Chapter 451: The Prophecy

    Chapter 451: The Prophecy

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    After the morning, the allied forces had already occupied the whole canyon.

    In this action, the allied forces suffered a casualty of over 110 people while the pioneers suffered a casualty of over 300 people. Almost all the pioneers in the canyon were driven out of the canyon.

    After the pioneers were driven out of the canyon, the allied forces started to set passes and barriers to the ends of canyon and entrances of the underground relics.

    In the morning, Zhang Tie had witnessed the survival of the fittest in this age.

    For pioneers, the allied forces were like bandits; however, the pioneers in the eyes of the allied forces were like thieves. Zhang Tie found that each party had their own view on the opponent. Therefore, they had to deal with it through fists and blades.

    As the allied forces' fists were more powerful than that of those pioneers, the allied forces set the regulations here.


    At noon, when the sun was hanging high in the sky, Zhang Tie saw some fighters of the allied forces set a huge wooden notice board at the east entrance of the canyon.

    --This entrance is administered by the southern allied forces in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    --Pioneers are welcome to discover treasures in relics from here.

    --Pioneers have to submit 50% of their achievements from the underground relics to us. Meanwhile, we will ensure the security of the taxpayers and their personal belongings.

    There were only 3 above lines in scarlet letters on the new wooden notice board. They were written using the fresh blood of the pioneers whose heads had been chopped off. Hundreds of meters away from there, hundreds of heads of pioneers were piled, forming a sharp contrast with this notice board.

    "Relics discovery tax? Holy crap! When did these savages in Ice and Snow Wilderness learn how to collect taxes?"

    "If incapable people wanted to rob others, they had to use their blades or javelins; however, if capable people wanted to rob others, they only needed to collect taxes." Donder told Zhang Tie. At this moment, at the sight of the funny notice board, Zhang Tie finally understood it that tax collection was just a changing form of robbery. The only difference between tax collection and robbery was that the prior form was more civil. Additionally, the fragile self-esteem of those being robbed were preserved.

    Hearing the booming hoofs of rhino-horses from behind, Zhang Tie turned around and found Sabrina was galloping towards here followed by over 200 female fighters from the inside of the canyon.

    She was wearing the purple leather armor which Zhang Tie saw at the first sight of her. Her black hair was dancing with the agile movements of the xiphodon, revealing a high vitality.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Sabrina revealed a smile. Meanwhile she rushed towards Zhang Tie with her contingent and stopped in front of Zhang Tie.

    As Zhang Tie's rhino-horse was a bit afraid of that Sabrina's xiphodon, it started to wave its head and moved 2 steps aside.

    "The grey eagle tribe said that you've already left. You're truly here!" Sabrina couldn't cover her excitement.

    "How did you find me?' Zhang Tie asked her.

    "It's too boring here. You told me you were going to hunt huge wolves. How about hunting them together. We can collect some fleshes for our tribesmen. Gangula said that we might stay a bit longer than expected. If we run out of dried rations, we have to solve it ourselves. I'm afraid that each tribe would dispatch hunters to hunt beasts a few days later. We can go there first!"

    After glancing at Sabrina's maiden army, Zhang Tie knew that Sabrina was not going to hunt; instead, she was going to play by chance. If the dried rations of the wild bear tribe had to depend on these women, Zhang Tie was afraid that all the fighters of the wild bear tribe would have to gnaw grass roots in 2 weeks.

    "But it's not bad. This is in compliance with my target here. If I go out with these young ladies, my deed would not be that remarkable anymore."

    "You only have so few people? You know, the pioneers are still gathering outside the canyon!"

    "You're my bodyguard. Additionally, you'd better not belittle me as I'm already a LV 7 fighter!" Sabrina raised her breasts proudly.

    Remembering the swimming scene in the river, Zhang Tie peeped at her 2 white bulbs and forcefully swallowed his saliva. He thought for a few seconds before replying, "Well, but you have to listen to me over there!"

    "No problem. Are you familiar with the surrounding environment? I don't expect to hunt nothing after a long while!" Sabrina showed her whites of eyes to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie smiled and raised his arm. In a few seconds, with a flapping sound, a white owl flew towards here from afar and fell on Zhang Tie's arm. Meanwhile, its eyes kept rolling like the embrasures and gazing at Sabrina.

    "Ah..." Sabrina watched Zhang Tie surprisingly, "Is this your pet?"

    "Right, how's it?" Zhang Tie became a bit pleasant.

    "A white owl, it's really beautiful!"

    "With its help, you don't need to worry about the preys anymore!" soon after saying this, Zhang Tie touched its head as he sent an order to it. At the same time, he raised his arm, sending the owl in the air. After reaching hundreds of meters high, it hovered for a while before flying towards a direction.

    "Jia..." Zhang Tie shook his rein and followed his owl.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's back, Sabrina's eyes gleamed. Meanwhile, she also shook her rein and followed Zhang Tie. Her female cavalries hurriedly followed after Sabrina.

    Although owl didn't have a sharp vision in the sky; no matter what, its vision was much sharper than humans. It was almost like a moving sentinel in the sky. Additionally, this kind of owl had a super great listening ability which could never be matched by any other animals. Its face as a whole was like a radar which could receive sound. In winter, it could hear the sound of rats moving under snow from 1 km away and point their positions precisely.

    Zhang Tie learned this since he gradually collaborated with this owl these days. Because of the great wildness seal, a mysterious link was established between the owl and Zhang Tie, through which, Zhang Tie could gradually sense the special abilities of this animal. This was also one of the benefit of "Great Wildness Sutra".

    Previously, Zhang Tie didn't know that this owl could have such great abilities.

    Although the owl's level was very low, it was the best sentinel and detective.


    After Zhang Tie left the canyon for less than 1 km, he encountered a problem. As long as Sabrina's xiphodon was close to his rhino-horse, it would scare Zhang Tie's rhino-horse several steps backwards. Zhang Tie was very depressed about this as he had to correct the rhino-horse's moving direction and speed every now and then.

    Noticing this, Sabrina chuckled, "Xiphodon is the best and most powerful animal in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Many animals are afraid of it. You have to cultivate bonding with it since it's young before being able to drive it else I would have gifted you one xiphodon!"

    Recalling Nurdo, O'Laura's cousin's arrogant look on a xiphodon, Zhang Tie instantly became interested in such animal.

    "Did you catch it from the wild? But I've not seen any xiphodon in the wild since I came to Ice and Snow Wilderness?"

    "Almost all the xiphodons grow in the wild. But you could only see them in the northern region of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Only the huge bear tribe knows how to capture and tame them. Our xiphodons were all bought from the huge bear tribe..." Sabrina explained as she gently fumbled the golden fur of her xiphodon, "Lily has been over 20 years with me. My father gifted it to me since I was 7 years old!"

    Zhang Tie stared at such a huge animal. He had not imagined that she was already over 20 years old. Zhang Tie realized that its lifespan was much longer than a horse. "When a horse is over 20 years old, it should be a senior; however, this xiphodon is still jubilant."

    "Her lifespan is very long?"

    "Of course, xiphodon is a standard LV 6 animal. A common xiphodon could live about 100 years like humans. In Ice and Snow Wilderness, each bear-killing fighter dreams to ride a xiphodon as their partner! In fight, the same number of xiphodon cavalries could easily curve 3 times more number of other kinds of cavalries. Additionally, xiphodon's endurance and speed could almost rank top 3 among all the animals that could be ridden by humans in a large scale. They could easily run 1000 km over night!"

    Sabrina's words really startled Zhang Tie inside. "This animal is simply a powerful animal being born to ride. If they could be matched with fighters on the battle fields in a large scale, they are simply animal tanks on the battle fields. Additionally, given its figure and its high running speed, it could be matched with highly-protective armor."

    "Haven't the wild bear tribe established a team of xiphodon cavalries?"

    Sabrina showed the whites of her eyes, "We have one. Each tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness expects to have a team of xiphodon cavalries; however, xiphodons are difficult to catch. Additionally, the cost of breeding a xiphodon is very high. Since 3 years old, a xiphodon would eat at least 20 kg flesh a day. The entire wild bear tribe only has one team of 400 xiphodon cavalries. They were the forbidden guards of the head of the tribe. In the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness, only the huge bear tribe maintains a king regiment of 5000 xiphodon cavalries, which safeguard the tribe of Slavs."

    "King regiment of cavalries?" Zhang Tie's curiosity was arisen by such a special name.

    "They are lunatics. They're safeguarding a weird prophecy generations after generations. They are completely living in their illusions. You've already seen 2 of them just now!" Sabrina became thrilled.

    Zhang Tie's heart raced, "You mean Roslav and Waajid?"

    "Yup. They came to tell my father that the prophecy that they had safeguarded for hundreds of years was going to come true. The king of Slavs who will unify the Ice and Snow Wilderness has come. They're here to tell the wild bear tribe to prepare for the king's welcome!" when she said the last sentence, Sabrina remarkably revealed a contempt.

    "Is it a plot?" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly. Because there were so many similar events in the history like an idol was fabricated or a puppet was found to take the throne so that the real power behind them could rule the rest of the powers.

    "Now, the bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness have long separated. How can they unify with each other so easily. How can they follow a stranger on Elzida and let him be their lord?" Sabrina waved her head, "Do you know what did my father think when he heard this?"


    "My father lets my young sisters to stay at home these days. If the huge bear tribe really find out such a guy, my father will directly marry my young sisters over there. Whether it was true or not, to be the guy's father-in-law was the best!"

    Hearing this plan, Zhang Tie showed the white of his eyes, "These old guys are really smart. Facing this, without making any promise, they planned to have a son-in-law first so that they will be in a overwhelming position. D*mn it! It's really difficult to find a idiot in this age."

    However, recalling how Roslav and Waajid peeped at him, Zhang Tie felt good once again. "Bad guys would always be troubled by bad guys. I will just stay away from them."

    "Your father is shortsighted. If I was your father, I would marry you to the would-be king. Based on your ability, I believe that you could definitely conquer him!" Zhang Tie joked.

    Sabrina replied with a laughter. She then suddenly pointed at the sky in the distance, "Look, your owl is swirling over there, what does that mean?"

    The owl was drawing "8" in the sky. At the sight of it, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "Ha...ha...here are our preys..."

    "Will you come here, my Lily could ride 2 people easily!" Sabrina glanced at Zhang Tie.

    Receiving the invitation, Zhang Tie directly flew onto the xiphodon from several meters away. He came to Sabrina's back. Among her screams, Zhang Tie kissed her face.

    "Keep running, my little mare!"

    "You little asshole!" Sabrina swore as she shook her rein, driving the xiphodon towards the place where the owl was heading for...

    Only after a few seconds, Zhang Tie had started to move his hands upwards from her abdomen...
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