Chapter 443: Being Surrounded

    Chapter 443: Being Surrounded

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    When Zhang Tie returned to the camp of the grey eagle tribe, he saw bonfires.

    Under the amazing gazes of the fighters of the grey eagle tribe, Zhang Tie slowly went ashore with an arm-long lively, fat fish. It was penetrated with a waterweed through its gill. After hanging the fat fish onto an armrack on the side of his tent, Zhang Tie slowly walked in his own tent. After putting on his clothes and socks, he saw Setton coming in.

    "O'Laura thought you had escaped!"

    "If I wanted to run, I had to put on my clothes, even if I'm a prisoner who want to break prison. How come escape with naked butts!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    "Watch out yourself these days!"

    "Why?" Zhang Tie was preparing to take the fat fish to the riverside and clean it so as to cook it as his supper. After hearing Setton's words, he slowed down his movement at once.

    "The news that your head is worth 5000 gold coins has been spread in this area!"

    "Who did it? Salem?" Zhang Tie became infuriated immediately.

    "Salem, I and O'Laura were communicating with directors of the other tribes in the main camp of the wild bear tribe. When I left there, I found someone was talking about you. Salem said he didn't know about this. Although O'Laura became infuriated, she couldn't find any evidence!"

    Zhang Tie sneered, "What a smart guy. He made an evidence that he was not there at the present. But he only needed to order his fighters to do that. Considering that he had half of the fighters of the grey eagle tribe, of course O'Laura would not punish so many people at once. Therefore, that guy was not afraid of that."

    "What should I do now? Wait for others to chop off my head?" Zhang Tie asked Setton.

    "According to the rules in Ice and Snow Wildness, you're now the captive and personal property of O'Laura. Therefore, those people would not do that in the public; however, they might set you up in the dark. As long as they take your head to Eschyle City, they will obtain 5000 gold coins. For such a great amount of money, I'm afraid that someone would do that even at the risk of his own life! However, as long as you stay in the camp, you will be safe!"

    "Do you think that the barrier of this camp could prevent the charm of 5000 gold coins? Perhaps many people in the camp of the grey eagle tribe want to chop off my head!"

    "Don't worry about that. Through the general recommendation, the one who presides over this action of tribe alliance is Gangula of the wild bear tribe. Gangula is the 4th son of the head of wild bear tribe. As he's very crazy, his nickname is mad dog. However, he values the rules and regulations in Ice and Snow Wildness. When he presides over the action of all the tribes, if someone dares to attack you in the camp of the grey eagle tribe in the public, he would not only offend us, but also slap Gangula's face. Nobody would like to do this. If not, he would stir up the wild bear tribe, not to mention the 5000 gold coins! However, you have to take care of yourself in the wild, especially remote places..."

    After hearing Setton's words, Zhang Tie felt a bit better; however, Zhang Tie was not used to wait for death or rescue. He recovered his composure as he considered for a short while before asking, "What if someone wants to kill me in the wild? Can I kill him? If I kill him, whether it would trouble you?"

    He had to ask this question. Because Zhang Tie could not let other innocent people be involved.

    "If someone wants to kill you, you can directly kill him! Nobody dare to trouble us with this!" Setton replied firmly.

    "I see!" Zhang Tie nodded before asking another question, "What's the result of your negotiation on the relics?"

    "The underground relics is in the glacier crack 25 km away. Our job is to block all the entrances of the glacier crack by setting passes. Those pioneers don't need to pay any copper coin to enter the crack; however, they have to leave half of their achievements when they exit. Otherwise, we cannot ensure their safety in Ice and Snow Wildness."

    Zhang Tie smiled, "It turns out you plan to collect road toll here!"

    "The underground world is very dangerous. Although tens of thousands of fighters gather here, when they go inside, all of them might die in a wink. Therefore, we can gather at the entrances for benefits. Although many pioneers go there, they could not defeat us. Additionally, it's reasonable for us to share half of their achievements in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Even in those continental countries, they still need to pay taxes for mining!" Setton explained.

    Zhang Tie nodded, "That's true!"

    "We are here today to ascertain the way of cooperation. But we still have sharp different opinions on sharing our achievements. I'm afraid that we have to argue for one day. Well, take care of yourself!"

    Seeing Setton off, Zhang Tie stood still and thought for a short while. After that, he cleaned that fat fish at the riverside...

    After supper, Zhang Tie returned to his tent and started to polish the 18th surging point on his spine using his spiritual energy.

    Zhang Tie had been in Ice and Snow Wilderness for about a month, in that period Zhang Tie had consecutively lit the 16th and the 17th surging points at the cost of 3 leak-less fruits. At this moment, Zhang Tie's 18th surging point had become bright orange. Additionally, there was a latest leak-less fruit on the small tree. Zhang Tie thought that he was not far from becoming a LV 8 fighter after lighting 21 surging points.

    "Whatever danger it is, as long as I have the strength, I will deal with it."


    On the 2nd day, after doing the morning exercise in his tent, Zhang Tie took a bath in the river. He then came to the outside of O'Laura's tent.

    As a nominal head of the grey eagle tribe, of course, O'Laura's tent was much bigger than the other tents.

    "Can I talk with O'Laura? I've got something to tell her!" Zhang Tie asked one of the two female servants standing outside O'Laura's tent. The servant glanced at him before entering the tent. About half a minute later, the female servant walked out of the tent to call Zhang Tie in.

    When Zhang Tie entered, he saw O'Laura's back. It seemed that O'Laura had just put on her mask.

    "Ho...ho...I thought that you kept your mask even on bed. It would be very terrifying if a woman doesn't wash her face!" Zhang Tie joked.

    O'Laura turned over and glared at Zhang Tie, "What's up?"

    "Erm, can you clean off the bone-exploding needles for me? Senior Merkel should give you the antidote..." Zhang Tie revealed a big smile.

    "No way, I have no antidote." hearing Zhang Tie's request, O'Laura refused right now.

    "So many people want to kill me outside. If I don't run my battle Qi, my fighting strength would sharply decline. Perhaps I might be killed the moment I leave your tent!" Zhang Tie looked serious at once.

    "As long as you are in the camp, you will be safe!" O'Laura glanced at Zhang Tie with a bad look. For some reason, as long as she caught sight of Zhang Tie's exaggerating look, she would feel uncomfortable.

    "But I have to maintain the balance between species of the mother nature. There are so many huge wolves here. They've already destroyed the stability of the biosphere!" Zhang Tie raised his head towards the sky as he let out a sigh.

    "Do you think I'm a kid? How come I believe in your craps!" O'Laura sneered.

    "Can you give me my finger ring of awareness in case I can sense that I am followed by someone!" Zhang Tie really wanted this ring back as it was a gift from Olina. It was special for him. If he was forced to leave the grey eagle tribe, he had to take away the finger ring of awareness and the soul crystal gifted by his master Zhao Yuan, even if he could not get back his finger ring of eagle's eye and the double-carp swords. Zhang Tie asked O'Laura for this item in the excuse of what happened to him yesterday.

    After considering Zhang Tie's words for 2 seconds, O'Laura directly took off the finger ring of awareness from her finger and threw it to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie caught it and put it on his finger. Immediately, he had a weird sense. He had not imagined that he could ask this back in such a method. "Of course, this is not because that I'm charming but because that O'Laura thought that she could control me."

    "And my lucky stone, that common dark red crystal. Can you give it back to me too?"

    The moment Zhang Tie mentioned it did O'Laura remember it. There was indeed such a small crystal. When she searched out this item from Zhang Tie, she and senior Merkel found nothing special with it. Therefore, she just put it away casually. Now that Zhang Tie wanted it, she directly found it out and threw it to Zhang Tie.

    After getting back the finger rings and the soul crystal, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh. Seemingly having greater sensing abilities after wearing the finger ring of awareness, Zhang Tie instantly sniffed the slight bloody smell. Comparatively, air flow in tent was a bit slower than that outside, therefore, some special smell could not scatter in a short period.

    "You've got injured?" Zhang Tie watched O'Laura with a curious look.


    "That's strange. How come there's bloody smell in the tent?" Zhang Tie raised his nose and forcefully sniffed it...

    O'Laura's body turned stiff at once.

    "Are you really injured? May I check it for you? I've learned how to deal with wounds. Generally, if wounds don't ooze blood, it will be..."

    "Roll out!" O'Laura roared toward Zhang Tie which really frightened him.


    Zhang Tie escaped out of her tent in an embarrassed way at once. When he was outside the tent, he found many people were turning around and staring at him. O'Laura's roar was really frightening that many people outside the tent had heard it.

    Looking at those people's amazing looks, Zhang Tie touched his nose in an embarrassed manner.

    "What happened?" Setton ran towards him.

    "Was O'Laura injured yesterday?" Zhang Tie asked Setton.


    "But..." the moment Zhang Tie wanted to say it, he shut up. He came across the reason. "F*ck, perhaps this woman is in the unrivaled state which is featured by flowing out blood safe and sound. No wonder she lost her temper."

    "What a mess!" Zhang Tie heavily patted his head. Without any explanation, he rapidly left the camp of the grey eagle tribe under the doubtful look of Setton.

    When he left, Zhang Tie caught sight of Salem and his fighters. Salem was sneering at him.

    "Idiot!" Zhang Tie glanced at him. Under Salem's changing face, Zhang Tie left.

    Salem wanted to catch up with Zhang Tie. However, at the sight of Zhang Tie's back, he stood it as he swore ferociously, "I will see how many days can you survive!"

    When Zhang Tie left the camp, he directly ran towards the wild. Only after leaving the camp for less than 1000 m, he had felt being followed by someone through his finger ring of awareness.

    Raising his mouth corners, Zhang Tie sneered. As he was here for hunting wild huge wolves, if someone was behind, he didn't mind chopping off his head.

    Zhang Tie trotted at a medium speed. He especially chose remote paths which were far away from the gathering center of tribes. If someone who was familiar with Zhang Tie's deed, they would definitely know that Zhang Tie was setting a trap. Pitifully, for those who were obsessed with benefits, at the sight of Zhang Tie's deed, they must be over pleasant and consider it as a pie in the sky.

    2 hours later, Zhang Tie had been about 40 km away from the camps. At the sight of a small crack which was 1000 m in length, over 20 m in depth, dozens of meters in width in front of him, Zhang Tie immediately walked inside from one end.

    Only after 10 minutes, he had arrived at a relatively open place. Zhang Tie stopped. After looking around, he revealed a sneer at his mouth corners.

    "You've followed me so long, come out!"

    The moment Zhang Tie finished his words, he had been surrounded by over 10 people.

    At the sight of them, Zhang Tie ridiculed, "In order to hide their status, they covered a cloth on their face."
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