Chapter 442: The Mermaid

    Chapter 442: The Mermaid

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    Senior Ollier's request was indeed a bit excessive, because everybody knew that O'Laura's team was far more powerful than the fighters led by his son because of the existence of O'Laura and Setton. However, O'Laura still agreed with the request. This made Zhang Tie a bit puzzled. According to Setton's explanation, O'Laura did this to avoid the grey eagle tribe from being sneered as lacking cohesive force.

    After knowing that, Zhang Tie became speechless.

    On the way, Zhang Tie encountered many pioneers, who were heading for the estuary of Fitjar in a group of three or four. These pioneers were coming from Sciatta. Among them, some pioneers drove traffic tools drawn by moose; some directly walked on foot.

    When they caught sight of the cavalries, almost all the pioneers became a bit tense. Many of them even directly escaped towards other directions in case of encountering the cavalries of the grey eagle tribe.

    In wild, if the head of the team of cavalries was brutal, he might kill all the pioneers. Nobody would like to revenge for these poor pioneers at all. Therefore, these weak pioneers were a bit afraid at the sight of so many cavalries.

    Watching Zhang Tie galloping his rhino-horse jubilantly, many people disliked him. However, nobody uttered a voice. As long as they wanted to stir up trouble, they would recall how Coca and his men died that day.


    The estuary of Fitjar was in a open plain area. Some rivers converged here and finally flew into a huge glacier crack...

    When they were miles away from the estuary of Fitjar, Zhang Tie had already heard a huge thunder-like boom from afar. Hearing it, everybody sped up while screaming.

    The cavalries in the team who hefted the banner of the grey eagle tribe became more spirited. They raised high their big banners and rushed ahead.

    The estuary of Fitjar ahead of Zhang Tie was so boisterous that it was completely out of his expectation. Zhang Tie looked ahead and saw the continuous camps and different banners that flew in the air above the center of each camp. Those camps could be clearly identified. It looked absolutely like arranging arms and embattling.

    Based on the quantity of camps, tens of thousands of fighters were gathering here.

    In the central part of those camps, Zhang Tie saw a bear totem of a camp which occupied the biggest area. That banner was outstanding.

    At the sight of that banner, Zhang Tie had known that some big tribes had attended this gathering.

    "Wild bear tribe!" Setton remarkably frowned and became amazed as he caught sight of that banner in the central area.

    "What? Is that tribe special?" Zhang Tie asked Setton out of curiosity.

    "All the members of this tribe are lunatics. They can do whatever they want. You'd better not stir up them!" Setton warned Zhang Tie, "It's your great honor if you can be their friend; however, if they treat you as their enemy, you'd better pray to have a disgraceful death. If those lunatics want to kill you, they can chase you for decades endlessly. 3 decades ago, a powerhouse coming from the continent stirred up with the wild bear tribe. Therefore, the wild bear tribe dispatched people to chase after him for more than 2 decades, even though that guy escaped away from Ice and Snow Wildness. In over 2 decades, wild bear tribe lost over 2000 people; however, finally, they brought back that guy's head. It was told that the guy was not killed by wild bear tribe, but was driven mad by wild bear tribe endlessly and finally committed suicide! "

    Zhang Tie widely opened his mouth, "F*ck, how come they dispatched so many fighters to chase an enemy for decades at the cost of thousands of people? These guys are really stubborn."

    A lunatic was already terrifying; however, a tribe full of lunatics like wild bear tribe was more terrifying!

    Zhang Tie put Setton's words in mind deeply. Meanwhile, he warned him to not stir up with lunatics like them.

    When the grey eagle tribe arrived there, they were stationed on a 20-m wide riverside where they started to set fire to cook grains. Everybody only took 2 dried fruits. Therefore, they didn't have to worry about food at the present.

    As a member of the grey eagle tribe, Zhang Tie also started to build his individual tent. According to Zhang Tie's customs, he built his tent close to the riverside so that when necessary he could roll into the river. The river was very clean. Although Zhang Tie had not tried its depth, he could not see its bottom directly. But, it was okay for him to escape at critical moment.

    The moment the grey eagle tribe settled down, someone had visited their camp to invite O'Laura to discuss about something in the commander's tent of the wild bear tribe. Without saying anything, O'Laura directly went there with Setton and Salem.

    As it was nothing to do with Zhang Tie, he was pleased to be free.

    It was the hottest period in the afternoon. The sun was hanging above head while the river was sparkling. Many fighters from different camps were taking bath and cleansing their rhino-horses in the river. After building his individual tent, Zhang Tie came across a thought. He then took off his clothes except his shorts and walked out of his tent. Without warming up his body, he directly dived into the river.

    When he entered the river, Zhang Tie swam with his head above water for a while, pretending to take a bath. However, when he was a short distance away from the camp area of the grey eagle tribe and found that nobody cared about his movement, Zhang Tie smirked as he buried his head into the water. He started to dive towards the upper reach. At the beginning, he would control his diving speed under water; however, after swimming a few minutes when he was gradually far away from the camps, Zhang Tie sped up.

    Remembering Setton said this area was the heavily-stricken area of wild huge wolves, Zhang Tie just wanted to try his fortune and explore the way over there.

    This river was deeper than 10 m. It flew slowly while the bottom was covered with stones and few aquatic plants. As the lower reach of this river was the convergence of three rivers and a waterfall, Zhang Tie could only dive towards the upper reach.

    Although the bone-exploding needles curbed his battle Qi, they didn't restrict his spiritual energy. Therefore, Zhang Tie could still open the teleportation channel on his hands at the bottom of the river to absorb water into Castle of Black Iron, in such way he could still adjust his moving speed and become as flexible as a big fish.

    Only after 20 minutes, Zhang Tie had been about 30 km away from the camp area of the grey eagle tribe.

    Although Zhang Tie was here for wild huge wolves, he found a mermaid ahead of a huge wolf.

    Zhang Tie swam so fast under water with a good vision. When he saw someone else swimming in front of him, Zhang Tie slowed down immediately.

    That was a graceful female who was naked in water. From the angle of Zhang Tie, he could rightly see her breathtaking snoe out of water and reveal the identity of the woman that wants to hunt huge wolves, nobody would believe in that, unless they're an idiot."

    "If I turn back and go ashore to another place, it might be a bit troublesome. But she's just a swimming woman. Nothing to be afraid of."

    Because of a strong self-esteem, Zhang Tie denied the 3rd plan at once.

    "Then, hold on here for a few minutes. I will pass by when she goes ashore..."

    "Hmm, this idea sounds great."

    Zhang Tie then waited under water as he enjoyed the naked woman swimming in water.

    "Honestly, her figure is pretty good. Each of her movement is sexy."

    Zhang Tie smirked inside...

    However, only after enjoying the scene for 2 minutes, Zhang Tie felt his heart pacing immediately as he rolled towards one side as fast as a lightning bolt in water.

    Meanwhile, a steel short javelin was thrown downside from outside, which directly inserted into those broken stones where Zhang Tie was standing on just now.

    "Someone is down side there!" Someone shouted...

    Hearing this sound, the figure who was swimming in water hurriedly swam towards the riverside. Meanwhile, 4 people jumped in water, causing the sound of "Puff" while arousing some sprays. Holding weapons, they swam towards Zhang Tie.

    The 4 women were all good at diving. The moment they entered river, they had surrounded Zhang Tie.

    At this time, another short javelin was thrown towards Zhang Tie from riverside. However, Zhang Tie dodged away from it too. At the sight of the 4 women diving towards him, Zhang Tie knew that if he didn't go ashore at this moment, he had to kill them in water. Otherwise, he had to expose his diving ability.

    Seeing the 1st woman stabbing towards him, Zhang Tie stretched out his hand to knock at her wrist before grabbing away her saber. Under her screams, Zhang Tie swam to her side. Embracing her waist, he drew her wrist as he exerted his strength and threw the woman onto the riverside immediately.

    Although these women had great fighting strength and good diving abilities, they were still sharply dwarfed by Zhang Tie in all aspects.

    Only after 10 seconds, the 4 women had been disarmed by Zhang Tie and thrown back onto the riverside.

    None of the 4 women were injured. When they were thrown onto the riverside, Zhang Tie heard sounds of amazement from the riverside. It seemed that they had not imagined that someone could throw them back on riverside. If not with great diving ability and strength, one could never do that.

    After a loud order "stop", they stopped throwing javelins in water. Knowing that they had understood his intention, Zhang Tie finally exposed his head out of water before going ashore rapidly.

    Dozens of women were glaring at him with sharp killing intents. They all drew their saber out of their sheaths while raising their eyebrows. Some of them were holding javelins and crossbows.

    Given Zhang Tie's look, he was just a 17-18 year old teenager. Without weapons, he looked handsome while his wet hair fell naturally. Many women were startled about what they saw. As a result, many of them lowered their weapons.

    In most girls' eyes, those younger handsome men were always not too bad.

    Almost all the women were elder than Zhang Tie. Even the youngest one was a bit elder than 20. After glancing over these women, Zhang Tie knew that he must have encountered an influential woman. Their cordon was very long along the riverside; however, they couldn't imagine that he reached here in water from dozens of km away. Additionally, as he was at the bottom of river, he could not see those people on the riverside; therefore, such a misunderstanding was aroused.

    "Dear sisters. It must be a misunderstanding. As I was diving here from the lower reach, I didn't know that you've surrounded this place. Look, I've been out of river now. Please, don't point your weapons at me anymore; otherwise, others would think that I'm doing something bad here!''

    Perhaps because of Zhang Tie's sincere smile, many women exchanged glances with each other before further lowering their weapons towards Zhang Tie.

    "Didn't you do anything bad?" A tall woman with long legs walked towards him from behind the crowd, water drops on her hair. However, she had already put on her handsome purple leather armor. At the sight of her black hair and long legs, Zhang Tie finally knew whom she was.

    The woman was over 20 or 30 years old; with a pair of blue eyes, plumpy lips and straight and raised nose, she was full of feminine charm. She looked like a well-ripe honey peach which, with a bite, could spray sweet juice. However, that purple leather armor reminded Zhang Tie that she was not a vase which could only be used for admiration.

    "Truly not!" seeing her walking towards him, Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "When I found that you were swimming in front of me, it was rude to directly swim across you in case of misunderstanding. It was timid to swim back; therefore, I just stayed there and planned to swim across there after you went ashore. I've not imagined that you could find me!"

    "What did you see?" with a solemn face, the woman stared at Zhang Tie with her beautiful eyes.

    There was a second that Zhang Tie wanted to say that he didn't see anything; however, he forcefully swallowed it back. Zhang Tie recalled First Lieutenant Freo. If Freo encountered such a sexy woman, he would have started to seduce her. Freo insisted that real men should be straightforward and dauntless.

    "Your legs are beautiful and white. Flowing over the glittering water, your black hair was like a black lotus flower!"

    "Black lotus flower!" The woman carefully tasted Zhang Tie's words before revealing a smile, "If you said you didn't see anything, it indicated that you were hypocritical; soon after you said that, I would have them kill you. If my naked body was spotted by such a person, I would feel as disgusting as eating a fly. But now, I changed my mind. Your answer satisfies me very much. Even though my naked body was spotted by you, I would not feel bad. Women indeed show their bodies and looks to men. Otherwise, they would not treasure themselves so much. Am I right?"

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that this woman was so open minded, "You're right. There's an old saying in Eastern Continent, "A woman would make herself up for her beloved man while a fighter would sacrifice himself for the woman who knows him best!"

    Actually the original old saying was "A woman would make herself up for her beloved man while a fighter would sacrifice himself for the one who knows him best!" Of course the one who knew the fighter best was not definitely a woman. In most cases, it was a man. However, at this critical moment, Zhang Tie changed the one into the woman.

    It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that after hearing his explanation, not only that woman in purple leather armor, even the other women's eyes gleamed. Many of them completely loosed their grips of weapons.

    "Young man, may I know your name?" the woman walked towards Zhang Tie with a tender voice. Meanwhile, she waved her hand towards her back, asking all the women to put down their weapons.

    "I'm Peter, what about you?"

    "Do you want to know my name?"

    "Of course!"

    "I'm Sabrina!" the women walked towards him while swaying her slim body like a hot purple flame, "Did you come here from the camp area in the lower reach?"

    "Yup, I'm from grey eagle tribe!"

    "What a coincidence! I'm also from over there. Compared to that place which was full of smelly men. This place is a bit tranquil. However, I encountered you!" the woman staring at Zhang Tie with her beautiful eyes in an interested manner, making Zhang Tie's heart palpitate.

    "Erm, I want to dive for a bit longer, can I leave now?"

    "Go ahead, nobody would trouble you!" the woman smiled.

    "Okay, see you then!" Zhang Tie burst out laughing as he waved his hands towards them. After that, he turned around and dove into the river once again. He knew that those people on riverside were watching him; therefore, he dove forward in a speed which could be accepted by those people.

    "Young lady..." a woman appeared in front of Sabrina.

    "Don't worry. I knew he was not telling a lie from his eyes. Additionally, I didn't sense his animosity. Let's go back. It's really pleasant to chat with such a fresh and sincere handsome boy!"

    They then left...

    Zhang Tie didn't know that when those women left, the news that his head was worth 5000 gold coins had been spread in the gathering center of tribes by someone. After hearing this news, many people's eyes started to radiate greedy green lights.

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