Chapter 448: A Startling Javelin

    Chapter 448: A Startling Javelin

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    It was quiet all over. Everybody turned their eyes towards Grojack, the director of the bloody wolf tribe's soldiers here, including Gangula and those soldiers of the wild bear tribe who watched Zhang Tie's performance,

    Zhang Tie's meaning was clear--this death game had not come to an end!

    At this moment, Grojack's face already turned pale. LV 9 fighters were not as average as huge wolves in Ice and Snow Wilderness. He only took 3 LV 9 fighters from the blood wolf tribe this time. All of the 3 fighters were the backbone of his troop. After losing 3 powerhouses at once, Grojack could not explain it to his tribe easily.

    Besides having to face the blame and query from his tribe, he felt very pitiful about losing them as the 3 fighters were his henchmen. Previously, he prepared to ask for the source of madness from the tribe for the 3 LV 9 fighters at a high cost so that he could greatly improve their fighting strength. It was really out of his imagination that the 3 people would be killed here. This was nothing different than chopping off his arms, making him extremely distressed.

    At this moment, Grojack still didn't think that he was wrong. He thought that it was reasonable for him to defy and insult others. In his opinion, those who were inferior than him should follow his order.

    Glaring at Zhang Tie who was standing in the ring with his widely opened eyes. He hated Zhang Tie so much that he even wanted to peel off Zhang Tie's skin.

    "According to the game rule, you've already won the battle. No need to pose challenge to the blood wolf tribe anymore. The blood wolf tribe has no other LV 9 powerhouses here. If you insist on, you have to face LV 10 strong fighters of the blood wolf tribe!" Gangula stared at Zhang Tie with glittering eyes like he had found something very funny. Gangula was actually reminding Zhang Tie to stop.

    "Is this the rule of death game?"

    "Yes, as the death game is always held between fighters of the same level. If the opponent has no fighter of the same level any more, the winner has to challenge opponent of a higher level if he wants. You'd better considerate it!" Sabrina explained to Zhang Tie. As O'Laura was a LV 10 strong fighter, according to the hunting rule of bounty hunters, she might be taking inferior wanted criminals as the hunting targets; since Zhang Tie was O'Laura's captive, so everybody took it for granted that Zhang Tie was a LV 9 fighter.

    Sabrina was also persuading Zhang Tie to stop. Because in everybody's mind, very few LV 9 fighters could defeat LV 10 strong fighters. Such a figure could be barely found in bear tribes. Some LV 9 fighters in the wild bear tribe could indeed kill LV 10 powerhouses. However, all of these kind of guys had the rare "madness" physical quality. After "madness", they could increase the power of the source of madness by 3 times.

    Nobody thought that Zhang Tie could defeat a strong fighter. The reason was very simple. If he could win the battle, Zhang Tie would not have been captured by O'Laura. Just now, Setton was only on even with that LV 10 strong fighter in tent.

    "Peter, it's enough..." Setton shouted towards Zhang Tie. Hopefully, Zhang Tie wouldn't be impulsive. After all, Setton liked Zhang Tie. He didn't want Zhang Tie to be killed in this way. As the blood wolf tribe had lost 3 LV 9 fighters, which had slapped Grojack's face out of blood.

    Setton knew that Grojack would never feel good back in the blood wolf tribe after losing 3 LV 9 fighters. Bartel, the head of the blood wolf tribe didn't just have one son. A fierce competition existed between Grojack and his brothers.

    If Zhang Tie ran his battle Qi and wore his dark tore gloves, he might defeat a LV 10 strong fighter; however, at this moment, his battle Qi was locked by the bone-exploding needles...

    O'Laura also slightly waved her head towards Zhang Tie.

    Grojack glared at Zhang Tie with hateful eyes while his words made everybody despise him inside, "You are just a wanted criminal. Do you think that you are qualified to be proud after gaining a little bit benefit in such an inferior way? Do you know the outcome to fight a LV 10 strong fighter? It's enough to scare the sh*t out of you, ha...ha...brat. After today, I suggest you to hide in a rat hole or hide in the crotch of a woman who can protect you. Never let me meet you any more!"

    Grojack was instigating Zhang Tie to receive the challenge. In this way, he could dispatch his LV 10 strong fighter to kill Zhang Tie. Such a result would be better than losing LV 9 fighters without hurting Zhang Tie at all. After all, 3:1 was absolutely different than 3:0.

    All those at present were smart. Otherwise, they would not be able to lead their soldiers to attend this action. Everybody understood Grojack's plan at once.

    "Shameless!" Sabrina swore towards Grojack while pointing at his nose, "Do it yourself!"

    "Heh...heh...unless he could pass the following challenge, he's not qualified to fight me." Crossing his arms, Grojack said loudly.

    Sabrina was so infuriated that she could not even utter a word...

    "Show me your LV 10 strong fighter, I want to see how sharp is the LV 10 strong fighter of the blood wolf tribe!" Zhang Tie replied, which made all the onlookers become quiet. Fixing their eyes on Zhang Tie, everybody felt that he was insane. Many people slightly waved their heads, some showed a pitiful look at Zhang Tie. "What a pitiful young man. How can you make such a crazy decision?"

    In many people's opinions, they might not appreciate the gorgeous hammer strike anymore.

    "A powerful fighter should not only have a great fighting strength, but also have a firm decision. Even a huge bear pup would also stand the humiliation of wild wolves and hyenas sometimes so as to grow up!" Gangula inclined his head towards the 2 powerhouses from the huge bear tribe.

    The 2 powerhouses glanced at Zhang Tie before slightly waving their heads, "There are always gorgeous powerhouses and talents in this world; however, few powerhouses and talents could survive long."

    "High priest Sarin said that the deposited snow on the top of Mount Elzida didn't thaw all the year round; however, the most white and dazzling snow easily melted. Although they are both at the high places, they have different fates. Therefore, when a person is at the highest position, he might easily lose his position." Roslav, a member of the huge bear tribe muffled.

    Although in this scene, after hearing high priest Sarin, Gangula, who was on the main position slightly nodded respectively as he put his hand on his left chest, "High priest Sarin is indeed the most intelligent person in Ice and Snow Wilderness!"

    "What a pity!"

    "Yes, what a pity!"


    Under the pitiful looks of the onlookers, the LV 10 strong fighter who fought Setton in tent slowly walked in the ring with a sneer. He stood still 40 m away from Zhang Tie. According to the game rule, if the opponents could release battle Qi in the air, they should stay 40 m away at the beginning without any buffering.

    Zhang Tie just stared at his opponent without facial expression.

    When a guard on Gangula's side declared the beginning of this duel, O'Laura, who was standing outside the ring suddenly screamed.

    "Hold on, Peter is my personal property, I don't agree him to attend this duel!"

    O'Laura's voice was sharp and a bit disgraceful. Zhang Tie turned around and found that she was slightly shaking her body and fixing her eyes at him. Not knowing whether it was because of the illusion in the flames, Zhang Tie felt that O'Laura's eyes were wet.

    "O'Laura, according to the rule of death game, the individual wills of the 2 competitors could dominate everything. Nobody is allowed to interfere with them. I guess you must be painful for your toyboy for his coming death, heh...heh..." Grojack sneered with a grim look. After glancing at O'Laura, he turned around and looked at Gangula, "As Peter has already agreed to attend the duel, he could regret. Childe, please announce the start of this duel!"

    "O'Laura, Grojack is right. You have no right to interfere with the duel!" Gangula replied after glancing at O'Laura.

    O'Laura then became quiet as she kept her eyes on Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie just revealed a smile towards O'Laura.

    "Let's start it!" Gangula told a guard on his side.

    Soon after that, the guard stood up from Gangula's side. After that, he raised his saber and flipped it in the air...

    In the ablaze flames, the saber drew several circles in the air. When it reached 7-8 m high in the air, it started to descend.

    Everybody knew that the duel would start when the saber fell down the ground. Nobody cared how long this young man called Peter could stand in front of the LV 10 strong fighter. Because in their eyes, the result was already set.

    The saber finally fell down and inserted vertically into the ground.

    The moment the saber touched the ground, the 2 men had moved...

    In the 1st 0.1 second, the LV 10 strong fighter released a 10 m high tiger-shaped battle-Qi totem...while Zhang Tie rapidly picked up a javelin from the ground and held it...

    In the 2nd 0.1 s, the strong fighter darted towards Zhang Tie...

    By contrast, Zhang Tie was ready to throw out his javelin...

    In the 3rd 0.1 second, the strong fighter had forged ahead another 10 m towards Zhang Tie.

    However, Zhang Tie revealed a smile...

    "Go die, brat..." In the 4th 0.1 second, the strong fighter of the blood wolf tribe roared. Meanwhile, his battle Qi rolled while a huge battle-Qi punch had formed in his hand; he had reached 20 m away from Zhang Tie...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie threw out his javelin...

    In the 5th 0.1 second, almost all the people in the black bear tribe had heard the earsplitting explosion, including those onlookers at present and those fighters within 1 km.

    Hearing this sound, many fighters of the black bear tribe were flurried out of confusion. They knew the sound originated from the commander tent of the camp; therefore, many fighters of the black bear tribe took up their weapons and rushed over there under the guidance of some military officers.

    In a split second, the entire black bear tribe was in a chaos.

    Nobody at present could figure out what happened. They could only see the tall battle Qi totem of that strong fighter of the blood wolf tribe dispersing in a second while the 20 m-long defense line of heavy steel tower shields which was fixed on the ground with triangular wooden frames fully collapsed. Some of the steel tower shield even scattered into pieces. The huge sound was mostly the cracking sound of these heavy steel tower shields.

    As this battle ended in less than 1 second, many low-level people could not even see clearly what happened. Only after a wink, everything had changed.

    They were really shocked. As a result, nobody could utter a sound.

    "What happened? Why doesn't the strong fighter move? What happens to the defense line of heavy tower shields? I know they could defend the attack of heavy armored cavalries. Was it a thunder?" A guy felt that his foot was stepped by someone; therefore, he lowered his head to check it. However, when he raised his head, he found the battle had come to an end. Everybody was like standing still as they were all gazing at the spot.

    The guy beside him was just opening his mouth and goggling his eyes like an idiot, ignoring his question.

    Right then, the booming and groundbreaking footsteps sounded while teams of the wild bear fighters held their torches and weapons and rushed towards here from all directions like tide.

    "It's...safe here, let them back!" Gangula sent the order. Although he was always calm since the beginning of the banquet, his voice started to be a bit hoarse and quiver at this moment.

    Receiving the order, the booming and groundbreaking footsteps disappeared and gradually faded away.

    After those fighters went back, Gangula wanted to say something; however, at the sight of the fixed spot, Gangula felt his throat dry.

    Gangula didn't notice that Roslav and Waajid of the huge bear tribe on his side had already stood up. Their faces both blushed while the big blood vessels on their hands and necks were jumping madly. Meanwhile, their nostrils were expanding irregularly. It seemed that they were going to be driven mad right away.

    Nobody could utter a word about what they saw. With their eyes fixed on the battle field, they just asked themselves, "Was that an illusion?"


    The strong fighter of the blood wolf tribe was still standing over 20 m away from Zhang Tie. He lowered his head and saw a huge and tidy blood hole on his chest. He was curious why he was still alive. Full of confusion and doubts in eyes, he could not even feel the pain at all; instead, he could only feel that his senses and powerful vitality being invaded by weakness one second after another.

    "What...what's that?" watching that young man standing 20 m away from him in a calm look, the strong fighter asked weakly.

    "It's javelin!" Zhang Tie said calmly, "I don't want to kill you, but you should not serve that b*stard!"

    "Javelin..." the strong fighter repeated. He instantly understood that the alleged strong fighter was nothing different than the low-grade wild beasts in Ice and Snow Wilderness in front of Zhang Tie's javelin. After thinking it through, the strong fighter's face turned bright. Eyes deadly on Zhang Tie, he uttered the last sentence, "I...am a member of the blood wolf tribe; Grojack...could not...represent...the entire...blood wolf tribe!"

    "I don't hate the blood wolf tribe. I only want that guy's head!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's guarantee, the strong fighter revealed a wisp of smile before falling down, facing the sky.

    Gazing at the dead strong fighter, Zhang Tie let out a long sigh. After that, he took up a heavy sword and a javelin before walking towards Grojack.

    Seeing Zhang Tie drawing close to Gangula with his javelin, Gangula's guards instantly formed a defense line in front of Gangula.

    "Roll out of my vision. Do you think that your body is stronger than heavy steel tower shields..." Gangula roared as his eyes gleamed. He instantly showed his instinct--a mad dog. Some guards in front of him were instantly kicked flying back in the air.

    Being speechless, Gangula's guards flashed away. However, at the sight of Zhang Tie's javelin, they did not dare to breathe smoothly.

    Gangula stared at Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie stared at Grojack.

    Like a salty fish which was dried in the air for a few days, seeing Zhang Tie walking towards him, Grojack could barely breathe. However, at the sight of Zhang Tie drawing closer, all the people besides Grojack hurriedly ran away. As a result, everybody stayed 10 m away from him.

    Grojack also wanted to escape; however, at the sight of Zhang Tie's javelin, he felt his legs as heavy as being filled with lead.

    Zhang Tie came to the front of him and stared at him with narrowed eyes...

    Grojack uttered, "I'm blood wolf tribe's..."

    Only with a slash of heavy sword, he chopped off Grojack's head. As a result, Grojack's blood spurted higher than 1 m which even sprayed over Zhang Tie' face.

    After dropping off his javelin and heavy sword, Zhang Tie picked up Grojack's head as he mopped the fresh blood off his face. He then came to the front of O'Laura and dropped Grojack's head onto the ground in front of her.

    Zhang Tie wanted to say something; however, seeing that O'Laura's eyes were filled with tears, which were dropping off from her delicate chin.

    "Don't cry. As you personal property and...captive, I should revenge for you!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    "You...are a liar!"

    Zhang Tie knew what O'Laura referred to. Actually, even being restricted by the bone-exploding needles, he could still sweep the grey eagle tribe. However, he was always hiding his ability.

    "I feel that our misunderstanding could be dissolved sooner or later. Additionally, this is not a trouble for me. As you didn't kill me that night, I didn't have to open a blood hole on your body!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly. After saying that, Zhang Tie added a popular joke before Catastrophe which was told by Donder, "If I beat you, I would feel painful!"

    Hearing this, O'Laura quivered. After glancing at Zhang Tie, she didn't say anything; instead, she directly turned around and left...

    Being confused, Zhang Tie scratched his head...

    Setton smirked as he erected a thumb towards Zhang Tie. However, seeing Zhang Tie gazing at him, Salem on Setton's side forced a bitter smile.


    "Well, the death game ends, go back in tent for dinner!" Gangula's voice remained calm.

    Zhang Tie turned around and found Gangula whose nickname was "mad dog" was revealing a big smile towards him. At that moment, Zhang Tie could see sincere smiles everywhere...

    Except for the 2 guys from the huge bear tribe whose eyes made Zhang Tie feel goosebumps all over...
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