Chapter 449: Reputation

    Chapter 449: Reputation

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    That night, Zhang Tie slept in Sabrina's tent.

    On the second early morning, when he woke up, he was embracing Sabrina. It was Zhang Tie's first time to embrace a woman over night without making love with her.

    Last night, Sabrina's female servants served Zhang Tie a bath in her tent. After that, lying on the bed with Sabrina, he started to chat with her before finally falling asleep.

    Zhang Tie knew that nobody would believe that he did nothing with a woman but chat over night. He also felt it unimaginable; however, that was the fact.

    In the eyes of many people of the wild bear tribe, Sabrina was a loose woman who had scandals with many men. Although Sabrina's bosom friends' tents always welcomed men, some men even slept on her bed, actually, Sabrina was still a virgin until now.

    Sabrina's secret was a colorless and tasteless overpowering drug and her female servants. Those men, who thought that were favored by Sabrina, when came in her tent would breathe in that illusionary drug before being indulged with her female servants over night, contributing to the infamous loose woman.

    Very few woman liked such a reputation, except for Sabrina. According to her saying, only by this could she predominate her own marriage. Otherwise, she had long been a victim of inter-marriages between the wild bear tribe and another powerful tribe and the 5th wife of a 50-odd old men.

    None of her sisters in the wild bear tribe could escape from this destiny. Previously, people always proposed a marriage; her father, the head of the wild bear tribe also had a lot of choices. However, after her infamous reputation became loud across the entire Ice and Snow Wildness, nobody proposed a marriage anymore. Therefore, her father gave up his mind to marry her with a man of other powerful tribe. If he married such a daughter to others, he was arousing hatred.

    Although Slavs didn't have such a sharp traditional notion about virginity like Chinese, no men would like to marry a woman who had slept with various men; especially after getting married, men in Ice and Snow Wilderness valued the virginity of women very much. However, given her infamous reputation and dissolute stories, no men would believe that she could be a good wife and mother after getting married.

    Sabrina could not determine her own destiny since she came to this world. Although she could gain rich food and honorable social status but she was responsible for sacrificing herself as a payment.

    Sabrina was treacherous. Therefore, she chose a special way--seek freedom by destroying her own reputation.

    This was Sabrina's biggest secret. Besides her henchwomen and her teacher, the saint priest of the wild bear tribe, Zhang Tie was the only man who knew this secret.

    Of course, Zhang Tie was also the first man who embraced her.

    Zhang Tie woke up on time. He found Sabrina was still sleeping well while the loose and soft night robe perfectly reflected her side curve, especially the sudden declination between her butt and her waist. What a beautiful scene.

    As he was embracing her, the grim "javelin" pressed onto the groove between her soft butts with 2 layers of think silk fabric in the middle.

    The woman seemingly didn't notice it. At this moment, Zhang Tie felt a bit impulsive and stimulative.

    Zhang Tie remembered the expression "not even match a wild beast" told by Donder. After forcing a bitter smile, he instantly sat up from his bed.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether there was pure friendship between man and woman. The relationship between him and Sabrina was a bit ambiguous since the beginning; however, the relationship developed greatly last night. Zhang Tie was not sure how their relationship would develop in the future. Actually, he felt very good by just embracing her over night, which made both him and Sabrina relaxed.

    It was still a bit dark outside. Previously Zhang Tie wanted to leave at this moment; however, thinking that it was a bit weird to leave out of here at this time. If something really happened between him and Sabrina last night, it was a bit early to leave here at this moment. Additionally, he had no plan after leaving the grey eagle tribe at this moment.

    Therefore, after throwing another glance at Sabrina's stimulative curve, Zhang Tie directly sat on the bed with legs crossed and started to consume the energy of the bone-exploding needles by running iron-blood battle Qi.

    The process was very painful. Soon after Zhang Tie started, he oozed sweat all over. Although it was a short period, it increased Zhang Tie's ability to stand pains a lot...

    After 20 minutes, Zhang Tie finished his 1st round of cultivation. After a few minutes' break, Zhang Tie felt having recovered a bit; therefore, he started the 2nd round.

    Soon after the 2nd round, Zhang Tie entered the trouble-reappearance situation and started the regular "two deaths" cultivation. Although he could not see any improvement, he had formed a strong battle awareness and fighting skill at the critical moment at the cost of lives. Without the daily cultivation, he could have never performed that extremely gorgeous bloody dance by that super heavy battle hammer last night.

    After doing all of this, Zhang Tie opened his eyes and noticed that Sabrina was gazing at him without a wink while supporting her head with a hand on bed.

    "I've not imagined that you're so diligent!"

    "Have you heard about that talent is equal to 99% of efforts and 1% of aspiration!" Zhang Tie pretended to be serious.

    Sabrina replied with a smile as she sat up from the bed. Poking Zhang Tie's chest with one finger, she said, "My genius, whether can we get off bed now? Over one night, I estimate that everybody across the camp has known that Sabrina the loose woman broke her record--to sleep with a teenager who's younger than 18 years old!"

    Zhang Tie smiled, "I don't care. Actually, I'd like to give you a favor. If you need similar helps in the future, just let me know. I can accept it even if it's a bit more excessive!"

    "Don't you mind O'Laura's feeling" Sabrina rolled her eyes.

    "Her feeling?" Zhang Tie winked, "What're you thinking about? Nothing happened between me and her. I've not even seen her real look yet!"

    "You liar! If nothing happened between you and her, why would like to be her captive? I was told that O'Laura was actually a big beauty. She's even more beautiful than her mother. As she didn't want to be influential in the grey eagle tribe only by her looks and avoid from being pursued by men, she wore that mask. I was told that she disliked men before. It seems now that it's not reliable!"

    "Cough, cough" Zhang Tie rubbed his nose and felt confused.

    "But no need to worry about that anymore. After the death game last night, few people would dare to pursue her anymore. Those who want to pursue her have to consider it well that a guy who could easily kill a LV 10 strong fighter with a javelin could not be easily stirred up!"

    "He...he..." Zhang Tie smirked as he became speechless.

    "You're also giving me a favor. As everybody knows that you're my curtain guest. As a loose women who has you as a lover, fewer people would like to marry me!" Sabrina became excited at once.

    "Are you my lover?" Zhang Tie asked Sabrina.

    "Guess!" Sabrina glanced at Zhang Tie in a charming look.

    "I think so. After all, I'm the first man who slept with you. Heh...heh..." Zhang Tie replied shamelessly.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Sabrina's face blushed, "You little b*stard!"

    "Young lady, we're ready for your bath!" a female servant of Sabrina walked to the side of the bed and reminded them while being isolated by a curtain.

    "You want to take a bath?"

    "I saw you oozing sweat just now. I prepare it for you!"

    "Why not together? I found your bath barrel was huge when you took bath here. It would be a waste if I use it alone!"

    "Humph, badass!"


    As Zhang Tie's clothes were covered with too much fresh blood, Sabrina had thrown it away last night. After taking a bath in Sabrina's tent, Zhang Tie put on a whole set of blue Samurai clothes which were prepared for him by Sabrina. After that, Zhang Tie walked out of Sabrina's tent.

    At this moment, the first wisp of sunlight had appeared in the horizon, everybody across the wild bear camp was preparing for the breakfast. After breakfast, they would set out to block the entrances of Haidela Glacier Crack.

    Battles were doomed to happen today; perhaps someone would sacrifice their lives. Therefore, each fighter was preparing for that. Although the atmosphere in the camp was not stiff but it was definitely not as relaxed as that of couple of days before. Nobody would like to waste time at this critical moment.

    Like yesterday, Sabrina had a female servant accompany Zhang Tie out of the camp of the wild bear tribe. On the way, Zhang Tie found that every fighter was throwing their awed look at him.

    Zhang Tie knew that his performance last night had been spread. In this world centered by fighting strength, his performance had already won him enough respect here.

    As a man who could easily kill LV 9 fighters, a man who could kill a LV 10 strong fighter with a javelin in a split second, he was qualified to frankly face such awed looks wherever he was.

    Actually, Zhang Tie felt pretty good by being awed in this way. His vanity was greatly satisfied.


    "Is that the teenager from last night? He doesn't look like that strong. How can he lift the bear-killing hammer with such thin arms?"

    When he passed by a tent, he heard some discussion, although in a low voice.

    "You know what! Powerhouses are not judged by weight and age. I'm afraid that 100 of you could not defeat him!"

    "I was told that he's a wanted criminal."

    "He's a scapegoat. Childe Gangula had expressed last night that he would dispatch people to request the police station in Eschyle City to investigate his wanted circular once again!"

    "What does that mean?"

    "Stupid. By doing this, the grey eagle tribe would not be able to keep him. I was told that he had stayed over night in Sabrina's tent!"

    "Oh, I see!" a soldier replied.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie just revealed a smile...


    Outside the gate of the wild bear tribe's camp, a guard beside Gangula had long waited there with a strong and tall rhino-horse. On the back of the rhino-horse, there was a special armrack, where the terrifying battle hammer that Zhang Tie used last night was hung. On the other side of the rhino-horse's back was a container which contained over 20 metal javelins and a set of armor.

    Gangula promised to gift Zhang Tie last night.

    Seeing Zhang Tie coming out, Gangula's guard greeted him politely before giving the rein of the rhino-horse to Zhang Tie.

    On the way to the camp of the grey eagle tribe with that rhino-horse, Zhang Tie found that many people were talking about him; however, nobody dared to stir up him.

    After killing a tiger easily, Zhang Tie found that all the flies became quiet. At this moment, nobody felt that 5000 gold coins were attractive anymore.

    When Zhang Tie returned to the camp of the grey eagle tribe, he found some fighters were standing outside the gate of the grey eagle tribe's camp. At the sight of Zhang Tie, they soon stood with respect and stared at Zhang Tie with awed and thrilled looks. Meanwhile, they punched the leather armors on their left chests.

    Those fighters in the camp of the grey eagle tribe also heard about what happened in the camp of the wild bear tribe last night. Whatever Zhang Tie's status was, he was fighting for the reputation of the grey eagle tribe. As he chopped off the head of the people who insulted and despised the grey eagle tribe and put it in front of O'Laura, Zhang Tie was qualified to gain the sincere respect of all the fighters of the grey eagle tribe.

    Salem became quiet completely. He did not dare to look into Zhang Tie's eyes.

    For some reason, when O'Laura saw Zhang Tie this morning, she only humphed. Closely after that, she drilled into her own tent. This made Zhang Tie confused. He could not think it through why a woman who dropped tears in front of him could be as icy as an iceberg this morning.

    "Woman's heart is really confusing!"


    Two hours later, as fighters blew the horns, all the fighters who had finished their breakfast started to set out. After fastening bulged leather sacs onto the iron-chain frames at the riverside and paving wooden plates on them, they started to tide over the river. After that, tens of thousands of fighters forged towards the entrances of the relics like tide.

    All the tribes tided over the river except for the blood wolf tribe. After losing the head and some powerhouses, the blood wolf tribe directly withdrew from the alliance action and returned to their base camp.

    Seeing thousands of fighters of the blood wolf tribe leaving in another direction, Zhang Tie knew that it was not the end. The blood wolf tribe would definitely revenge him, "So what, I'm not afraid of them."

    Riding a rhino-horse, Zhang Tie soon caught sight of a huge Haidela Glacier Crack and an increasing number of pioneers with flurried faces...

    Therefore, Zhang Tie let out a sigh inside...
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