Chapter 453: Super Relics

    Chapter 453: Super Relics

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    When Sam and Gerri left Zhang Tie from Eschyle City, they came to the small town Sciatta. After staying there for a couple of days, they came here with the army of pioneers.

    Their experience was not complex. After arriving here, they tried to enter the glacier crack to discover the urban relics with the other pioneers. Through constant attempts and exploration, they gradually figured out the underground situation. Therefore, after some preparations, Sam and Gerri entered the underground world 10 days ago, they came out of there today.

    Although it was not very risky down there, they also encountered many dangers and setbacks, big or small. All of them had been tortured so much.

    What made them depressed was that half of their achievements were robbed away when they exited the entrance. Facing that powerful fighting strength of the allied forces, they had no right to negotiate, to be killed and lose all the achievements or to submit half of their achievements. They had to make the final choice.

    That was why Zhang Tie saw them lowering their heads in low spirits just now.

    "You've gained something down there? I wonder what are they?" Zhang Tie asked out of pure curiosity, instead of greed.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's question, Sam and Gerri exchanged glances with each other. Closely after that, they took out one item from their storage bag respectively and showed it to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie took it from Sam's hand. It was pretty heavy. Zhang Tie found it was a delicate metal fallow deer, an art work. Although its surface was a bit rusted, it still remained its metallic luster; additionally, it was very complete.

    According to the current standards, this item was produced about 900 to 1000 years ago. It was remarkably a cultural relic before the Catastrophe. Before the Catastrophe, humans could produce a lot of things that could not be produced today, take this item as an example. It's processed with a metal coating technology, which could not be mastered by humans in this age. The moment he held it, Zhang Tie had realized it.

    This item was very collectible. Many rich people would like to place some cultural relics before the Catastrophe in their homes.

    As Zhang Tie had worked in Donder's grocery for a long time, he estimated that this item was worth at least 30 gold coins in the grocery in Blackhot City. Of course, if it was well packaged and met someone who really liked it, it might be worth higher than 70 gold coins.

    "Nice, this item is at least worth your travel here. Besides, you can have some surplus!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    With a sad look, Sam sighed, "It should have been a pair. When we exited the entrance, we were robbed by those b*stards of the allied forces, losing the other one!"

    With a smile, Zhang Tie then took Gerri's item. It looked a bit weird. In the size of a palm, its surface had been heavily rusted. however, Zhang Tie could still identify the number buttons on its surface.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what it was. He estimated that it was a product before the Catastrophe. The price of such a cultural relic which was obviously featured by human science and technology before the Catastrophe might range from a couple of silver coins to thousands of gold coins. As such items were involved with too many special professional knowledge, its value could not be identified by Zhang Tie.

    After saying "Not bad", Zhang Tie returned that item to Gerri.

    "Peter, why are you here? Why are you so close to those Slavs?" Gerri found that so many pioneers had surrounded them at this moment. If they were curious about Zhang Tie at the beginning, they should have left at this moment. However, they all focused on Peter with a bit awe. Gerri slightly touched Sam. Sam then also noticed that.

    Zhang Tie didn't care about those pioneers at all; he had already found them being surrounded by the other pioneers from the beginning. However, out of his confidence, he still acted calmly. In those pioneers' eyes, his calm act made him outstanding. Therefore, they did not dare to draw too close to them.

    "After leaving you at the dock, I came to Eschyle City. I met an enemy over there and killed him. After that, I was wanted by the police station of Eschyle. Then, I escaped away from Eschyle City and wandered for some days in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Then, I was caught by bounty hunters. Therefore, my current status is actually their captive and...hmm...personal property!" scratching his head, Zhang Tie briefed.

    Listening to this, Sam and Gerri both widely opened their eyes. Actually, if Zhang Tie said he was a son-in-law of Slavs, Sam and Gerri would never doubt it; given Zhang Tie's toyboy look, it was possible. However, Zhang Tie told them he was their captive, which really shocked them.

    "You mean you're captive of those Slavs? F*ck, are you kidding me? Riding a xiphodon, hugging a big beauty, followed by a contingent of bodyguards, you tell me you're their captive? I saw them respect you very much. Is that a special treatment for captive? If so, please ask them whether do they need more captives or not?" Gerri instantly shouted.

    Being embarrassed, Sam glanced at Zhang Tie with full of admiration, "The woman that you hugged...is really...really very beautiful. Additionally, she has huge breasts! I'm sure very few women like her could be found in Ice and Snow Wilderness!"

    "Yes, the moment I saw you, I knew you might have slept with her. Are the Slavs used to gift their beauties to their captives?"

    Watching Sam and Gerri's shocking looks, Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "Of course not. Firstly, I'm a special captive. I only killed a b*stard in Eschyle City. However, Eschyle City's wanted circular charged me with 3 lives by mistake. I became other's scapegoat. Actually I'm not as evil as that on the wanted circular. Secondly, they find me useful to them, therefore, they treat me well! As to the woman, it's an accident. She didn't know I was a captive at the beginning! Finally, she knew that; however, considering the above two reasons, she didn't care about it!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Sam and Gerri finally understood it. They then sighed with full emotions that Zhang Tie's experience in Ice and Snow Wilderness was really wonderful.

    "What are you going to do?" Sam asked Zhang Tie.

    "I've not had a plan yet. It's good to stay here. Perhaps, I will stay here for a couple of more days. After my wanted circular was cancelled, I will leave from here!" Zhang Tie answered after thinking for a short while. He then added, "What about you?"

    "We will stay here for a few days!" Gerri glanced at Sam. After that, he moved his head closer to Zhang Tie. After looking around, Gerri whispered, "Sam and I found that the relics might be a huge treasure, a GSC."

    Sam looked at Zhang Tie. When Gerri said this to Zhang Tie, Sam nodded solemnly.

    "GSC?" Zhang Tie became stunned. Although he could always imitate pioneers vividly, he was not a real one as he didn't know too much about the secret language and inherited knowledge which were used by experienced pioneers. Therefore, Zhang Tie became curious about it.

    "What's a GSC?" Zhang Tie asked Gerri in a low voice.

    "Nobody have told you about this before?" Gerri glanced at Zhang Tie in an amazing look.

    "No, as I'm a new pioneer and used to be alone, I don't know about this!" Zhang Tie waved his head.

    "Do you know about the Star of God?"


    "GSC refers to the city which is well preserved after being destroyed by the pieces of star of god. Because of the odd energy of the star of god, its pieces would form a special time and space energy field wherever it fall. In this energy field, all the lifeless objects would remain unchanged no matter how long they stay there. GSC means the super relics caused by the pieces of the star of god. Do you know that?" Gerri gleamed his eyes.

    Zhang Tie became dumbfounded as he seemed to not believe what he had heard. If this was true, it meant that there might be a complete GSC beneath the Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    "How do you know that?"

    "At the beginning, we just assumed it with a hope. Because this urban relics is too close to the legendary place of the pieces of star of god. Previously, although the pieces of star of god were discovered in other relics before the Catastrophe, those relics had been completely destroyed. Although the special energy field of the pieces of star of god could remain the relics unchanged, if the relics is heavily destroyed due to other reasons, the value of the items inside the relics would not be reduced!"

    Zhang Tie nodded as he recalled the response of those pioneers in the Wilderness Bar when they heard that the relics and pieces of star of god were discovered. After that, he remembered why the allied forces suddenly blocked the entrance of the urban relics. He then instantly understood that the pioneers were excited by a wisp of hope. As for those southern tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, some big figures might have already got some information through special channels. Therefore, they couldn't wait to occupy the entrances of the relics by forces. The items in a GSC might be 10 times more valuable than a common relics. Those big figures might not be interested in such a little money brought from a common relics; however, they would not mind occupying a GSC.

    Realizing that Zhang Tie became silent, Sam stealthily foisted a small ball of things onto Zhang Tie's hand from the inside of his sleeve.

    Zhang Tie found it was just a waste. However, its material was bit weird as it looks like that of his military officer certificate in Norman Empire. It was red and touched ductile. It seemed like a package.

    "What's this?"

    "The ham package before the Catastrophe. It was called plastic before the Catastrophe. If not in the special energy field of the pieces of star of god, it would not have been preserved so well after such a long time. What counts most is that the ham inside might have just been eaten. Sam found it in an underground hidden corner 4 days ago!"

    "You found this in the underground?" Zhang Tie looked solemn.

    "Right. Although we don't know who dropped it, someone has already found something special down there. Additionally, those items preserved so well that it was out of people's imagination. The guy who dropped this item might be a pioneer. Pitifully, on the way back, he ate up his food; therefore, he had to eat the food that he collected from there! That guy might have left here with so many treasures, or he's still hiding somewhere and is preparing for a second discovery. Otherwise, he might have been killed!"

    "You want a try?"

    "Each pioneer dreams for such a precious chance. Why not have a try?"

    "Peter, join us!"

    "Sam and I have already discovered the underground tunnel where we found this object. As long as we go down along that underground tunnel, we will reap something for sure!"

    "Give me some time. As my status is a bit sensitive. If I act alone, I might bring some unknown dangers and troubles to you!" after considering it for a short while, Zhang Tie replied. What attracted Zhang Tie most was the super relics caused by the pieces of star of god, the GSC which remained the original look of the city before the Catastrophe, instead of the treasures inside.


    After warning the two people about something and promising to give them some necessary help, Zhang Tie stood up and prepared to leave.

    Seeing Zhang Tie leaving, after a short noise, a 60-odd pioneer walked towards Zhang Tie from the crowd.

    "Mr. Peter, we appreciate what you've done for us today. You've saved a lot of people's lives. Because of you, many of our partners survived!" the senior paid his tribute to Zhang Tie while putting his hands on his shoulders and slightly lowering his head.

    "Don't worry!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    When Zhang Tie found all the pioneers became quiet, he knew that this senior must want to talk something to him.

    "I was told that Your Excellency is also a pioneer?"

    "Right! Just say it..."

    After looking around, the old pioneer gritted his teeth, "After negotiating with all the other heads of our pioneers, we have a presumptuous request. We want Mr. Peter to be the commander of all the pioneers gathering in the Canyon! We expect you to lead us to discover the relics."

    Although pioneers were sloppy, many pioneers would also form temporary pioneering teams voluntarily. The leader of each team would be their commander. Although being always sloppy, once they formed teams, they would pay special attention to the unified strength of the team and the authority of the leader. As a result, leader of each team was granted with a great authority among the temporary team, which could almost match the power of military leaders.

    As a result, the pioneering teams guided by some leaders fought the allied forces under the personal wills of the leaders.

    "The commander of these pioneers?" it was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that these pioneers could pose such a request to him.

    Actually, besides owning a great power, the commander of pioneers could also share 3% of the total wealth of the entire team. Realizing that there were about 8000 pioneers near the canyon, Zhang Tie understood the value of this title.

    "Are you sure?" Zhang Tie smiled. Of course, he knew what they were thinking about. Ever since he was born, he had never met such a good thing.

    The old guy and those in the surroundings nodded at the same time.

    "Well, I accept it!''

    The moment they revealed big smiles, their smiles froze as Zhang Tie sent the order,

    "I order you to hug your heads and jump like a frog for 100 times!"

    Watching their frozen looks, Zhang Tie sighed while his intelligent gleaming eyes became very aggressive "Actually, you've not determined your minds, right? The allied forces' condition would not change just because of me!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie directly left the camp of the pioneers.


    Zhang Tie was always thinking about the underground relics on the way back. However, when he heard O'Laura's words the moment he came back to the grey eagle tribe, Zhang Tie knew that he didn't need to make any plan anymore.

    "You have a cool life these days, ha!" O'Laura sneered, "But, you'd better not forget that you're my personal property. You have to listen to my order. I now officially notice you to follow me in the underground world tomorrow!"
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