Chapter 444: A Special Invitation

    Chapter 444: A Special Invitation

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    Only after a few minutes, Zhang Tie had already walked out of that crack without losing a hair, while all those guys in the masks couldn't come out of that crack.

    Zhang Tie started to run towards afar...

    More than 10 minutes later, another figure rapidly drilled into that crack and came to the place where those people surrounded Zhang Tie. At this moment, this place was covered with corpses. All of them were covered with a cloth. Additionally, each one's neck had been broken. They were looking at their own backs. At the sight of this, the investigator was startled at once. The killer was definitely killing them like killing chicks.

    "D*mn it!" the one drilling in the crack swore. Feeling a bit chilly, he looked around and found nobody was nearby; therefore, he turned around and ran out of here at once.


    In the daytime, Zhang Tie hunted another 40 more wild huge wolves. Although it was not too many, it still satisfied Zhang Tie. Not until the dusk fell did Zhang Tie return to the camp of the grey eagle tribe.

    Seeing Zhang Tie coming back to the camp, Salem and his lackeys looked a bit unhappy; however, at the sight of Zhang Tie, Setton remarkably let out a sigh.

    "Are you okay?"

    "Some masquers. I've killed them!"

    "Glad to see that you're safe!" Setton didn't ask about the details as Zhang Tie just briefed it.

    "What about your negotiation today?"

    "Almost done. The materials being used for setting passes are distributed according to the proportion of fighters of each tribe. However, if the fighters of each tribe would like to go in the underground relics, their achievements would belong to their own tribes. From tomorrow, we will set out from from here and head for the glacier crack 50 km away. Tonight, the wild bear tribe is going to invite all the heads of each tribes for a carnival. We have to bleed tomorrow!"

    Zhang Tie knew what did "bleed" mean. If they wanted to collect half of those pioneers' achievements, they would definitely arouse their resistance. As for such a contention of interests, they could not carry it out without chopping off someone's heads. Because this could never be solved by words but fists and blades.

    Perhaps, many people who should not die would die in the coming conflict; however, Zhang Tie could not come up with any other solution as it could not be transferred by his personal will. This was the game rule of this age.

    When Zhang Tie talked with Setton, they saw O'Laura walking out of her tent. She was wearing a robe which was more magnificent than that Zhang Tie saw in the morning. Given her look, Zhang Tie knew that she was going to attend the banquet.

    In well-dressed hair, Salem walked towards her as he glanced at Zhang Tie in a contemptuous way. He shouted loudly, "O'Laura, let's go. The banquet of the wild bear tribe is going to start. As it's a party held by the honorable Gangula, it's impolite to be late!"

    "Setton!" O'Laura seemed having not seen Zhang Tie at all.

    Setton then glanced at Zhang Tie in a bit embarrassed way, "Only 3 people in the grey eagle tribe are qualified to attend this banquet according to the rule, you know..."

    "I see, enjoy yourselves!" Zhang Tie shrugged casually. Actually, based on his current status, he was really too trivial. Of course, he was not qualified to attend this banquet. Zhang Tie didn't feel disappointed about that. Actually, he could polish his surging point or cultivate his iron-blood fist during this period.

    Setton then left. Before leaving, Salem turned around and glanced at Zhang Tie. His eyes were undoubtedly expressing a message--No matter how great your fighting strength is, you are still a trivial person here.

    Zhang Tie pointed his mouth towards Salem as he whispered a word--Idiot!

    Salem glared at him before turning around.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his face as he took out some dried meat and started to roast it on a bonfire. Tonight, all the camps became boisterous. It seemed that everybody had received the news that they were going to set out tomorrow. Therefore, they wanted to relax themselves tonight. All the camps were filled with noises, aroma of roasted meat and the fragrance of Buckthorn wine, which made them very relaxed.

    Bonfires were burning high in the open land of each camp. The stars looked especially bright tonight. Many people ran outside to attend the carnival, leaving less than 1/4 of them in the camps.

    In less than 10 minutes after O'Laura, Salem and Setton left, when Zhang Tie could smell the aroma of his dried meat, he heard a voice, "Is Peter here?"

    Zhang Tie turned around and saw 2 women standing outside the gate of the grey eagle tribe's camp, one of whom was inquiring about a fighter of the grey eagle tribe who was on sentry duty.

    They looked familiar. One of them was thrown onto the riverside by Zhang Tie yesterday.

    "Are you looking for me?" Zhang Tie ate his dried meat as he walked over there.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, the 2 women revealed a smile at the same time.

    "Miss Sabrina dispatch us here to invite you to attend the banquet of the wild bear tribe!" the 20-year old women who had fought Zhang Tie last night put it straightforwardly.

    "Invite me?" Zhang Tie pointed at his own nose as he blinked.

    "Right, young lady ordered us to bind you there if you refuse to come!" another woman teased him, which indicated Sabrina's firm attitude.

    "I will go there, why not? How interesting it is!" imagining about Salem's dumbfounded look at the sight of him in the banquet, Zhang Tie felt pretty good.

    The 2 fighters who were on sentry duty both stared at Zhang Tie with dismay. At this moment, their eyes were full of amazement. They wondered how could Zhang Tie be involved with that well-known woman since he had only been here for 2 days and why he was invited by that woman to attend the banquet held by the wild bear tribe tonight?

    Noticing the 2 fighters' dumbfounded looks, Zhang Tie threw his dried meat to them, "Come on, brothers, I invite you for supper!"

    After catching Zhang Tie's dried meat, the fighters saw Zhang Tie and the 2 women leaving towards the camp of the wild bear tribe.

    "Can you tell me about the status of Sabrina? It seems that average people could not attend the banquet of the wild bear tribe tonight, let alone inviting others!" on the way there, Zhang Tie asked them.

    "Haven't you inquired about our young lady since you came back yesterday?" a woman became amazed.

    "It was just an encounter. No need to be that thoughtful!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly.

    "You will know about that later!" a woman glanced at Zhang Tie as she smiled.


    The camp of the wild bear tribe occupied the biggest area, which contained most population and tens of thousands of tents in different sizes which occupied about 1000 square meters. Under the guidance of the 2 women, Zhang Tie directly entered the camp of the wild bear tribe and walked towards the center of the camp without encountering any obstacles.

    On the way here, Zhang Tie found that the atmosphere in the wild bear tribe was very relaxed tonight. Bonfires were burning everywhere. However, Zhang Tie still met patrols for more than 10 times in the camp. He could almost encounter 1 patrol in each dozens of meters.

    The wild bear tribe had the most fighters, whose equipment was obviously more excellent than that of the grey eagle tribe and other tribes in Zhang Tie's eyes. The patrol fighters were simply wearing leather armors, but also half-body metal armors. Even average fighters of the wild bear tribe were matched with uniformed short sabers. By contrast, the equipment of the other tribes were instantly dwarfed. It was similar to the difference between regular army and guerrilla.

    Additionally, although the wild bear tribe was stationed here temporarily, all of its facilities and barriers were set carefully, revealing a forbidding sense all over.

    Everything here indicated that the wild bear tribe was indeed powerful enough to rule the other tribes here.

    "No wonder all the tribes recommend Gangula of the wild bear tribe to be the commander of this tribe alliance." Zhang Tie sighed with emotions inside. "It seems that as long as it is, the game rule of this world remains unchanged; namely, the most powerful one will be the boss. All the other rules were nothing but sh*t."

    After walking a few minutes in the camp of the wild bear tribe, the 3 people finally arrived outside a huge tent.

    Occupying 1000 square meters, this tent was completely the tent of those large-scale cruising circus. Of course, this tent was much more luxurious than those tents.

    Braziers were set outside the tent, which illuminated this place and made it as bright as daytime. Low voices drifted from the tent while lines of fighters were moving yummy food such as roasted sheep and barrels of Buckthorn wine into the huge tent. It seemed that the banquet had just started.

    Guards were tightly surrounding this tent. Zhang Tie looked around and felt that these guards were more powerful than those patrols. Additionally, these guards wore combined full-body metal punching armors, which were more senior than those half-body metal armors.

    The moment they were drawing close to the tent, a guard had stopped them. However, 1 of the 2 women easily forced him away with only one line.

    "This is a guest invited by young lady!"

    After hearing this words, nobody stopped them any more. Someone even opened the curtain for them when they entered the tent.

    "Is Sabrina a member of the wild bear tribe? It seems that she has a great status in the wild bear tribe." At the sight of this scene, Zhang Tie came across a thought. "What a coincidence!" Zhang Tie's mouth corners raised...

    In the big tent, dozens of short tables were set on both sides of the tent while a line of taller tables were set in the main positions. Most of guests in brilliant costumes were sitting on both sides of the tent and whispering each other. The fighters of the wild bear tribe were constantly serving various food and wines on the tables.

    Because the tables in the main positions were empty, nobody started to eat; instead, they were waiting for something.

    When the 2 women guided Zhang Tie in, they didn't arouse the others' attention. As Zhang Tie wore common clothes among the fighters who were serving food constantly, some influential guys sitting at the tables close to the door only skimmed over Zhang Tie. Until the 2 women took Zhang Tie on the middle way and directed towards the line of tables in the main positions did everybody seemingly notice Zhang Tie. Along with the 3 people's footsteps, the humming sounds in the tent gradually slowed down. Eventually everybody fixed their eyes on the 3 people including Zhang Tie in the end.

    Zhang Tie also caught sight of O'Laura, Setton and Salem, who were sitting in the positions closer to the door on both sides. Zhang Tie knew that it indicated that the position of the grey eagle tribe was not good if not the worst.

    Nurdo, O'Laura's cousin whom Zhang Tie met when he was in grey eagle tribe at the beginning was sitting on O'Laura's side, which was a bit closer to the main positions.

    This time, Nurdo was not as arrogant as before; instead, he looked kind with a smile. He was inclining his body and whispering to O'Laura while the latter just ignored him. Salem was sitting between them.

    Salem liked O'Laura. However, another guy who liked O'Laura completely ignored his existence. This made Salem's face full of changes, such as fury, embarrassment and grievance; however, Salem couldn't lose temper at this moment. Because O'Laura and Nurdo were both sharper than him in the fighting strength; Nurdo's social position was even higher than him.

    At the sight of this, Zhang Tie almost burst out into laughter. Zhang Tie felt that the ones who arranged seats in the wild bear tribe were really tacit with O'Laura. They must have reached an agreement on teasing Salem. How dramatic!

    Setton, who was sitting on O'Laura's side also caught sight of Zhang Tie. He then blinked his eyes with a dumbfounded look. It was really out of his imagination why Zhang Tie could appear here. Therefore, Setton touched O'Laura with his leg. When O'Laura turned her head around, she, Salem and Nurdo fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie at the same time.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Salem who was embarrassed just now looked like being slapped sharply as his face turned red and black. Even his mouth corners started to twitch slightly.

    Although Nurdo still maintained his smile, he slightly frowned. He felt that he had seen Zhang Tie before; however, he could not recall the concrete whereabouts.

    Although O'Laura's facial expression could not be seen, Zhang Tie could feel that her eyes were thrown onto him like needles. Being same to Setton, O'Laura's eyes were also full of doubts.

    Only after a smile to O'Laura and Setton, Zhang Tie had walked towards the 3 main tables.

    The whole tent became silent. Under everybody's gaze, Zhang Tie was taken to the left main table.

    Zhang Tie found 2 seats were arranged for this table. He then chose the side one.

    "Hold a second, young lady will arrive soon!"


    Not until the 2 women left the tent did the tent recover its discussions.

    Sitting on the main seat, Zhang Tie watched the guests on both sides as he forced a bitter smile. He knew that although these guys looked normal, they must be gazing at him secretly. Their eyes were full of curiosity and doubts. They seemed like peeling off Zhang Tie's clothes.

    Actually, Zhang Tie found that there were also dozens of women in the tent. Like those men, these women also glanced at Zhang Tie every then and now.

    Among those tough Slav men, Zhang Tie was as remarkable as a crane in chickens, let alone he was at the main seat. Therefore, many women's eyes were filled with desires.

    The power of the wild bear tribe was reflected on the tables once again. Zhang Tie found that, even exotic fruits were served on the tables while other tribes only had dried rations. These couple of days, Zhang Tie had traveled 100 square kilo meters in the surroundings. At the sight of the fruits, he had known that they were not picked off from the surroundings. Therefore, they must be taken there by the wild bear tribe.

    Having not eaten for a whole day, Zhang Tie was a bit hungry. Therefore, regardless of the others' amazing gazes, Zhang Tie started to engulf food alone...
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