Chapter 454: The Arrival of Fury-Class Airship

    Chapter 454: The Arrival of Fury-Class Airship

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    The next morning, before dawn, a huge airship arrived at the relics canyon...

    After being killed twice in trouble-reappearance situations and polishing his surging points for a while, Zhang Tie lowered his body and drilled out of his tent. Raising his head, he caught sight of that huge airship which was hovering above an open grassland in the canyon.

    At the sight of it, Zhang Tie became stunned as he couldn't believe in his eyes. After carefully looking at the 400-m long airship, Zhang Tie realized that he was not dreaming. Therefore, his heart gradually paced while a whim flashed across his mind, "Is that from Huaiyuan Palace?"

    That was truly a fury-class hard battle airship made in Huaiyuan Palace.

    "Are they here to catch me?" this whim was soon abandoned by Zhang Tie. "I'm just a small figure in Huaiyuan Palace. Huaiyuan Palace don't need to catch me in such a magnificent way. Additionally, they could never know I'm here."

    After checking it again, Zhang Tie found no symbol of Huaiyuan Palace at all. Therefore, he slightly recovered his composure.

    The airship was truly a fury-class hard battle airship produced in Huaiyuan Palace. However, it doesn't belong to Huaiyuan Palace now. According to Zhang Tie's knowledge, fury-class hard battle airship was the urgently needed large-scale battle machine in Huaiyuan Palace. Its factory was in Yiyang City. It could be used for both military purposes and civil purposes. Besides being matched for Huaiyuan Palace's troops, it was also sold to other forces. When Zhang Tie left Huaiyuan Palace, he was told that new buyers could only get fury-class hard battle airships at least after 5 years later. Huaiyuan Palace was planning to expand a new large-scale airship production base in Jinhai City.

    Besides Zhang Tie, many people in the camp were watching that huge airship with dumbfounded looks. Such a huge battle airship posed a great impact to people's vision and mentality. Common airship were rarely seen in Ice and Snow Wilderness, not to mention such a huge airship.


    Realizing so many people were watching the airship, Zhang Tie directly came to the flume and started to cleanse himself. Soon after cleansing himself, he saw Setton walking towards him. Setton's armor was sparkling, making him very spirited. Zhang Tie knew that it had been well cleaned.

    "Peter, are you ready? We will go there after a short while." Setton pointed at that fury-class airship in the distance.

    "That airship is so huge. Is it dispatched by some tribe?" Zhang Tie asked seriously.

    "No, the airship belongs to Golden Roc Bank in Eschyle City. Golden Roc Bank is very powerful and is the partner of our allied forces. They are responsible for purchasing our achievements and providing us with some logistic support!"

    Zhang Tie became stunned as he had not imagined that Golden Roc Bank was behind this action. However, the moment he recalled what Sam and Gerri told him last night, Zhang Tie understood it at once. Perhaps Golden Roc Bank already knew that a super relics existed here through some special channels. Therefore, they stood on the side of the allied forces so as to share the big cake.

    Zhang Tie glanced at that huge airship again and felt the great ambition of Golden Roc Bank at once.

    From Blackhot City to Huaiyuan Prefecture, from Ewentra Archipelago to Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie really sensed the omnipresent influence of Golden Roc Bank. He started to realize how terrifying the Chinese forces behind Golden Roc Bank was.


    Over 10 minutes later, Zhang Tie left the camp of the grey eagle tribe together with Setton and O'Laura with rhino-horses, followed by Salem in a humble way. Salem was not as arrogant as he was several days ago anymore. Instead, he was always dodging from Zhang Tie's vision. Even though he encountered Zhang Tie, he would always forced a chrysanthemum-like smile, making Zhang Tie comfortable instantly. As long as he was docile, Zhang Tie didn't feel like finding him trouble.

    Compared to Salem's "enthusiasm", O'Laura, who treated Zhang Tie kindly before suddenly turned cold to him. The two people's attitudes towards Zhang Tie seemed like a seesaw, making Zhang Tie sigh about the wonders of the world.

    These days, the love affairs between Zhang Tie and Sabrina continuously heated. In others' eyes, Zhang Tie had long been Sabrina's curtain guest. However, they were just using their hands and mouths in most cases. In this course, Zhang Tie felt very funny and had an odd sense of conquering her. Gradually, Zhang Tie, as a 18 years old teenager was not satisfied by only doing this.

    From last midnight to this morning, Zhang Tie's thing had always been as hard as an iron rod. It expanded so heavily that Zhang Tie felt that it was going to explode.

    At this moment, at the sight of O'Laura riding on the rhino-horse, Zhang Tie fixed his eyes on her butts naturally. At the same time, he started to compare her butts with that of Sabrina's.

    Sabrina's butt groove was really a lethal weapon. After hugging Sabrina in the wilderness for a few days, Zhang Tie had felt it deeply. By comparison, the butts in his front were a bit smaller; however, they were plumpy and should feel good...

    Seemingly feeling the hot eyes behind her, O'Laura turned around and noticed that Zhang Tie was gazing at her butts.

    "B*stard, what're you looking at?" O'Laura in mask swore as she galloped his rhino-horse to enlarge the distance between her and Zhang Tie.

    Salem didn't speak; instead, he just followed O'Laura. Seeing Setton's glance, Zhang Tie forced an embarrassed smile as he scratched his head, not knowing how to explain, "Erm...I've seen nothing!"

    "O'Laura has a nice figure, right?"

    Zhang Tie thought that Setton would scold him; however, he had never expected that Setton could ask him in that way. Therefore, Zhang Tie lowered his voice, "erm...not bad!"

    "O'Laura is very beautiful; she's even more beautiful than her mother. Additionally, she doesn't have any boyfriend yet. Although she's a bit elder than you, she was almost like a girl on love affairs. She could be easily moved. Sometimes, she's very sentimental. Haven't you found that she's always losing temper when you stay with Sabrina these days?"

    After saying this, Setton threw a deep glance at Zhang Tie. Soon after that, he rushed ahead and caught up with O'Laura.

    Zhang Tie became perplexed for a short while as he was not sure what Setton's words mean, "Is Setton...imp..implying that O'Laura likes me?"

    Zhang Tie recalled the episodes when he stayed with O'Laura, besides beating and being beaten, they just treated each other with cold words. In most cases, they were like enemies. They could barely speak kindly to each other...

    "No way!" Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile, exposing his white teeth before catching up with them.


    Heads of each tribe were gathering in the main tent of the wild bear tribe. Zhang Tie found most of them were those attending the banquet that night. Seeing the arrival of Zhang Tie, O'Laura and Setton, many people greeted Zhang Tie enthusiastically. It seemed as if Zhang Tie was the leader of the grey eagle tribe.

    O'Laura was silent while Setton became expressionless. By comparison, Zhang Tie nodded towards them with a smile. However, Salem was almost ignored.

    Everybody sat in the tent, forming a circle. They were chatting about their achievements these days and that huge airship in low voices.

    "O'Laura. I was told that you are going to enter the underground world with your assistant today?" Nurdo, O'Laura's cousin walked towards them with 3 people. He nodded towards Zhang Tie before talking to O'Laura.

    "Mind you own business!" O'Laura still replied in an icy tone.

    "Ha...ha...no matter what, you're my cousin. We're relatives..." Nurdo replied with a smile. He was not angry at all. Compared to his arrogant look when he said the same words before, Nurdo became kind this time due to different environments. This change warned Zhang Tie that he was a chameleon, a small figure, an idiot, or a vicious figure who was very shrewd. Remarkably Nurdo was not the first type.

    O'Laura directly responded with a cold harrumph.

    "I forgot to tell you that I'm also going down there with the wind wolf tribe today. Why not set off together. We can take care of each other on the way. In the underground world, it's safer if we unite with each other."

    O'Laura then gazed at Nurdo with sharp eyes, "Who leads the team, you or me?"

    "As to the vanguards, we will provide half of our own forces respectively or by turns. In this way, we can lower the potential loss! As to the common discovery, we can share them. Individual discovery will belong to individuals respectively!"

    After staring at Nurdo for a while, O'Laura finally nodded slowly.

    When Nurdo was talking with O'Laura, his woman was giving a glad eye to Zhang Tie. She was about 19 years old in white skirt. She had plumpy breasts, a slim waist and a sweet oval face. She looked innocent, yet with attractive eyes.

    "Oh, this is my friend, Elizabeth. She received my message a few days ago. He heard that it was interesting over here, therefore, she came here yesterday..." after talking with O'Laura, Nurdo had pulled this woman in front of Zhang Tie and started to introduce her, "Elizabeth, this is Peter who could wave over 600 kg huge hammer while performing a bloody, splendid dance. Additionally, Peter's javelin throwing skill is the best. I've seen that. If you're interested in that, you can chat with Peter after..."

    Soon after saying these words, Nurdo left with his men before O'Laura's lost her temper. When Elizabeth left, she even turned around and revealed a sweet smile to seduce Zhang Tie once again.

    "Is Nurdo here as a procurer..." a whim flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. "Although Elizabeth looked innocent, Zhang Tie always felt that innocence was only a part of her personality. Something might be hidden beneath her innocence. Now, everybody across the allied forces know that I'm staying with a dissolute woman everyday. I'm afraid that my reputation is not better than that of Nurdo. What does he mean by introducing me to this woman at this moment?"

    Zhang Tie was thinking about it as he heard O'Laura's cold harrumph.


    After a few minutes, they had seen Gangula, Sabrina and Roslav and Waajid of the huge bear tribe coming in the main tent.

    Sabrina wore a black female battle clothes today, which made her breasts and butts more prominent. At the sight of Zhang Tie, Sabrina smiled towards him.

    "The airship of Golden Roc Bank has already arrived. We can go there to check what they've brought us now!" Gangula put it straightforwardly. After saying this, he directly led the others out of the main tent. Zhang Tie purposely slowed down his footsteps so that he could walk together with Sabrina. All the others just pretended to have not seen that. O'Laura directly followed Gangula away with the big strides while whipping her hair. Only Elizabeth turned around and glanced at Zhang Tie and Sabrina.

    "You look very beautiful today!" Zhang Tie moved closer to Sabrina's ear. Meanwhile, he couldn't help sniffing her alluring body fragrance as a mature woman. Instantly, Zhang Tie felt frantic inside.

    "Oh, do you like my black clothes?" Sabrina was remarkably very happy about Zhang Tie's praise.

    "Mature woman like you would always look very sexy in black clothes!" Seeing nobody behind them, Zhang Tie directly pinched her plumpy butts.

    "You b*stard. You're growing audacious. If Gangula caught you teasing his elder sister in the public, he would chop off your head!"

    "Hehe, I miss you so much the moment I think that I cannot see you in a very long period!''

    "Do you want a piece of good news?" Sabrina's eyes gleamed.

    "What good news?"

    "I've decided to go down there too!"

    "What? How can you go down there? It's too dangerous."

    "So what? I'm with you. Additionally, Roslav and Waajid would also go down there with fighters of the huge bear tribe. Nothing to worry about it..."

    "Underground is different than above ground. Without enough preparations, it would be very dangerous! Especially we have to stay there for a long time..." Zhang Tie explained solemnly.

    "Do you mean the underground equipment? Don't worry. Are you going to select equipment now?" Sabrina urged.

    The fury-class battle airship was only hundreds of meters away from this main tent; therefore, everybody went there on foot.

    Only after a short while, they had already arrived below the airship under the guidance of Gangula. For those heads of the allied forces who had not been so close to a fury-class airship before, the 400-m longer body caused a great stress to them. As a result, they gradually slowed their breath in front of the airship.

    "Welcome, childe Gangula!" A 50-odd Chinese senior was standing at the entrance of the airship with a smile, followed by a group of people...

    At the sight of this 50-odd man, Gangula burst out laughing. Seemingly being very familiar with this senior, Gangula paced up and gave him a warm hug as they patted each other's back respectively.

    "Your airship really startled me. I've never seen such a huge airship before." After hugging with that senior, Gangula raised his head as he stared at that huge triangular body, "If wild bear tribe wants one, how much will it take?"

    "This is the latest fury-class hard battle airship produced in Huaiyuan Palace, Jinyun City. In Blackson Humans Clan, its performance ranks number one. If the wild bear tribe wants one, it will cost you 420,000 gold coins. You can get it in 5 years!"

    Hearing the senior's words, everybody who followed Gangula here drew a cold breath. "420,000 gold coins? In 5 years?' Each of the 2 numbers shocked them. Many small tribes here could not even make 420,000 gold coins in 5 years. Take the grey eagle tribe as an example. If O'Laura only made money as a bounty hunter, she had to wait for a long time.

    "How can it be so expensive and take such a long time?" Gangula frowned.

    "Because of the demon north wind belt, we could only transport the parts of fury-class airship to Eschyle City for assembly. It required a huge freight. Additionally, due to the tense situation on continents, the orders of fury-class hard battle airships had been queued up to 5 years later. As Golden Roc Bank has a deep-rooted partnership with Huaiyuan Palace, we have the priority to purchase some. If not want to wait such a long time, you can increase 40,000 gold coins for a year in advance..."

    "Then 5 years in advance means..."

    "With 200,000 gold coins more, the wild bear tribe would be able to get a fury-class airship in 3 months!"

    "620,000 gold coins!" muttering this number, even Gangula whose nickname was "mad dog" took a deep breath. After glancing at this giant once again, Gangula seemingly realized that he forgot something. He then turned around and introduced the senior to the public, "This is Xu Tao, the manager of Golden Roc Bank in Eschyle City..."

    "Please come in and take a look at the weapons I've brought you!" Manager Xu lowered his body to invite them before walking in the hatch together with Gangula.

    Seeing this familiar airship, Zhang Tie had mixed moods...
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