Chapter 447: A Bloody Waltz

    Chapter 447: A Bloody Waltz

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    Huge hammer in hand, Zhang Tie reversed the situation right away...

    Nobody could imagine that Zhang Tie boomed a LV 9 fighter into pieces by a hammer at once. The fact was really unbelievable.

    One advantage was better than 10 average skills. When one exerted his strength to the utmost, he would drawf all the alleged skills and movements. Because the terrifying destructive power and elusive speed formed the unrivaled lethality, namely the most effective fighting skill.

    Zhang Tie had eaten 27 seven-strength fruits, including 9 wild wolf seven-strength fruits, 9 iron-teeth hyena seven-strength fruits and 9 demon rat seven-strength fruits. Although a single seven-strength fruit could not make Zhang Tie so advantageous but the total of 27 seven-strength fruits did make Zhang Tie's strength terrifying.

    Try to imagine how great the total strength of all the animals were!

    A terrifying battle hammer in hand, Zhang Tie knew that it was heavier than the Man's Certificate that he once used in the Iron-Blood Camp. However, as his strength had increased, Zhang Tie felt even lighter than the Man's Certificate.

    Even O'Laura and Setton had not imagined that Zhang Tie was that powerful as he didn't show it in front of them since the beginning.

    Watching a LV 9 fighter being pounded into pieces by Zhang Tie's battle hammer, all the onlookers burst out noises after being quiet for 2 seconds.

    "How come?" Grojack roared...

    Even Gangula and the other 2 powerhouses of the huge bear tribe also sat straight as their faces turned dignified.

    Of course, powerhouses understood what did it mean. Even they did not dare to directly face the battle hammer in that high speed and with that terrifying strength.

    "Is that humanoid demon beast?" Gangula muttered with an unbelievable look, "That's a 657 kg bear-killing hammer..."

    Seeing Zhang Tie reversing the situation, Sabrina instantly looked bright...


    The battle continued...

    Seeing their partner being boomed into pieces by Zhang Tie's hammer, the other 2 LV 9 fighters instantly moved backwards to different directions.

    As there were still a lot of weapons on the ground, a LV 9 fighter ran towards a super heavy machete while the other one darted towards some javelins. They were tacit as they knew well how to kill Zhang Tie in such a case.

    As long as that guy who got the super heavy machete entangled with Zhang Tie for a second, the other guy could penetrate through Zhang Tie from afar.

    They had a good plan; pitifully, they met Zhang Tie.

    Seeing them moving backwards quickly, Zhang Tie rushed towards the nearest one. Although with a hammer of hundreds kg, Zhang Tie could still move fast.

    Watching Zhang Tie still moving fast with that huge hammer, all the onlookers drew in their breath, "How powerful is this guy! How come he run that fast with the bear-killing hammer?"

    It was also out of the 2 LV 9 fighters' imagination that Zhang Tie could still move so fast with that hammer.

    The moment the fighter lifted his super heavy machete and held fast its handle did he see Zhang Tie having reached in front of him.

    "Kill..." Zhang Tie's eyes looked as glittering as lighting bolts as he rose high his battle hammer and pounded towards that guy overwhelmingly.

    That guy changed his face instantly. Using his instincts, he moved back right away. However, he found that Zhang Tie followed him closely like his shadow. No matter how he changed his movements, he could still not enlarge the distance between them even a bit.

    The battle hammer carried a strong wind. At the critical moment, that man directly grabbed the handle of the super heavy machete as he roared and lashed it towards the huge hammer...

    With a huge sound of "bang...", all the onlookers' eardrums were heavily shaken. As a result, the 70-80 kg machete twisted ninety degrees and was sent flying high in the air. Additionally, the guy's hands were spurting fresh blood while the place between his thumb and his index finger was completely torn open. He was sent flying back in the air while spurting a mouth of blood.

    Zhang Tie continued his attack...

    "Bang", with another crispy sound, Zhang Tie pounded away the javelin which was flying towards him. Meanwhile, an air-breaking sound caused by the javelin was heard.

    Sonic Boom! However, it was hit down by Zhang Tie successfully.

    Since the very night when Zhang Tie saved Ms. Olina in Saint Herner Island, he had already updated his ancestral bloodline--precise throwing skill. Although Zhang Tie didn't know about the name of this new awakened skill in Huaiyuan Palace even now, he could still exert this talent granted by this bloodline at the critical moment.

    This bloodline was also related to throwing. The new awakened bloodline granted Zhang Tie with a marvelous instinct--he could sense the moving trace and route of that weapon so that he could prepare to dodge away from it. Zhang Tie could even force it to change its moving direction and release a counterattack with that weapon.

    As he didn't know the name of the new awakened ancestral bloodline, Zhang Tie named it "throwing reflection".

    The guy in the distance wanted to kill Zhang Tie with javelin. He was simply showing off his slight skill before an expert. If the opponents outnumbered him and threw javelins towards him at the same time, perhaps they could pose a threat to Zhang Tie's safety; however, if it was only one javelin, even if it was a sonic boom, it could still not threaten Zhang Tie at all especially when Zhang Tie had been preparing for that.

    Seeing the javelin being hit down by Zhang Tie's bear-killing hammer, Gangula instantly hopped up from his chair while all the other onlookers drew in breath. "Am I dreaming? How could this guy hit down that sonic-boom javelin with such a heavy weapon..."

    After pounding away the javelin, with the inertia, Zhang Tie directly pounded the battle hammer onto the ground. Closely after that, he supported the handle of the battle hammer with one hand as he flew horizontally in the air, kicking fiercely on the chest of the LV 9 fighter who had hacked him with the machete.

    With a chilly sound of breaking bones on the chest of the LV 9 fighter who hacked him with the machete, Zhang Tie forced him to fly over 20 m away like a shell and roll on the ground for a short while .

    When Zhang Tie landed, he instantly picked up the battle hammer and darted towards that guy who threw the javelin towards him.

    It only took Zhang Tie less than 1 second from pounding down the javelin and killing the 2nd LV 9 fighter to darting towards the last alive guy. In such a short course, the last LV 9 fighter had not even thrown out his 2nd javelin.

    That guy was about 40 m away from Zhang Tie. He threw out the 2nd javelin when Zhang Tie had moved 7-8 m towards him.

    "Bang...", the 2nd javelin was blocked away by Zhang Tie's battle hammer...

    Zhang Tie rushed ahead about another 20 m in a split second...

    "Bang...", the 3rd javelin was sent flying away by Zhang Tie's hammer.

    At this moment, the opponent had no time to throw out the 4th javelin anymore. Because Zhang Tie was already close to him. When Zhang Tie was less than 10 m away from him, he directly threw his battle hammer towards his opponent.

    With a wuthering sound, the 600 kg battle hammer rotated and flew towards that person. Although it was not as fast as javelins, its huge power and stress was 10 times greater than that of the opponent's javelins.

    The opponent could only dodge away as he abandoned the plan to throw out the 4th javelin.

    When the opponent thought that he had dodged away from Zhang Tie's attack and even many onlookers thought that he had dodged away, Zhang Tie flashed out from the wuthering, rotating battle hammer. Unimaginably, he caught the handle of the rotating battle hammer. Meanwhile, Zhang Tie turned right, with his right foot as the center of a circle, he directly rotated 180 degrees and drew a elegant half circle in the air with the hammer like an agile dance...

    When Zhang Tie grabbed the handle of the battle hammer, he saw the LV 9 fighter standing 2 m away from the rotating battle hammer. He thought that he had already dodged away from Zhang Tie's attack...

    The grim battle hammer directly fell onto the opponent.

    Another blood mist was arisen from that person.

    It was tranquil in the surroundings. At the beginning, Zhang Tie showed his great strength with his battle hammer; gradually he showed his great judgment and speed by pounding down the javelin with the hammer; finally, he showed his great fighting skill which could not just be described by great strength and speed but gorgeous! Terrifyingly gorgeous!

    Under everybody's gaze, the 600-kg bear-killing hammer which symbolized ferocity became spiritual and danced a elegant yet pretty bloody waltz with Zhang Tie...

    "Boom!" Zhang Tie put the bear-killing hammer on the ground, making a pit. Hearing this sound, everybody woke up.

    Zhang Tie pressed the handle of the battle hammer with crossed hands, which gesture, although being very common, contained an unspoken arrogance and weird charm.

    At this moment, both O'Laura's and Sabrina's eyes radiated marvelous brilliance.

    However, someone's face turned pale...

    "Who's the next?" narrowing his eyes, Zhang Tie gazed at Grojack and asked calmly...

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