead, Zhang Tie opened his eyes once again. He slightly waved his head as the king demon rat finally found a chance to revenge him this time...

    In the next 50 minutes, Zhang Tie got off his bed. Standing on the ground, he started to consume the energy of the bone-exploding needles by running his iron-blood battle Qi twice, 20 minutes per time with only a 10-minutes break between them.

    In the course of running his iron-blood battle Qi, Zhang Tie suffered an extremely physical pain. Meanwhile his blood vessels, Meridian and veins twisted under his skin; his muscles also quivered every now and then and turned as compact as iron and steel; big sweat drops oozed and rolled down like rains...

    Gritting his teeth, Zhang Tie remained silence...

    After running his iron-blood battle Qi twice, Zhang Tie opened his eyes. At this time, he felt his feet faint while the ground in front of his feet had been covered with sweat. It seemed like that the roof was leaking rain.

    Zhang Tie could only stand separately at most 5 times per day. It was already his physical limit to run battle Qi twice consecutively. If he ran one more time, he would collapse, which meant that his self-protection mechanism would start to run. Simply, he would pass out. Honestly, Zhang Tie didn't want to be seen passing out in the room.

    After resting for 10 minutes, when his vitality recovered a bit, Zhang Tie looked outside and found that the day had just broken.

    Being naked, Zhang Tie came to the courtyard. He then lifted barrels of water from the well before taking a shower.

    3 minutes later, Zhang Tie finished his shower. At this moment, he heard footsteps from behind.

    He turned around and found it was Setton.

    "Hehe, what a nice body, young man!"

    Touching his beard, Setton watched Zhang Tie's naked body with a curious look. He looked like considering something.

    At the sight of Setton, Zhang Tie who had intended to take two more barrels of water suddenly felt his asshole tightening as his body was covered with goosebumps. He then hurriedly put on his clothes.

    In this course, Setton fixed his eyes on Zhang Tie, which made Zhang Tie more tense.

    "Erm...so early, what's up?" Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva.

    "O'Laura asked whether you would like to take a look at the animal tide of the huge wolves today?"

    "Ah, great!"

    "Let's go then."

    "What? Doesn't O'Laura go there?" Zhang Tie asked curiously as he remembered that O'Laura wanted to go there together with him.

    "O'Laura doesn't feel good today. Additionally, she has to deal with some things in the tribe. Therefore, she could not accompany you there!"

    Actually, Setton didn't know why either. After saying that she didn't want to go out together with Zhang Tie this early morning, O'Laura could only dispatch Setton to do that on behalf of her.



    Setton had prepared it very well while the 2 tall beasts with stirrups had been waiting outside the courtyard.

    The 2 beasts were those that Zhang Tie had seen the last day which looked like rhinoceros and iron-horn beasts. Such beasts seemed common in Ice and Snow Wildness. Zhang Tie walked around the 2 beasts for a circle as he looked at them carefully. The 2 beasts became impatient as they snorted and paced on the ground.

    "What are they?"

    "LV 1 rhino-horses. They're bad tempered. Can you ride them?"

    "I've not even started the horsemanship lesson, one of the 6 compulsory courses in Hidden Dragon Palace. You tell me whether can I ride or not?" Zhang Tie retorted him inside although he answered, "I can have a try..."

    Setton didn't speak as he directly rode on a rhino-horse on his side.

    After seeing Setton's movements, Zhang Tie stood in front of his rhino-horse. Staring at its eyes, he started to touch its head with hand.

    Although the rhino-horse was a bit whiny and pacing on the ground, it gradually calmed down. It started to sniff Zhang Tie and rub Zhang Tie's arms with its neck.

    Setton watched that with a dumbfounded look. Although O'Laura told him that Zhang Tie was an animal controller, he didn't believe in her; however, at this moment, he believed in that. It was his first time to see a person being intimate to a rhino-horse in the tribe.

    At the sight of the look of Setton, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. "It's just because of the All-Spirits Pagoda" Zhang Tie thought inside. However, he felt a bit pitiful. If he could enter the 2nd storey, he could form another great wild seal. If so, he could have a rhino-horse as his pet. If that really happened, I'm afraid that Setton might be more amazed.

    "Hmm, as the All-Spirits Pagoda has endless fantastic functions. It seems that I have to enter the 2nd storey as soon as possible. I really want to try my soul-based incarnation."

    Thinking this, Zhang Tie rode on the rhino-horse like Setton.

    Setton shook his rein to make his rhino-horse trot. Zhang Tie imitated him and followed up...

    When they left the grey eagle tribe, they encountered a great number of cavalries who were also leaving the village.

    "You're Peter?" at the sight of Zhang Tie, those cavalries immediately stopped. Their equipment was simple, only few people wore metal armor. Most of them only wore simple leather armors and held average sabers and swords. Some of them carried javelins; however, they were all very strong. Riding hundreds of rhino-horses, they looked pretty powerful.

    After a glance, Zhang Tie found the one who asked him was over 30 years old. He was strong whose look was similar to Ollier whom he saw last day. Given his look, Zhang Tie understood his status at once. This guy must be Ollier's son.

    "Right. I'm Peter. What's up?" Zhang Tie asked as he and Setton stopped at the same time. After glancing over these cavalries, Zhang Tie yawned with a casual look.

    Setton didn't speak; instead, he just watched these cavalries and Zhang Tie with slightly narrowed eyes.

    After glancing at Setton, the one continued to ask Zhang Tie with a cold voice, "Did you kill Coca?"

    "I don't know who's Coca. But I truly killed some guys who wanted to kill me yesterday. If you want to revenge for him, you can come for a duel with me at any time. I'm always waiting. But I have to warn you that if I'm really infuriated, I will not care who's your dad. In 10 movements, I will chop off your head!" Staring at that guy, Zhang Tie said casually. Zhang Tie felt that this guy was at most LV 8 or LV 9. Even if Zhang Tie didn't run his battle Qi, he could also kill him easily.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the cavalries became restless. Many of them even drew out of their weapons at once as they swore loudly.

    "Sh*t up!" Zhang Tie roared as he released the invisible killing Qi that he had formed by numerous puppets' fresh blood in Heavens Cold City. Soon after the killing Qi was released, the rhino-horses in the opposite were frightened as they started to move backwards. As a result, hundreds of cavalries were in a chaos at once. Many cavalries even fell down the rhino-horses. Even Setton's beast on Zhang Tie's side was greatly frightened as it kept moving backwards. It took Setton a lot of strength to rest it.

    "What a heavy killing Qi!" many people were stunned inside. If not having experienced countless corpses and blood, he could not have such a heavy killing Qi. Although one's killing Qi was not directly related to one's level, it could well reflect one's real fighting strength and battle experiences.

    "Salem, do you have to bully a stranger outside your home with these fighters of grey eagle tribe everyday to survive yourself?"

    Closely after Setton's words, that guy's face turned worse; however, this served as an excuse to him. After glancing at Zhang Tie and Setton, he gritted his teeth and said, "Let's go..."

    Receiving the order, all the cavalries left with Salem, causing a booming sound.

    Seeing them off, Zhang Tie turned around and smiled at Setton, "Did you worry that I would kill them all?"

    "Will you?" Setton asked.

    "I'm not a murderer. I'm not here for killing people. Generally, I will not kill people unless my life is threatened!"

    After considering Zhang Tie's words for a short while, Setton finally let out a sigh, "Let's go!"

    They then moved forward.

    "Setton, can I ask you a question?"

    "Go ahead!"

    "Although Ollier has a lot of followers, few of them is above LV 10. Juventus is just a fat worm. Actually, if you, O'Laura and senior Merkel could join hands, you could definitely kill Juventus and Ollier. After that, O'Laura will take the power of grey eagle tribe. Why do you keep them alive?"

    "Ollier and Juventus' clans are influential in the grey eagle tribe. Their powers are deep-rooted. If we determined to clean them, the grey eagle tribe would suffer a great loss. It might even split up. By then, the grey eagle tribe will not exist anymore. None of us would like to accept such a result, me, O'Laura or senior Merkel. Therefore, we try our best to avoid that!" Setton muffled.

    "Therefore, the 2 old d**chebags just do whatever they want in the grey eagle tribe while you could only keep a relative balance with them?"

    Hearing Setton's explanation, Zhang Tie directly showed the white of his eyes "they are definitely sparing the rat to save the dishes." LV 10 fighters were not cheap cabbages. Zhang Tie estimated that there were only 3 or 4 LV 10 powerhouses in the whole grey eagle tribe. Based on the scale of population of the grey eagle tribe, it was already a high proportion. O'Laura had been on an advantageous position, yet she was still afraid of taking the power. Zhang Tie couldn't understand it. If it was him, he would directly kill them instead of wasting time on the 2 old d**chebags, even if the power of grey eagle tribe was sharply weakened. In the worst scenario, they could establish the tribe from the beginning instead of being restricted and set up by those people.

    "What would you do if it was you?" Setton asked Zhang Tie.

    "Of course, I will kill all the b*stards. If they want to die, let them die!" Zhang Tie replied immediately.


    Soon after they left the tribe, they heard a sound from the sky. Zhang Tie raised his head and saw a white owl flying towards him. Zhang Tie raised his arm to let the owl rest on it.

    "Ha...ha..." Zhang Tie burst out laughing as it was his first pet.

    After resting on Zhang Tie's arm for a second, the white owl flew away once again as Zhang Tie delivered a order to it--follow me to search huge wolf packs in the Ice and Snow Wildness.


    Rhino-horses moved faster than common horses. At the beginning, Zhang Tie was unfamiliar with riding it; however, after the rhino-horse started to run at full speed, Zhang Tie finally mastered the skills to gallop his rhino-horse in the wildness; namely balance, rhythm and coordination.

    He had to keep balance by foot and adapt to the rise and fall of the rhino-horse; the most important was the coordination between him and his rhino-horse.

    Because of the All-Spirits Pagoda, Zhang Tie clearly understood how could he make the rhino-horse feel comfortable and free.

    After a short adjustment, Zhang Tie had been able to drive the rhino-horse. In less than half an hour, he had been able to gallop his rhino-horse neck and neck with Setton.

    To tell truth, it was Zhang Tie' first time to ride a beast since he was born. It was completely different from driving a car or running. When the rhino-horse tided over the river or jumped over high obstacles in gallop, Zhang Tie felt very thrilled like being a hero. Zhang Tie finally knew why real men or brave warriors liked to drive beasts...


    Guided by Setton, they drove their rhino-horses over 3 hours. After being over 300 km away from the grey eagle tribe, they finally arrived at a lakeside.

    "This is snow wolf lake. Most of huge wolves stay in 25 km around this place. Not only huge wolves, even many other animals in the neighborhood like to drink water here. Therefore, huge wolves could easily hunt preys here. When there's no animal tide, this place would be a nice pasture. Each year..."

    Before Setton finished his words, he had found Zhang Tie jumped off his rhino-horse and rushed towards the lakeside 100 m away. Some huge wolves which were obviously larger than common wild wolves were drinking water over there...

    At the sight of those huge wolves, Zhang Tie felt like seeing his huge wolf seven-strength fruits. It made him more thrilled than seeing a pile of gold coins.

    A huge wolf's strength was far greater than that of a common wolf, a demon rat or an iron-teeth hyena. Of course, Zhang Tie was very excited at the sight of them.

    "With 9 huge wolf seven-strength fruits, I will be able to break 4-time the speed of sonic speed. Even my explosive strength would reach a terrifying level. By then, even without running battle Qi, I would also be able to conquer all the average fighters."

    "If one exerts his strength to the utmost, he would be close to the most powerful one. I really dream about that day..."

    Huge wolves moved very swiftly. At the sight of Zhang Tie rushing towards them, some huge wolves revealed their canines as they darted towards Zhang Tie.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's heroic feeling and growing ambition broke the depressive resentment at once and turned into a spring-thunder like roar.


    The tranquil lake quaked, causing micro waves. Along with this roar, Zhang Tie jumped up and punched his fist while breaking the air. Meanwhile, the 4 wild huge wolves became blood drops and fine fleshes as they sprayed over the ground in a wink...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's punch, even Setton changed his face from afar. Setton didn't know what Zhang Tie roared just now, but he felt that Zhang Tie's fighting strength instantly intensified after that roar. Zhang Tie was very overwhelming. Given Zhang Tie's fierce punch, Setton even doubted that the bone-exploding needles in Zhang Tie's body did work at all. Given such a shocking effect, Setton was clear that Zhang Tie had a terrifying strength.

    "Does he hate huge wolves or he's a devoted disciple of school of patron?'

    Setton became perplexed at once. A powerhouse traveled so far to kill some worthless huge wolves? Only lunatics would be that ludicrous.


    Zhang Tie wandered nearby the snow wolf lake for about 1 day. With the help of his owl, his hunting efficiency greatly increased. In only 1 day, Zhang Tie killed 117 wild huge wolves.

    This number of wild huge wolves meant 2 huge wolf seven-strength fruits. "What a big harvest!"

    Finally, being urged by Setton, Zhang Tie felt reluctant to leave snow wolf lake.

    Zhang Tie even wanted to escape away and freely hunt huge wolves for a few more days here. However, after considering the situation of grey eagle tribe, he left and finally gave up this idea.

    "Patience is virtue!" Zhang Tie told himself.

    Setton's words further confirmed Zhang Tie's mind.

    "O'Laura will take the fighters of grey eagle tribe to converge with other tribes at the tributary of Fitjar River. We will talk about how to march towards the urban relics. The tributary of Fitjar is also the heavily-stricken area of wild huge wolves."

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