Chapter 455: Chaos and Freedom

    Chapter 455: Chaos and Freedom

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    "According to our agreement, I bring you 300 tons of dried rations this time as the supplement to the soldiers of the allied forces. If this could last over 1 month, we will transport another 300 tons here at the same time next month." The manager of Golden Roc Bank introduced to Gangula on his side as he walked.

    They followed the manager in an open warehouse at the bottom of the airship. It was filled with military dried rations. At the sight of them, all the heads of the tribes nodded slightly. With these provisions, the soldiers of the allied forces could survive longer in the canyon.

    "Very good. I will have my men carry away the food after a while. By the way, they will carry their achievements here for your assessment!" Gangula was also very satisfied.

    "Childe Gangula, there's one point that I have to notice you in advance. Because of the potential dangers caused by demons, the situation in the western continent is growing intenser. As a result, the prices of common cultural relics before the Catastrophe have started to decline. But, please believe in us, we have the most professional cultural relics appraisers. We will pay you according to their appraised values. After offsetting the total price of this batch of food, we will pay you the surplus money in terms of your favorite pattern!"

    "No problem!" Gangula nodded. At this moment, Gangula was the representative of the allied forces. Therefore, when he talked, nobody interrupted him. When in peaceful times, people would buy antiques; by contrast, in chaotic times, people would prefer gold. This law of value also suited to this age. As the 3rd holy war drew close, the values of common antiques declined sharply. However, the heads of tribes were not amazed about this, because the allied forces didn't target at those common relics.

    "Is the situation in the continent really so tense now?"

    Hearing this question, everybody's attention was attracted. As Ice and Snow Wilderness was far away from the continent, it was completely a desert place. Therefore, even Gangula could not receive the latest news timely. Relatively, Golden Roc Bank in Eschyle City became the most informative party in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Actually, many big tribes obtained their latest messages from Golden Roc Bank.

    "It's very chaotic!" The manager lowered his voice as he walked, "Millions of demonized puppets in Heavenly Cold City have not been completely cleaned. An increasing number of demons were found in Hurricane Plateau in the west of Golan Empire, causing people of many western provinces of Golan Empire grow flurried and escape to the southern and eastern provinces of Golan Empire. As a result, all the provinces of Golan Empire are setting passes to prevent the entry of refugees. This also caused a lot of problems. Many conflicts have occurred between refugees and the army of Golan Empire, causing many casualties. As a result, many refugees turned roving bandits and the greater part of Golan Empire have been in chaos!"

    Hearing this reply, Gangula became slightly shocked, "Is that so serious?"

    "Even more. 3 days ago, the roving bandits of Golan Empire had occupied Gadiyani, a major city of Pearson Province of Golan Empire. As a result, all the officials of Gadiyani were killed. Now the entire Golan Empire is filled with riots. Someone even urged to overthrow the ruling of the imperial households. Additionally, as a chain reaction, some neighboring countries also became chaotic."

    Nobody would feel comfortable while hearing this news, even though Golan Empire was far from Ice and Snow Wilderness with mountains and rivers between them. On the stance of humans, before the appearance of the army of demons, human countries had already been in chaos or collapsed. Of course, nobody would like to hear it.

    Zhang Tie felt blue. He recalled Zhang Su, his cousin, who had been to the Hurricane Plateau for over 3 months with the other students from Hidden Dragon Palace. Even when Zhang Tie left the Hidden Dragon Palace, he didn't see them return yet. Zhang Tie wondered what they had encountered. For such an organized military action, if its action time sharply increased, it would not be a good symbol.

    "What's up?" Sabrina pinched Zhang Tie's hand.

    "Nothing!" Zhang Tie forced a smile.

    "You liar. I feel you were thinking about something just now. Do you have family members in the continent?"

    Zhang Tie became a bit surprised about the woman's precise intuition, "My family members are very safe; but I recalled my friends. As it's growing worse in the continent, I'm concern about their safety!"

    "Have you found that Ice and Snow Wilderness is a good place?" Sabrina winked.


    "As Elzida the greatest prophet and pontiff has seen the future, he knew that the holy war between humans and demons would not influence this place, he led the Slavs here and make it the territory of Slavs."

    "How come?" Zhang Tie doubted.

    "The devil north wind belt prevents airships from arriving here. The sea is the natural barrier. The northern iced land of Ice and Snow Wilderness is unpopulated as it could kill any living beings. Additionally, it's said that the periphery of the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness is surrounded by magma. Therefore, the demons could only arrive here by sea. However, if the demon fleets treat Ice and Snow Wilderness as their target, it means that the entire Blackson Humans Corridor has been collapsed!"

    Hearing Sabrina's explanation, some thoughts flashed Zhang Tie's mind. If it was true, Zhang Tie felt that perhaps he could manage something here so that he could take this place as a temporary asylum besides the oriental continent when the situation on the western continent became completely deteriorated.


    After rising to one floor higher from the basement, everyone came to the place that Golden Roc Bank prepared for them.

    This was a lobby in the airship, which was as magnificent as an imperial palace in the air. Zhang Tie found something different between its internal layout and that of those for military purpose that he had taken before. It seemed that the factory of Huaiyuan Palace could make special internal layouts according to the demands of the guests.

    It was so luxurious and comfortable here, which broadened the vision of heads of the allied forces once again. Previously, none of them have expected to enjoy such a top service in the airship before.

    There was even a small fountain in the middle of this lobby.

    Watching such a gorgeous place, even Sabrina's eyes gleamed, "Wow, it's too awesome! If only I can have such an airship, I will travel everywhere above the Ice and Snow Wilderness everyday. How interesting it would be!"

    Even Sabrina acted in this way at the sight of this lobby, not to mention the others. Many of them couldn't help to touch here and there like rustics. Even O'Laura in mask couldn't stand to look around.

    When they were exclaiming, the staff on the airship had delivered the information about the airship to them.

    This lobby was completely like a small commodity sales exhibition as it was surrounded by counters. Various medicament and special equipment were placed in the counters.

    Zhang Tie was also surprised about this. He then started to take a look around while pulling Sabrina's hand. Although the dried rations down there could be divided by the number of people of each tribe. But the items here could only be purchased if they wanted. As each tribe would have their own achievements if they discovered anything underground, of course, they had to purchase their medicament and special equipment here.

    For pioneers, they could enter underground with only one fluorite lamp as it was the most economical method. However, for these leaders, they would never do that like those pioneers. At least, they should prepare some night viewing medicament. Therefore, many people instantly surrounded the counters where night viewing medicament were placed in.

    Various night viewing medicament were displayed in the counters, the duration of which varied from one day to one month. At the sight of the prices of these medicament, Zhang Tie had realized that the medicament in Hidden Dragon Island were too cheap.

    Zhang Tie and Sabrina were studying a compacted composite jerky which contained super high heat and various nutrients. Sabrina was really interested in that and was going to buy some. Right then, a voice sounded, "Peter Hamplester!"

    Hearing this sound, Zhang Tie turned around and found O'Laura, Setton, Gangula, Xu Tao, the manager of Golden Roc Bank, an uniformed man and a 40-year odd fat man standing in the distance.

    The one who called his fake name was the man in the uniform, whose uniform reminded Zhang Tie of the police in Eschyle City. Therefore, Zhang Tie's eyebrows jumped.

    When Zhang Tie turned around, everybody over there fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie with weird and amazing looks. Additionally, the 40-year odd fat man seemed to relieve a heavy burden at the sight of Zhang Tie's look, making Zhang Tie perplexed.

    Zhang Tie walked over there calmly, "I'm Peter Hamplester. What's up?"

    Before the man in the uniform finished his words, the 40-year odd man beside him had hurriedly opened his mouth with a big smile while striding forward for a few steps, "It's so nice to see you safe here!"

    "Do we...know each other?" Zhang Tie stared at that fat man with a doubtful look as he racked his mind to remember this guy.

    "Mr. Peter, I'm Paulson, the director of the branch of Seablue Castle Business Group in Eschyle City!"

    "Seablue Castle Business Group?"

    "Erm, you might not know that, Balas Business Group changed its name into Seablue Castle Business Group several days ago."

    Glancing over this fat, who called himself the director of Seablue Castle Business Group in Eschyle City and that man whose uniform was like that of policemen in Eschyle City, Zhang Tie seemingly understood something; however, he was not sure about that.

    "When you came to Ice and Snow Wilderness, Ms. Olina had ordered us to pay attention to your whereabouts and news. After you were wanted by the police station in Eschyle City, we reported your news to Ms. Olina right away. After knowing that, Ms. Olina was very concerned about you. Therefore, she ordered us to contact with you as soon as possible, later on..."

    "Director Paulson, please let me say the following things!" the man in the uniform interrupted, "I'm Andrew, the inspector general of the police station in Eschyle City. After the police station in Eschyle City sent you the second wanted circular, director Paulson had contacted with us and provided us necessary intelligence. According to the intelligence provided by director Eugene, we started the strictest review procedures for your wanted circular. Through review, we found that you were executing self-defense by killing that man from demon snake island. As to the death of the two bounty hunters, it was nothing to do with you. Based on the analysis of traces and intelligence, someone else had killed them. It might be Dawson, a round-table warrior from demon snake island. After confirming the two situations, the Eschyle City have already revoked your wanted circulars!"

    Zhang Tie was stunned for a short while before asking in a doubtful look, "You mean I'm free now?"

    "Yes, it was totally a misunderstanding. I show my sincere apology to you for the troubles brought by the two false wanted circulars delivered by the police station in Eschyle City!" After apologizing, Andrew bowed deeply towards Zhang Tie.

    "It's Olina..." Zhang Tie recalled that Bluesea Castle Business Group must have paid a lot and pulled a lot of strings in the process of revoking the wanted circulars.

    Standing on the side of Zhang Tie, Sabrina silently pinched him on his back...

    "Thanks to O'Laura's prudence, Peter is safe!" Gangula opened his mouth. For some reason, Gangula seemed to be very happy at this moment as he started to glance over O'Laura and Sabrina. Not until being glared by Sabrina did he reveal a meaningful smile.

    "After knowing that Mr. Peter was taken away by two bounty hunters, we came here by the airship of Golden Roc Bank!" Saying this, Paulson took out a gold note purse from his chest and passed it to O'Laura politely with two hands, "We know the rules of bounty hunters. Given that Eschyle City's reward was 5000 gold coins. Golden Roc Bank delivered gold notes of 500,000 gold coins to appreciate Miss O'Laura and the grey eagle tribe for taking care of Mr. Peter and redemption of Zhang Tie's items from you!"

    In a split second, everybody focused their eyes on O'Laura...
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