Chapter 450: Being Kind-hearted

    Chapter 450: Being Kind-hearted

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    Haidela was the legendary god of ice and snow of Slavs. Of course, the land being named with the god of ice and snow had a sharp implication.

    In the legends of Slavs, the south terrain of Ice and Snow Wilderness was caused by the fighter between gold of ice and snow and some deity. After being eroded and carved by ice and snow for millions of years, it finally became this terrain.

    With a bird-view from the sky, one would find that the Haidela Glacier Crack was like wrinkles and wounds on the mother land, in different depths. Due to long-term ice movement, the southern terrain of Ice and Snow Wilderness which was once plain became exotic.

    Zhang Tie was standing before the entrance of the legendary underground relics, which was a bizarre existence.

    This was a long and narrow French-bean shaped huge glacier crack, the highest point of which leveled with the ground. It was as wide as 2-3 km. Given its look, it was nothing different than average canyons. The only difference was the staged rock faults formed by ice movement from the ground to the bottom of the huge glacier crack on both sides.

    As it was summer in Ice and Snow Wilderness, it was pretty verdant below the canyon. 1.7 m high lush weeds were growing everywhere.

    At this moment, the rocky faults on both sides of the canyon was covered with dense personal tents. There were also smoke and fire in many places.

    Hearing the groundbreaking sounds of the contingent of fighters, many pioneers drilled out of their tents and watched the army that appeared on the slopes of the canyon in the distance.

    Many pioneers were rushing towards here from afar in a flurried way.

    "Hurry up, escape right now. The allied army of Ice and Snow Wilderness has tens of thousands of soldiers..."

    "Slavs are here to clean us..."

    Hearing this, many pioneers changed their faces. They hurriedly put away their personal belongings and escaped. Some even screamed, "Don't worry, as long as we cooperate with each other, we don't have to fear them!"

    "Yes, we found the relics first. Why do those Slavs chase us away?"

    The canyon became chaotic right away. Someone prepared to escape while someone seemingly prepared to organize people so as to negotiate with Slavs. However, as pioneers' organizations were always loose, they could not form a cohesive force at such a critical moment at all.

    Riding his rhino-horse, Zhang Tie followed the team of the grey eagle tribe. The terrifying scene of tens of thousands of cavalries was overwhelming.

    The vanguards slowly opened the road in front of the army, following the troops. They entered the canyon from a wild slope on one end. After that, the following troops gradually extended and became as wide as 1000 m. They started to sweep across the entire canyon like a steel flood.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie found that almost each fighter was born to be a cavalry. After entering the canyon, almost without any command, all the cavalries of tribes, including those of the grey eagle tribe had started to coordinate and cooperate with each other when forging ahead. They extended their own troops and formed an assault line which posed an intense stress to the pioneers.

    Each one's rhino-horse was trotting while tens of thousands of rhino-horses's crispy hoofs formed a muffled, groundbreaking sound.

    As the allied forces were here to occupy the place and gain benefits instead of killing people, they maintained such a slow speed so as to cause a great stress to the pioneers. In this way, those pioneers could escape in case of unnecessary losses because of counter-attack.

    Only after a short while, tens of thousands of cavalries had already forged thousands of meters ahead. They encountered no counter-attacks on the way as all the pioneers in the canyon were escaping like how rabbits being chased by wolves.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie had already rushed to the front of the troop. After glancing at those pioneers in vision, he recognized 2 pioneer friends, Sam and Gerri. Zhang Tie didn't expect that the 2 guys were killed out of no reason today.

    As the terrain gradually widened in the canyon, some places became more sophisticated; therefore, the cavalries started to separate into different troops. When they moved close to a huge entrance which was 100-m wide, they saw the most pioneers. Based on the relatively sophisticated terrain, the pioneers finally launched a counter attack towards those allied forces.

    Without any verbal warning, the pioneers lurking in the weeds had already shot out bolts towards the cavalries, causing some fighters fall down. After that, the allied forces rushed towards them as they chopped off all the pioneers in front of them as the short, fierce battle started at once.

    Very soon, pioneers started to bleed and fell down in batches...

    Personally, most of the pioneers could match fighters in the allied forces; however, facing such a well-organized attack, the team of pioneers was soon dispersed after a couple of minutes. The allied forces instantly gained an overwhelming advantage. All the pioneers who dared to fight back were soon surrounded and killed.

    As most of these pioneers were poor, of course, Zhang Tie would not hurt them. He didn't need to fight them at all. He only followed up the troops. In the fight, he only used his weapon once.


    Hundreds of pioneers were gathering under a huge tree hundreds meters away. At the sight of this battle, someone instigated loudly. They seemingly wanted to rush towards here.

    "These idiots!" seeing those pioneers, Zhang Tie swore inside. After kicking his rhino-horse, he rushed towards those people.

    When he was over 100 m away from them, Zhang Tie drew out a javelin and threw it towards them.

    The javelin didn't fall on anybody; instead on a huge tree beside them.

    The luxuriant tree was over 30 m in height and over 1 m in width.

    With a sonic boom, the trunk of the huge tree was penetrated and exploded, which was heard by everybody on the battle field.

    The wood chips flew in all directions, causing another startling boom. The twigs and crown almost covered 100 square meters at once. As a result, all the pioneers who wanted to join the battle hurriedly dodged away. Many of them were bruised by wood chips. After glancing at the quivering twigs and the straight line over the weeds from Zhang Tie and them, all of them turned pale with dumbfounded looks. Some even loosed their grips of weapons.

    Because this place was covered with 1 m high weeds, Zhang Tie's javelin pressed down the weeds due to its sharp wave and airflow. As a result, an over 100 m long line was left on the weeds like an invisible hand, which was really shocking.

    The line started from Zhang Tie and ended at the huge tree.

    "F*ck, is that a human?" many pioneers had not seen such a person who could launch such a terrifying attack from 100 m away.

    "Roll out of here, are you seeking for death?" Zhang Tie roared, scaring all the hundreds of pioneers away at once.

    Not only some fighters of the allied forces behind Zhang Tie, even those pioneers in the distance had caught sight of such a shocking scene.

    "Wula...", seeing Zhang Tie's performance, all the fighters of the allied forces uttered a groundbreaking sound in unison, rising the morale at once. It was completely different between hearing Zhang Tie's performance and seeing Zhang Tie's performance for those fighters. The moment they saw Zhang Tie's terrifying javelin, everybody became thrilled at once. It was their great pride to have such a powerful fighter on their side.

    On such a battle field, gorgeous fighters who had super great fighting strength could always bring strong aspiration and confidence to the other fighters on the same side.

    By contrast, those pioneers in the distance who were still watching the battle field became completely hopeless at this moment. As a result, they instantly turned around and escaped.

    Riding on the rhino-horse, Zhang Tie didn't chase after them; instead watched them disappear from his vision rapidly. After that, his cavalries rushed over them like a tide.

    Riding her white rhino-horse, O'Laura came to Zhang Tie's side. After putting away his bloody long sword, she turned around and stared at Zhang Tie, "I've not imagined that you're so kind-hearted!"

    "As we have no deep hatred with them, we don't have to kill them. Many of them are not bad guys. They are just here to survive themselves. Additionally, it can reduce our casualties too!" Suddenly, Zhang Tie felt his heart racing. He turned around and found Roslav and Waajid of the huge bear tribe were gazing at him from afar.

    Realizing that they were noticed by Zhang Tie, they exchanged glances with each other before turning around like nothing had happened.

    "F*ck, are they sick?" Zhang Tie muttered. He recalled that the 2 guys had been abnormal since he exposed the power of his javelin last night.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie made a decision, "If the 2 guys dare to stir up me, they will try my javelins..."
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