Chapter 445: Being Eye-catching

    Chapter 445: Being Eye-catching

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    If one wanted to be distinctive, he only needed to act distinctively. The most distinctive way was to follow one's own mind, regardless of the others' views.

    When the others were waiting for the head of the wild bear tribe, Zhang Tie's performance made the whole tent become quiet once again. Watching Zhang Tie eating so jubilantly, the audience were so shocked that they even wanted to count Zhang Tie's fine hair with their glittering eyes.

    At this moment, Setton understood that no matter what, people like Zhang Tie would not stay in the grey eagle tribe. Even though Zhang Tie was a captive and slave at this moment, he still acted like a king. The grey eagle tribe could not keep such a person at all. Even if O'Laura married him, the grey eagle tribe would just be a courier station in his eyes.

    However, O'Laura had a strange feeling, at the sight of Zhang Tie's performance, she felt excited and stimulative for some reason. However, O'Laura finally confirmed that even the bone-exploding needles were left in this guy's body by master Merkel, this guy was still uncontrollable.

    As to Salem, besides a sharp sense of disappointment, he was expecting for the cool sense of revenge. Salem knew that not everybody could be distinctive in the banquet of the wild bear tribe. Although there was no fixed rule that guests could not start to eat before the arrival of the head, it had become a customary rule in Ice and Snow Wilderness. In Salem's eyes, Zhang Tie's performance was already close to rudeness and presumption.

    "Hopefully, this b*stard could not survive tonight!" a vicious thought flashed by Salem's mind. "It will be a revenge for Coca."

    Besides Setton, O'Laura and Salem, all the others only wondered whom the one was.

    Someone might have already known Zhang Tie's status; therefore, they glanced at O'Laura's table.

    The atmosphere in the tent became a bit weird.

    "Why not eat? What are you staring at?" with a fruit in left hand, a roasted leg of lamb in right hand, Zhang Tie buried his head. After finding the tent recovered silence once again, Zhang Tie raised his head and greeted the others to eat while wiping the oil off his mouth.

    All the dozens of people then exchanged glances with each other. None of them moved their hands.

    Zhang Tie smirked as he continued to eat while smacking his lips.

    In such a weird silence, a series of footsteps drifted from the curtain behind the main tables.

    "Here's childe Gangula!" with a long, loud call, everybody in the tent stood up out of respect, including Zhang Tie.

    In Ice and Snow Wilderness, all the rulers of tribes being crowned with the word "bear" were qualified as dukes according to the regulations on the division of classes of Slavs. Of course, the class duke could only be admitted in Ice and Snow Wilderness as a symbol of power. Strictly, duke was not a universal human noble in this age. Being different from Count Longwind in Huaiyuan Palace, if the head of the wild bear tribe left Ice and Snow Wilderness, nobody would call him duke at all.

    Of course, sons of dukes were called childe. In this age, sons of kings were called princes; those who could succeed to the throne among princes were called crown prince. Sons of average princes and dukes were called childe's; those who could succeed to the throne of average princes were called royal highness. Those who could succeed to the throne of dukes enjoyed no special appellation. The three top classes were strictly hierarchical.

    It was said that such regulations and appellations originated from ancient Chinese etiquettes. Nowadays, with the growing power of Chinese, these etiquettes became widely accepted by the nobles and ruling classes in almost every country and region.

    "I've not imagined that I could witness the great influence of Chinese in Ice and Snow Wilderness." a strange sense rose in Zhang Tie's mind.

    After the call, a team of fighters who wore the same armors of the guards outside the gate pulled open the curtain of the side door before standing on both sides of the door solemnly. After that, a 20-year old man in black armor came in. He looked languid; however, he was especially attractive which could not be ignored at all.

    Sabrina was close behind him. She was especially brilliant in a sumptuous black skirt, half exposing her plumpy breasts followed by some armored fighters who had sharp Qi fields.

    When the man came in, he glimpsed at Zhang Tie's messy table. Although responding with a disgusting look, he was still silent. The armored fighters behind Sabrina also glanced over Zhang Tie. After that, they darted a look at Sabrina calmly. Nobody was happy at the sight of Zhang Tie's messy table except for Sabrina.

    When he caught sight of Sabrina, Zhang Tie also grinned.

    They headed for the main tables. The youth in black armor was Gangula, who was sitting at the middle main table. Sabrina and Zhang Tie were sitting on his left hand while the other 2 armored men were sitting on Gangula's right hand.

    Not until Gangula took his seat did everybody else sit, causing a boom in the tent.

    "Pah...pah..." sitting at the middle main table, Gangula clapped which attracted everybody's attention, "May I have your attention, please. Before banquet, I want to introduce my friends to you, these 2 friends are Roslav and Waajid from the huge bear tribe of Mount Elzida. They visit us with a team of bear-killing fighters. After hearing that we're heading for urban relics, they come here with me!"

    Gangula introduced them in a very casual way. When they heard "the huge bear tribe", all the other guests sprung up to show their respect to them.

    Meanwhile, the 2 guests on Gangula's right side also stood up. However, they didn't speak. After slightly nodding, they sat down once again.

    Zhang Tie noticed that many people looked excited when heard that people from the huge bear tribe would attend this action. Many people even sat up straight. It seemed that it was a great honor for them to work together with the huge bear tribe.

    After having been in Ice and Snow Wilderness for so long, Zhang Tie had known something about the huge bear tribe: firstly, the huge bear tribe was the most powerful tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness which was guarding slava's saint mountain. It had a great influence in Ice and Snow Wilderness; secondly, this tribe was closely related to the other tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. It was heard that hundreds of years ago, the huge bear tribe was the only tribe which migrated in Ice and Snow Wilderness. After constant reproduction, due to various reasons, the huge bear tribe finally separated into various tribes, small or big, which coexisted in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    After the main characters entered the tent, everybody started to enjoy themselves.


    "What a foodie cat !" Sabrina murmured in a kind way as he noticed that Zhang Tie had eaten 1/3 of his food.

    "Foodie cat?" Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile.

    "As I've not eaten anything in the whole day, at the sight of so many food in front of me, I couldn't stand but eat. I heard foodie cats always likes eating fish, especially mermaid!" Zhang Tie joked with Sabrina.

    "If there's a mermaid in front of you, dare you eat it?" Sabrina showed the white of her eyes to Zhang Tie in an amorous way.

    "I dare not!"

    "Coward!" Sabrina harrumphed as she pretended to be angry.

    "A great number of tigers were staring at you covetously. Of course, I dare not to eat!" Zhang Tie raved. Honestly, although they only met twice, they felt having known each other for a long time. Zhang Tie wondered inside, "Does it have such a side effect by watching a beauty taking bath by chance?."

    Sabrina glanced over those people who were staring at them with covetous eyes as she revealed a smile, "Lena said you didn't know who I am until now?"

    "Never mind!" Zhang Tie shrugged, "No matter what, I've been ready to be mauled by them after supper..."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Sabrina chuckled at once as she quivered all over, making her more attractive. Sabrina's chuckles were too special that everybody fixed their eyes on her. At the sight of their intimate looks, many people's eyes were filled with admiration, jealousy and hatred.

    "Gangula is my younger brother. We have the same father!" Sabrina moved her mouth close to Zhang Tie's ear.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie almost spurted the Buckthorn wine out of his mouth, "Gangula's elder sister. F*ck! No wonder dozens of people guarded her even when she took a bath in the river."

    "Almost everybody know me in Ice and Snow Wilderness. I'm afraid that many people have taken you as another curtain guest of mine!"

    This sentence contained a lot of information. It took Zhang Tie a few seconds to realize it. Although Sabrina's status was shocking, what made him more surprised was the term.

    "Another curtain guest?" Zhang Tie accented the term.

    "Yes. In some people's eyes, I have a bad reputation. It's said that those who had slept with me could queue up from here all the way to Eschyle City!" Sabrina explained calmly. It seems that she was talking about another woman instead of her for such an embarrassed thing, "Do you mind sitting close to me?"

    Zhang Tie glanced over Sabrina from her head to her feet for a short while before waving his head.

    "Do you feel pitiful about me after hearing this? Do you believe in your ears?" Sabrina raised her gorgeous face as she asked Zhang Tie in a slightly aggressive tone, "Or are you going to leave now?"

    Zhang Tie instantly moved his head closer to Sabrina's ear while his lips could almost touch her auricle. He murmured, "I'm pitiful about those men. They're not just idiots, but also blind. Based on your current situation, you are even as pure as a nun who grows up in the monastery since young. Am I right? If you want me as your 1st curtain guest, I would not stand showing it off..."

    At the beginning, Sabrina showed a slightly stunning look; finally, she turned around and stared at Zhang Tie with blush and widely opening eyes.

    "How do you know that?" Sabrina asked in a lower voice.

    "I just have a pair of sharp eyes which are good at discovering beauties!"

    "You b*stard, don't you tell others about this!" Sabrina said decisively which sounded like a threat.

    "What benefit can I get?" Zhang Tie asked shamelessly, "You have to pay for your secret!"

    "What do you want?"

    "As you invite me for a feast tonight, I will tell you later!"

    "Don't be excessive!"

    "Don't worry, I'm not a foodie cat. I'm sure my demand will not turn your secret into a past tense!"

    After being silent for 2 seconds, Sabrina finally understood Zhang Tie's words. Therefore, she fiercely pinched Zhang Tie's thigh below the table, almost making Zhang Tie spring up.

    As they didn't want their talk to be heard by others, they were very close to each other. In the eyes of the other guests, they were very intimate to each other.

    At sight of this, O'Laura twisted her knife and fork while many men's eyes got burned.

    "Childe Gangula, we should have a program to spice up this banquet. I'm told that there is a murderer who's wanted with the bounty of 5000 gold coins in Eschyle City. I heard he had killed 2 bounty hunters. My men dislike him and want to test his talent. Hopefully, Childe Gangula could agree with that!" A man suddenly stood up at a table and shouted.

    Hearing that, Zhang Tie knew that the most concerned thing finally arrived...

    "A murderer being wanted with the bounty of 5000 gold coins is here?" the moment he heard this, Gangula's face turned gloomy.
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