Chapter 452: Becoming a Butterfly

    Chapter 452: Becoming a Butterfly

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    Five days later...

    With a shrill air-breaking sound, a javelin penetrated through a huge wolf over 300 m away in a split second, spurting fresh blood over the weeds.

    Being startled by the sonic boom, the pack of smart wolves which were lowering their heads to tear off their preys felt being threatened. Without even glancing at who had thrown out the javelin, they directly darted towards afar with their heads lowered.

    The javelins constantly arrived from afar, one javelin for one wolf. After each sonic boom, there was always a huge wolf being struck while spurting fresh blood. In a wink, ten more huge wolves had been killed.

    The remaining huge wolves escaped in all directions; however, thunder-like hoofs sounded in the distance at this moment while over 200 female cavalries chasing the huge wolves back from two sides.

    Holding a long sword, Zhang Tie darted towards them and managed to kill the remaining 20-odd huge wolves in a split second.

    Inserting his long sword onto the grassland, Zhang Tie glanced at those dead wolves as he finally let out a long sigh. After these days' efforts, he had killed about 500 huge wolves and obtained 9 huge wolf seven-strength fruits.

    Zhang Tie finally sighed satisfactorily.

    These days, Zhang Tie had been waiting for a king huge wolf; however, he failed to encounter it, which made him a bit regretful. Nevertheless, Zhang Tie knew that such a thing was an uncertainty; as he had already obtained 9 huge wolf seven-strength fruits, he knew that it was already almost a perfect result.

    When he imagined about the skyrocketing physical strength after taking the 9 huge wolf seven-strength fruits, Zhang Tie would feel proud about himself.

    A huge wolf's strength was much greater than that of a wild wolf or an iron-teeth hyena, not to mention demon rats. Therefore, Zhang Tie knew that after eating the 9 huge wolf seven-strength fruits, he would have nine huge wolves' strength more in his body. Zhang Tie knew that he would see an essential improvement in his fighting strength and power this time.

    The sun turned into a beautiful afterglow in the distance in the west, which was reflecting the distant sky and the vacant wilderness and making them red. Glancing at that afterglow, Zhang Tie felt that it was like a butterfly which had just broken out of its cocoon.

    The beautiful afterglow resonated with Zhang Tie's current mood. Gazing at the afterglow, Zhang Tie let out a long sigh.

    "Although the worm is still far from being a dragon, at least it could become a butterfly now."

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard Sabrina's low exclamation from afar. He instantly rushed towards her with his long sword.


    "What's up?"although it was over 200 m away, Zhang Tie had arrived there in about 10 seconds.

    With a slightly pale face, Sabrina pointed at a brushwood on one side, "I was startled by something disgusting over there!"

    Zhang Tie then walked over there. Before drawing close, he hurriedly held his breath due to the bloody and disgusting smell which made him feel like throwing up. He opened the weeds with his long sword and caught sight of an incomplete corpse which had been gnawed by the huge wolves.

    Given its look, it should be a pioneer. Perhaps, more precisely, it was a poor guy. This place was over 100 km away from the canyon where the relics' entrance lay. Zhang Tie didn't know whether this guy came from the canyon or was going there. But it was really not important.

    For women, even if they had seen a lot of corpses, they might still be startled by disgusting things.

    Even Zhang Tie hurriedly moved back after a glance, not to mention Sabrina. If he kept gazing at it, Zhang Tie's appetite would be influenced for sure tonight.

    "Alright, it's just a pioneer's corpse. He must have encountered the pack of huge wolves!" Zhang Tie shook his head as he glanced at those female cavalries who were getting down from their xiphodons and were going to manage those dead huge wolves, "We'd better not take those dead huge wolves. We might eat something disgusting if we failed to get them out of their stomachs..."

    "Stop, it's really disgusting..." Sabrina hurriedly shook her head while her face turned totally pale, "We'd better leave here as soon as possible!"


    1 minute later, Zhang Tie rode the xiphodon together with Sabrina before leaving here with over 200 female cavalries. Facing the sunset, they prepared to return to the canyon where the relics was discovered.

    Zhang Tie and Sabrina were dozens of meters ahead of the team. After a few days outside, those female cavalries had already realized to keep a "safe distance" from Zhang Tie and Sabrina in case of listening to or seeing something that they should not.

    After her symbolic resistance was collapsed by Zhang Tie, Sabrina was indulged in Zhang Tie's demon hands once again.

    "You look happy today!" the woman really had a very strong instinct. Only after galloping for a short while with his hands around her breasts, Zhang Tie's exciting mood had been sensed by Sabrina.

    "How do you know?"

    "Woman's instinct!" sitting in front of Zhang Tie, Sabrina turned around.

    A solemn and pious expression reappeared in Zhang Tie's face. On the slightly bumpy back of the xiphodon, Zhang Tie raised his head while he put his hands over Sabrina's quivering white breasts with a layer of cloth between them. He started to rub them slightly, "You're right. I'm truly very happy today. Because after these days of efforts, I feel that various species on this land have gradually recovered their ecological balance. This is the meaning of my efforts!"

    "You liar!" being rubbed by Zhang Tie's weird hands, Sabrina's face slowly turned red. She twisted her body. After realizing that she could not escape from Zhang Tie's roguish hands, she glared at Zhang Tie and didn't struggle any more, "This tide has tens of thousands of huge wolves. You only killed hundreds of them. How could you recover their balance!"

    "Everything has its own way. I only do my way best. This is the balance between them and I. If I feel balanced inside, everything will be balanced!" Zhang Tie continued to explain in a solemn look.

    Sabrina was still considering about Zhang Tie's words with a slight frown while Zhang Tie instantly put his mouth on her lips...

    Being raided by Zhang Tie once again, Sabrina just tightened her mouth. At the same time, she fiercely pinched Zhang Tie's thigh. Zhang Tie didn't care. He just pinched the enlarging and bulging buttons under his palms before pressing it down.

    With a light groan "ah", Sabrina's body turned soft while her lips were opened by Zhang Tie's tongue...


    Zhang Tie indeed felt very happy today. Besides completing the hunting action, he had cleaned off the threat of the bone-exploding needles this morning.

    In order to not arouse senior Merkel's attention, Zhang Tie left a bit energy of the bone-exploding needles. It would only take him half a minute to clean all of it if he wanted to manage it. Such a bit energy could not prevent Zhang Tie from running his battle Qi at the critical moment, not to mention cause any unbearable destruction to his body.

    Another reason that Zhang Tie kept that little energy of the bone-exploding needles was that he had not thought through what to do next. He was not sure whether to leave Ice and Snow Wilderness or continue to stay here to seek for other chances to intensify his fighting strength.

    If he cleaned off all the energy of the bone-exploding needles, he had to leave Ice and Snow Wilderness right away.

    According to his plan A, Zhang Tie intended to leave here when he would reach LV 8. Given his current situation, he only needed to light a bit more than 3 surging points; given the growth cycle of leakless fruits, he only needed to wait another 1.5 months here.


    Two hours later, it turned dark completely when Zhang Tie and Sabrina's female cavalries returned to the canyon which was occupied by the allied forces.

    At this moment, the canyon was full of bonfires and burning torches. Being less than 2 km away from the canyon was the pioneers' temporary camp. In the evening, the canyon was covered with flames, making it pretty splendid.

    After knowing that the allied forces were not going to occupy the relics alone, but to cooperate with them, most of the pioneers chose to stay here, except for a few pioneers who could not accept the condition. After all, most pioneers thought that a half of achievements was better than nothing. Although the allied forces were advantageous, at least they left a hope to the pioneers.

    Even in the canyon, Zhang Tie was still riding behind Sabrina and hugging her.

    A 18 year old teenager was riding on a fierce xiphodon while hugging a 30-odd mature beauty, followed by over 200 female cavalries. Such a great Qi field was enough to make them eye-catching wherever they were.

    Zhang Tie revealed a wisp of smile while Sabrina's face blushed. In hot love, they just ignored the looks of the onlookers.

    "Pe...Peter?" soon after he entered the canyon from hundreds of meters, Zhang Tie suddenly heard an exclamation.

    Hearing the sound, the xiphodon stopped. Zhang Tie turned around and saw a very embarrassed guy among those shabby pioneers, whose face was pitch dark. That guy was widely opening his eyes and mouth while looking at Zhang Tie as if he was watching a ghost.

    Although the guy was a bit sloppy, his purple hair and slightly fat figure could still be recognized.

    "Sam?" Zhang Tie became stunned as he instantly jumped off the xiphodon and walked towards those pioneers. Zhang Tie didn't identify him when they were lowering heads with sad looks just now.

    The female cavalries behind Zhang Tie also stopped, so did those pioneers who had just experienced that fierce fight. Zhang Tie and Sam were both dumbfounded as they had never imagined that they could see a friend from the two different groups of people.

    "It's that you, Peter? Am I dreaming?" Gerri also walked out of those pioneers and stared at Zhang Tie while rubbing his eyes forcefully.

    "Ha...ha...you could keep an eye open even in dream, how can you mistake me for someone else?" Zhang Tie burst out laughing. Before Gerri could make any movement, Zhang Tie had already moved forward and hugged him forcefully.

    "Ah, I'm a bit dirty..." glancing over Zhang Tie's clean and gorgeous uniformed clothes, Sam also walked towards Zhang Tie. Before uttering a word, he was also hugged by Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, Zhang Tie gave him a heavy punch on his shoulder.

    "It's really too good to see you guys fine!" Zhang Tie glanced over them carefully.

    Seeing Peter unchanged, Sam smirked with gleaming eyes.

    "Peter, why are you here?" Gerri asked Zhang Tie out of his concern.

    Before Zhang Tie answered Gerri, over 100 cavalries had rushed over here with heavy killing intents. Weapons in hands, fierce eyes on these pioneers. The moment they arrived, they had surrounded these pioneers, seemingly prepared to kill all these pioneers at any time.

    Being surrounded by the cavalries, these pioneers became intense right away.

    "Mr. Peter, have these pioneers offended you?" A military officer jumped off his xiphodon and came to Zhang Tie's side as he glanced at those pioneers with a heavy killing intent.

    Zhang Tie's terrifying fighting strength and performance in the canyon had completely won him the respect of most of the soldiers and low-rank military officers of the allied forces; plus his scandal with Sabrina of the wild bear tribe these days, Zhang Tie had become an idol of many soldiers of the allied forces.

    Zhang Tie knew that these on-duty patrols might be attracted by it when he stopped here. They might think that some conflict or trouble happened between the two parties. Therefore, they were here to give a favor to Zhang Tie.

    "Thanks, they're my friends. I stopped here to greet them!"

    "Friends?" the military officer glanced over Zhang Tie, Gerri and Sam for a short while. Finally he waved his hand to order his cavalries to leave while giving a salute to Zhang Tie.

    Seeing off the military officer, Zhang Tie turned around and revealed a smile to Sabrina with a curious look, "My little mare, you go back, I will come back to you tonight!"

    Sabrina then replied with a smile as she led her female cavalries away.

    Not until all the soldiers of the allied forces left did the other pioneers surround Zhang Tie, Sam and Gerri.

    "Gerri...who's this man..." a 40-odd pioneer watched Zhang Tie carefully.

    "This is Peter, a friend of mine and Sam!" Gerri raised his voice, "Peter is also a pioneer!"

    Hearing the second half of Gerri's words, all the other pioneers were shocked greatly as they felt a row of crows flying by their eyes. Everybody stared at Zhang Tie with widely opened eyes which were full of surprises and doubts...

    "He's a pioneer? Are you kidding me? If this young man is a pioneer, what are we? Are we beggars who come to Ice and Snow Wilderness from afar?"

    "How come such a huge gap between pioneers?"

    "Hugging a big beauty on a xiphodon, followed by hundreds of female cavalries; being protected by hundreds of cavalries of allied forces at any time. What did he call that beauty? My little mare? Look at this, I will never believe that he's a pioneer. This Peter is definitely a noble in a big tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness!"

    Various whims flashed across their minds.


    Hearing Gerri's words, everybody became dombfounded, not knowing what to say.

    "Where are you heading for?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "We've just come out of the underground relics. We were told that the other pioneers were above there, therefore, we're going to stay with them!" Sam explained.

    "Have you eaten?"

    Sam waved his head.

    "This is not the place to talk, let's go up!"

    Sam and Gerri exchanged glances with each other as they nodded.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie went to the pioneers' camp together with them.

    Compared to those pioneers, Zhang Tie was really eye-catching. At the sight of Zhang Tie, all the pioneers who had seen his terrifying performance that day changed their face, some even escaped right away.

    When Zhang Tie's status as a pioneer was spread across the pioneers' camp, the whole camp was in a chaos.

    However, Sam and Gerri thought that the other pioneers in the camp might be shocked by Zhang Tie's gorgeous clothes.

    Zhang Tie took out his jerky meat and shared with them along Sam and Gerri. Sitting beside a bonfire, Sam and Gerri started to engulf the jerky as they described what they had experienced since they left Zhang Tie.

    Sam and Gerri had not noticed that more and more pioneers were slowly gathering around them silently...
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